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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 19, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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early ice disrupts traffic on the great lakes. dean reynolds on the unusual weather. and the legacy of lockerbie. >> she was a beautiful 16-year-old teenager. >> reporter: wyatt andrews on the message one daughter left as we near the 25th anniversary of the attack that shocked the world. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. breaking news tonight from london. part of a theater has collapsed as hundreds of people were watching a play. the police say dozens have been hurt and some of those injuries are serious. charlie d'agata is on the scene. charlie? >> reporter: scott, the very latest from the london ambulance services tonight, more than 80 people have been wounded, a handful of those seriously wounded. they've been take on the the hospital. several people were trapped inside when the ceiling collapsed.
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we understand from authorities that they have since been rescued. part of the ceiling collapsed in the middle of a performance of blockbuster play packed with over 700 theater goers. >> a loud bang, i don't think it was an explosion and the ceiling came down. a lot of dust, chandelier, wood and all that sort of stuff. >> reporter: many said they thought the loud noises were part of the play. >> we originally thought it was sound effects of the theater and then -- of the play, yeah. then we looked up and the whole ceiling -- it was like slow motion. it just kind of came down. >> reporter: other london theaters became triage centers for the walking wounded. some theater goers were take on the a nearby hospital with serious injuries. >> one of the actors said "watch out." we thought it was part of the play initially. so that was our reaction, wasn't it? >> and a bang, everything, debris, dust, everything. >> everything everywhere and then initially got up and it was like you couldn't see anything. you didn't know what was going
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on. >> reporter: as we've been here, we've seen paramedic teams evacuating more wounded. they've been coming out on stretchers. we've seen people with head injuries. the vast majority of the people wounded were treated here at the scene. only those with the more serious injuries were taken to the hospital. scott? >> pelley: charlie, the apollo thaoeter is a little more than a hundred years old. is there any word now on how this happened? reporter: no, but the witnesses we spoke to, scott, the people on the top balconies said it wasn't the balcony collapsed. they heard a crack, they saw people in front of them starting to move and then everything started to fall in and the place filled with dust. so there's a suggestion there that the ceiling it collapsed on to the people below them and not a balcony and that's what they're looking at now. we've seen fire crews up on top of the building checking out the ceiling. >> pelley: more on this on the broadcast tomorrow and on cbs "this morning." charlie, thanks very much. in another big story tonight, the secret service is investigating one of the largest thefts of credit card and debit
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card information ever. the victims are tens of millions of people who shopped at target stores all over the country from thanksgiving eve through last weekend when the breach was discovered. chip reid has our story. >> reporter: as customers poreed into target stores to kick off the holiday shopping season three weeks ago there was no way to know that millions of them were about to be scammed. here's how investigators believe it worked: first, a sophisticated hacker-- possibly a criminal organization-- broke into target's computer system and gained access to the company's credit and deb bait card terminals. then when shoppers swiped their cards to make purchases, the hackers stole the card day data of up to 40 million customers including names, card numbers, expiration dates and security codes. sean henry former led led the cyber crime division of the f.b.i. and now heads the high-tech security companyout strike. >> once they get that private data, they can try to sell credit card numbers to others
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who will purchase it for pennies on the dollar and those people down the line will try to use it for fraudulent purchases through online transactions, et cetera. >> reporter: in a letter to its customers today, target wrote: "if you shopped at target between november 27 and december 15 you should check your account for suspicious or unusual activity." the letter said customers who found anything unusual should contact their bank to make sure they're protected from loss. those who used a target credit card were told to contact target. but the company's facebook page today was swamped with angry complaints from customers who couldn't get through online or by phone. sean henry says this kind of scam could happen to almost any company as big as target. >> you've got networks that are so vast and so large that it's virtually impossible to protect them from every type of attack. >> reporter: at this point, scott, it appears that only people who shopped at actual target stores were victimized by
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this scam. people who shopped online were not affected. >> pelley: chip, thanks very much. today president obama commuted the sentences of eight prisoners serving long terms for possession of crack cocaine. all had been convicted under laws that required longer sentences for crack than for powdered cocaine. sentencing rules are more equal now. the white house said freeing the eight was just a matter of fairness. in a surprise today, president putin of russia said that he would pardon a famous political rival who has spent ten years in prison. former oil billionaire mckale khodorkovsky was convicted of tax evasion but the case was widely seen as a crackdown on political opposition. putin also said he would grant amnesty to two members of a rock band that had been critical of him. two embarrassing human rs questions now answered before putin host it is winter olympics in february. today the united methodist
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church defrocked a pennsylvania pastor for officiating at his son's same sex wedding in 2007. methodists make up one of the largest protestant denominations in this country, with eight million members. as terrell brown reports, pastor frank shaefer says that despite the punishment, he'd do it again. >> i did it out of love for my son. my son had asked me. i had to say yes. he did not choose to be homosexual. >> reporter: reverend frank shaefer has been a methodist minister for 20 years. he was given a choice: recommit to upholding church doctrine in regards to same-sex marriage or surrender his ministerial credentials. he refused to do either because he says three of his four children are gay. >> think about how i can reconcile continuing to do ministry to the l.g.b.t. community-- which includes gay marriages-- and uphold the
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church law at the same time. i had to say ultimately "i can't. i'm sorry, but i can't reconcile that. i can't uphold the book of discipline our church law book because it has those discriminatory laws in them." >> reporter: united methodist church rules outlined in its book of discipline describes homosexuality as incompatible with christian teaching. it also states ceremonies that celebrate homosexual unions shall not be conducted by our ministers. spokesperson john coleman read a church statement explaining the move against shaefer. >> he no longer holds the ministerial office in the eastern pennsylvania conference by virtue of his decision. is it worth it? >> i would not change. i could not have said no to my son to perform his wedding because i love him so much and i just wanted to affirm him. >> reporter: this is the second time that a methodist minister has been defrocked for conducting a same-sex marriage. reverend frank shaefer says he will appeal that decision and he
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will continue to speak out on behalf of gays and lesbians who he feels are treated as second-class citizens, scott. >> pelley: terrell, thanks very much. we've been following the story of 19 elite firefighters who were killed in a wildfire in yarnell, arizona, back in july. well, today, we learned that the families of 12 of them plan to sue the state and local governments for more than a quarter of a billion dollars. but the families are also offering a deal that they believe will prevent a similar tragedy. carter evans covered the firefighters' deaths and has this follow-up tonight. >> reporter: a firefighter's helmet camera recorded the final radio calls from the ban in the mountain hot shots. this is the voice of crew leader eric marsh. he and his shot shots were deploying their protective fire shelters.
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>> in his voice, what i heard was he knew. i think and i believe that he knew that they were all going to die. >> reporter: juliana ashcraft's husband andrew died in the fire. he joined 11 other families today to file court papers seeking a total of $237 million from state and local officials. but they are also offering a deal-- a smaller settlement in exchange for stricter safety standards and funding for new equipment, training, and firefighter education. the families cited 31 mistakes they say led to disaster. those errors were highlighted in a state report earlier this month. as weather conditions changed, commanders "chose to evacuate the command post but allowed the granite mountain hot shots to continue to work downwind of a rapidly progressing wind-driven
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fire." >> i will not stop until i can do everything in my power to make sure no other wife is sittinsitting in this chair talg about their husband who should have come home but that policies and procedures weren't followed. >> reporter: and some of the change the hot shot families would like to see are better fire shelters that can resist the high heat of a fire in the wildfire conditions. they also would like to see g.p.s. locators on firefighters in the field. scott, if the hot shots had had those, when all else failed the air tankers would have known exactly where to deliver a life-saving water drop. >> pelley: carter evans in our los angeles newsroom. carter, thank you. a blast of arctic air is causing a deep freeze on the great lakes tonight. the annual chill has come early this year, creating massive sheets of ice that are choking the critical seaway. tonight dean reynolds reports crews are busy breaking up the ice. >> reporter: these coast guard ice breakers near duluth, minnesota, are out weeks early.
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single-digit temperatures have nearly solidified parts of lake superior and slow it had multibillion dollar shipping business there and in the other great lakes. this week, 13% of lake michigan is covered by ice that was nowhere to be seen this time last year. sailing around chicago's ice-clogged burnham harbor is like being on a polar expedition. we're out on the city of chicago's ice-breaking tug boat called "the commissioner" which is out on the water three weeks earlier than usual because serious ice is already forming here on the lake front. a path through ice is essential for the shipping industry in the great lakes which can move 15 to 20% of its annual total cargo during the ice season. >> the concern for a lot of the commercial shippers is they simply can't get their boats in and out to transfer goods. >> reporter: phillip willink, a research biologist at the shed aquarium joined us as the commissioner plied or plowed the harbor to keep the ice from setting. but, he says, the ice can
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benefit the lake which had been hurt by years of low precipitation. >> the ice acts as a blanket and sort of traps the water in the lake, preventing it from evaporating away. so the ice cover is actually helping to raise lake levels. >> reporter: and that blanket is likely to get thicker in the coming days with highs in the teens on monday when the real winter will be just getting started. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> pelley: a phone-hacking trial reveals prince william and kate middleton were among the victims. the insurance industry names the safest cars on the road. and confronted by a gunman, bus passengers fight back when the "cbs evening news" continues. os. suddenly you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip, and pow!
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>> pelley: the human rights group amnesty international said syrians fighting to overthrow the dictatorship of bashar al-assad are confronting a new kind of tyranny, this time from islamic militants who have pushed out moderates among the rebel fighters. and that's what our clarissa ward found along the syria/lebanon border. >> reporter: the group calls itself the islamic state of iraq and syria-- isis. and it has sworn allegeianc to al qaeda. these prisoners aren't revernment soldiers but other bels who don't share the group's extremist views. at first, many syrians welcomed the militant group who quickly
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scored key victories on the battlefield against the syrian regime. but now they are chafing under the strict islamic law it enforces. activist abu layla had to leave syria after criticizing the group's tactics. we asked we not show his face. what did they threaten to do to you? "the letter said we will finish you off easily" he told us. "either with a bullet or with a car bomb." jihadists have streame streamedo syria from across the arab world, europe, and even america. >> we've come here from all nationalities to defend this land, this islamic land. >> reporter: according to one intelligence estimate, as many as 60 americans have gone to syria to fight. radical cleric omar bakri teaches english-speaking muslims over the interfete from his home in lebanon. >> my students are from australia, america, britain. >> reporter: have any of your students shown interest in fighting in syria? >> oh, yes, some of them they left and went to syria.
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>> reporter: bakri boasted to us that he provides would be jihadists with introductions to groups like isis. he also said he shares the group's desire to see jihad spread beyond syria's borders. do you want to see the war in syria come to lebanon? >> oh, beyond that. i'm in favor of that because, after all, the war in syria, it is really for the sake to establish islam if the regions and i believe the birth of the islamic state is really started in syria. >> reporter: so are we going to see an increase in terrorism? >> you want to call it, you know, terrorism, it's up to you. >> reporter: more suicide bombings? >> oh, yes, definitely. >> reporter: a chilling prediction in a region that has already seen so much bloodshed. clarissa ward, cbs news, tripoli, lebanon. >> pelley: today a lon con court revealed that cell phone messages between prince william and kate middleton had been hacked. the voice mails were read to jurors at the phone-hacking trial of editors of the now
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because the standards are tougher now. here's transportation correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety put nearly 200 cars through a battery of tests, including a new one that measure askar's ability to protect occupants when a portion of the vehicle strikes another car or object. the cars that earn the highest rating-- top safety pick plus-- have systems that go beyond simple crash worthiness. they help prevent crashes from occurring in the first place by either warning drivers of the danger ahead or stopping or slowing the car before an impact. 22 vehicles earned that top rating. among them, the honda civic hybrid, ford fusion, volvo xc 60 and the honda odyssey. adrian lund, the president of i.i.h.s., says automakers know that safety sells. >> consumers should be encouraged because this change in the ratings shows that the state of the art of motor
6:54 pm
vehicle safety is changing and it's changing for the better and it's changing rapidly. >> reporter: scott, the i.i.h.s. says crash-avoidance technology like auto braking is the kind of technology that has automakers moving toward eventually producing cars that can actually drive themselves. >> pelley: jeff pegues. thank you, jeff. today prosecutors in seattle released surveillance video of a violent confrontation on a city bus. it happened last month when an armed robber started taking passengers' phones. but when the gun was pointed in the face of this rider, he was preoccupied with his own phone. the man suddenly pushed the gun away and fought back. you can even see him put his phone in his pocket with one hand as he punches with the other. other passengers jumped in to help subdue the suspect. and we'll be right back. [ doctor ] and in a clinical trial versus lipitor,
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6:58 pm
of 16-year-old melina hudson was taken one month before she died in the bombing of pan am flight 103. she was a new york exchange student then in england and to her father paul hudson the tape captures her kindness and spirit. >> she was a beautiful 16-year-old teenager. she had always been strong willed. >> reporter: the tape held melina's last words to her family until nine months later when residents of lockerbie recovered melina's possessions from the debris-- one in particular took hudson's breath away. >> one of them was a school notebook which she had done doodling on the outside cover. and under that there was a statement "no one dies unless they're forgotten." >> reporter: you felt like she was speaking to you. >> i felt like this was a motto as well as a cause of action. >> reporter: he responded to his daughter's call by organizing two separate groups
6:59 pm
of lockerbie victims' families. the groups demanded and won a more aggressive investigation of the bombing. >> the opinion of our group is overwhelming outrage. >> reporter: and they repeatedly pushed congress to improve airport security. hosecurity. >> how many bomb detectors have been installd? how many have been ordered? >> how many? >> zero. >> reporter: his mission continues today. he now leads a nonprofit group that fights for the rights of airline passengers. do you think you've tried to fulfill her words? >> yes. and when -- and when my time is over i hope that she'll say "okay, you did what you could." that's -- that's in my dreams, anyway. >> reporter: hudson often visits the lockerbie memorial at arlington national cemetery where the names of all 270 victims are etched in cast iron. he comes here to tell his
7:00 pm
strong-willed 16-year-old that her words and message are still alive. >> i'm not going away. >> reporter: wyatt andrews, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ac tonight identities at risk, ducking for cover and a view from the top. >> your only local news at 7:00 begins with a look at the most important stories in your world in 90 seconds. >> news of a widespread security breach affecting nearly all target stores nationwide which may have compromised 40 million shoppers' credit and debit card information. >> in leonardtown the courthouse was locked down


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