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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 7, 2014 12:00pm-12:13pm EST

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thank you for joining us at the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck, happy friday. so many of us have been dealing with winter storm fatigue and there was a chance we were going to get taste of it again today. but erica grow says we can start think of spring very consider thinking of spring -- thinking of spring very soon instead. erica? >> the winter weather advisory that was in olefect for the entire -- effect for the entire d.c. metro area has been dropped. it's still in effect in the southern reaches of the shenandoah valley and portions of virginia. this is whey winter weather advisory -- why the winter weather advisory has been dropped. you can see here don develop a -- on live doppler 9000 hd a three hour loop here. the showers have been contained to the south and the east of the metro. this system will continue to spin its way occupy the coast -- up the coast bringing the heaviest rainfall to the delmarva peninsula and some strong winds to the peninsula but maybe just a sprinkle or a light shower to us here in the beltway. you can see the rain creeping into southern maryland. some of this is not even
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reaching the ground because of that dry air we have in place. and the only places that got any icy precipitatn were in stafford county, spotsylvania county near fredericksburg early this morning. temperatures climbing into the 40s in some spots such as downtown washington where it's 41 degrees. 36 in leesburg right now. still cold 34 in frederick but i tell you more about the weekend warmup coming up in the first alert seven day. back to you mike. chances are you have never seen video like this on capitol hill. district police are investigating a high speed crash on the crash. the driver of an suv lost control of the vehicle on south capital street and d. street in southeast and the vehicle ended up in the vertical position up a tree. the location is just behind the ray burn and cannon house office building. several roads in the area were closed for several hours during the investigation and sources say the suv may have been traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour. the driver was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. we'll have more as soon as we
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get it on that story. we have some breaking news now out of anne arundel county where a fire broke out in a garden apartment. firefighters were dispatched to the 2100 block in odenton this morning. this is a live picture from chopper 9 right now. you can see them trying to douse the hot spots. they found the flames coming from third floor and everyone in the building was evacuated from their apartments. total of 60 firefighters from surrounding jurisdictions for called there and -- were called in and so far no word -- there and so far no word of any injuries. they try to put out the hot spots now. we have even more breaking news, this out of the district just a few minutes ago. authorities at d.c. water announced the boil water advisory for parts of northwest washington has now been lifted. the advisory started wednesday night following preallottage. d.c. water -- power outage. d.c. water had to wait for tests to come back to confirm the water was safe to drink. once again the boil water advisory has been lifted now in parts of northwest washington.
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now the crisis in ukraine. sad my rue pin was defiant -- vladimir putin remained defiant. president obama called on putin yesterday but said russia could knot ignore the -- not ignore the help that was needed. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: as ukraine's acting prime minister urged the russian president vladimir putin to engage in direct talks, a pro russian delegation from crimea asked for russia's support to separate from ukraine. the russian parliament agreed to back the march 16th vote. tension is growing with demonstrators calling for crimea to rejoin russia while opponents rally in ukraine. here at the white house, president obama had an hour long phone conversation with president putin. president obama wants putin to pull his forces back to their bases and agree to international monitors in crimea. putin doesn't appear to be
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budging. >> since the russian intervention -- >> reporter: president obama announced new financial sanctions and called the planned vote illegal. >> the proposed referendum on the future of crimea would violate the ukrainian constitution and violate international law. >> reporter: that leaves just nine days for diplomats led by secretary of state john kerry to find a solution to the crisis, craig boswell for cbs news, the white house. today canada expelled nine russian soldiers currently in the country that was in direct response to the events in ukraine. a "60 minutes" report details incredible open lieu yens that former president viktor yanukovych left behind. after fleeing for russia his opponents got a look at the lavish estate estimated at $100 million. they call it a massive monument to corruption. people at the heart of ukraine's revolution talked to
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cbs' laris is a ward. >> what's their reaction to this for an ordinary ukrainian person? >> shock andout rage. we all knew he was crumb. we awe -- corrupt. we all knew he stole money. but the quantity of it is mind- boggling in every day. >> documents found show that yanukovych spent $30 million on chandeliers alone. it's even spurring small business and entrepreneurs are now selling maps to the estate. you can see the full report on "60 minutes" on sunday. a high ranking officer in charge of prosecuting the army's sexual assault cases is now accused of sexual assault. the allegations stem from a woman he met at a legal conference on sexual assault prevention. jan crawford reports. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel joseph morris oversaw the army's special victims prosecutors that handles sexual assaults, domestic violence, and child abuse. he also led the government case
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against staff sergeant robert bales who is serving life in prison for the murder of 16 afghan civilians. now, morris has been suspended and is under investigation after a female army lawyer said he tried to kiss and grope her in a hotel room during a 2011 legal conversation on sexual assault. -- conference on sexual assault. no charges have been filed. the allegations come as the defense department is gap well the sharp indris -- grappling with the sharp increase in assault complaints. >> no comment. >> reporter: last year another military officer responsible for sexual assault prevention air force lieutenant colonel jeffrey crash seven ski was charged with groping a woman outside a bar. he is acquitted in a civilian court but is expected to retire from the military. this week general jeffrey sinclair is facing a court- martial on charges that include forcing a junior officer to perform oral sex. >> we want to make sure they
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are not let tough hook for this -- off the hook for this. >> reporter: congress is now debating how to change how the military handles the cases. on tuesday they tabled a bill. the legislation would take decisions on sexual assault cases away from commanders and put them in the hands of military prosecutes -- prosecutors. >> the reason why a female marine does not come forward is because she does not trust the chain of command. >> jan crawford reporting there. senators who oppose the legislation agree there's a problem, they say though senator gillibrand's bill is not the answer. coming up on wusa9, a high speed crash caught on camera. we'll tell you who was behind the accident. >> his holiness the dalai lama is in town and it
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and an angry protest today drew close to 700 demonstrators outside the national cathedral. thmaat the center of it, tibetan spiritual leader the la lee llama. delia goncalves explains. >> reporter: a buddhist community divided spur lullly and physically -- spiritually and physically. followers of an old and some say sectarian form of buddhism on the other. rebecca remits the community, four million strong around the world. >> a prayer about wisdom. and it's illogical and absurd to say that this prayer is
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harmful to him, tibetans or the cause in any way. >> reporter: the dalai lama himself practiced it for 40 years until further research when he denounced the religion calling it divisive and a cult. protestors say the fight is for religious freedom. >> a mother goes to buy food for her children and it's turned away if the store because she practices the religion. >> she doesn't have power to ban. unfortunately they are not dealing with reality or the facts. if you want to talk about that tibetan people by the chinese government. >> reporter: in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9. in other news, president obama had a little bit of a slip up at the white house last night. it was all during a performance of female r&b singers and the president meant to disrespect to the queen of soul but he did trip up just a little bit as he introduced aretha franklin. >> when


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