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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> thankful for her life this thanksgiving. >> this is a relatively unusual procedure. >> after suffering congestive heart failure and liver failure, she needed a transplant of both organs and finally received them four months ago. >> what gave you strength? >> my family. >> why don't we do some turkey bowling? we are like, what is that? just took off. and something that we look forward to every year. >> there we go. that's the way to roll a bird. >> donate our turkeys that we bowled with. >> police say an ocean city man with a long record of petty crime is the person that lit himself on fire and burst into a church food pantry. this is near the board walk. >> the resulting disaster stunned that beach front community. popular pastor is now dead and a church volunteer is listed in critical condition tonight. it happened at st. paul by the
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sea. that's on third street in ocean city and that is where scott broom is this evening. he has reaction. >> the pastor, one needing help and the other there to give, now both are dead. church volunteers in critical condition and then the entire community is in shock and the wake of what appears to be a bizarre act of a deranged man who set himself on fire. >> layed down his life for his friends. >> bishop, james, remembers pastor david, who served at the st. paul by the sea church for eight years with a particular focus on helping ocean city's down and out. people like 56-year-old, john raymond sterner. >> we believe as christians that jesus said, i come among you as a servant. one who serves. he served. and gave his labor. >> it was mayhem tuesday as sterner burst into the church's food pantry on fire. his clothes soaked in a
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flammable liquid. the flaming sterner immediately grabbed a church volunteer in a bear hug. another volunteer tried to stop him. the resulting fire caught on video by bystanders upstairs where he was working in a church office. he died after being rescued by ocean city firefighters. the church administrator escaped and the landmark quickly went up in flames. the entire diocese was stunned. >> it's a little overwelming. that's what we're called to do. you pay the price. >> the flaming man also died. the church volunteer he grabbed is in critical condition. dingwall was married and the father of three sons. there is no explanation for why this flaming man came bursting into the church. in ocean city, scott broom, wusa9. >> my goodness. d.c. police now trying to track down the man who robbed and sexually assaulted a woman.
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it happened at 11:00 last night in northwest washington. the man robbed the woman at knife point at an atm on the 5100 block of wisconsin avenue, then forced her into an alley off 44th street and that's where the assault happened. investigators are gathering surveillance video evidence that may offer a picture of the man. and in montgomery county, police say they have taken a dangerous bandit off the streets. in custody tonight, 45-year- old, michael patrick of rockville and he is charged with three armed robberies. police say he kidnapped an employee of the sun trust branch, stole money from the branch back in october, and they say patrick also robbed a dollar tree store in rockville twice. that's in august and again in september. so the rain turned to snow around here today, but it was nothing compared to the winter storm that is causing a mess of problems all across the country. first alert chief meteorologist, topper shutt, is in the weather center with the latest. andtop, we got off without much trouble. >> we did. we talk about it for two days.
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if it came earlier or later, we would be digging out of snow and all of the i-95 corridor would be digging out of snow. instead, rain ending in snow showers and handle that. let's talk about radar. a couple left over showers, but most of the rain and snow showers are pushing out and moving quickly up to the north and east. we had some good snow showers this evening. about 4, 4:30. down toward the spur, everything pushing across the bay, headed over into the dell morva. move back out, the storm itself is producing rain and snow into new england. that will continue through the evening hours. getting good snows through eastern sections of pennsylvania and upstate new york. temperatures, 36 downtown. 39, 36 in gaithersburg. 39 downtown and 37 in manassas. the winds are a factor. gusting to 25 in gaithersburg. gusting to 24 downtown, which means it feels like it's in the 20s. heading out tonight, please bundle up. teens are on the way in terms
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of windchills. we'll let you know if this will freeze and take you through the holiday weekend. >> thanks, top. again, no major holiday travel troubles to speak of here in our area. that winter storm that topper has been talking all object causing gridlock in other parts of the northeast. in new york, 50-mile per hour winds brought down power lines and heavy rain made for a pretty treacherous drive along the jam packed i-95 corridor. accidents also piled up in parts of ohio and pennsylvania. >> just trying to concentrate. it wasn't anything else, trying to focus. >> there's a lot of pooling on the roads, so traction is difficult. police reports are full of spinouts and all of the roads. >> more than 230 flights have been canceled due to the weather. most of them are in and out of the hubs. phily, newark, and new york's laguardia. there weren't very many weather delays in our departure areas of our local airports, over at arrivals, it was
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raining tears of joy from so many family reunions. >> i'm peggy fox at dulles international airport where flights are on time. inside we found only good news to report. one happy reunion after another. >> chris jenkins is here to pick up his daughter who has been far away at college. >> look at the ground transportation. that's her right there. >> taylor is 19 and a student at north florida university. >> hi beautiful. >> how are you? >> good, how are you? >> good. >> oh, good to see you. are you gold? >> yeah. >> are you? >> are you expected -- this is peggy. >> hi. >> it's pretty exciting seeing my parents, because i never get to see them anymore. they are 11 hours away. >> we are going to do thanksgiving in our home. we normally go to relatives, but we'll do it at our house this year. it will be a house full of
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grandkids and kids. it will be good. >> we'll see how that goes. >> at dulles airport, peggy fox, wusa9. >> and the american airlines u.s. airways merger going fine as well. they cleared another hurdle today. a federal bankruptly judge ruled the settlement of the antitrust suit against the airlines does not upset americans bankruptcy, the organization plan. american and u.s. airways are hoping to close the emergencier deal december 9 and that will create the world's largest airline. >> coming up, this week's nasty weather is putting up a thanksgiving tradition in jeopardy. we're going to tell you what it is and why. >> but up next, some bad news for thousands of local residents who are hoping to renew their canceled health insurance. tell you about it after the break. the pain started up the back of my head
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and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight.
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when i had shingles the music stopped. more than 21,000d.c. residents who saw their health insurance policies get canceled under the affordable care act will not be allowed to renew them, so they can hold on to them for another year. the city announced it's not going toercisethat option, by t administration to extend those canceled policies. provide more stability and keep rates down. >> also today, the white house announced a delay in the rollout of yet another element of the healthcare law. the online health insurance marketplace for small
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businesses is being put off until november of next year. all to make sure the website gets fixed before they deal with all that. now according to the document obtained by the ap, employers who want to buy marketplace plans for their workers need to go through an agent or insurance company. >> the head of the rock bridge area community services program has released a statement regarding the suicide of the son of state senator. gus deeds stabbed his father. creigh deeds criticized the community services board for the way it handled his son's mental health issues. here is a statement from the director of the csb and it reads, the hearts of all staff go out to the deed family at this most difficult time. we will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. i know firsthand dedicated, caring, and professional manner in which the staff at racs goes
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about performing their jobs while performing vinals individuals. we look forward to working with senator deeds as we seek to improve the delivery of mental health services throughout the commonwealth of virginia. >> so many amazing speakers stood on the stage today, radio personalities, mayor gray, some redskins cheerleaders. the real story, they are all yñ
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well, this marks the start of hanukkah. u.s. trade representative, michael, helped to light the national menora during a ceremony near the white house. grammy award winning violinist performed for the crowd as well as the u.s. air force band there were those hot lot teas and donuts for all who braved the cold. >> and one lucky turkey is avoiding the dinner plate thanks to the president. today, president obama pardoned a bird named popcorn. popcorn is a fairly hefty fellow at 38-pounds. instead of spending a few hours
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in the oven, he will spend the days in leesburg. >> good for him. >> very good for him. this thanksgiving, more and more people in our area are in need of a hot meal so today, thousands of those meals were dished out at the convention center. >> it was part of safeway's feast for sharing, deborah not only reports the story, but is helping out. >> okay. we're going to make sure. >> not so fast. the woman in the purple next to me is our 11:00 p.m. producer. today, we were just two of thousands volunteering to help feed more people than ever. in they came, more than ever before, people who to eat and people who came to serve. >> i buy desert, you know, going through desperate situations. i don't understand what they're going through. >> i can call this the choreography of a good meal. turkey and potatoes, stuffing,
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and of course -- >> pie, anyone? >> the meal looks great. the meal is real great. excellent. >> more and more people are in need. >> a lot of people look like they are doing okay. but they're not doing okay. >> you know, one would hope that the spirit is demonstrated at thanksgiving would be demonstrated year round. >> this is the first time in about 15 years that we have been home to eat, because he did two tours in iraq. >> walker is thankful her son is home, he is thankful for one thing. >> freedom. freedom. >> what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? >> living. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> deborah, wusa9. >> high winds that were threatening to ground a big part of the macy's thanksgiving day parade appear to be subsiding. the nypd says the forecast looks pretty good for kermet
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and spiderman and papa smurf and charlie brown and all the other oversized balloons. they may be able it fly. macy's took extra precautions to secure the balloons after 43- mile per hour winds in 1997 blew the cat in the hat balloon into a lamp post and that resulted in serious injuries. a final decision won't be made until tomorrow morning. but you are saying things are looking up. >> optimistic. their criteria is 23 miles per hour sustained and nothing can be over 43-mile per hour wind gusts. they go no. but i think it's going to be under that. i think we'll be okay. >> that said, we'll have breezes, too, not as strong, but windchills tomorrow, highs in the 30s. windchills in the 20s. >> doubtful. >> some of the guys are going out. >> i said no. >> you are a smart man. okay, let's take a look at temperatures. first, let's take a live look
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outside if we could, with a camera. i got to -- there we go. temperatures generally in the 30s. they haven't moved anywhere in the last five hours. they are going to drop quickly tonight and everybody is going to end up in the 20s. i don't think we'll see any flash freezing. the winds will dry out before they freeze. a live look outside. our live michael and son weather cam. relative humidity 57%. winds northwest at 18. they will be a factor through tomorrow. satellite picture, radar combined. here's the storm that is off the coast of long island. still some rain and some pretty good rains now in eastern sections of new england and pretty good snow back into eastern pennsylvania now and it's going to snow all night  tonight and through tomorrow morning in our mountains and on the other side of the divide and garrett county. they have winter storm warnings up there. here's a look at the radar. mostly showers and snow showers are out of here. we'll see clearing skies
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quickly. temperatures are above freezing. 35 in bethesda. 35 in fairfax. and also 37 down into waldorf. winds still gusting. 35-mile per hour in frederic. 34 at national. so, the temperature you feel as you go outside, feels like it's 25 in gaithersburg. 25 in leesburg. dress for the 20s if you're headed out tonight. if you're out late, dress in the teens. colder air moves in. a cold, but dry thanksgiving. a cold, but dry black friday and a chilly, but a dry weekend. temperatures moderate a little bit saturday and sunday. so, we got 28 to start. 30 at 9:00. only 34 at 11:00. only 37 by 1:00. thankfully lots of sunshine. 42 on friday, but that's still cold. no problems for shopping and 45, almost seasonal on saturday. next seven days, a little better on sunday, near 50. redskin game will be in the low 40s and next week, we go back in the mid 40áz, perhaps rain on tuesday. temperatures will be close to
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perhaps supporting something other than rain. we'll keep you posted on that. >> all right, jan jeffcoat is in our newsroom. she has a look at what's ahead at 7:00. good evening, jan. >> tonight in your on local news at 7:00, we are digging deeper to raise the minimum wage. plus, a man loses his job for refusing to open up shop on thanksgiving. and you saw those turkeys getting pardoned by the president today, but, they may not be as lucky as you think they are. the ominous omen coming up at 7:00. and i want to take this moment to remind you how easy it is to help needy kids and families in our area this holiday season with the click of a button, you can gift a gift, donate, or send a holiday message from anywhere with our virtual joy drive. for example, maya jay wrote a card that says merry christmas to you all. i pray your season is filled with his love, joy.
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between now and mid december, log on to joy to learn exactly how you can give joy this holiday season. derek, you have already done so, thank you my friend. all of the kids are very appreciative of that. >> the kids love it. thank you, jan, we appreciate that we are doing it. >> okay, let's talk redskins, you know, the playoffs not a possible anymore, but the skins say hey, we have something to play for. >> yeah, you know, they're job. >> we go inside the locker room as the team prepares to take on the new york giants. that's coming up next.
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now, game on with dave owens live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> it is getting testy around redskins park. players are getting cranky. not an easy assignment for a reporter, unless you are dianne roberts. we sent dianne to ashburn with her jacket on as the negative chatter about the redskins gets louder. >> one of the things being said, that there's a problem between the offensive line and franchise quarterback, robert griffin, iii, they sited examples of 49ers players helping robert up off the field instead of his own teammates. tz is just one of many issues
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plaguing this 3-8>> it's not w. 100% cool. everybody is great. >> me and my offensive lineman are fine. just cut that right there. there's no problems right there. >> there's also the subject of rg3's dad who showed up in the locker room after monday night's loss. one in which griffin kept getting knocked down. >> came to check on me. mom was upset. he wanted to do his fatherly duties and see if i was okay. yeah, i was shocked he was there, but he meant no harm. anybody out there that is going after my dad needs to back up. >> no matter what is being said outside the bubble here, players say they have one focus in mind, and that is winning their next game sunday night against the giants. from redskins park, dianne roberts, wusa9 sports. >> thanks a lot.
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coming up tonight, a special story for you. tomorrow is the annual turkey bowl or city football championship. it's also the 20 year anniversary of one of the most emotionally charged journeys a team has ev taken to the championship. >> it was so close. it was inches away from my heart. it would have blew my whole heart out. >> robert smith was one of three anacostia football players shot before the season even began. >> that is story that we can't wait to tell coming up tonight. >> just a little tease. it's a great story. >> looking forward to that one. thank you, dave. >> that's it for us, the cbs evening news is next. we hope you have a fantastic thanksgiving. >> i'll be back with jan for your only local news at 7:00 and as always, wusa9 is there for you.
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>> rodriguez: tonight, the holiday get away. americans hit slippery roads and pack airline terminals as nasty weather cancels or delays hundreds of flights on the busiest travel day of the year. reports from jeff pegues and terrell brown. eric fisher has the thanksgiving forecast. cheryl sharyl attkisson reports the administration is trying to head off a traffic jam on health and delaying another part of obamacare. after the state puts out its final report on shooter adam lanza and the newtown massacre, elaine quijano talks to the parents of sandy hook. how responsible do you hold nancy lanza for what happened that day? >> oh, my god! >> and ben tracy with the whales who came toin


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