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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:26pm EDT

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hold onto your hats if you're walking outside tonight. >> if you're inside, you'll most likely hear some real winds whipping around your window. first alert meteorologist topper shutt has a red alert for us. >> and also a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10 p.m. because winds will be in excess of 58 miles an hour. this is a pretty good line of shower and storms now that's been intensifying especially up towards frederick, straddling 270 and even activity near culpeper and warrenton has become stronger. this particular storm will head into montgomery county, head toward germantown at 6:07, olney at 6:20. we have no reports of damage or hail, but the main threat is going to be primarily winds. the winds ahead of the front
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are still gusting to 30 miles per hour downtown. when the front goes through, the stronger winds develop and no one will escape these winds. temperatures are still in the 60s and e exception is frederick because it's raining, 66 down town. to the west it's already 24 in oakland and 34 in davis. when that cold front rolls through tonight about 8:00, temps begin to plummet. 38 degrees cold are than it was this time yesterday in pittsburgh. we'll tell you how cold it will get for your morning commute. the allegations that mayor vincent gray participated in his own illegal shadow campaign has cost him at least one enendorsement. the northwest current newspaper which serves about 1/4 homes and businesses withdrew support from mayor gray. >> bruce johnson talked with the mayor today and asked what he's saying to people who fear he might get indicted.
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>> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: d.c. mayor vincent gray was breaking ground on the long awaited skyland town center in south east today. residents of ward 7 and 8 have waited for a couple decades for the new housing, retail and construction jobs that have sprung up in other parts of the city. >> it just touches my heart greatly to see this happen, never thought i would see change like this. >> reporter: gray homes residents don't forget these scenes on april 1st at the polls. there is concerns following jeffrey thompson's allegations that gray participated in a near $700,000 off the books campaign in 2010, but for the most part the mayor's support appears strong. >> he's a person that's actually done a lot for the city and i think that's being overshadow offed by these fear investigations. >> reporter: do you believe --
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overshadowed by these investigations. >> reporter: do you believe mayor gray? >> i do. >> reporter: today the northwest current newspaper took away their endorsement. despite his strong record, the heightened possibility that mayor vincent gray knew about the 2010 shadow campaign has regretfully forced us to withdraw our endorsement for his reelection. you are determined to stay in this race? >> yes. i have no thoughts about doing anything different. >> reporter: the gray campaign has more than $700,000 in its coffers for the final two weeks of the primary, but is it enough to settle nerves of potential supporters who fear the u.s. attorney has not yet finished with his probe into the mayor's 2010 campaign which has already produced about a half dozen guilty planes. what do you say to people -- pleas. what do you say to people that are concerned about what the u.s. attorney may do? >> i say let's keep doing what we were doing before and that
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is we've got a great record, this administration. no criticizes our record. >> reporter: 300 construction jobs are coming to the skyland site followed by scores of new housing, retail anchored by wal- mart. residents are impressed and hopeful. do you have skills? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what kind? >> construction. >> reporter: you looking for work here? >> 15, 20 years. >> reporter: you going to apply for work here? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: a number of the opponents to the mayor have been low key because their feel is with the u.s. attorney giving this six month possible sentence to jeff thompson, they think the mayor may be in line for think votes and don't want that to happen. the mayor was leading in the last polls. that number they feel shrunk a bit, but they don't want to do anything to help his campaign. >> are you hearing some people may vote for him out of sympathy? >> absolutely the sympathy vote. today there was some staunch support for the mayor.
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in 7 and 8 his opponents are saying he'll probably win that. 5 is very much in play. you got 5, 7 and 8, that's quite a bit. 40,000 votes is probably going to win this primary, maybe fewer. muriel bowser got what she wants, her campaign operatives saying she's gotten it down to a two-person race. she's running throughout the city, but ward 4 is our base. >> 40,000 votes. >> that's all. >> see you in a bit. david catania would big to differ it's a two-person race and insists timing has nothing to do with vincent gray's trouble, but today the council member filed papers launching his independent campaign for gray's job and went on to blast the incumbent saying it's time for all this drama to end. gray's manager said catania is running a smear campaign. our bruce leshan is out in the
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middle of it. >> reporter: the district has never elected a nondemocrat for mayor, but david catania thinks he will change that. what is your path to victory at this point? does the mayor have to win the primary? >> not at all. i'm going to be as clear as i can. i've won more city wie races than everyone else in the race combined. i've woman five times citywide and represented every corner of the city. >> this hospital would have been closed were it not for david catania. >> reporter: he's got a web ad touting his record especially on issues like healthcare and education for residents east of the river. vincent gray is out with his own ad and gray's campaign manager says catania is the latest politician who thinks he can become mayor on the coattails of a smear campaign. catania is convinced jeff thompson funded a shadow
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campaign for mayor gray in exchange for a multi-million dollar settlement for thompson's chartered health plan. >> do i believe the mayor knew it and participated and do i believe the city paid the shadow of campaign money back? yes. , i believe that. >> reporter: david catania first won his council seat as a republican, but he dropped out of the party years ago and became independent. >> i think my record more embodies democratic values than the field candidly running as a democrat. >> reporter: that candidate will face david catania in the election. >> in the meantime d.c. council member tommy wells running for mayor picked up the endorsement of the union representing d.c. cops. the incoming chair of that union says some politicians have done more to hurt d.c. than help it and he says tommy wells is the only candidate who can restore public trust in the
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d.c. government. new information about the columbia mall shooter. howard county police found no connection between 19-year-old darion marcus aguilar and his victims. they did find thousands of searches on aguilar's computer related to the columbine massacre and other mass shootings. aguilar opened fire inside the zumiez star on january 25th killing two employees before turning the gun on himself. police are investigating the murder of a maryland cab driver. the victim's minivan was found with his meter running around 6:00 this morning on honeysuckle lane in crownsville. the body of 41-year-old benjamin kirby, jr. was found on a nearby driveway and they say there was blood inside the taxi and signs of a struggle. the investigation will continue. there are questions for a suspect in a diamond heist in frederick this morning. the man was taken into custody at the west view movie theaters
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across the street from the wholesale diamond consultants on bucky'stown pipe. sheriff's deputies found a gun and a bag containing stolen money. no one in the store was hurt, but two nearby schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution. tonight in new york tess east harlem no let-up in search for people who could be trapped under what used to be two apartment and retail buildings. neighbors reported smelling gas just moments before an explosion collapsed those five- story buildings and a crush steel and bricks. at least two people were confirmed dead, more than 60 hurt and about a dozen still missing. darnella mason lives 2 blocks away and said blast actually threw it out of bed. >> reporter: what did it feel like for you? >> i thought i was going to die. i thought it was a bomb or something. >> con edison said no gas complaints came in about the building before today, but some
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residents say they had repeatedly complained about the smell of gas to the landlord. bank robber arrests, now a hole in the highway bridge, not the week to drive on i-270, more on the latest roadblock coming up. >> winds picking up and severe thunderstorm groping to the rest of us. we'll show you the radar. watch out laytonsville, olney and manassas, wind gusts 50 to 60 miles an hour. we'll talk about that
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it's been a nightmare week for commuters on i-270. it continued today for people coming from frederick and this time it's a large hole in the highway which closed one southbound lane this morning on the route 85 overpass. at first crews were going to put a steel plate over that 4- foot long hole, but because it was located on a bridge the repairs took until late this afternoon to fix. we could be paying more to ride metro. tomorrow a metro board committee is expected to vote on proposed fare increases. >> under this plan the fare for metrorail will jump 3%. that means the base fare for a bus ride goes to up with dollars 75 if you've got a smart chip card. it will be two bucks if you pay cash. up next breaking news on the search for flight 370, satellite imagery picks up the
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first possible signs this is doug gansler. i'm running for governor - but this campaign is about you more than me. it's about brianna, who will breathe cleaner air because as attorney general i forced polluters to put in place $4.6 billion dollars in pollution controls. for caren, i fought big banks, winning $1.6 billion in mortgage relief for her and thousands of marylanders. for myra and her kids, they're safer because i brought the beltway snipers to justice, and fought child pornography
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and internet predators. for eric and mickey, i went to court to fight for marriage equality. for hundreds of baltimore kids, i started an inner city lacrosse league. and when a judge blamed an 11 year old girl for being sexually abused by saying "it takes two to tango," i took that judge on. i don't put up with things like that, it's not who i am. i take on tough fights and get things done for the people of maryland.
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breaking news tonight in the search for malaysian flight no. 370, reports now that a chinese satellite has some images that might show the crash site of
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the missing plane. the chinese government just released satellite pictures of what appears to be floating debris along what may have been the flight path. the images were taken sunday morning hours after the boeing 777 with 239 people on board vanished. dozens of ships and military planes have been scouring thousands of miles in the south china sea for five days now. a big diplomatic push in washington ahead of sunday's pivotal vote on ukraine's crimean peninsula. >> president obama met with ukraine's new prime minister this afternoon. craig boswell brings us the latest. >> reporter: president obama invited ukraine's prime minister for a sitdown in the oval office as a show of support for his acting government. >> we have been very firm in saying we will stand with ukraine and the ukrainian people. >> reporter: the u.s. promised ukraine $1 billion in loan guarantees and help with new elections. the white house meeting comes days before voters will decide if they will become part of
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now game on with kristen berset. >> the georgetown hoyas are about to embark on one of their most important journeys in recent years. the hoyas need four wins in four days to keep alive their hopes of playing in the ncaa tournament. georgetown has gone dancing the last four years. georgetown enters the big east tournament beginning tonight as the seventh seed. they have to get past depaul who they beat twice this season. for the majority of the hoyas squad, the height and importance of this stretch is unfamiliar territory. >> it hasn't been that way since i've been here. we control our own destiny. we're fighting for our lives, fighting for a bid. that's something that's got to excite us and fuel some of the fire with us. the american eagles look to


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