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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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chilling cold tonight. >> oh girl, i still think it is worse than it was last night. >> why is that? >> because the wind, man, it is all the windchills. >> the darn wind. >> yeah. well anyway currently right now, 24 degrees. and are we expecting more snow in the forecast? >> we have had some flakes in the forecast. we'll talk about the lows this morning, this is just pristine. nothing has happened since the last 24 hours. now, we'll start with the lows this morning. it is 2 below at dulles. that's as cold as they have been in 18 years. 12 downtown, one in gaithersburg, the highs today, most folks, they made it into the 20s. 28 officially at national and 24 rather in dulles. in terms of temperatures, we're looking at the teens. but the lower 20s downtown. we'll drop to 22 downtown, but 16 in gaithersburg and 25 in manassas. we'll factor in the wind. this is why it feels worse. it feels like 2 in gaithersburg and 8 right here and feels like
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7 in leesburg. the lows tonight, single digits across the burbs. 2 in leesburg and fairfax will be at 6:00 and even 9 downtown will be 12. so this is fresh arctic air. we'll come back and tell you when we'll have flakes. >> you're like a kid. he is just loving this. >> yes, we won't hear you. does that change the forecast maybe? >> just maybe. all right, we'll see you guys in a bit. virginia is now front and center in the debate over legalizing the same-sex marriage. today the new attorney general, they announced that his office is asking a federal court to strike down the voter approved constitution amendment banning gay marriage. republicans are angry and vowing to fight back. >> reporter: just 12 days after the democrat was sworn into
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office as virginia's attorney general, he has set off a fire storm of the controversy. >> we have looked at the law, concluding that the law is unconstitutional. >> he has no authority to do this. he is attacking the constitution of virginia approved by the people of virginia. >> reporter: it was the republican's bill that asked voters to approve a constitutional amendment, banning the same-sex marriage, which they did. >> that was eight years ago. very shortly after that i saw how it hurt a lot of people. >> reporter: now he said that banned is unconstitutional and he is joining two same-sex couples asking them to strike it down. >> they are striking down the laws that treat same-sex couples as second class citizens. the supreme court is presented with the facts that we have in this case. then they would strike down their banned. >> where does he come out saying that you have no
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argument at all? that is really arrogant. >> reporter: they say that he is violating his oath of office by not upholding the state law, especially e that voters approve. over the past 60 years the state of virginia has fought against desegregating schools. now they say that they want virginia to be on the right side of the history. >> it's a state law and a state constitution that they could not violate their constitution. and i'm obligated to follow the law, which is what i have done. >> in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. all right now to a follow up on an ongoing four-month wusa9 investigation. regardless of how close you look at this speed camera location, you will not see the speed camera. that is because the cops pulled it down. the police in prince george's county alaskanologyed that the camera issued 2,059 tickets at $40 each a total of $82,360 in fines. just yet, they issued a
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statement saying all those people ticketed will get their money back as a result of our inquiry. i know a lot of this came from repairing the internet data so the public notices that it is required by law? >> yes, which is why i brought you over here to our internet center. this is the internet site where they are required by law to list all the speed cameras as all jurisdictions are. every jurisdiction in maryland is required to list each camera on their website prior to activations. and then we'll put in the open record requests for police to prove that they had published them in a newspaper. and now that resulted in an open record request, which got us this stack of documents. so this is what they send us as police say they believe it will show that they have published every camera. but that there were still six
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cameras that they couldn't account for as we asked them again and again and that is when police kind of went silent on us. is >> okay, so we did ask about all six. as they were telling us about this one that they did acknowledge, that it is an illegal camera. it showed the publication of the camera as we are skeptical and finding the hard copies of the newspapers right now to ensure that in fact they were legally published. >> yes, they could consider hounding it, but for the people getting speeding tickets, they want to ensure that they are getting legal tickets. >> reporter: the other cameras are actually good? >> well, they have dozens of cameras, which we have determined were properly published. so if you get a ticket there, you will get a ticket. it's the six tickets we're focusing on right now. >> all right, we know that you'll stay on top of it.
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they will make sure to follow the law. if you know where to look or if you have a pet peeve, let us know. log on to >> reporter: so have you been hopping over mountains of snow or perhaps sliding on the icy sidewalks as you are trying to get to work? it seems like not all the businesses here in d.c. are getting the message in front of the business. we're live in front of the business. and so now where are you? >> i'm at wisconsin, just a couple blocks away from the station and this is the bank. but take a look at what i'm standing on here. soon it will be ice and eventually it will be slush and it is still here. we asked people on twitter to let us know about the dangerous sidewalks that they think we need to check out as they tweeted me about it. there is a cozc restaurant here
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so we went to check it out. is >> so what do you think of the walkway? >> i think it needs to be shoveled. >> yes, absolutely. >> who do you think is responsible in this? >> the people that own a business. are you responsible for clearing it off? >> i don't believe that we are responsible, no. >> all right, do you feel like there is a little cain there, trying to hobble on through it? that's what it feels like on the corner. it is very dangerous for people. it doesn't seem like there is anything active going on, but it was very nice and he was letting the manager know. he doesn't want anything to happen to anyone. it makes sense. but it takes common sense to know that this is a mess.
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so we talked to the manager there as he was going to talk to the manager area. i'm not quite sure why, but we walked over there and this is closed. it is more than 24 hours since the last snowflake fell. if you would like to get a list of the deadlines, we'll look at all the counties on our website. is >> all right, thank you so much. well caught on camera, a life or death rescue in nine degree weather. check this out. you're looking at the video taken last night from the chopper. the high-tech camera spotted a missing 80-year-old woman. she had wandered off into the night and had fallen into the snow. when minutes really counted,
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they were able to guide them on the ground straight through the woman and they saved her life. be thankful that you're not in the midwest. it's your world in 90 seconds. in a warning in effect for at least 31 states. it is still cold in minnesota as the schools across the state canceled classes on thursday. customers dealt with delays as the single track happened because of the broken rail. with a host of the problem since the extreme dip in temperatures. he was just the nicest guy. >> reporter: the 63-year-old was behind the camera just -- the counter just before 2:00 this morning when this man attacked him unprovoked. the robbery not a motive, he was caught outside with a broken box cutter knife and the victim worked hard to support a
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large family. >> they know the family was charged with helping to pull off the infamous 1978 heist at jfk airport. the robbery was the central story of the movie good fellas. he was apparently not portrayed in the movie. the privacy's oversight board, which says that the national security agency, the full collection of data will raise the serious threats to the privacy and civil liberty as they are calling on president obama to stop the collection of american phone and internet data. justin bieber faces charges of dui, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. it's a pop star driving this yellow lambo when he was pulled over. bieber told police he had been drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana. he walked out of
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they include the high-tech man cans, similar to real people as they represent the latest technologies for a whisk- free hands-on hospital experience. >> reporter: they would have an opportunity to deal with and to learn how to do everything and the upper looks with the virtual reality trainers that will take the resident through doing everything through the scope.
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taking out the gallbladder, so there will be a lot of different things that our students will be able to do. >> the facility will train over 800 students across 20 university programs. some of the smithsonian's air and space artifacts are being moved from the outdated facility in maryland to a special restoration hanger at the national air and space museum. the artifacts include the navy dive bomber and space suits. the center is holding an open house this saturday to give the public their first behind-the- scenes look at restoration facility. this is where the beetles played their first concert. music will bounce off the walls again 50 years
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mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971.
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afghanistan, in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance
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is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. there is something about music with the power. they formed their first concert in the washington coliseum before going on to become the biggest rock 'n' roll band ever. bruce leshan reports that a few thousand of us will get a chance to relive it.
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february 11,1964, 8,000 fans saw the beetles debut at coliseum. >> i saw them standing there. >> reporter: the critics hated it. >> that's the most exciting thing when the beetles showed up. >> reporter: but then the 16- year-old neighborhood girl will never forget sneaking in. >> screaming was happening. >> reporter: like a lot of the historic buildings, the washington coliseum fell on hard times. for years the waste management, they used it as a trash transfer station. and they dumped garbage on the ground, where the beetles played their first concert. >> reporter: they have big plans for the building. >> and they are all there, their souls are there in these empty seats. >> reporter: he wants to honor all the people who performed here. >> a year from now this is going to be a market.
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>> absolutely. >> reporter: he's building retail and office space, by preserving the group in the now booming neighborhood. >> this has got a culture with a feeling in it. it's got a look, an attitude with heart and soul. >> reporter: but before the construction gets underway, they are staging a rousing beetles tribute concert for all the fans that return. then they need to head inside to remember. >> pull out the chairs and dance around. i'm hoping they heard about the concert as i would hate for them to drive up on that day and not have a ticket. memories are on sale right now. bruce leshan, wusa9.
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the concert will have food, beer, wine. and the tickets are $45 to stand, $100 for a seat. the proceeds benefit the d.c. preservation league. we'll have all the details on our website on wow. >> nice. >> do you remember that? >> no, i don't. >> i was 5. >> no. i was about five months. >> oh, okay. well, you know, we all know what happened after they came here. >> yes, we do, for sure. by storm. hey listen, prince george's county, a two-hour delay. >> we've got other things about schools growing up -- scrolling on the bottom of the screen. >> yes, i guess it will be cold out there. the high temperature is 28 today. that's not above freezing yet, but it's going in the right direction. temperatures are down to 22 at
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national. the dew point is below zero, so your indoor relative humidity is at about 5 to 6%. that's driving them into the single digits already. it's a cold rain along the gulf coast with a little bit of the mixed precipitation. and that is thankfully going to stay to our south as we will zoom up in canada and always talking about clippers. usually alberta, not always and they will ride this northwest flow. normally they are fast movers with a good upper level support. and you always want to usher in the colder air, which is the case with the colder air tonight with the clipper that went on through with a few snow showers this afternoon and another clipper on monday. they are stacked up. 17 in rockville and 17 in reston and fairfax and those are the actual temperatures. 20 in college park and 20 down towards la platta and waldorf,
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but feels like 5 in leesburg and frederick. already feels like it is one below in hagerstown. already feels 14 below out towards oakland. another clipper on saturday. finally, all right, we'll break it down. the teens to start. 19 even by 11:00 and 21 is the sunshine. the next three days, they could coat the ground. it's not a big deal though and cold again on sunday. next seven days, we're looking at temperatures breaking the freezing mark again on monday and then very cold on tuesday and wednesday as we will be back struggling to get to 20s and then we're in the mid-20s on thursday. so again you want to watch everything and do not leave the space heater unattended. >> all right, topper. soup you are -- super bowl friday. it is a distinct possibility
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prepare yourself. for a toddler... moment. the everyday collection. by target. crews are still digging out. they got slammed with a foot of snow. now, no major storm is predicted for super bowl sunday, but that is still ten
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days away as they are changing day by day as officials are saying it would take a bigger storm and more snow to have to reschedule the game expected for february 2nd. however the contingency plans are in place. and so the super bowl sunday could become the super bowl friday, saturday, or monday. we'll see what happens. the big game will feature a showdown between the old school and the new style quarterback who was just voted most respectful player by the peers, they are looking for the second super bowl. and he is excited just to be playing against the idol. and all the big games he has won raise have a lot of respect for him. the 23-year-old will be serving 57 years in rhode island he was convicted of second-degree
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murder back in november after prosecutors proved that he fired the shot that killed him dug the botched home invasion in 2007. he was facing life in prison. bradley beal is named to the u.s.a. basketball national team pool. he is one of 28 nba players selected to try out this summer for the world championship team. if they win, then that team will represent the u.s. it is for the 2016 summer olympics. the first round, sunny and beautiful. much warmer than here. it looks beautiful, doesn't it? and it will be an up and down round for him. at the 11 he misses the put, which burns the edge of the hole. then he bounces back from just off the green. and he sinks that birdie. he even threw for 15 holes and topper, they finished with a minus 369. not a bad first round. >> if he wins and he retires? >> i would think so. yeah, 10 seconds left as we need to talk about it later.
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>> pelley: tonight, the cold turns into an epidemic. every one of the lower 48 sees temperatures below freezing. >> we have not had these numbers ever, as far as frostbite injuries. >> pelley: we'll have the latest forecast. "goodfellas," the real life sequel. bob orr on the arrest in one of thst robberies in u.s. history. tonight, for the first time, a state senator viciously attacked by his own son explains how the mental health care system fails. >> it's clear the system failed. it's clear that it failed gus, it killed gus. >> pelley: and elaine quijano with two jersey girls who will beti roong for seattle in the >>per bowl.


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