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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:20pm EST

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right now, it's going to be a mise or near miss and right now i'm favoring a complete miss, quite frankly. we'll monitor it closely because the cold air is here. that's hard to get. low pressure will come out of the gulf of mexico. cold air across the east. big high pressure to the north of us. pretty much a classic setup. but the storm will get off the southeast coast. bring rain up to raleigh and move off eastward and give us a little rain or snow shower activity. but i think this is too far north. maybe southern maryland gets a shower. most of the activity stays south anof us. thatst good news, because most of us are tired of shoveling snow. in the meantime, it's going to be cold again tonight, no records, but if you're going outside, there's going to be black ice developing. 27 in gaithersburg, 30 leesburg. 25 in manassas. and 30 down to the south and waldorf and la plata. we'll talk about the record lows that fell today and if any will fall tonight. someone may be targeting
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local community colleges at two school locations. the latest threat was found at the rockville campus in montgomery college, warning of a school shooting tomorrow. mark albert is live tonight where he spoke to the college and students who are scared now to go to class. mark. >> some of those students tell us they are uncomfortable, even with the visibly increased police and security presence here. we don't know if these two shooting threats at the college campuses are related, but school leaders are concerned. >> 60,000 students in montgomery college don't know if they are the targets of a threat or a hoax. >> do you feel safe here? >> knowing that it's a little disturbing, but you know, i know police and security would protect us. i feel safe. >> the two shoot threats come a month apart. the latest at the rockville campus was scrolled in a campus
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stairwell, warning of quote, school shooting 3/5/14. tomorrow. >> the fact that it said tomorrow's date is another storm. because it's like, hold on. >> the college has partnered with local police to add patrols and sent out e-mail notes to students and employees, but won't change its core mission. >> has there been any thought to closing the campus tomorrow? >> no. certainly the security and the safety of our college community is of upmost concern, but we think it's important to continue business as usual. >> that sounds pretty scary. >> some students don't feel comfortable no matter the precautions taken. >> i ended up wanting to stay home. i convinced my mom to stay home with me. >> the college does have security cameras here at its rockville campus, but will not say if there was a camera where the stairwell was found. the other threat wa a
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men's bathroom in the germantown campus. no one in either threat has been caught. back to you. >> all right, the lead investigator in the death of the son of state senator, creigh deeds resigned today. douglas accused virginia's inspector general of interfering in his week. deed's son stabbed his father repeatedly before killing himself in november last year. and after questions were raised about the state's mental health system. >> a northern virginia supervisor is fighting back against the southern poverty law center for calling his organization a hate group. the dispute is part of a citizen's challenge to remove eugene from his office. >> the case could go to trial next month and peggy fox has more from the loudoun county courthouse. >> 51% of the entire population in a free election voted to elect me a fourth time. >> along with his standard blaze orange hat, eugene delgado came with a snow shovel
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to show how well he serves his constituents, but these citizens are trying to oust him from office. >> we aren't getting any representation in sterling. >> it's like nobody is in the room. >> he has a shovel. >> he is out here shoveling court while he is in court shoveling something else. >> the basis of the citizen's pee petitions -- she says delgado maid her do his campaign work on county time. >> she has been waiting a long time to come to this courthouse, swear on oath, and give her story to everyone. >> now he is fighting other allegations. the lobbying group delgado runs, public advocate has been labeled a hate group. in the sterling citizen's petition to remove delgado, it designates them as a hate group. now delgado is take on the
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southern poverty law center. he filed is subpoena. >> he is subpoenaing one of the best groups in the nation to prove he is a gay basher. it's part of the political attack on me for being profamily, promarriage, traditional marriage. >> while delgado will try to have the case dismissed, the trial to have him removed from office could go forward next month. in leesburg, wusa9. >> now the loudoun prosecutor recuesed himself from the case and it appears that arlington county's commonwealth attorney will step in. >> montgomery county homicide detectives spent their day in silver spring trying to solve a mysterious murder that happened last night. it happened in front of this home. according to montgomery county police, captain paul starks, a man turned up at a hospital with gun shot wounds. >> we believe that his injuries
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are related to this house and what occurred here at 10:30. >> police have not released the identity of the victims. that home is rented by a 53- year-old woman and her adult daughter and is owned by a prominent former united nations official who is now out of the country on assignment for the african development bank. >> the schools have been closed are no doubt trying to get ready to reopen soon. it got us thinking about a story last time it snowed, where snowy sidewalks were sending students back in the streets. deborah went out and has this followup for you. >> reporter: two people went on the warpath, a snow covered, heavily traveled sidewalk that was so tough to walk on, that students were left to walk out in the street here. >> i've been terrified. >> no one wanted to claim responsibility for shoveling the path, so snow covered it sat until the sun did the work no one would step up and do.
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would this did deja vu? >> it's horrible, because the snow comes up above our knees. >> schools are closed today. when they reopen, south lake drive is going to be path of choice for students who attend three schools nearby. so how does it look? looks like two weeks ago all over again. the thing is, in virginia, businesses and people who live here aren't legally responsible to shovel the walks in front. vdot isn't responsible either. so it looks like when school reopens, students are going to be stuck between a snow black and a car place. in reston, deborah, wusa9. >> you know, a lot of folks are looking for that salt, precious commodity right now. so what can you do if your local store doesn't have the rock salt? >> you might be surprised about some household products that can tackle your ice encrusted sidewalk. and here's a live look at the title basin. something that gives you hope
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n. just a few weeks, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom. coming up, we'll tell you the best time to see that sea of pink. but first, talk about a test of will. find out what happened when ukrainian soldiers face down russian soldiers. find out what the obama
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look at this devastation. this is the aftermath of an explosion in a neighborhood in new jersey. it killed one person, as many as seven people were hurt. the concussion and the debris from the blast shattered the windows, damaged nearby homes, and the utility company that supplies natural gas to the community is investigating the source of the explosion. >> international pressure is mounting for russia to withdraw its troops in the ukraine. >> however, a defiant vladimir putin is not backing down. stood face to face with armed ukrainian troops. the soldiers were demanding the russias vacate the air base. just before secretary of state, john kerry, arrived to show the u.s. support for ukraine's new government. >> the united states reaffirms our commitment to ukraine'ssoeverty and territorial integrity. according to international law.
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we condemn the russian federations active aggression. >> the obama administration is also pledging a billion dollars in loan guarantees to help you crane weather this crisis and will offer advisers to help with new elections. world financial markets and russia's currency rebounded tuesday after big drops. putin claims any sanctions will backfire. >> one step closer to eliminating jail time for people who smoke marijuana at home. today, the city council voted 10-1 to make possession of an ounce or less of pot punishable by a civil fine of $25. under the measure, public smoking of marijuana would still be a criminal offense. mayor vincent gray is expected to sign the bill, but congress can still veto the measure. if you have gone looking for, then you know that rock salt is in high demand this season. stores around the region having a tough time keeping that stuff in stock. >> just because you are out of salt, doesn't mean you are out of luck.
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we'll show you household products that might work
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right now, winter has the upper hand and a lot of folks are looking for salt. you are coming to the rescue with household products.
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>> that's right, because you might have something that can help you right in your kitchen. we put some of these items that you're looking at right now to the test. >> and to do that, i came out here on our wusa9 weather terrace to try out some products. it's about 1:00 now and the temperature is 25 degrees. here's what we have here. we have some windshield wiper fluid, bleach, baking soda, household salt, rubbing alcohol, and soy sauce. we started our unscientific test with windshield wiper fluid. then went straight down the line adding bleach. >> next we'll sprinkle a little baking soda. >> soy sauce was next followed by the rubbing alcohol and several shakes of table salt. then, we let them marinate in the sun to see if they work in a pinch. now it's time for the results. we let these substances sit for about ten minutes and then of course, mother nature did a
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little work, too. let's check them. can the fluid that keeps your windshield clear work wonders on the ground? >> that's really working pretty good. >> now, the bleach. >> work a little harder to get this off. >> the baking soda, it just made a baking soda mess. didn't do a thing. the high sodium content in this soy sauce might explain why it worked for us, too. with a little work, the rubbing alcohol also did the trick. and the good old fashion table salt, appeared to do the best of all. so if you're keeping track, five of our six products worked. all five are over here. the baking soda didn't do a thing, so you don't want to use that at all. we wouldn't suggest that you use bleach though because it can be toxic to plants and make a mess of your driveway. there are other things you can use. we have some kitty litter, some people think that will melt ice
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and it's not going to melt your ice, it's for traction. and other people who said maybe fertilizer, but we did not try that because we know about the environmental effects of fertilizer and what can happen when it gets in our waterways, so we did not try that. if you have any of these other household items, in a pinch, this stuff might work. i mean, you don't want to use it all the time. you don't want to use it on a long stretch of driveway, but if you have some small areas that need a quick, easy fix, this might do it. >> i thought the bleach would have worked for you, but a little bit of salt. >> yeah. >> and soy sauce as well. >> yes. >> topper. >> well, if you use soy sauce, you know it's going to attract bugs and that's going to atrack russ. >> in a pinch. okay. fine. all right, arctic blast overnight, record lows fell. downtown safe, that rain.
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put a damper on mardi gras. there's another system that will develop on thursday. that's the one we are watching for thursday night and friday. that should stay to the south. temperatures 30. 27 in reston. looking at 25 out in dulles. dulles was 1 degree just before midnight. that set the record low for yesterday. they had two record lows. 2 for the price of one. 28 in oldtown. 31 in college park. 28 up in rockville and 29 in woodbridge. so, more black ice tonight, be careful walking to get the paper or taking the kids to the bus stop. still cold tomorrow, but above freezing. that's good. and cold with clouds returning on thursday. for tonight, partly cloudy, bitterly cold, some icy spots. don't think we'll see any records tonight. we'll keep an eye on the lows. we'll keep you posted. 19 at 5:00 a.m. 28 at 9:00. 34 at 11:00. up to 37


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