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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:18pm EST

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more importantly, moves out to sea completely. that will salvage a very nice saturday for us before another cold front comes in on sunday. temperatures, 41 downtown. now we are seeing 30s show up. 37 in gaithersburg and in frederic. and 42 toward dale city and woodbridge and 39 in rockville. for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. cold again, not as cold, but good enough for more icy spots. good news, winds out of the north, northeast at 10. we'll come back and take you through the weekend and look ahead to next week. >> out of the hospital and back in the spotlight. this afternoon, ward 8 councilman explained why he has been in the hospital. >> and he was released just one day before his 78th birthday. bruce johnson is live at the national rehabilitation hospital in northwest with more on barry's health and his political future. and bruce, he is not going anywhere. >> that's right, ladies by his own admission, this was very serious. marion barry in the last two months was in the hospital for a month and a half.
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now he is going home today, but there's no word, not from the mayor, not from anybody on when he might be able to return to work in the d.c. council. >> looks good. >> marion barry has been hospitalized for much of the year. he's been absent and missed at every d.c. council session to date. >> how serious was the situation? >> it was serious enough, but it wasn't serious as some people wanted to make it out. i was never to graze, life threatening, about to die. >> hello mr. mayor. >> earlier today, i got the chance to talk to marion barry at his bedside. >> you look great. >> he was first at howard university with a urinary track infection and a blood infection. then here at the washington rehab center. then the washington hospital center, then back here at rehab. >> the team we put together
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helped you recover your health and your largely recovered. you have a little more work to do. i know you want to get a little stronger. >> barry is a long-time diabetic. he now admits to alcohol and drug abuse in the past. he was shot during the takeover. >> you are going to come out here differently in any kind of way? >> no. i'm going to take care of myself better. you know, i've been busy taking care of everybody else. and sometimes neglecting myself. >> his term expires in 2016, marion barry has no plans to resign from office. >> i'm not as immobile as i was, but i'm here and it doesn't affect your brain. i'm still sharp as i ever was. >> okay, just got word that marion barryleft the hospital an hour ago. he's now at his home. he's going to be in outpatient. he's going to come three times a week to regain his mobility. he uses a cane. he also has a wheelchair.
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he is not able to move about on his own. no word at this point when he might be returning to the d.c. council. there's no law that dictates how long he can stay out, how many council votes he can miss. there's no law as to when a replacement might be named. march barry says he plans to remain a d.c. council member. back to you guys. >> he says it's going to take a little while to get him back into the office, but who was doing the work on behalf of the con constituents? >> he has a good council staff. he is also on the phone a lot and i can attest to that. marion barry was on the phone a lot from the hospital making calls. obviously, the law does not allow him to cast votes. so he will not be participating, but he says he is lobbying on those issues that he considers to be important. he's on the education committee, finance and revenue, health and human resources, so he is in the ears of the other
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council members. he supported the marijuana decriminalization bill, which gets some 5,000 african americans arrested each year. he is active. he is very active in this race for mayor. he's not prepared to say who he likes or what he has been doing. vincent gray was here for some five hours at one point talking to marion barry. >> all right, bruce johnson live for us from the national rehabilitation hospital in northwest. thank you. president obama calling on congress to follow the lead of several states and raise the minimum wage. he made his latest pitch during a visit to connecticut. boost the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. >> just passing this bill would help not only minimum wage workers, it would lift wages for about 200,000 people just right here in connecticut. >> house speaker, john boehner, and other republicans say a minimum wage hike would discourage businesses from hiring more people and lead to job cuts.
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according to the associated press, the white house plans to grant a two-year extension for people whose individual health insurance policies do not meet the requirements of the new healthcare law. this appears to be in response to a public outcry last fall. millions of americans learned their policies would be canceled because they did not comply with the affordable care act. fairfax county residents could be in for the largest property tax hike since the recession started. the board of supervisors voted last night to advertise the tax rate if $1.10 per $100 of assessed value. now that's 2 cents higher than the current rate. each cent increase adds up to about $50 on the average taxpayer's bill. there will be several public hearings held on this measure for the next month. montgomery county police have now identified the people killed in two back to back murders. last night, 21-year-old, james allen frasier of rockville was shot to death near the intersection of route 355 and
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oxbridge drive in germantown. the night before. 22-year-old, mark taylor, a graduate was killed just outside a home on lockland drive in silver spring. scott broom spoke with police today. >> is there any reason to believe any evidence at all that these two incidents may be linked in any way? >> nothing that we have is pointing to that at all. >> and police have not announced any suspects or leads in either case. they continue, though, to guard the house nearly 48 hours after that shooting there. his job is to serve and protect. but tonight, a maryland man is in jail accused of killing his girlfriend's puppy. >> i'm deborah insilver spring where montgomery county police arrested a man who happens to a baltimore city cop for choking his girlfriend's dog to death and tossing in a dumpster. who would end the life of a defenseless little puppy? these aren't actual pictures of
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rocco, just dogs his age and breed, but montgomery county police say it was this man, 27- year-old, alec eugene taylor who strangled the dog to death and he's a cop. all because police say, little rocco did what puppies do. he went to the bathroom on the carpet and then, taylor allegedly texted his girlfriend a picture of the dead dog. taylor is being charged with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse. the first charge is a felony and he could face up to three years in prison. and some other news we're following for you. danny and pizza doesn't have a drive through window. now got a drive through wall. a man drove his suv into this restaurant on branch avenue this afternoon. he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. he's lucky that's all he suffered. the restaurant closed significant structural damage. police say that driver was speeding and just lost control. prince georges county police are hoping you can help bring home a missing girl. take a moment and look at this
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picture of marisha davis. the 13-year-old was last seen saturday along mckinley street in temple hills. if you have seen her, please call police. >> today is ash wednesday and the beginning of the season of lent. to mark the holiday, he is the archbishop of washington, celebrated mass. he talked about the need to always focus clearly on our relationship to god and to one another. ash wednesday is a season of reflection and fasting. still to come, talk about a warm feeling. 1,000 kids get new coats for the winter and we are there when they are handed out. the blade runner buddy changes his tune on the witness stand. up next, how his testimony could affect the
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the witness in the oscar pistorius murder trial today says the south african track star was involved in another shooting. >> incident happened weeks before he shot and killed his girlfriend. alfonzo has more on how the blade runner's friend took the fall. >> oscar pistorius arrived at court for the third day of his murder trial where a prosecutors put his friend on the stand to testify against him. south african boxer told the court that just weeks before pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend, the runner accidentally fired a gun in a restaurant, then begged another
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friend to take the blame. >> i do remain -- i don't want any attention on me. >> shshrapnel grazed his foot and pistorius apologized. lorena spoke about his alleged obsession with guns. >> a lot of people have guns and use it to go to the shooting range. >> prosecutors hope his testimony will raise questions about the character of the champion. the 27-year-old says he thought he was shooting an intruder when he killed his girlfriend at his home on valentine's day last year. alfonzo, cbs news. >> pistorius known as a blade runner competed in the 2012 olympics in london. >> why in the world would students leave their warm, cozy classrooms to go jump in the bay on a day like this? we'll tell you. but first, here's a iewh is com
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evening news with scott pelley. >> federal investigators are asking general motors what it knew before 13 people died. we'll have details on a deadly defect that sparked a massive recall tonight on the
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there's a need for children's coats, particularly in the wintertime all across the u.s. >> and here, no more shivering in the bitter cold for hundreds of needy children in our area. that's because they got some brand-new winter coats. the gift of 1,000 winter coats came from the coats for kids program and was presented in columbia heights and offers a multicultural and bilingual education for children. more than 2,000 students somehow took the plunge in the chesapeake bay today. >> a good reason for this, right? >> there has to be. >> shows us why. >> water temperature was around 33, 34 today. >> i can't feel my feet. i cannot. my legs are so cold, it's
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crazy. it was like an ice cube. an ice bath. it was way colder than when i did it freshman year. we went in three times. now it is probably 30, i can only go up to my thighs. i'm getting out of here. >> the event itself is kind of hard to understand. people would raise money for the privilege to come into the cold water in march, but it is for such a good cause for maryland athletes. >> it's fun to tell people that you did the polar bear plunge. a whole new respect to them. >> money goes back into the school system to support the interscholastic sports where they have three seasons every year where athletes with disabilities and athletes without disabilities play on the same team. >> it's very important. they keep them involved in the community and keep us involved with them. it really builds strong relationships. >> the temperature outside is cooperated with and the sun was out, turned into a good event
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today. >> yikes. over the last four years, the cool school challenge has raised nearly $750,000. they are hoping to reach $1 million this year. tracking weather with an hour by hour forecast. wusa9's first alert weather. >> i admire their dedication. >> their youthfulness. >> exactly. only when you are that young you can pull that off. >> i know people who have done that. it's not going in that hurts, it's coming out. if you can come out, right? after you go in there. >> well, we did something today we didn't do yesterday. we were above freezing. 46 for the little dip. that's about it. we are looking at some milder air late in the weekend. let's start now. and temperatures are falling again. it's 41. dew points are still pretty low. relative humidity 41 41%. not much wind to wore about. satellite picture, radar combined, we will


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