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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:19pm EST

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called this storm almost a week ago, the chief here, topper shutt, and this sort of went pretty much according to what you thought. >> we did not do well on the bull's eye which we said would be south of town. we thought we'd have a 10 to 12- inch band in charles county, which we did not. nobody has called. >> next time you better get your bull's eye right. i'm very disappointed in you. >> she was clearly zoned in on your bull's eye. >> let's at temperatures almost like early january as opposed to march. we're running 20 degrees below average. here's the radar, just a couple flurries here and there primarily south of 66, a little bit of snow still trying to hang on down into southern maryland, st. mary's county, calvert county. that's about it. we'll zoom in a little bit, a little patch of flurry south of prince frederick and most of the snow is moving across the bay into the delmarva. we'll back out the radar a bit,
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just a little bit of snow around reedville in the northern neck, but even that will be out of here rather soon. let's send it outside to meteorologist erica grow. she's got a couple things for us in terms of snowfall totals and temps and wind chills. >> that's right. i have a piece of ice in my hand because last night we had some rainfall before the snow moved in and that rain laid down a layer of ice here on our weather terrace and maybe on your driveway or on your sidewalk as well. just be very careful if you haven't shoveled and completely cleared your sidewalk yet. you definitely want to be cautious and you might have to do a little extra elbow grease to get that snow off of the sidewalk because of that layer of ice. want to put down the salt and snow in the. let's look at some of those snowfall totals throughout the region. here in d.c. we got 5 inches of snow, several reports throughout the district confirming that. in nokesville, virginia, that was one of the bigger reports of 8 inches.
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in ashburn, not too far from leesburg and dulles, 7 inches. monrovia, maryland in northern montgomery county is an area that got about 7 1/2 inches and la plata, maryland in, southern maryland in the waldorf area got about 6 inches. let's talk temps. it is cold out here and the wind has subsided somewhat for the time being, but the winds will continue to be an issue. right now it's 19 in gaithersburg, hagerstown, 21 in la plata, manassas and 23 in downtown washington. when you factor in the winds it feels like it's in the single digits in culpeper and manassas, feels like 11 in gaithersburg and downtown d.c. temperatures will only get colder and that wind chill will be brutal tonight. >> we think by tonight it will be below 0. a couple things you need to remember to keep updated and make sure. windshield wiper fluid is full. make sure you have sunglasses and if you have a heat pump, shovel the snow off of and
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around the heat pumps. mark your fire hydrants if maybe a pile of snow is on top of them now covering them and shovel the snow away from your down spouts so that when it finally becomes warm enough to smelt, it will be able to go a -- melt, it will be able to go away from your home. tonight partial clearing, breezy, very cold, wind chills 5 to 10 below and temperatures 0 to 10, winds out of the north 10 to 15 driving the wind chill through the night. if you're going out tonight, please be careful because you need hat, gloves and the whole works. 5 to 15 below is a little dangerous. let's talk about traffic. anything dangerous on the roads? >> yes because it's getting colder and colder and what was left on the roadways is freezing now which means it's getting super slippery. we actually have a big accident on the beltway in alexandria. i'll get to that in a minute. i want to let you know the plans with snow crews first. vdot has their full force out, 4,000 trucks. they will work through the night to make sure the
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shoulders are cleared, same story with mdot. vdot, mdot both take care of 17,000 lane miles. vdot is northern virginia i'm talking about and mdot 17,000 lane miles in the state plus 44 miles of the beltway. ddot will have 300 trucks out and again they're mainly working. they always focus on those bridges, ramps and overpasses. metro remains on normal schedule. they expect to be that way tomorrow, but canceled today was marked. their decision tonight will be for the a.m. commute. metrobus probably will be restored tomorrow but on a limited service. there may be closed roads or icy they can't reach. d.c.'s circulator bus is canceled tomorrow and d.c. is still under the snow emergency plan. no parking in lanes with red and white signs. if you are parked there tonight, $250 fine plus towing and if you're towed, there's
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the number to call. let's go to our chart camera. there was a longstanding overturned tractor trailer on the eastbound side of route 50 outside the beltway at route 704 cleared about 10 minutes ago. it happened at 11:45 this morning. it took a few hours. we'll go to virginia on the north bound side of i-95 which is clear in springfield. it's not the volume, but you will see trucks headed out overnight. give them space they need to keep the roads safe tomorrow morning. back to you. >> looking clear right now. it had been a mess on the roads in northern virginia, peggy fox driving all day evheerywre from tysons to woodbridge. >> she's seen cars stuck in all kinds of places. right now she's live from woodbridge. what's the view from there? >> reporter: actually we're in springfield now at the interchange and first of all, it is very cold out, 20 degrees, but it is so nice not getting pelted by ice or snow in the face and look at this, pavement on i-95, looking
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pretty good. you can find some slush still on the highways, but cars seem to be going at speed and it's nice if you are riding on the highway and the snow is gone, but on the less traveled roads probably in your neighborhood it looks like this, still very icy and slippery and it's okay if it's flat, but if there's any incline, cars will slip and get stuck. we saw quite a number of examples of that this morning. the risk for motorists with no four wheel drive who ventured out in the snow was this, wheels spinning on an uphill road. luckily four fairfax county police officers came to the rescue here pushing one vehicle after another up the hill on chain bridge road next to tysons corner. >> it's quite a job. >> reporter: on the highway snow covered lane lines making it difficult to see where the road ended.
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the higher speeds led to dozens of crashes keeping state police troopers busy. >> most of the time it's honestly people in cars that are going too fast. i mean if we're doing 40 miles an hour and they're passing us, they're going too fast. >> reporter: several car crashes and the responding rescue crews obstructed parked at the beltway for hours on both the outer loop and the inner loop through the alexandria. >> i got the worst end of it. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i'm going to have it towed home. >> reporter: how far away? >> capitol heights. >> reporter: here on i-95 southbound near the lorton exit a tractor trailer and a white mustang crashed. the mustang got the worst of it with the driver taken to the hospital. >> tractor trailer hit it, spun it around. >> reporter: that had to be pretty scary. >> had to have been. >> reporter: have you seen a lot of wrecks? >> all day up and down 95, 495,
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everywhere. >> reporter: now it was quite a mess as you can see, hundreds of wrecks around the region and the area here and if you want to see a puckett of those four fairfax county police officers -- picture of those four fairfax county police officers pushing the cars up the hill, it's on my twitter feed #peggytv. we're still waiting for fairfax county stills to decide whether we're going to school tomorrow or not and today means we're going till june 24th. >> you got to think about a whole different season when you think about this kind of thing and you can tell that there has been a weather event because when you show the springfield mixing bowl with no traffic at this hour, clearly as you can see there, there has been a snow event. >> it is amazing to me a lot of folks healed the warnings and stayed home -- heeded warnings and stayed home and didn't want
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to get to get out of this mess. our scott broom covered six counties today and joins us now from upper marlboro, our intrepid driver there recording on everything he sees along the way and the clean-up is underway there. >> reporter: let's give peggy kudos, too from woodbridge up northern virginia, maryland. we've got it covered. i want to do something instructive about what topper is talking about on black ice. i'm in bowie. it's blacktop out here on the road, but in this little parking lot it's also blacktop except it's covered in ice. out on the road it's been salted. it looks wet. it is wet. here it has been salted and plowed and looks went, but it's ice. we have been putting the mobile in these mobile newsrooms today. i've traveled from central maryland and frederick down to
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charles county and the clean-up is well underway now and that's important. here's a shot from waldorf just to get started. a so-called plow train, six trucks in a row, take a swipe at u.s. 301 through the heart of waldorf. as the snow lightened the focus turned to quick clean-up and drivers noticed. >> it's a little nasty right now, but later on it will be pretty good. they're getting the roads together. >> reporter: but at the home depot in waldorf they are out of salt and ice melting chemicals. they do have plenty of lawn furniture waiting for spring. >> the groundhog saw his shadow, so six more weeks, i guess. one day at a time. >> reporter: in my mobile newsroom vehicle today dash mounted cameras captured conditions in five maryland counties from howard and frederick to prince george's and charles. despite the closure of schools and government offices clearly a lot of people needed to get
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to work with predictable consequences, particularly for those depending on two wheel drive. these are examples of more than a dozen spinouts on major roadways. >> it's really slippery and the car in front of me started sliding. >> reporter: nancy marble works in a medical office where she's considered essential. she survived a three-car spinout on 270 in gaithersburg. >> i was called into work. i was on my way there. this is my first time in an accident. i'm okay. >> reporter: we are back live now on the dashboard camera of my mobile newsroom. i've moved into traffic here on u.s. route 301 northbound. you can see yeah, a lot of blacktop, but also a lot of slush. the clean-up is well underway. the skies are brightening. the crews are out here still and in particular the county and municipal crimes on the side streets are going to work very -- crews on the side streets are going to work very hard right now. we're looking ahead to see how
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these bitter cold temperatures will impact the clean-up moving forward. reporting live from my mobile newsroom in prince george's county in bowie scott broom, wusa9. sorry, i almost forgot where i was. >> looking good on the roads right now. this was the scene earlier today in d.c. near 14th and pennsylvania. businesses and just a bunch of folks out there took some time to clean off the walkways, the streets all but empty with the federal government and many businesses shut down for the day. d.c.'s mayor gray declared a snow emergency today no, word yet when that will be lifted. plows were out in full force when the salt supply is down and the snow budget is dwindling. >> i think we were over by $2.5 million the last time. obviously that will go up with in snow event. clearly it's very hard to know how much to budget for snow, but i think it's clear to
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everybody behind me that we have to do whatever is necessary. >> mayor gray was supposed to deliver his annual state of the district speech tonight. he postponed the address because of the storm. now to a major headache on route 50 this afternoon, a tractor trailer carrying 80,000 pounds of tomatoes overturned. the big rig spilled its load along with some diesel fuel which prompted then the hazmat crews to respond. it was just a mess. the crash happened at about 11:20 near mitchellville and four state police closed three eastbound lanes. no one was hurt and investigators are not sure what caused the tractor trailer to overturn. in montgomery county both the state and county plows had a tough time keeping up in the morning, but things are starting to look better now. bruce leshan is live in bethesda with a look at conditions there. hi, bruce. >> reporter: hey, guys. boy, i hate to think what this road will look like come
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morning time. we're on acacia avenue in the maplewood alta vista neighborhood and there are a couple places of hard packed snow waiting to refreeze overnight. they've had some front end loaders in this neighborhood and they've gotten some of the streets absolutely clear, but no matter how hard they worked, they haven't been able to get everything so far. >> i like the weather. >> reporter: mohammed tv usant had already walked -- mohammed dusant had already walked a mile when we caught up with him. his boss at the bakery must have figured this weather would bring in customers for pastry and hot chocolate. >> reporter: you've got another mile or 2? >> i've got 2 miles. >> reporter: good luck. >> okay, thank you. >> reporter: keep walking. shawn o'leary was out in the
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street voluntarily. >> kind of like today or tomorrow, remember that movie from a couple years back? no one is dumb enough to drive in this. i'm dumb enough to run in it. >> reporter: he was trying to run 10 miles. how does it feel? >> pretty terrible. i'm so tired of winter. >> reporter: i was thinking you were going to say it's great. the cool air makes the running good. jozef zumar's pomeranian was not enjoying the snow you to her chest, but he was loving it figuring the snow was a good excuse for a trip to the store for another bottle of wine. >> reporter: maybe a little wine for the dog. >> of course. having a bad day. >> reporter: the school kids, plenty relaxed. they've had so many canceled class days that school is likely to be extended into summer, but they're in no hurry
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