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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:16pm EST

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11-year-old caitlyn virts was found and appears unharmed according to baltimore county authorities. caitlyn and her father timothy virts were located in a motel in florence, south carolina, a city right on i-95 about an hour east of the capital columbia. it appears they were headed straight down i-95. police say caitlyn was abducted by her father after he murdered her mother early yesterday morning. the mother was found dead inside her home in dundalk, maryland, but caitlyn was nowhere to be found. an amber alert was launched and was soon expanded to a nationwide amber alert. investigators say that was the key to finding the two, the nationwide amber alert. timothy virts is in custody awaiting extradition back to maryland and detectives are expected to travel to south carolina as soon as possible to continue their investigation. the department of social services in baltimore county is also working with dss in south
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carolina. caitlyn is expected to return to maryland as soon as possible. now our other breaking story tonight, news out of marlakey why. china state news agency says via -- malaysia. china state news agency says signals have been detected on the missing plane. the search and rescue teams are honing in on that signal. the flight vanished while traveling from kuala lumpur to beijing. contact and radar communication was lost somewhere over vietnam. it was a boeing 737, an aircraft with a very strong safety record. malaysia airlines says the pilot and copilot have more than 21,000 of flight hours between them. tonight topper is tracking a possible storm for wednesday. how big could this one get and really, more snow? it's march. >> that's the whole thing. it's a battle between winter
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and bring. we think tuesday night the storm will be in missouri, the cold air well north of town hovering over the great lakes and northern new england. the storm tracks over the tennessee valley tuesday night and over the metro area or just a little south of the metro area. as it just goes past, it might draw on enough cold air to provide a little snow on the backside and as it begins to move out cold air will drop further south and it will continue snowing in new england. a cold rain for us now, perhaps ending in snow in the wee hours in the morning thursday. time frame will be 10 a.m. wednesday to 7 a.m. on thursday. cold rain right now maybe ending briefly as snow. how much potential? well, maybe 3/4-inch, a fairly juicy storm and much colder on thursday behind the storm. i think temps will hold in the 30s on thursday. we'll come back and take you through the weekend and talk about warmer air next week. now let's get to that developing story, two men shot at fifth and q in northwest
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d.c. this went down shortly before 9:00. both victims were conscious and breathing when help got there. they were rushed to the hospital. one had serious life threatening injuries. the victims are described as a machine in his 20s. there -- man in his 20s. there is still anxiety in alexandria tonight as police warn the person who killed ruthanne lodato may have been used in two other murders, that of ron kirby and nancy dunning. the three all lived within 2 miles of each other. we talked to a former fbi profiler who says if this is a serial killer, then it is a psycho path of with no feelings of guilt off empathy and he may kill for the thrill of it and the risk of doing it in broad daylight heightens that thrill. >> i'm being careful and i'm not going back into the neighborhood. i'm just staying on the main street. >> reporter: are you doing anything different to protect your home and yourself? >> no, i'm not. i think my wife is a little bit
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more careful. >> you hope that it doesn't have a really negative impact on our businesses and things like that, but until we catch this guy it's going to be difficult on the city. >> police believe the suspect probably lives right around somewhere in that community and that fbi profiler says folks have most likely seen the person but because he's part of the landscape they don't realize that it's him, could be hiding in plain sight. wusa9 is committed to staying on top of the developments in the alexandria murders. sign up for text alerts by sending the word alexandria to the number 25543. then when we learn any new developments, we can send them to you as a message. montgomery county police made an arrest in a murder that has shaken a community in germantown. in custody tonight? kevin m. parache accused of stalking and killing a man who owed him $3,000.
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the victim, 21-year-old james allen frazier known to friends as stanley. he was shot in the back tuesday night after getting off a ride- on bus near frederick road and oxbridge drive. the suspect, parache, was out on the street awaiting sentencing on a burglary. now he's behind bars with no bond. newly released e-mails paint a picture of virginia's former first lady as erratic and insecure seemingly terrified to appear on a public stage. bruce leshan reports it is a far different portrait than the one in the federal prosecutor's indictment of maureen mcdonnell and her husband, the former governor. >> reporter: prosecutors portrayed maureen mcdonnell as a woman brazen enough to ask a wealthy businessman for a rolex to give to her husband, the governor, but the e-mails between her staffers and a managements team from virginia commonwealth university -- management team from virginia commonwealth university paint a very different picture. the 700 pages of messages
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obtained by the associated press and washington post suggest maureen mcdonnell was nearly frozen in fear by the prospect of preparing for a public speech. i just think she needs some crazy bills writes then senior aide kristen kaplan. she gets too damn stressed about each project. it is almost like she's just terribly bored with nothing to do. she doesn't have to clean, to cook, to parent, to even do her own work, but the task of even leaving the house gets her all crazy stressed. at one point the first lady allegedly screamed so loudly at kaplan the governor's security detail reportedly came in to check on her. now she's starting some cleanse diet wrote kaplan. so she'll be unbalanced, stressed, hungry and in need of a bathroom every two minutes. i can't wait. musings of an unhappy aide or something more? bruce leshan, wusa9.
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>> maureen mcdonnell writes in another e-mail about how uncomfortable she was preparing for another speech. "i really wouldn't be doing this but for that man of mine, " she said refusing to the then governor mcconnell. maryland now one step closer to raising minimum wage. the statehouse of delegates passed a measure to phase in a minimum wage of 10.10 by the year 27 teen. the bill would increase the current 7.20 -- 2017. the bill would increase the current 7.20 wage to 9.20 and then 10.20 in 2016. >> too fast, hurting people having job and also people with business. i feel not very good because people need the job, maybe they can hire. that way maybe more unemployment. >> i think a lot of people are struggling. i think minimum wage should be at a point where people can make it and a lot of people
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have to start at minimum wage. i think it's something that should be done. >> the bill is off to the state senate. tomorrow morning a pregnant woman who drove her three children into the atlantic ocean will face the judge. 32-year-old ebony wilkerson of south carolina charged with trying to kill her kids was released from the hospital this morning booked into police custody. she faces three counts of attempted first degree murder and aggravated child abuse. according to an affidavit, she told rescuers she was taking them to a "safer place." >> you're supposed to protect your children at all costs. you're not supposed to be trying to kill your children. >> horrified bystanders ran into the water to help after hearing the children streaming. the kids age 3, 9 and 10 were not physically hurt. they did tell police that their mom was trying to kill them . the children's dad has been contacted but he's not shown up
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yet. at ft. bragg brigadier general jeffrey sinclair faced his mistress who said he threatened to kill her if she told of their a. if sin clair is married with two kid and -- affair. sinclair is married with kids and he's already pled guilty to adultery but denies abuse saying the a fir was always consensual and the only -- affair was always consensual and the only thing that his mistress feared was he still loved his life. >> she voluntarily entered and stayed in the relationship. >> if sinclair is convicted, he could get life behind bars. now to the crisis in ukraine, today thousands of people filled moscow wes red square waving the russian -- red square waving the russian y to take advantage of a player.
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if you're intoxicated, you're not allowed to gamble. they're supposed to stop you. >> reporter: and he lost big, $500,000, and is now suing the casino citing nevada's gaming regulations which forbid permitting persons visibly intoxicated to participate in gaming activity and complementary service of intoxicating beverages in the casino area to persons who are visibly intoxicated. johnson contends the surveillance video is being reviewed. the gaming commission would not confirm that saying only they've opened an investigation. the casino wouldn't comment on a pending lawsuit. >> you lost the money because of your drinking. what's your responsibility? >> i take full responsibility for getting intoxicated. to a blackout stage, not really. i believe them just keeping me having drinks i blame on them and continuously


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