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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 27, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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signs of movement. we had back building earlier today where the precipitation is built back to the west. that has now ended. we'll zoom in. snow showers through parts of northwest d.c. and sort of up 95 and 29 toward baltimore. still raining though for the most part. a couple wet snow flakes mixed in, but you haven't flipped over to snow showers. we'll widen out. the storm is not going to leave the folks in new england alone for a while. good snow in pennsylvania and the hudson river valley. big-time rain. new york, providence, up into boston, and up into portland, maine, that will continue as we go through the nighttime hours. still some slow going if you're going to go north of town tonight. temperatures, 34 in gaithersburg. still 39 in d.c., which is why even though it's snowing, we aren't concerned of anything piling up on the roadways. the roadways are still wet. we will come back and take you through the rest of the holiday weekend and let you know if you'll be able to shop on black
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friday. we'll explain. that winter storm has now been blamed for 11 deaths. topper said it is moving east and threatening to cause headaches for millions of americans on one of the busiest travel days of the year. danielle nottingham is at reagan national airport with the latest. >> a blast of wintery weather struck the west coast. the timing couldn't be worse. 90% of them are on the road. >> trying to concentrate. trying to focus. >> in new york, 50-mile per hour winds brought down power lines, heavy rain made for a treacherous drive along the corridor. and parts of ohio, pennsylvania, and north carolina, the snow and the accidents piled up. >> seems like every half and hour goes by, it's getting worse. >> travelers reaching their destination are finding delays. for the most part, the day has
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gone smoothly here at reagan national airport. >> looking from the tower cam. >> airport officials are keeping an eye on operations and mother nature. donna was relieved her flight to chicago was on schedule. >> i think it's sometimes a big hype. >> passengers in philadelphia did not bare as well. several flights were canceled due to low visibility. >> don't really care. i just like missing school. >> another reason to be thankful, the weather is expected to improve on thursday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, reagan national airport. >> high winds are also in the forecast for new york city tomorrow, which could ground those giant balloons featured in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and our holiday team coverage continues with peggy fox live at est, h is it looking? >> flying is more expensive, but out of dulles and national, hey, at least you have fewer headaches.
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flights are on time here inside, we only found a lot of happy reunions. a lot of parents today picking up their college students after they headed home after being out of their own for the first time. >> so you're up this way, okay. >> anticipation builds when the plane has landed. then the search for that first glimpse begins. >> mom is excited. >> and it's mom who gets the first hug. casey gordon has flown in from chile. >> what are you looking forward to most? >> spending time with family, i'd say. been away for a long time. >> how about a lot of food? >> a lot of food, yeah. very excited for some food. >> it's wonderful. to have them all back in one place and healthy and happy is awesome. >> chris jenkins is here to pick up his daughter who has also been far away at college. >> look for the ground transportation. that's her right there. >> taylor is 19 and a student at north florida university.
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>> hi beautiful. >> how are you? >> good, how are you? >> fine. >> good to see you. >> yeah. this is peggy. >> surprise. >> pretty exciting seeing my parents, because i never get to see them anymore. they are like 11 hours away. >> we normally go to relatives, but we're going to do thanksgiving at our house this year. so, it will be a house full of grandkids and kids. it will be good. >> we'll see how that goes. >> yeah, that pretty much sums up thanksgiving. here's some other good news for you. if you are planning to fly out of dulles airport, you can park in the garage and get one day free, but you have to print out a coupon. i have a link to it on my twitter account at peggy tv. i'm peggy fox live at dulles. back to you, jan. >> good information, i'll be flying out tomorrow. good to see that skies are
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smooth sailing right now. >> thanks so much. >> well, there was good news for those traveling by roads. aaa says the average price of gasoline is down 49 cents. >> we have new information now about a stunning tragedy in ocean city, where a deranged man set himself on fire and ran into a church food pantry. that fire killed a popular pastor and has left another church volunteer battling for her life in a baltimore hospital. scott broom is live at the church which is at the corner of 3rd and baltimore in ocean city with more on a by story. scott. >> well, let's start with the man who did this. officials have identified him as john raymond stern. 56 years old. a long criminal record, apparently a drifter here in ocean city. why he would have burst through the food pantry doors at this church on fire completely
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unknown. >> 56-year-old, john raymond of ocean city, a man with a long record of petty crimes has been identified as the person who soaked himself in flammable liquid and on fire, burst through the doors of the food pantry at the church tuesday. pastor, david died in the resulting fire. bystanders captured the scene as the wood frame church a block off the board walk went up quickly. according to church officials, stern in flames, grabbed a female church volunteer who is in critical condition. another volunteer seen from behind in this photo was slightly injured trying to put the fire out. the reverend was upstairs in the church offices, apparently trapped by the fire. the church's administrator escaped, but he died in berlin after being rescued by firefighters. shocked, the bishop remembered him today as a minister committed to serving ocean cities down and out. >> but this ministry to the people on the street was a
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paramount importance. layed down his life for his friends. >> now the flaming man -- the flaming man, sterner, also died. the woman he grabbed here is in critical condition at the bayview burn center in baltimore. dingwall, the pastor here was married and the father of three sons and again, there is just no explanation for why this man burst into the church yesterday with his clothing on fire. apparently, according to the bishop, a deranged man in some sort of bizarre suicide taking the church, or attempting to take it with him. reporting live in ocean city, scott broom, wusa9. >> it meant so much to that community. police have identified a man killed last night in laurel. alex little, jr., was 23. he was found shot on west and ridgemore drive in anne arundel county. police questioned two witnesses
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in the case, but so far, they have no suspects, but detectives say this is not appear to be a random act. >> a disturbing crime in an area that you normally think of as a safe place to walk. a woman was sexually assaulted. investigatory the robbery took place in the 5100 block of wisconsin avenue. the victim was then forced to walk several blocks to 44th street northwest. surae chinn joins us live with details and surae, do police have any leads on her attacker? >> jan, police are going through surveillance video. sandwiched between tenly town and gallery. a very vibrant walking down, shops and restaurants about. so this crime is really surprising to this community. police say the suspect followed the woman to an atm and police are trying to figure out which one. and there police say he threatened her with a knife.
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>> it's really horrible, i can't stand it. and makes me feel like i can't go outside behind my house. i mean, that's a horrible thing to hear. i have no idea that happened. >> michelle lived in this fairly quiet neighborhood for five years. the alleged sex assault happened in an alley way behind her house of 44th street northwest. >> i hope they do something about t. i hope they catch the people. >> police say the woman was at an atm in the 5100 block of wisconsin avenue. the man pointed a knife to her back, robbed her, and forced her to walk several blocks to this alley and sexually assaulted her. >> you do have a lot of traffic with the teenagers and college students, but they feel very safe in the neighborhood, so i'm very shocked that would happen in this neighborhood. >> police say passers by may have mistaken the two as a couple. the woman had an umbrella and walking together. but police say she was scared
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for her life. >> i'm just sick to hear about it. >> it's not a regular part of walking up and down wisconsin avenue. >> i do frequent this area and it's horrible. i feel really bad for whoever the victim was. i hope the police are able to solve it quickly. >> well, police do need your help on this one. they passed along a very vague description, but there might be enough there if someone was here around 11:00 last night, so we are going to give that description here. police say the victim is a white male. a female, i should say, white female is the victim. the suspect, a black male 40 to 50 years old, 5'4" to 5'7", wearing an olive green jacket. now the two were underneath an umbrella. it was pouring down rain. so, someone may have mistaken them as a couple. so again, if you've seen that person last night around 11:00 in the 5100 block of wisconsin avenue. walking towards 44th street northwest, go ahead and call
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police. in northwest, surae chinn, wusa9. >> the prince georges county council today voted to boost the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. that increase would be phased in over the next four years. that is if county executive, baker, goes along with it. montgomery county approved its own minimum wage hike yesterday. they plan to vote on the issue december 3. >> former football star won't be getting out of prison any time soon. today, a nefs judge rejected his request for a trial in the armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. that means simpson faces at least four more years in prison. he plans to appeal to the nevada supreme court. a derailed train forced residents to spend the night in shelters. a tanker car spilled 30,000 gallons of a highly flammable chemical. people living in the town were evacuated. csx says it stopped the chemical leak, but it could be tonight or tomorrow before all
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those people are allowed back in their homes. >> still ahead, how consumers plan to shop smarter this holiday week. and after the break, president obama comes to e threscue of a couple turkeys. also ahead, how some organizations are pitching in to give needy families a second chance this thanksgiving.
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plus 22 inch led tvs. 79 dollars. and tablets start at just 49 dollars. you'll save up to 40% on appliances, electronics, furniture and more. get there. thursday 8pm. h.h. gregg. presidential matchup is too close to call. the university poll finds voters in ohio are evenly split between two choices. former secretary of state, hillary clinton, and new jersey governor, chris christie. neither one of them has announced they are running for president. a judge has ordered a partial shutdown of a california hot sauce plant.
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people living in the plant say the strong spicey odor coming from the factory is making them sick. neighbors complained about asthma and nosebleeds and heartburn from inhaling the fumes. the city says it is working with the company that makes the popular hot sauce to try and find a solution. >> the snapshot of the d.c. area is really a contrast. we have one of the richest and most powerful cities in the world, yet, a lot of homelessness. one in four children face poverty. however, so many organizations trying to change that and give families here in our area a second chance. >> just szen years old, but he's beyond his years. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a police -- >> why is that? >> because, i get to get criminals. >> they live here with their
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mom at the eastern avenue apartments in maryland. 88 families, many who are once homeless, now call this place home. >> that place every day, and then i can wake up and see the next day. >> volunteers of america help families, giving the kids what they need to break the cycle of poverty. it's been a blessing for domonique and her little girl, heaven. >> with them helping her, it's good from her learning from other people. >> when children are nurtured and loved and feel like they have someone to talk to and someone to help them, they will excel. we give them an opportunity to do so. >> danielle left a corporate job with the nfl to work here, a decision that proved to change her own life as much as it did these kids. >> when you're doing something that is led by how you feel inside, it makes you feel fulfilled. >> you can see the impact the
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kids had. big dreams, life goals, looking forward to the holidays, prepared to answer any questions. >> so, if you could get mommy anything for christmas, what would you get her? >> what would you get your mom? >> a car and a boyfriend. >> a boyfriend? she's going to like that. why would you want to get her that. >> because she needs someone. >> if you could buy no mommy anything, what would you go? >> nothing, because grownups don't need nothing. >> grownups don't need nothing. that was chance, one smart little boy and you can help chance and these families this holiday with our virtual joy drive. it is so easy. all you have to do is log on to and click on joy drive and from there, you can give a gift, donation, or a card. if you want to give a gift, it's going to direct you to an amazon page and a wish list. you can pick a gift and that's shipped directly to the
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organization. how cool is that? no driving, getting out in this weather. you can do did right there in the comfort of your own home. after turkey day, you can do it right there. >> they gift wrap, too. >> they do. you can choose that option if you would like, how easy is that. go to especially in this time of thanksgiving. we have so much to be thankful for. >> we know our viewers will, absolutely. a couple turkeys get a free pass this thanksgiving. president obama pardoned the birds in the rose garden today. popcorn beat out the winner up, caramel, and a flock of other turkeys after a fierce competition in badger, minnesota. >> 80 turkeys on john's farm competed for a chance to make it to the white house and staff the thanksgiving table. it was quite literally the hunger games. >> he got a laugh out of it.
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popcorn and caramel will be on display at the mount vernon estate. the turkeys will go to their permanent home in leesburg. so you might only be thinking about turkey, but it's the start of hanukkah, u.s. trade representative helped to light the national manora near the white house. the ceremony featured performances by violinist, mary, and the u.s. air force band and of course, lots of donuts for all. pretty chilly. >> it's windy. it's 30-mile an hour winds. >> doing a little playing. >> we're looking at snow showers, they are moving out of the metro area. it's conversational. keeping the roads wet, no doubt about that. to our west, a different story. now going to take you out to the ridge and this is in garrett county in maryland. and of course, they get snow there all the time. it snowing there now. as soon as you go over savage
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mountain, it's another world. i say this all the time. but garrett county, their average first and last frost date, in other words, their growing season is equal to fairbanks, alaska. they average 100 inches of snow and 166 miles from the district. that is up 219. that is crazy. all right, this is now live at national harbor. we have some rain or snow showers pushing through, but they are going to get out of here quickly. it's our live michael and son weather cam. been sitting on 39 for the past five hours. the dew points are falling because we have that wind out of the north, northwest at 16, driving in colder and dryer air. here's the storm. it's still extends from almost raleigh, durham, and richmond, all the way to the mid atlantic and new england. we are almost done with the storm in terms of precipitation. it will continue through at least midnight in new england. there are rain and snow showers, pushing through quickly. essentially across 95 and no
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accumlation. but enough to keep the roads wet. everything is across into laurel, bowie, and up 97 and between 50 and headed up toward baltimore. so they will get out of here in the next hour or so and that's it. temperatures are going to start dropping when they move out. 35 in rockville. 36 in reston. 35 in fairfax. 37 in college park and waldorf. i think with the winds and the dryer air, we're not going to sea that fast freeze, so moisture on the roads now should not be a problem later tonight. we'll certainly monitor that. the winds are doing us a favor. wind gusts of 29 miles per hour. 23 at national, and 38-mile per hour wind gust in hagerstown. it feels like it's in the 20s already. if you're planning to go out tonight, i know a lot of folks go out before thanksgiving dinner. well 30 downtown. but 24 in gaithersburg and 29 in leesburg and only going to get lower. so, dryer air moves in tonight, cold, but dry thanksgiving. a cold, but dry black friday and looking at a chilly, but
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dry weekend. so, the storms are pretty much gone. getting home will be no problem weather wise. so rain and snow showers ending early tonight. clearing skies, windy and colder. winds right on through tonight. we'll break it down for you. plenty of sunshine. it's going to be cold if you're one of those turkey trots. 30 by 9:00. 34 by 11:00. and only 37 by 1:00 and still breezy right across the board. next three days, still cold on friday, we're 42. and then on saturday, almost seasonal, not quite. temperatures into the mid 40s. so we go from cold to chilly on saturday. next seven days, we got some clouds coming in sunday, but it stays dry. redskins, of course, are playing saturday night, i would dress for the upper 30s and low 40s. but near 50 is not bad. cooler on monday, we're back to the mid 40s, maybe some rain on tuesday and back to 50 next wednesday. so, once this storm clears later tonight, that's it, so people trying to get home,
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we'll have no problem weather wise. >> that's the best news ever, thank you so much, topper. >> all right, coming up, we are growing crystals and cooking up candy and grooming future scientists with our top toy picks today. stick around, you're going to see them at 5:45. >> looking forward to that. after the break, a local nurse moves by the tragedy in the philippines gets ready to lend presents...
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste.
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today, reporting it could take as long adds ten years to rebuild in the philippines after typhoon haiyan. >> 5500 people died so far. 4million have been displaced. in the aftermath of the typhoon, many survivors in the country are still in need of medical help. again, ortezza was registered in the philippines and she is now headed to the philippines to lend a hand. she knew she had to help when she saw the heartbreaking pictures from her native country. >> i just couldn't believe that kind of devastation. i mean, everything was flattened. everything was demolished and just, to think about losing your home and your loved ones
5:27 pm
and just the thought of being emotionally distraught, that could have easily been my family. >> she says her mother's family members are fine, but she does have some distant relatives still unaccounted for. >> still ahead, the must-see video of the day. a cop pulls a driver from a burning car. >> plus, move over kim and kanye, seth and james have a viral music video of their own. more on that video and some other hollywood headlines in just a bit. the holiday shopping season started early this year and bargain hunting is bigger than ever. i'm allison with that story coming u
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here's a quick look at today's top stories. police are on the hunt for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in the 5100 block of wisconsin avenue northwest last night. it's normally a safe neighborhood. police in ocean city, maryland, say a 56-year-old drifter set himself on fire, causing a fire. that man and the popular pastor of st. paul's by the sea church were both killed. and a deadly winter storm could cause headaches for a bunch of you tomorrow and some today. heavy rain made for a sloppy drive up the i-95 corridor. there are just a few flight
5:31 pm
delays here in the d.c. area. >> an estimated 140 million shoppers are expected to hit the stores or buy online this holiday weekend. but most americans say they plan to shop smart. they will stick to their lists and only get items that are on sale. allison reports from new york. >> lids elizabeth tried to beat the crowds. >> not going to get the good stuff if you don't look early. >> she's not the only one starting early. this is the shortest holiday shopping season since 2002. many retailers have already started slashing prices. two days before black friday, with 97 million customers are expected to hunt for bargains. >> my husband and i have been going out for the last ten years, we go out at 3:00 in the morning. we have a map of what stores we're going to hit. >> malls are decked out, ready for the holiday rush. with consumer confidence at its lowest level since april, retailers worry the crowds may be thinner than last year. many retailers like target and
5:32 pm
best buy lowered their profit expectations. the national retail federation expects spending to increase slightly, but shoppers are going to be cautious. >> people are telling us that, you know, i'm not going to over spend, i'm going to manage it, work off my list. >> and going to comparison shop to get the best price. >> you can see how much you can get something for, then it's a much better deal. >> wait for the sale. >> even with the bargains, the average shopper is expeblghted to spend $400 this holiday weekend. allison for cbs news, new york. >> so, black friday is still the busiest shopping day of the weekend, but some 33 million are expected to leave the table and go shopping on thanksgiving day. coming up in 15 minutes, we're going to show you store maps for some of the most popular retailers so you can plan your shopping strategy. >> already one of those people out there. >> yup. >> alec baldwin gets bumped and some swift help.
5:33 pm
joins us now with more. okay, we got to start with conrad murray. he is trying to clear his name. about his relationship with michael jackson. they are creepy. so, it's crazy. i have not stopped thinking about this story since i read it. so, in an interview, we have to first of all, say conrad murray has only been out of jail for three weeks, not even a month and he is giving interviews, that's creepy enough. the things he said that he helped michael jackson with are just crazy. so, he says that every night, he helped insert a catheter to help michael through the night because he was incontinent incontinent. michael did not know how to put on a condom. >> here's the thing he says. he claims he is michael's friend. why are you telling these very, very personal things about michael jackson? >> personal, intimate, embarrassing.
5:34 pm
>> never have known any of this. >> that's not all of it. that's the worst of it. he also said michael was a mess at end of his life. he was paranoid and panicked and miserable and you know, he says that michael wore dark pants because he was always sort of leaking. >> he clearly -- >> we don't need to see that. it's not something that a friend would do. >> from one person grabbing attention to another grabbing attention, we're talking about alec baldwin and he's been fired from his job for a number of things. but i was reading in one article that said, he even demanded a separate makeup room that from a woman who was using one and she was sensitive to hair spray and he was all divafied about this. who does tha >> there's a lot of back and forth with he said, she said. the fact remains that alec baldwin has an anger management issue. this has gotten him in trouble in the past. we remember the words with
5:35 pm
friends incident. his almost daily incidents with paparazzi. the details about him being a diva on set, that's being out and he gave an interview saying that's not true, this isn't true. i needed a humidifier because my throat was getting dry and he said the lady in the makeup room. this is classic alec baldwin. >> and we aren't surprised. >> it could all turn out to be true. >> but that's the thing. waiting for the show, he got fired. it wasn't a great work environment, because he is so volcanic, always, calm down. >> we are going to talk about this because the video got a ton of hits on youtube. i would rather not say kim kardashian, but it's interesting. >> you said it. >> i did. james franco and seth rogan did a video, making fun of it. and they pretty much nailed it, i would say. >> i think there's a youtube
5:36 pm
video where it's side by side, literally, shot for shot. >> kim kardashian, wait, you're looking at it there. says on her twitter feed, you nailed it, so funny. right? so, she didn't take offense to it. >> how could you? it is hilarious. i'm sure kanye likes it deep down. even though he probably is going to say that he hated it. it is so funny. so, so funny. >> all right, so the last thing is prince will yam william performs with taylor swift and bon jovi. he got up there and did the backup with taylor swift. let's listen to him. oh, everyone likes that song. he is a good sport. he looked awkward. >> who doesn't want to be a rock star?
5:37 pm
>> you know, he looks cute. a little stiff. >> he looked awkward in a fun kind of way. >> in a cute, royal way. >> thank you so much. >> of course. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera. recorded him rushing to a burning truck in new jersey and pulling out an unconscious man. take a look. wow, officer scott says the smoke was so thick, he couldn't see a thing. that didn't stop him from going back a second time. check this out, to make sure there were no passengers left inside. that 61-year-old man that you saw him pull out previously, he has been hospitalized in critical, but stable condition. >> and coming up after the break, new advances in slowing the progress of hiv.
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topping our health alert, slowing hiv progression. the virus attacks the immune system and an efficient way to boost the body's defense. it involves long-term doses of multivitamins. and this will help the immune system delay the progress of hiv. experts say it's a low cost and safe treatment that should be
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provided early in hiv infections. >> check this out, it an 18 blade helicopter that skeptics once wrote off as a joke. it's called a copter. it took to the skies for the first series of test flights. this guy passed the test with flying colors. it's huge. the battery powers machine can travel 43 miles an hour. >> coming up, the bionic eye that is giving hope to those going blind. we follow a local woman as she regains her sight. but up next, no need to wander around stores, lost and looking for deals. we're going to map out your shopping strategy to find the sales and which areas you should avoid.
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finding the best deals inside a store on black friday can be worse than a treasure hunt. that changes right now. we are unveiling the only store deal maps in the country. now using these road maps, our jessica doyle shows you exactly where to find the best deals. >> we are starting with that,
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9 out of 10 people rush in and head to the right. we want you to go to the left. that's where you're going to find the best deals in the appliance section and huge gaming bundles. don't forget the camera section. they have free bees this year like memory cards. come with me. welcome to target. right off the bat, you're going to find smaller discounts to the right in jewelry and accessories. as you walk around the store, don't miss the special deal bins in the center of the building and to the left, look for bundle deals on movies and gaming and they have a one cent smart phone event this year. let's check out another store. come on. wal-mart is the only major store to have 21 guaranteed door busters this year. tv's to the left, also electronics and we circled where they'll have one cent smart phones. your lower value deals are in jewelry and seasonal. to the right, you're going to find more than 200 deals in the home section and of course, we have the gold mine for you, toys.
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a couple of parting things for you. k mart and wal-mart have the most deals per square foot. but keep this in mind, best buy and sears have the steepest reductions. happy shopping. jessica doyle, wusa9. >> and you can find our full collection of deal maps and stock lists outlining everything on sale at and keep in mind, you don't need to line up this year at all. because we're going to have every big deal beginning at 12:01 a.m. black friday right here. >> we, all of today's hot holiday toys have something in common. i'm missing my music. i need my music. all right, science and engineering can be fun. first up, you're going to explore and learn about chemistry with the cosmos crystal growing set. we have video of this. you can literally grow your own crystals. you can make a mold, you can drop the crystal rocks inside. see what's going on here? then you pour in the liquid
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mixture and watch the creations come to life. they also make a candy chemistry set, which we also picked as one of our top picks for the year. and you really get to learn the science of cooking up candies and chocolates. the crystal growing set and candy chemistry set are for ages 10 and up. now, this is one of my other favorite ones. this is called the little bits premium electronic building kit. and this lets your kids build products that light up and move. inside, they are magnetized, you can put circuits together, there are ten projects. hundreds more online you can use this for hours and hours and hours and this kit here contains a lot of inspiration and rate this a kid's favorite. jan, this little box is not cheap. >> i bet it's not. >> this is $149 for the premium kit. you can get the base kit for $100. it inspires the future
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scientist that changes the world, that's priceless, right? this is best for kids ages 8 and up. >> santa will have to check out that one. >> these are three of my absolute favorites out of the entire litter of toys. >> i love the candy chemistry, because we have a sugar problem. wusa9 news at 6:00 is just a few minutes away. >> and derek is live in the newsroom with a preview. hey derek. >> why are the cool toys so pricey? coming up next at 6:00, police arrest the gunman who they say tied up a worker at a sun trust bank, and then robbed that same bank. plus, getting into that thanksgiving spirit? hundreds of volunteers, including folks right here at wusa9 are pitching in to give those who need a hot holiday meal. we'll take you to this year's sharing. i'll see you at 6:00. >> see you then. >> checking out the weather right now. really nasty, but the thing is, there's not a lot of delays
5:49 pm
that we were expecting at the airport. >> you know, i've been befuddled anyway. it's just rain. the good news is, it's moving out. we are pretty much done with the storm. earlier today, it produced snow pretty far south. we're taking you down to north carolina where it snowed earlier today. and it was blowing, too. the windchill in the teens. that's amazing to see snow blow around because that means it has to be dry and a wind of 30 miles an hour. so, it snowed in the appalachians and it is still snowing in our mountains and toward the valley in west virginia. and it will continue to do that all night. all right, live look outside. live look outside, it's our live michael and son weather cam. 39. we have been sitting on 39 all afternoon. relative humidity 70%. winds north, northwest at 16. that will drive in some colder and dryer air. the storm is almost out of here. pretty close. still affecting new york and boston and providence and up
5:50 pm
into new england and it will continue to affect the snow belt areas tomorrow as the winds pick up. the macy's parade is going to be tough and close of keeping the big balloons out of the parade. we shall see. right now, we have some showers and snow showers crossing 95. essentially up toward baltimore and just left over shower down toward la plata and that is about it. temperatures, they have been steady. 5 in bethesda. 36 in arlington. 36 in college park. 37 in waldorf. winds, well still gusting. 36-mile per hour in martinsburg and 35 miles per hour in winchester and still gusting over 20 downtown. that drives the windchill. the temperature that you feel, well, 24 in gaithersburg. feels like it's 30 downtown and 29 in leesburg. let's just jump the divide for fun. feels like it's 11 in oakland. feels like it's 0 in davis. so, dryer air moves in tonight. cold, but dry thanksgiving, that's good. a cold, but dry black friday.
5:51 pm
just bundle up, and chilly, but a dry weekend. temperatures will moderate a little bit as we go through saturday and sunday. 20s to start, even downtown. 30 at 9:00 a.m. 34 at 11:00 a.m. and 37 at 1:00 p.m. all with clear sky. now, friday we'll fop out at 38. 42 on friday. almost seasonal saturday. temperatures back in the mid 40s and then sunday, we're at least near 50. low 40s, upper 30s. we'll watch that system and cool on wednesday with highs back near 50. >> all right, top, there is some new hope for people who are losing their sight. it's called the bionic eye. >> and tonight, it gives one local woman a much brighter future. our andrea roane was there to see it happen. >> it's like going into a tunnel. it's very dark. >> a description of the most common cause of blindness.
5:52 pm
mackular degeneration. ann started having eye problems 23 years ago and it's been a steady decline ever since. >> going into a grocery store, it's like a fog when you are going forward. and you don't see what you're buying. so lots. >> her luck may be changing. usually, we look inside a telescope, but ann will have one inside her eye looking out. a bionic eye, so to speak. her doctor recommended this new procedure. it involves placing a telescope directly inside ann's right eye. this tiny device was approved just last year by the food and drug administration. >> it's designed for patients who are essentially blind from macular generation. >> the doctor of medstar georgetown university hospital and his team lifted the retina and placed the telescope inside. this will magnify whatever ann wants to see and that image will reflect to the back idea o
5:53 pm
is to magnify the view so much that the blind spot becomes much smaller and make out the majority of someone's face and majority of what's on the tv screen, that type of thing. >> you focus for about 20 seconds. now i see a b and a t. >> the surgery is just the beginning. for the next few months, ann has to train her eye muto use the bionic eye, learning how to focus on objects. she has these letters set up around the house to practice her new vision. >> it's not an over night thing. it's going to be difficult, which i know, but it's something i wanted to do. >> an avid golfer, she tries to hit the links, but with much difficulty. as she walks the dogs with her daughter, ann keeps her main focus on her overall goal. >> we see the golf ball clearly. i'll be able to see the green. no one will have to tell me, well, it's 20 feet or 20 feet from the green.
5:54 pm
this is the club you should use. i think i'll be able do that by myself. >> not every patient is a candidate for this procedure, they have to be put through a simulation test to see if their eye can adapt. the telescope is only placed in one eye, the other eye is used for peripheral vision. patients over 57 and 75 and it is covered by medicare. coming up next, we'll tell you about the thanksgiving day gift that could keep on giving through the holiday season.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
thanksgiving day is the moment of truth for a comet barreling toward the sun. will it survive or break into pieces? coem explores the possibility. >> while most ericans are enjoying turkey, nasa scientists will be looking to the sky, monitoring the comet as it zooms by the sun. the sun's heat could shatter the comet. if it survives, it could create a show this holiday season. >> we see these nice clouds moving around the sun and in the comet will exit, go up above into the northern part of our sky and become a very nice nighttime comet right around christmas time. >> nasa scientists say people in the u.s. and the rest of the northern hemisphere will be able to see the comet without a telescope on december evening.
5:58 pm
but first, ison has to make a hard right turn around the sun at 128,000 miles per hour that could break it apart. >> this is a one-time deal. >> even if it doesn't make it, scientists suspect it will teach them a lot. nasa has been mor monitoring for more than a year. >> watching an onion come apart. watch them come off in waves. >> those molecules came away and carry clues about the early days of our solar system. cbs news. >> all right, so even if the comet does survive, the closest it will come to earth is 40 million miles. that's expected to happen on december 26. a deranged man sets himself ablaze and runs into a church food pantry. >> we will have the latest on that fire that killed a popular
5:59 pm
pastor and left a volunteer baffling for her life. we have a look at the most important moment s inyour world today in 90 seconds. >> along the east coast, winds gusting to 50 miles per hour and torrential rain are creating dangerous driving conditions along the busy i-95 corridor. >> there's a lot of pooling on the roads. traction is difficult. reports of spinouts in all of the roads. >> people here are telling me they got a phone call saying they had to leave their homes immediately because there was a train derailment with a chemical spill. emergency responders went through door to door, knocking on people's homes, telling them they had no choice, they had to get out. >> they got out of bed and answered the door and there were these two girls and they were distraught, really hysterical. >> they have been imprisoned within their bedrooms for the last two years. >> police collected evidence at the home the girls escaped under darkness. >> children were removed and the parents are in custody.
6:00 pm
>> thankful for her life this thanksgiving. >> this is a relatively unusual procedure. >> after suffering congestive heart failure and liver failure, she needed a transplant of both organs and finally received them four months ago. >> what gave you strength? >> my family. >> why don't we do some turkey bowling? we are like, what is that? just took off. and something that we look forward to every year. >> there we go. that's the way to roll a bird. >> donate our turkeys that we bowled with. >> police say an ocean city man with a long record of petty crime is the person that lit himself on fire and burst into a church food pantry. this is near the board walk. >> the resulting disaster stunned that beach front community. popular pastor is now dead and a church volunteer is listed in critical condition tonight. it


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