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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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log on to to learn more. yes, i'm changing fuzzy boots. >> i like the janimal. i like that one. >> okay. here we go again. another round of nasty weather heading our way just in time for wednesday's commute. >> i'm bruce leshan in d.c. d.c. councilman proposes sweeping reforms to special education in hopes of getting more help to students who need it. >> plus, fighting extradition. the person of interest in the string of unsolved murders in alexandria is not coming back to virginia to face the music without a fight. >> thanks for being here, i'm derek mcginty. >> so, it's not snow this time, but there is a chance of freezing rain overnight and tomorrow west of town. pretty early. topper, is this going to be a
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prore for all of us or some of us? >> quite frankly, out where the advisory has been posted, up into chambersberg area, even loudoun county and points west. i'm not really concerned about. there's a chance of light, freezing rain. goes into effect at midnight. i don't see any problems whatsoever in the immediate metro area. why? in part, because of temperatures. 42 downtown. 39 in gaithersburg and 41 in manassas. it's not going to get below freezing outside the beltway. primarily for drizzle and showers. light freezing rain possible west of town. not a big concern. mainly just wet. showers for the evening commute across the board. we'll talk more about that, take you hour by hour and look ahead to springtime and the weekend. >> thanks, top. in a move defying the united states and the international community, russia took formal steps and declared crimea an official part of their
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territory. vladimir putin signed the treaty. a move the russian government says makes crimea formally part of the russian federation. >> with crimea in the embrace, it seems i got a chance to sit down with john kerry this afternoon with an eye on finding out what america's nest move might be. it looks like i'm no diplomat, but round one appears to be over and our side lost. >> i disagree completely. i think this isolates russia very significantly. we had a vote at u.n. the vote was 13 in favor of our position, condemning what had happened and one, only one no was russia. that tells you the whole story. russia is isolated. entire european community, america, other parts of the world are outraged by what has
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happened. and you don't win, you know, by being a bully and going in and living outside of the law. >> what are we prepared to do about it? what's next? >> we put some sanctions in place. >> which he ignored. >> what do you expect? that's what bullies do. the fact is, when they go home and their friends lose their apartments and their rich properties and can't move their money and they can't travel to places, this bites. and over time, there's a lot more that will come in. >> ukraine is talking about mobilizing military. but their military is under funded, they don't have the arms. is the united states looking at helping them militarily as senator john mccain is suggesting? >> all the options and the senate passed a bill that includes some kind of assistance. we are evaluating that and we have a number of other options,
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but wooer looking at everything. >> so, sort of a nonanswer that last part, but the administration, is their take on this, russia will find its acquisition a lot more troublesome. interesting note. at the end of our conversation, i pointed out that putin today said that russia has no interest in any further territory. do you believe him? , i asked, kerry said, i have no idea, we've heard that before. >> interesting dialogue. we expect to hear more later today. >> more at 7:00. >> now to an independent review triggered by the navy yard killings last year which say the defense department needs to betser guard against threats from trusted insiders. former navy reservist and contractor gunned down 12 civilian workers in a navy yard building last september. the review vowed that commanders failed to record multiple incidents of adverse behavior when alexis was on active duty. there were gaps in his security
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clearance review. >> for decades, the department has approached security from a perimeter perspective. if we strengthen the perimeter, build our fences, if you will, against threats on the other side, we'll be secure. that approach is broken, and the department needs to replace it. >> the report recommends cutting the number of workers who hold security clearances, conducting better and routinely updated background checks and employee who's may pose a threat. marion barry, this town's most controversial political name is about to go out front and center for d.c. mayor. barry would be endorsing mayor vince gray. tonight, bruce johnson has more on that and other developments. >> mayor vincent gray's reelection campaign appeared to be on the ropes. a week ago, when businessman, jeff thompson alleged that gray
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took part in an illegal shadow campaign in 2010. >> those are lies. >> yesterday, the mayor's high profile attorney jumped to the mayor's defense for the first time telling wusa9. >> if he gets charged, we will go to trial. now, who knows. but that's -- he wants to clear his name. >> vincent gray needs to be reelected may y he will have to do well here in ward 8 and ward 7. tomorrow, he'll get a big boost in that direction. he'll get the endorsement from ward 8 councilman, marion barry. the gray campaign produced a picture of the four-term barry. it's unclear just how much campaigning barry will actually do. he has been ill and hospitalized for much of the year. but barry appears intent on stopping bowser, the ward 4 council member. >> we are gaining momentum.
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>> bowser's supporters say their own recent polls show her now ahead of mayor gray, no one will make that poll available. prior to jeff thompson's allegations, boiseer trailed gray by 8 points, but well ahead of other challengers. >> well, you know, bruce, we've been in this race for a year and we have always offered voters a clean, fresh start in the mayor's office. >> tommy wells picked up the police and fire union endorsements and the nod from the national organization for women. >> after the jeffrey thompson plea deal that we know that something happened with the mayor and so now this election is anybody's guess. >> no one is counting mayor gray out in the april 1 primary. his 25 to 28% appears to have held despite jeff thompson's allegations. that is according to one source with the poll. the same poll shows about 20% of the voters still undecided. as the democratic primary approaches. bruce johnson, wusa9.
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>> and just this week, early voting in the d.c. primary is taking place during the business hours and next week, there will be 13 locations all over town. they are posted on our web page. >> one of gray's rivals for reelection has some new ideas on special education. >> i'm bruce leshan in d.c. d.c. councilman proposes sweeping reforms to special education in hopes of getting more help to students who need it. >> he's a good kid. >> teresa had to get a lawyer to force d.c. schools to give her great nephew the help he needed. >> he wasn't talking, he wasn't doing anything. >> the achievement gaps are pretty appalling. >> d.c. councilman is introducing three bills coauthored with the children's law center. in hopes of getting thousands of children more help. >> kids get too little, too
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late, and too limited. >> more special ed help inside the public schools can actually save the city money on outplacements. the reforms would also cut in half the deadline for the schools to offer assistance. and give parents the right to bring an expert into the classroom to figure out what's going wrong. >> at one time when i couldn't get two words out of them, now i can't get them to shut up. >> bruce leshan, wusa9. >> tomorrow, charles will be back in the west virginia courtroom where a judge is going to decide whether to release him on bond. police in alexandria want to question about the three unsolved murders spanning a decade, but he plans to fight extradition from wheeling, west virginia, where he was arrested last week on a warrant on an unrelated weapons charge in loudoun county. >> you can get the latest on the investigation into the murders in alexandria right on your cell phone. text the word alexandria to 25543.
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husband's agreeable personality turns out it's the most crucial thing in a couple's relationship. if the husband is content enough to say yes, dear, a lot. now, researchers studied 953 couples ranging in age from 63 to 90 who have been married or living together for 39 years. the characteristics of the husbands and wives were compared and they found a on conflict in the marriage. but huge effect on the relationship. so, husbands with high levels of positivity reported less conflict in their relationship. in other words, if they didn't complain, it wasn't that bad. >> that's right. be happy. the trend was the same if somebody was in poor health, although the women's health had little impact on the relationship, but the man's health did. so this research says the key to a long-term marriage is a happy and healthy husband. boy, we are rewriting the rules here. >> as they should be.
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all right, let's go to jan jeffcoat in the newsroom for a look at what's ahead at 7:00. >> get them, janimal. >> you know that's true by looking at my husband. that could not be more true than when you look at him and you look at me. families of act ifs duty, retired, and disabled troops rely on discounts. that could soon go away. we'll look into the potential cuts on the way. look for that story and more on your only local news at 7:00. lesli, back to you. >> all right, the au eagles and their fans like derek mcginty are flying high. if you could have seen this shirt earlier today. we'll take you to their big
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this is doug gansler. i'm running for governor - but this campaign is about you more than me. it's about brianna, who will breathe cleaner air because as attorney general i forced polluters to put in place $4.6 billion dollars in pollution controls. for caren, i fought big banks, winning $1.6 billion in mortgage relief for her and thousands of marylanders. for myra and her kids, they're safer because i brought the
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beltway snipers to justice, and fought child pornography and internet predators. for eric and mickey, i went to court to fight for marriage equality. for hundreds of baltimore kids, i started an inner city lacrosse league. and when a judge blamed an 11 year old girl for being sexually abused by saying "it takes two to tango," i took that judge on. i don't put up with things like that, it's not who i am. i take on tough fights and get things done for the people of maryland.
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the ncaa tournament gets underway. we have a couple local teams that are going to be in the thick of it. >> one, the american university and the eagles left today, made a sufficient amount of pomp and circumstance. i wish i could have been there, but dianne roberts was there in
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my stead. >> everybody on campus was pumped. they haven't had a team in the big dance since 2009, so you can understand all the excitement. american drew a 15 feet in the tournament and will play number 2 seeded wisconsin. >> it's awesome. it's unbelievable. i came here partly because i saw them on the bracket and you know, get a little bit of bragging rights and hopefully, we can pull off a major upset. i have faith. >> the 2014 patriot league champion, american university eagles. >> the players filed out to the cheers of some of the students who showed up for their sendoff. >> they worked hard all year. you can feel confident that you are well represented. >> our entire school is excited for them. we don't have school, so basketball is the one sport we all rally behind them and all excited. >> so will keith gray. he offers tips and good luck vibes. gray was on american squad.
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and shared the key to a win thursday. >> make sure they continue do what they have done all year. listen to what the coach has to say. they will surprise some people. i'm quite certain of it. >> american heads to the west regional in milwaukee where they hope to surprise everybody by beating the badgers. dianne roberts, wusa9 sports. >> au plays the university of wisconsin tomorrow. 12:40 eastern. you still have time to enter wus9's bracket challenge. put your bracket up against some of your favorite members. log on to learn more about it. >> he won't be able to even talk to him around 12:40 tomorrow. a little busy. >> real bracket is noon on thursday, correct? or do i have to fill this out tomorrow? >> tomorrow. tomorrow is the best time to do it. >> sorry. >> sorry, man.
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brackets to get to. >> i have signed up. i haven't named my bracket and filled it out yet. >> what are you going to call it? >> topper's treasure. >> that is so weak. don't do that. >> thank you. it probably has the word snow in it. just because i like that. it might be a bad omen. let's start with a live look outside. 42, dew points are still in the 20s, which means there's some wiggle room in terms of when it starts to get more moisture, temperatures will fall. winds easterly at 8. but i'm still not concerned about that. all this is in the form of drizzle and light rain. it's working its way up 95. maybe some wet roads between d.c. and fredericksburg and out 66. most of us will escape it tonight. we will not tomorrow. a little bit of light activity across the river into charles county and also into southern maryland if you are going down 301 or 5, maybe some wet roads.
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41 in college park. 40 in bowie. 41 in waldorf. 40 in dulles. 41 toward leesburg and 42 in dumfries and dale city. that's as uniform as they can get. yellow alert tomorrow. primarily for drizzle and showers. yes, light freezing rain or drizzle possible west of town. we do not see any problems, it's not going to be a prolonged period. it's not a big concern. mainly just wet. and remember, with the sun angle. that's september sun. that's a pretty high angle. showers for the evening commute for everybody. no one will escape that. get ready for a wet commute home. here's our future cast. we'll put this into motion. this is 5:30 in the morning. notice it's all green. that indicates rain. there's no majenta. that's the mix. it's all green. it's all light activity. by 7:30, leesburg, manassas, culpeper. it's all rain and showers and then by 9:30, it's primarily
6:21 pm
d.c. north up 270 and again, loudoun county, fairfax county, a little bit heavier activity by lunchtime. see the deeper green? i would grab an umbrella. going to grab a bite to eat at lunch and it will be a wet ride home. the shower wills have ended back to the west. it will stay wet and by 7:30, everything essentially moving across the bay. so for tonight, light freezing rain possible west and drizzle elsewhere and cold. low 28 to 36. but again, inside the beltway and immediate metro area, we stay above freezing. 33 at 5:00. 33 at 7:00. 35 at 9:00. upper 30s by 11:00. almost 40 by 1:00. yes, not a chamber of commerce day, but not a dangerous day. just wet roads. yellow alert tomorrow. showers and drizzle. spring arrives on thursday. sunshine and 58. nice finish on friday. 60. clouds come in late. next seven days, some showers on saturday, but not a washout and still mild.
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62. let me go downhill. 47 on sunday. low 40s on monday. i have snow showers on tuesday and that might be optimistic. we'll be ri mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971.
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6:26 pm
times. but west virginia is on a five- game win streak. players know what to expect. >> there's going to be a tough game. i already know it's going to be physical. they already know the kind of offense we run. i think it's going to be a classic big east game. >> we have an opportunity to play a good west virginia team. a team in the big east who we have a history with. it will be a cool way end things. >> the mountaineers are preparing for tonight's game against albany in the ncaa tournament south region. they tip off in 40 minutes. this is the fourth appearance in school history. the first time since 2008. coached up the guys. >> our number one thing coming in now is that we have to get the tempo to an insane level and insane pace. make it difficult and we have to play good offense. it has to be early in the shot clock to get the pace at a level we need it at. >> american head coach and the
6:27 pm
eagles got in their last workout before heading to the tournament. they will play wisconsin badgers and the west regional. that game will be played in milwaukee an hour and a half away from the badgers home. he is not warred about the high intensity road game. >> we've been in environments like this before. we played a lot of road games before. we had the win, the championship at bu on their court, so i think they are pretty in tune to what they have to do. >> it's time to vote for the high school game of the week. we have four lacrosse games from which to choose. make your pick. or e-mail >> and you know, when i was at au in the late 70s, early 80s, we didn't go to anything. we didn't win. gary williams, though, the former maryland coach was americans coach back then. so we got close. it was very gratifying to see the team doing so well. >> everyone is so excited.
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>> let's see what they can do. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> i'll be back at 7:00 with jan jeffcoat for your only local
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>> pelley: tonight, new developments on the missing jetliner. what did investigators see in the e-mails of the two pilots. seth doane tracked down a friend of the captain. who has a flight simulator in their house? >> pelley: russia seizes crimea. the white house response. charlie d'agata, elizabeth palmer, and bill plante on the biggest east-west confrontation since the cold war. the ad


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