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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  March 8, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. . finally, a much-needed thaw in the weather. but what's next as we spring forward this weekend? >> police searching for the man who shot a convenience store clerk. >> and the missing 11-year-old girl found safe. her father now charged with her mother's murder. . hello. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us. a female clerk at a convenience store has been shot during a robbery attempt. the attack happened at a fast mart store. we've got a photo of the suspect from the store security
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camera. as surae chinn reports this evening, local law enforcement agencies are looking for this lone gunman. >> we simply could not believe the senseless act that this man took. >> reporter: in mere seconds, the gunman shattered the life of a 32-year-old woman and her family. detectives say the gunman walked into the fast mart store on brock road around 3:00 saturday morning. >> the suspect walked up to the counter, pretended to be purchasing some items. as soon as the clerk turned her head away from him, he pulled out a weapon and for absolutely no reason, he shot her in the head. >> reporter: people who know the clerk say she's a mother of three. she was shot twice in the head, flown to a hospital in richmond. doctors believe she will survive. by the afternoon, the store that saw such violence reopened. regular customers couldn't believe what happened to the clerk who had worked there for years. >> we come here a lot to see
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her, say hi. >> she's a very nice lady. very sweet, very kind. she's always looking out for people. it's sad to hear that type of thing is going on in our area. >> she's been working here a long time. i'm really surprised. kind of makes me feel a little unsecured coming around here. >> reporter: detectives are asking for your help in locating the gunman. the sheriff's office says the man poses a threat to the community, armed and considered extremely dangerous. >> he has no com pungs whatsoever about shooting people. he could have taken all of the money in that cash register and all of the products out of that store and it's still not worth taking an innocent life. he fully intended to do just that if he fired on her and shot her in the head. >> it's really traumatizing. i'm going to go home and definitely will pray for her and her family and wish her the best. >> reporter: surae chinn, wusa 9. this evening, we've got a statement from fast mart. it says this is heartbreaking.
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we are deeply concerned for our employee and understand that she is now in stable condition with family. the search is over tonight for a missing maryland girl. 11-year-old caitlin bursch was found safe in florence, south carolina in a motel with her father, timothy bursch. tonight, he's in police custody, facing a first degree murder charge in the stabbing death of caitlin's mother. police say he abducted their daughter from their home thursday morning. an amber alert was issued for the pair. an observant motel clerk somehow recognized the two and called police. >> when i see a grown man and a young girl come up, you know, first thing you think, i'm trying to think is something going on here. >> police tonight say it's unclear why he took caitlin. he remains in south carolina tonight, awaiting extradition back to the state of maryland. violence erupts at two different locations in the metro last night. three people were hurt, one
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critically. tonight, police are looking for those responsible. nikki burdine is outside the stadium army in southeast. >> reporter: bruce, the second one of those fights happened at this metro station last night around 11:20. police say two people were stabbed, one in the back several times. they have released surveillance pictures. let's get you right to them. these are the men police want to talk to. if you recognize them, call metro transit police if you have any information. here's what happened. the fight broke out about 11:20 last night on board a blueline train and spilled out onto the station. it's not clear what started the fight, but it was between a few juveniles and young adults. a 19-year-old was stabbed in the back and taken to the hospital, another teen stabbed in the hand. police recovered a hunting knife that may or may not have been used in the stabbing. the 19-year-old victim is not cooperating and is not pursuing charges. before that fight, there was another one unrelated to this one that started on the green line around 9:30. it left one man with a life-
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threatening head injury. we spoke to other metro riders here about the big burst of violence. >> i've heard several other friends talk about it and, you know, especially the green line. a friend over there when we were talking earlier mentioned that he's, he's seen people get hit and it's crazy. >> i'm actually very cautious since i heard about it. well, really, i just make sure i stay in contact, tell my mom where i am, make sure i tell her when i go places, but just stay safe and watch myself. >> reporter: i spoke to metro transit police. a spokesperson tells me they will not have any extra officers on hand at either metro stations tonight or in the foreseeable future. however, there are some extra officers here tonight. that, however, is because of the dc united game. live in dc, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> thanks a lot. finally, a gorgeous weekend. lot of snow melting in neighborhoods across the area, including this one in
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germantown, montgomery county. can we keep the nice weather around for the remainder of the weekend? let's go to -- eric is not here! >> surprise! >> olga, hi. >> hi, bruce. we're definitely looking at the phrase "spring ahead," taking it literally today. temperatures at this hour, still at 63 for reagan national. hit a high of 67 today. clouds are slowly starting to move in. we'll be mostly cloudy overnight tonight. yes, an opportunity for a little sprinkle to move on in. right now, temperatures across the board are looking pretty good. still at 58 up in the northern portions of the viewing area. we're sitting in the lower 60s still south and west. but things are going to change. satellite and radar showing a lot of moisture starting to move on through. the front that passes through tonight is going to affect us. how long will we keep our springtime temperatures and will winter try to make a comeback? i'll give you the details in your extended forecast, coming
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up. >> it was a test. that was olga breeze. set the clocks forward one hour tonight before going to bed. spring forward. coming up, the search for a missing airliner in thailand. >> no letup in the ukraine crisis this weekend. we'll have the latest on what determined russian forc
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. massive search continues this evening in the gulf of thailand, where a malaysian
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airliner disappeared overnight. the boeing 777 was en route from kuala lumpur to beijing. 239 passengers were on board, including three americans. alison harmelin brings us up to date. >> reporter: hours xzpaafter vanishing from radar, search teams found a possible clue to the location of the missing malaysian airlines jet. two streaks of oil in the water off the southern tip of vietnam. there's still no sign of wreckage. rescue ships are already en route in case survivors are found. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this woman waiting for the flight to arrive in beijing cried, my son is only 40 years old. what began as simple warnings of a delayed flight quickly turned to panic, as word spread the plane had disappeared. >> this flight lost contact with air traffic control at 2:40 a.m. >> reporter: the boeing 777, considered one of the world's
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safest aircraft, carried 227 passengers and 12 crewmembers. three were americans, including an infant. cbs news aviation and safety consultant captain chesley sullenberger says it's very unusual for the 777 to crash midflight. >> only a small percentage of accidents happen in the cruise portion of the flight. most accidents happen in the landing or the take-off portion. >> reporter: investigators are looking into two names on the passenger list that match passports stolen in thailand. but authorities say it's too early aw any conclusions about why the flight disappeared. alison harmelin for cbs news, new york. >> the search continues. names of the missing have not been officially released. taking a look at the latest developments in the ukraine, armed pro russian forces refuse to let a foreign military mission enter crimea. the group comprised of military officers from north america, europe and asia had tried to enter cry meria to try to assist with deescalating
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tensions there. meantime, dozens of military trucks and ships continue to carry armed soldiers into that portion of ukraine. president obama is monitoring the situation during his florida vacation and the president has spoken with leaders from britain, italy and france. tonight, the white house says the leaders agreed that russia must pull back military forces in crimea and allow human rights agents into the region to monitor. thus so far, president putin is ignoring those leaders. ahead, how long can we keep the spring- ♪
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. olga, it doesn't get much better than this. 60, saturday? come on! >> this weather is making a lot of people happy, considering what we were going through this
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time last week. >> that's right. >> right now, we're still looking at mild temperatures. even at this hour, we mainly have partly cloudy skies. cloud cover moving in into the overnight, but i think we'll salvage a pretty good second half to the weekend. moisture is coming our way, but it's not going to affect us until, of course, we get back to work and school. let's take a look outside right now from our michael & son camera. it is looking pretty good. mainly clear skies into the evening, but as i mention, a few clouds are starting to push through. current conditions at reagan national airport shows we're still sitting in the 60s, after a high in the middle 60s earlier on today. we've predominantly kept our winds out of the west and the southwest for the most part and that's been adding to these milder temperatures. winds will calm down overnight. as the front comes through, things will start to shift. in fact, we'll see more of a northerly wind flow and it's going to make a difference in our temperatures for tomorrow. in the meantime, enjoy it while
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we've got it, sitting in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees, mainly south of town. we're starting to slide into some more chillier temperatures overnight tonight. region-wide, hasn't been too bad, even into the early evening hours. things will be chilly overnight tonight. as the front moves through, some of this moisture will come across the dc metro area, but i think most of the sprinkles and showers will stay well north of the beltway for the overnight hours. here's how we're looking. tonight's temperatures will slide out of the 40s, into the 30s. everybody, though, for the most part stays above freezing as we get to the early morning hours. with the moisture close to us, some of that cool air could give us a few flurries early in the morning, but most of us will be in the clear. tonight, we're down into the 30s. we're starting off on the chilly side, if you're heading out for sunday services. also, don't forget to adjust your clock tonight as we spring forward. future cast does offer a little bit of a pop mainly after midnight, mainly north of the beltway and then into the early
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morning hours. we start out with cloud cover, but look at tomorrow afternoon. plenty of sunshine all around, although the northerly winds will hold temperatures down a little bit, still looking at a pretty decent day. tomorrow's high should make it around 50 degrees for most of us. 40s off towards the north. next stretch looks pretty good. green weather alert for the next three days. we're definitely seeing a big dose of sunshine on our sunday forecast. we'll pull in clouds late in the day, but overnight sunday into monday, we become mostly cloudy. then monday's temperatures, with a southwesterly wind flow, we're back to 60 degrees by monday afternoon. we start off the work week nice, but clouds start to move in on tuesday. still a good temperature day on tuesday, but widening out to the seven-day forecast, the data watch will be wednesday. that's the next rain maker coming on through. i think most of us will have a very chilly, cold, damp, raw day on wednesday. but as we get into the early
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morning hours on thursday, we could see a few flurries, as temperatures dip down into the lower 30s and upper 20s. >> stick that word in there, you had to, didn't you? >> i know. >> thanks a lot. baseball season, just around the corner. today, some 50 hopefuls took their turn at the mic for a chance to sing the national anthem at the start of the games. performers had to submit their resumes. surprised dave owens didn't get into this. they had to show their abilities at private auditions at nationals park. ♪ >> o, say can you see by the dawn's early light! ♪ >> o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming! ♪ >> and the rocket's red glare!
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bottom bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there! ♪ >> that's why dave owens didn't get in. these people can sing! if you didn't get your auditions in, there's still time. deadline for submissions is may 15th. what's with georgetown this year? >> their chances are like my voice. it's dying. it's dying. no doubt about it. had a rough one up in philadelphia today. georgetown, needing to save their season, gang. not sure villanova got the memo. hoyas down to the final lifeline of chances and villanova holding all the cards. it's a long day
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. well, the scenario was relatively simple. win and your probably in the
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tourney. but a georgetown loss today complicates things because now you're talking about 13 losses. nova made the tournament last season with 13, but they also had 20 wins, bruce. georgetown has 17! so any way you slice this thing, the hoyas are on the bubble. they could use a win today at villanova. second half, d'vauntes smith- rivera says i'm going to earn it down the middle. he had it going on on the offensive end, but georgetown's problem was on the defensive end and trying to stop darrun hilliard. okay. first of all, they can't stop dribble penetration, a little elbow jumper right there and the foul. cats led by as many as 19. and then hilliard, i mean, he just takes it right to the cup. georgetown normally stops people. not today. old school and-one. georgetown gets routed, 77-59. plenty of reasons to be at comcast center tomorrow, end of the acc era. plenty of figures from
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maryland, gary williams, walt williams and several other famous terps not named williams! i assure you, plenty of people will be there and lots of virginia fans there as well. it's the final installment of the basketball border war, as acc foes virginia comes to town. getting final preps today. virginia, number 5 in the country. but dez wells thinks the cavs can be had. >> i think it sets us up really well. i think we have, we have the right components to beat them. i think we have a great team. they have a great team obviously. and i think they are are ready to be beat. i think we can do it. >> yeah, acc spirit, alive and well tomorrow at comcast center. fans at comcast are going to do the old paper trick. you know what i'm talking about here, when they flip it, 61 representing 61 proud years in the atlantic coast conference. if you can't make it to
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comcast center, watch it right here, maryland-virginia tipping off a huge triple header on wusa at noon eastern. terps and cavs, part of a big day of hoops. more hoops this afternoon, this was a good one. george washington fighting for their lives at fordham. they were up a creek until moe creek got it going from downtown. gw trailed big, then down the stretch on the 10-2 run, garino to the tin like it's never been. gw, some people have them as a 9 seed in the ncaa tournament. they win today, 70-67. west virginia, not going to the tourney, but they are tough at home. you know this. kansas in town, and andrew wiggins, one of the best players in the country, struggling. four turnovers there. aaron harris seeing it clearly from three, was 5-of-7 from deep. mounties led by double digits, then had to hold on. big win for huggins' crew,
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taking it 92-86. synchronize your watches, everybody. nationals home opener right here on wusa in 27 days. can you believe that? nationals versus the hated braves. we'll have a full post game show for you on that day and i'm sure we'll be bringing you a nets blowout, but the curly w's ain't messing around this season. i've already told you they are going to the world series. nats-braves this afternoon, adam laroche is bigging that big beard. big beard powers activate. that thing went like 500 feet in the air, over the fence! batting .333 in the spring. nats beat the braves 3-2. stephen strasburg pitching tomorrow. it was a split squad game today. 4-4 against the cardinals in that game, nats earning a tie in 10 innings. after 10 innings, both teams said it's fake baseball. let's go home. orioles in florida today. this is a great sign.
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you remember j.j. hardy from last year, had 25 homeruns. today, getting the bat heated up and nick markakis still there, coming around to score. alex gonzalez homered. baltimore wins the split squad game 7-3. cast news -- [ indiscernible ] -- expected to make his debut monday against the penguins. lot of stuff going on. like my voice, i'm just hanging in there. >> we're predicting nats in the world series. >> that's what i'm saying. >> could you imagine what happens in this town? amazing. you'll need help covering all of that. >> oh, yeah. recap? >> sure. lose an hour of sleep tonight, so make sure you move clocks ahead. we're starting out chilly in the morning. sunshine tomorrow, followed by clouds. things are still okay till midweek when we're watching a storm. >> got it. thanks for watching. get updates any time online,
6:59 pm see you back here at 11:00. good night. c ]
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