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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:21pm EDT

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that equals $57.66 more annually and that dent even include bus and parking grade increases. >> reporter: we're with channel 9. what do you think about the metro rate hike? come up to our soapbox why don't you? >> oh, boy. >> i know they're working on it, but they got to do a better job. >> i have no problem with it. it's a cheap date i think. some people complain about everything. you can't please all of the people all of the time.
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>> reporter: step on up. what do you think about paying more for metro? >> i don't think it's necessarily a problem. some people may not agree with it, but whatever. >> it's probably going to be a couple extra bucks, but you deal with it. we still have to use the transportation, of course. >> reporter: step on our soapbox here. >> i'm not looking forward to paying more for the metro, especially when a lot of the services are not working well like the escalators, like a lot of the stations are not good, yeah, not a good idea especially in this economy. it doesn't seem worth it. >> reporter: in northwest surae chinn, wusa9. >> now the full metro board will take a vote in two weeks. the rate hike won't happen until the summer. it's expected to generate $30 million in revenue. talk about you have some explaining to do, a d.c. firefighter arrested and charged with setting his own car on fire. now authorities say marcus jackson torched his 2006 dodge charger in january and then had the nerve to report the vehicle
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had been stolen from northwest. investigators say the cell phone records show jackson made calls right in the same area where his burning car was found in capitol heights, maryland. a grand jury has indicted two germantown women on charges of murdering two young children and trying to murder two others while performing an exorcism. in custody are monitha sanford and shakia avery. according to charging documents, the women told police they believed the children were possessed by demons. virginia's governor terry mcauliffe is pointedly refusing to take questions today on the jeffrey thompson scandal, even though mcauliffe's 2009 campaign took cash and he chaired hillary clinton's campaign which benefited from a thompson shadow campaign, but when asked, mcauliffe walked out on our bruce leshan and
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bruce is here to tell us all about it. >> i was patiently waiting for my turn, but when i started asking about the thompson money, the governor just walked out. >> let's do the right thing. >> reporter: governor, your 2009 campaign took $2,500 from jeffrey thompson. do you have any intention to return that? will you return that money, sir? >> mcauliffe was battling virginia republicans over medicaid funding and clearly had no desire to answer questions about whether he had any connections with jeffrey thompson, the d.c. businessman who has now pleaded guilty to conspiring to corrupt both local and federal campaigns. sir, will you return the $2,500? thompson gave mcauliffe $2,500 for his losing 2009 campaign for virginia governor, but while president obama, maryland governor o'malley and d.c. delegate norton have all returned thompson's money, governor mcauliffe has not.
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>> thompson is looking to be one of the most dirty funding issues in politics at least for this election cycle and if i were advising terry mcauliffe, i'd say give the money back now because you're going to have to give it back anyway. >> reporter: mcauliffe is a close friend of the clintons. he was hillary clinton's campaign chair in 2008 and thompson admitted in court to running a $608,000 shadow campaign to help hillary clinton win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: governor, did you know anything about the shadow campaign for hillary clinton when you were chairman? >> but mcauliffe did not want to talk about that either. >> reporter: governor, did you know anything about the shadow campaign? >> prosecutors say there is no evidence that hillary clinton knew anything about thompson's shadow campaign, but that may not end it for mcauliffe. >> he better watch himself because if this issue gets bigger, people will look to terry mcauliffe who is the
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clinton's fund raising guy and if he didn't know, why didn't he know? >> again the u.s. attorney says there's no evidence hillary clinton who he does not name knew about thompson's shadow campaign, but that doesn't mean that want u.s. attorney's investigation of that presidential -- that that u.s. attorney's investigation of that presidential campaign is over. he spent three years going after mayor vincent gray and there's certainly the possibility he'll release more information about hillary clinton's campaign just as she is gearing up to run again in 2016. >> are you sure mcauliffe heard you? he walked away. >> i was literally right here. i'm a polite reporter. i try not to be rude. i warned his staffers beforehand. i was standing right here and i asked him and he walked away. i followed him. you can't quite tell from the video, but i was never more than 5 feet from him and i've got a booming voice. >> he heard you. >> oh, he heard you. >> he clearly didn't want to answer you. >> no question. three unsolved murders in
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alexandria have homeowners feeling skittish and the alexandria police department tells wusa9 that residents are ringing up their crime prevention specialist to teach them to make their homes more secure. officer charles lloyd says some simple steps like cutting back shrubs and bushes, reinforcing the front door with a steel sheath and security strike plate can slow down the criminals. >> a burglar will generally take no more than 60 seconds to get in your house. if it takes longer than that, they run the risk of getting caught or seen. so you just want to make it more difficult for them to get in. >> officer lloyd also says put your porch light above the door for better illumination and a peephole in your door to peer out and you don't have to open the door for someone you don't know. wusa9 is committed to staying on top of developments in the alexandria murders. we set up a special text alert for updates on the killings. you can text the word
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alexandria to 25543 for texts with updates and new developments. coming up nasal ranger to the rescue, colorado authorities are clamping down on pot smokers smoking up their neighborhood. >> if you are challenged when it comes to getting around, this could be the perfect thing
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more and more pedestrians are getting hit by cars because they are paying a lot of attention to their phones and not so much to their surroundings. >> sumi daas shows us a new jacket being developed to help you keep your head up. >> reporter: watch where you're going is a pretty good rule of thumb, though most of us ignore it daily as we bury or heads in our phones, but billy whitehouse of an australian company has a forward thinking open. >> navigating jacket is giving your eyes back to the city. it's an ability to walk around without having to look at a map. so it's map free travel. >> reporter: this prototype was designed for women, but a men's version was just unveiled at the south by southwest interactive festival. the blazers communicate via bluetooth with your phone. enter your destination in a mobile app and let the jacket be your guide. >> we're building a language around feedback, vibration
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sensors built into shoulders that tell you when to turn left and right and we have a countdown on your sleeve that allows you to know how many meters until you turn. >> reporter: sewn into the jacket is a bluetooth module and circuit board. wearable experiments is aiming for a battery life of seven hours. >> we hope to build induction chargers into a hanger specifically made for the jacket so you don't have to go home and think about charging another device. >> reporter: the final version will feature removable electronics and it will be washable and they won't stop there. >> we're looking forward to eventually making it voice activated and having speakers in it so that people who are vigesimalled could be directed in a load of -- vision impaired could be directed in a load of don't ways -- of different ways with our gps jacket. >> i want to look for that jacket because my internal gps needs some tweaking apparently. we have checked the company website.
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so far there's no word on the cost of this jacket and the only colors offered so far are pink and blue. >> limited usefulness because most of the time you're texting on your phone or trying to call somebody or playing music. >> this is helpful for people like me who need turn by the rock, go left by the flag. >> bluetooth earpiece and the phone will talk to you. >> i don't want to talk around with that thing in my ear, though. it's still kind of weird. whatever kind of jacket you're wearing, put it on. it's going to be cold tonight. topper says a storm sunday night into monday, it doesn't seem right, but mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971.
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an 83-year-old man has gone missing and d.c. police hope you can help bring home. his name is jesse jones. he's got dementia and other health issues and need his daily medication. last time anybody saw him was tuesday night at the busboys and poets. you can only man his family is going crazy now. he's 5' 7, 160 pounds, gray and white hair. you see mr. jones, call mpd right away. it's probably surprising to a few people, but legal marijuana is a pretty big hit
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in colorado. authorities raked in more than $3 million in taxes and fees since weed became legal. >> however, the smell of success is anything but sweet for the folks who hate the odor of burning pot. who are these people? anna cabrera from our sister station kusa shows us how ordinance officials make sure the odor of skunky weed does not overpower the neighbors. >> reporter: the scent of marijuana. >> it smells horrible. >> reporter: is permeating some colorado neighbors. >> i can't take my 2-month-old daughter into the apartment because it smells like marijuana. >> reporter: an odor coming through the building's vents so strong this family in longmont had to move. >> it's very strong, yes. >> reporter: same problem, different county. >> i don't think that anyone realized that this was going to be an issue. >> reporter: susan hildebrand lives in penrose, colorado, and puts up with a pungent pot aroma, too, from a grow operation just down the road. >> we're doing everything we can to be good neighbors as far
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as odor control, light pollution, water usage. some of these things are very expensive. >> reporter: it's situations like this where environmental investigator ben filler is called to help. >> this is really called the nasal ranger. >> reporter: the nasal ranger, that is its real name, is a device he has used to quantify how strong an odor really is. >> you're drawing air through these ports that filters out any of the odor. >> reporter: we rode along with filler and his nasal ranger to sniff out a complaint. >> got something. >> reporter: fill early has responded to dozens -- filler has responded to dozens of complaints since 2012. the problem started with legalization of medical marijuana. if the odor registers at a certain point, it can be grounds for a citation. >> i'm not smelling anything. >> can i try it? >> sure. >> reporter: filler says so far he hasn't had to give citations for marijuana.
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>> two more clicks. >>teeporr: because it typically doesn't exceed the odor threshold on the nasal ranger. >> i don't smell it through here, but i can when i'm just standing here. >> it's a discernible odor. >> reporter: filler can help cannabis cultivators reduce the odor and in denver that seems to be working pretty well. >> here we've got multiple grow facilities. they're right behind you. they're on the other side over here. >> reporter: but some are urging for tighter control. >> we would like to see it regulated here, but it needs to be regulated elsewhere as well. >> looks like we're still coming to terms with this whole legal marijuana thing. >> take a while. >> going to be a minute. >> the smell of it if it's pungent, that's not a good smell, guys. >> i seem to remember it from my college days. >> i don't remember it being offensive. >> college was always the incense masking that when you walk by people's rooms. >> of course, back then you could smoke cigarettes in the college dorms. >> it was a different day.
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>> exactly. 36 was the high today and full soon, almost at the equinox in terms of spring. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, yes, it looks inviting, but wear a heavy coat. 36 now, dew point 1, a lonely number, humidity 23%. indoor relative humidity still about 12%. you still want to add humidity to your house until we start reversing it and go to ac. there's still pretty dry air masses. 34 college park, 33 chevy chase, 32 in ashburn, 35 in dumfries, 34 dale city, waldorf, 33 in annapolis. how much colder are we than 24 hour ago? 30 degrees colder. it just fell like a stone last night and temperatures running 20 degrees below average. the winds are relaxing a bit, 28 mile-per-hour wind gust last hour at national and only 22 mile-per-hour gust in
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gaithersburg. the deeper colors are not back to the west. the winds are beginning to move off to the north and east. we'll still be left with breezy conditions tonight and tomorrow. wind chills tonight in the teens. bus stop temperatures 18 to 38, milder finish friday and a warmer day saturday. want to do something outside? bike ride, jog? fracing the sunday, monday possible storm and it could get in here by sunday evening. tonight clear to partly cloudy, a bit breezy, very cold, 18 to 26, winds becoming southwest at 10 to 15. by morning partly cloudy, a breezy start and a cold start, too, 20s and 30s, winds southwest 10 to 15. by afternoon milder, but you need a jacket, partly cloudy, breezy, highs around 55. winds pretty good, southwest at 10 to 20. 20s to start, low 30s by 9:00 and then 41 by 11:00 and almost 50 with full sunshine by 1 p.m. next three days 62 on


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