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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  March 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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williams. forced to give it up. sheehey backs in. short. [whistle] thompson will shoot a pair. that's 10 team fouls against indiana. 6. thompson, a 67% shooter. from chicago. a couple of state titles in high school at whitney young. 61-53, indiana leading ohio state in bloomington. ian eagle, jim spanarkel, the rest of our cbs crew. down to 2:56 remaining in our second half. >> jim: watch the little changeup here with ohio stated,
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ian. maybe a little traffic. a little full-court. >> ian: indiana trying to put together a run here late in the season to get on the bubble for the ncaa tournament. 6-9 in the conference. 16-12 overall. [whistle] foul called against scott, as yogi ferrell took it off the dribble. and that's number two on shannon scott. >> jim: if indiana wins this one, they have back-to-back games with iowa and ohio stated, beating two of the top five teams in the conference. two marks on their resume coming down the stretch. >> ian: yogi ferrell. 81% free-throw shooter. the sophomore out of park tutor high school in indianapolis.
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two state titles there. 2-2 for ferrell. >> jim: ohio state has about a minute and 15 seconds to get themselves into position to get this less than a three-possession game. >> ianthey're going to have troe now. sheehey on craft taking it away. >> ian: indiana in no rush. 2 1/2 to play, they lead by eight. >> jim: that's the short-term goal by ohio state, to try to get it to two possessions. but indiana in total control right here. >> ian: out of bounds and some fans got to et yogi ferrell up close and personal. the gentleman lost his glasses. >> jim: [laughter] >> ian: do you have a small screw driver, jimmy? >> jim: in my bag. [laughter] >> ian: craft the spin. of course. and it's blocked by mosquera-perea. >> jim: three or four times this half he's tried to force his way through. >> ian: he's 1-9 from the
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field and the buckeyes are running out of chances. we're down to two minutes to play. dwor done. >> jim: goo>> jim: good decisio. bring it back out. >> ian: 12 to shoot. down to 1:46 left to play in the second half. gordon. >> jim: there's the hesitation. >> ian: mosquera-perea finishes on a beautiful setup by evan gordon. and the lead is 10! craft. offer the mark for three. mcdonald. the offensive board. [whistle] and he loses it out of bounds. >> jim: watch the delay and watch the hesitation. go to the cuff here and then hesitate just a touch because you're out of control. and then you fin tish off. good work by the pick-and-roll up front. >> ian:>> ian: buckeyes are 0-9m three-point range.
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indiana, 1:29 away from a big home victory. [ male announcer ] every kind of fan loves the 2 for $20 menu in the applebee's fan zone... from the kung fu master. to...the stranger hugger. because every kind of fan loves 1 app and 2 entrees for 20 bucks. the 2 for $20 menu from applebee's. see you tomorrow. >> ian: reset with indiana in front 65-55. bench points favoring tom crean's squad. 14-0 indiana in the second half. 16-4 overall. >> jim: last time out. the bench got 42 points. and that's what we said at the beginning, right? they're short, they're in demand. they've got to get a team effort here and it's been very well
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executed here. >> ian: and that 42 the most bench points scored in the big then season. gordon. didn't need to go in there. >> jim: look at tom crean. he's saying the same thing. >> ian: scott. runs into mosquera-perea. count it. and-one. so that's a big inswg, as gordon didn't use clock and then it turns into a three-point opportunity for shannon scott. >> jim: the telegraph drive but i believe -- i don't know about that too. pretty good position. that's one of the toughest calls too. and when you look at that call right there, it's when you start to gather and then start to go with your upward motion as an offensive player. there have been a lot of games lately where there have been discussions about whether the calls have been right or wrong. boy, it's just that little tweak and change in the rules that has made it more difficult for the officials. >> ian: 65-58 with a minute to go. gordon for sheehey.
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back it out for gordon. >> jim: it's tough. now i think you have to foul until it gets down under 20. now it's too late to start fouling. >> ian: now they give it. that's a lot of time that came off the clock. and free throws coming for troy williams. >> jim: i don't think a lot of coaches do it but when you're down three possessions with 1:25 left, i think you have to make that decision within five to seven seconds, if you're buying in to fouling or if you're. if you're goin there's this kid.
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>> ian: yogi ferrell will head to the free-throw line. and shan hon scott has fouled out. here's a look at what indiana's profile is on paper. 16-12. a victory here would move that to 17-12. good wins over wisconsin, michigan, iowa. a win over ohio state at home would be another added to that list. tough losses. penn state, purdue, northwestern. >> ian: first free throw is off the mark. yogi ferrell will get another. >> jim: next up is nebraska who's playing very good basketball also in this conference.
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and then they tablin take on mi. who makes up these schedules? latch laugh. schedules? [laughter] what are they thinking about. >> ian: to get to 70 points against an hi high state team thaan ohio state team thatallow. >> jim: i thought 45 might have been a big number from the way it started. >> ian: we're down to is a second15seconds left. he cuts it to six. and a final time-out take. 70-64. indiana closing in on a big "w." seriously. . that's insane. and it's 15 bucks a month for the family. seriously? that's a lot of gold rope. seriously, that's a signature look. you don't have a signature look, honey. ♪ that's a signature look. [ male announcer ] only at&t brings you beats music. unlimited downloads for up to 5 accounts and 10 devices
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all for $14.99 a month. ♪ all for $14.99 a month. ...return on investment wall isn't a street... isn't the only return i'm looking forward to... for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. >> ian: over the last three years, indiana,48-6 at home. clark kellogg stopped by the game. he was just in new york at the halftime report. he had a big head. one of the big heads here. >> jim: various heads floating around here. >> ian: i saw ellen degeneris
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earlier. >> jim: i did. >> ian: sheehey for yogi ferrell. foul called with one second come off the clock. >> jim: ohio state executing defensively down the stretch here to stretch this game out. but indiana the key against that is just going back to the line and making free throws. have to make at least one. >> ian: only one meeting for these two teams this season. you've got rutgers and maryland joining the big ten next season. and indiana and ohio state are scheduled to meet twice next season. for ohio state, it's going to be back-to-back losses. at penn state and at indiana. they have a week off until their next game, when they host michigan state. >> jim: a couple of opportunities to win that penn state game but just losing it by two points.
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>> ian: final seconds. smith misses on a threeball. sheehey the rebound. the buckeyes back off. indiana trying to make a late season run. [buzzer] to get into the ncaa tournament. 72-64, the hoosiers knock off the buckeyes! indiana improves to 7-9 in the big ten. ohio state drops to 9-8 in the conference. so for jim spanarkel, this ian eagle signing off from bloomington. tonight on cbs, "60 minutes,." this has been a presentation of cbs sports, home of the national championship.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening new >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor, ukraine a prime minister calls it a declaration of war. the u.s. an in-- invasion.
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russia says it's protecting its people. what you call it depends on where you come from. this is what it looks like in crimea tonight. the white house says russian forces effectively control the peninsula that make up the southern portion of ukraine and it appear they are preparing an occupation. the u.s., european union and nato all say russia is violating international law. the question is what can they do about it. in pro western kiev what they are doing it protesting. tens of thousands gathered in the capit demonstrating against russia's action. we have learned tonight that secretary of state john kerry son his way to ukraine tomorrow. off the top tonight we have two reports from liz palmer in crimea in a moment. but first charlie d'agata in kiev. >> reporter: anger, outrage and fear fill kiev's independence square today. prime minister arseny yatsenyuk warned that russia's military
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intervention in crimea has brought ukraine to the brink of disaster. >> this is the red alert. this is not the threat. this is actually the declab0ion of war to my cry. >> reporter: the newly tomed government put the army on high alert and called on men of fighting age, hundreds of thousands of reservists to be ready to take up arms. thousands of demonstrators rallied against russia's actions calling president vladimir putin a dick state-- dictator and a liar. this sign says putin, hands-off ukraine. in the place where they are still mourning those killed in protests that brought the russian-backed president down, activists told us there is little appetite for more bloodshed. >> of course i'm worried, of course. because i don't want to have war. and i don't want more people to die here for our independence. >> but every man of fighting
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age we spoke to like lauro leg pekatch said they were ready to do just that. >> what putin is doing right now in crimea t is absolute madness to everyone, for russia, for russian people, for ukraine, for europe, for the whole world. >> i'm more than sure. >> nearly us they were hoping if not entirely convinced that russia's military intervention would top in crimea and wouldn't advance into further areas in the ukraine. and jeff, for all their patriotism, they're well aware the ukrainian forces don't have the firepower or hardware to match the russian military. >> charlie d'agata, thank you. >> in crimea itself the russian forces are consolidating a grip of a largely friendly local population. elizabeth palmer is in the crimean capitol of simferopol. >> reporter: as many as 20,000 russian soldiers have been on the move across
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crimea in the past 24 hours. and they've taken over without firing a shot. >> so there are small pockets of resistance like those two bases where the ukrainian soldiers still loyal to the government in kiev have barricaded themselves in. but many ukrainian security forces have switched sides including the head of the navy here, who is only a ponted by kiev yesterday. and today he announced in essence he would join the russians. >> also on our way here we ran into a road block on the crimean border. there ukrainian interministry troops had hosted-- hoisted the russian flag on their barricade. they were backed up by local militia who stole our body armor and helmets and told us to get out of there. in the end we managed to get into crimea but come on the train. we've had a walk around the capitol here in simferopol t is very quiet. we did see russian soldiers standing by there, armoured personnel carrier near the parliament and asked them
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how long they they they would be here. they smiled and said they didn't know. by and large they have been welcome by the russian-speaking population of crimea. and just until a short while ago you could even hear some patriotic russian songs being sung at a rally down the road in a park. of course there are thousands of residents of crimea who are not happy to see the russian soldiers who are afraid of this invasion but for the moment, they're keeping their heads down, jeff. >> liz palmer, thank you. >> we'll be right back. i have flat feet. i found this out at the free dr.scholl's foot mapping center at walmart. in less than two minutes, i got my foot map and my custom number. i'm a 440. i'm a 210. 340. that number matched the dr.scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with just the right support to help relieve stress on my feet. i'm a believer. find a walmart with a foot mapping center at i'm a believer.
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so i got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ >> jeff: once again a sizable storm is moving across the country tonight this massive-- nasa photo shows that storm system texas to the mid-atlanticom stake, it is a combination of ice an snow. and what you'll get depends on where you live. winter weather advisories are in place from new mexico to new york as this 1700 mile wide storm with snow, sleet and rain lumbers across the plains toward the
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northeast. ice is the biggest concern. freezing rain is blamed for at least one traffic death in oklahoma where the storm is also producing thunder and lightning. a combination of snow and sleet created problems near kansas city. the kansas highway patrol reported several injuries. airlines have canceled more than 3300 flights today and tomorrow. that includes more than half a monday's flights in washington's reagan airport which could get up to 10 inches of snow. philadelphia could get 8. >> delaware governor jack markel. >> this is our 17th and possibly most significant event of the season. >> jeff: finally we end this abbreviated show is one of the most improbable ends to a sporting event you'll ever see. take a look at this second hole of a play-off in singapore. paula creamer looking at a 75 foot eagle putt f it goes in, she wins. but no way does this get close, not on this green, not at that distance-- it
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does. an extraordinary reaction from paula creamer. she wins the event. that is the "cbs evening news."
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make your last-minute preparations as the storm is approaching. the search for assault that might be out of luck on the bike calls to pull out. russia's president remains defiant. hello i'm bruce leshan, thank you for -- bruce johnson, thank you for joining us. and snow is on the way this evening, stacking up to be a real mess for the monday morning commute. and tomorrow others are expected to cancel later tonight. and no word from the federal and local government at this point. we're going to head outside in a moment to check on conditions


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