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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  March 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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interpretation is. >> a finger is a finger. good morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. a special hello to linda i met last night. she starts her day with us. >> hi, linda. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. monika will have traffic momentarily. meteorologist bern better says there's a yellow alert for a -- howard bernstein says there's a yellow alert for a reason this morning. >> we'll see showers later this morning. that's reason one. the other reason is west it will be cold enough that we could have spotty freezing rain, freezing drizzle. upper 30s in the metro by 9:00 a.m. 40s by noon. the showers the bulk will be east of 95 as we make a run toward 45. unseasonably cold. our average highs 57. west of town, that's where we've got a winter weather advisory for light freezing rain or spotty freezing
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drizzle. this goes till 11:00 unless canceled earlier. the cool spot is harrisonburg at 33. we are looking at maybe another degree or two. we'd have to cool off before having trouble. we're not seeing that right now. temps in the mid-40s. want to show you what's happening on the doppler. we have the moisture trying to come up the blue ridge in southwestern virginia with a couple of spotty areas from culpeper toward berryville with the rain. let's bring monika in now with a first look at timesaver traffic in the 5:00 hour. >> the first look at 5:00 looks really, really good. of course you have volume building right now especially in the usual spots 95 from dale city and the beltway on the north side of town, 270 in from frederick. there is one spot that you want to be aware of, a crash southbound on 395 on the ramp to edsall road. that should clear up shortly. i don't think it's anything major there. let's take a live look outside and here is 66 coming in from nutley street to the beltway. all lanes are open and no big deals yet coming in from
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manassas, route 29 looks good as well. dulles toll road in from the airport all the way to the beltway the lanes are open. we'll go back over to the maps 270 southbound as i said. you've got a few brake lights forming out of frederick toward 109. a quick live look on the beltway in prince george's county and the beltway north of town here at new hampshire avenue, things look great. back to you guys. get out the tickets. not one but at least two people are waking up millionaires in maryland this morning. >> one ticket sold in the state will share the $400 million megamillions jackpot with a ticket sold in florida. niki burdine is in college park with a look at the winning numbers and the other winning ticket. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i've got some good news and some bad news. the bad news is i didn't win the ticket. i don't think any photographer won the ticket and i don't know that i know anyone who may have won the ticket. if i do, maybe they'll have some mercy on me. the good news is it's someone in the state of maryland who
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won one of those winning tickets. the other person is in the state of florida. i'll get right to it. 11, 19, 24, 33, 51 are the winning numbers. the megaball is 7. maybe it's somebody out there will have some mercy on me. i'm alerting you you won your ticket in the state of ticket and if you want to throw a couple million my way, i will not complain. is some good faith here. the lump sum of that is $224 million. also, by the way, another $1 million ticket was also sold in the state of maryland. so if you bought a lottery ticket recently, you might want to double check those numbers because you could be a winner. good news for you to wake up to this morning. anything else you need to know? i'll read out the numbers one more time. 1119, 24, 33, 51. the megaball number is 7. we are in prince george's county. maybe it was sold here.
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they haven't released the location where the winning tickets were bought just yet. as soon as we get that information, we'll pass it along you to. better to be safe than sorry. check those tickets and see. you never know, you might be a megamillionaire. back to you. >> or at least a millionaire. we'll take that. it is 5:03. a major endorsement expected today for mayor vincent gray as he seeks a second term as d.c. mayor. former mayor and ward 8 councilman marion barry is expected to throw his support behind the incumbent. our bruce johnson first reported the upcoming endorsement over the weekend but it's unclear how much if any campaigning barry will be did on gray's behalf. he's been ill and in the hospital for much of the year. barry's endorsement comes two weeks after businessman jeffrey thompson made a plea deal in a finance case that included allegations against mayor gray's 2010 campaign. attorneys for georgia's form -- virginia's former governor and wife say prosecutors are interfering
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with their investigation as they try and defend their clients. bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen were in the courtroom tuesday when their lawyers asked for a delay in their civil case. but the request was denied. the mcdonnells are accused of accepting more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from the former head of a supplements company in exchange for promoting his products. we have new information this morning about that snowplow driver who was caught on camera working on the wrong side of the road in arlington. jason barry e-mailed us this video after following that driver on military road monday morning. we checked with arlington county on monday and we were told the driver was removed from duty as soon as he was identified. but however, "the washington post" now reports that just hours after that video was taken, the same plow driver ran a stop sign and hit a car sending it into two parked cars. fortunately no one was hurt. the driver was cited for that accident. police tell the post there is no evidence the driver had been drinking or using drugs. all of this winter snow
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days are taking a toll on local school systems, and tonight prince william county school board will vet on how to make up the lost days. right now the county says it doesn't plan to seek a waiver from the commonwealth for any of the lost hours. d.c. councilman david cantania wants to make sweeping reforms to special education in the city. bruce leshan has more on the mayoral candidate's plan. >> he's a good man. >> reporter: teresa said she had to get a lawyer to force d.c. schools to give her great nephew the help he needed. >> he wasn't talking. he wasn't doing anything. >> the achievement gaps are pretty appalling. >> reporter: d.c. councilman different cantania is introducing three bills coauthored with -- [indiscernible] -- in hopes of getting thousands more kids get help. more special ed help inside the public schools can actually save the city money on outplacements. the reforms would also cut in
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half the deadline for the schools to offer assistance, and give parents the right to bring an expert into the classroom to pick out what's going wrong. >> at one time when i couldn't get two words out of him. now i can't get him to shut up. >> reporter: at the wilson building, bruce leshan, wusa9. 5:06. some local college students spend part of their night outside. >> this 9-year-old is being told to leave the backpack home when he goes to school. [ male announcer ] something amazing happens when you combine the coverage and reliability of verizon's 4g lte network with the speed and hd picture quality of 100% fiber-optic fios. you enjoy the best networks in america
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it's 5:09 on this wednesday morning. grab the rain gear. out west a chance we could see freezing rain or drizzle early. it shouldn't be much and shouldn't last long. here's a look at our forecast. lots of clouds right now. still only a little bit of spotty drizzle, rain out to the west. highs only in the mid-40s today. that may not happen till late this afternoon, early this
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evening with the winter weather advisory to our west till 11:00. i'll be back with the full forecast. right now monika and timesaver traffic. thank you so much. no problems to report on 270 headed down to the american legion bridge, across the bridge span into virginia. we're in good shape in tysons corner on route 7 and 123. everything in from the west as well, including 66 and the dulles toll road. back to you guys. coming up on 5:10. here's a look at what's new this morning. two students and a security guard had to be treated after a fire inside a howard university dormitory. the nine-story meridian hill hall needed to be evacuated until emergency crews were sure everything was safe. this happened at 16th street tuesday. firefighters in new york spent much of the night battling these flames at a recycling center in brooklyn. it started about 7:00 p.m., burned for hours. all the workers at the facility are fine and accounted for. and it appears no one at this point is injured. the board in charge of
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maryland's health exchange say people who try to enroll but have been unable to complete their applications will still get coverage by may 1. they'll just are have to prove they started by the march 31 open enrollment dead lienl. the system has been plagued with problems since it debuted last october. 5:10. do you know the difference between gw and georgetown? >> yeah. >> apparently the ncaa doesn't. we'll explain why coming up. >> but first, howard is back with a look at the seven-day forecast on this yellow alert day. he has a warm-up for us. we'll be anxious
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mike said it earlier. enough already with the winter weather. tomorrow is spring. when does spring officially arrive? >> 12:57 when we hit the vernal equinox. >> a.m. >> lunch time. go out and celebrate lunch. >> so we get through today. what do we have in store? >> looks pretty nice tomorrow, friday, saturday. today ugly and raw. i don't like cold rain. that's what we've got. cold rain, drizzle, showers and maybe a touch of freezing drizzle and freezing light rain out to the west, just in one or two areas. that's enough to warrant a
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winter weather advisory in those spots, northwest, west and southwest of town. as you head toward the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. this goes till 11:00 a.m. unless it gets canceled earlier. temperatures are borderline at best for this. but officially, we are under a winter weather advisory till 11:00 a.m. those areas west of d.c. our day planner is calling for these showers into the afternoon, middle of the afternoon at least. then by late afternoon, evening, looks like the showers will start to push east of us. a slow climb toward 45 or so. that could be a late afternoon, evening high temperature. we've been watching moisture. had the showers yesterday morning south and east of us. this morning you see how they're pushing in from the atlantic toward norfolk? you see the easterly push right there? the moisture is coming in, making the turn up the mountains and coming toward us. not much going on but we have a few returns here toward fauquier county. looks like right on route 17 here between loudoun and jefferson county, west virginia. a little east of berryville.
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340 runs right there so to speak and back over to winchester. that's about it. the radar is quiet now. i do expect to see a lot more on it a little later this morning through the afternoon. temperatures mid- to upper 30s in most spots. we can drop a couple degrees and it will be close. now, bull run at 31. doesn't seem quite right with 36 in philomount. 37 haymarket and 35 diser der ya, -- alexandria, waldorf and college park. look at the low clouds. 38 feeling like 33 with a north, northeasterly wind at 6 miles an hour. this storm in the midwest bringing snow to parts of the midwest but rain in chicago. it's bringing this moips tur up toward us. -- moisture up toward us. that's what we'll be dealing with for a good portion of the day. the yellow alert for the rain, the drizzle, the showers. 40 tonight. we're not dropping off all that much. tomorrow the sun returns, breezy, milder for the first day of spring, 59. 62 on friday with a slight chance of a shower. by saturday 65. again a slight chance of an
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afternoon shower before temperatures drop and, yes, those are snow showers on the forecast for tuesday. monika? well, if you're planning to head around town early this morning, normally 5:00 is when it all begins to happen. we have just a few minor issues around town but nothing really big i'm happy to say. i'm going to zoom in here on our traffic feature on the northbound side of 395 right here. there's a disabled vehicle on the shoulder after duke street. maybe attracting a little bit of attention but i see all green here so i think you're going to be fine heading up to the 14th street bridge using 395. we'll take a look now at a live picture. here's 66 on the inbound side. this is at route 28 in centreville. no delays yet out of manassas to this point and over to the beltway. let's go back to the ipad traffic feature. on the north end of town i'm always concerned with the beltway. this is where it begins to get heavy leaving the 95 interchange to georgia avenue. right now it seems to be flowing well on the westbound side. let's take another live look if you're planning to head here on 270 southbound. a few delays now, a few blake
5:18 am
lights 109 to 121. this is where it picks up into germantown and headed down to the point where the lanes divide. later today in d.c., crews plan to break ground on the wharf in southwest. the 3 boy 2 million square -- 3.2 million square complex will include office, retail and public space along the washington channel. a 9-year-old boy in north carolina is being told to leave his favorite backpack at home. you see, grayson bruce and his mother say the school system told him not to bring a decorated my little pony backpack to school because it is a distraction. it makes him a trigger for bullying. so he posted about it on facebook and then someone made a facebook page, his parents did supporting him. at last check 45,000-plus likes. >> come on. >> he's a boy. he brought a my money backpack to school and he was being pushed down and beaten up at school because of the backpack. the school's response is leave
5:19 am
the backpack at home. >> the school failed. you never punish the victim. then they were saying the model of my little money why it was so endearing is because their line is "friendship is magic." and here-- >> what could be better than that. >> the school system is refusing comment. >> if they don't go to the school board and go to the meetings and force these people to change their mind or get rid of them, something is wrong with that community. >> it will gain steam. >> 5:19. the first round of march madness games in the book. still ahead, how maryland's mount st. mary's fared against howard's great danes of albany. time to take another look at the question of the day on our facebook fan page. the average american including howard eats 244 of these every year. is it a, bugs, b, hot dogs or
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5:22. looking at clouds. we do have a little winter weather advisory to the west with a threat of some light freezing drizzle, freezing rain. you see it right there, temperatures close to freezing. most of us are not going to see it but slight, slight chance. watch what happens as we head toward mid-morning with the showers approaching. upper 30s by 11:30 with rain showers on and off. that will be the case through much of the afternoon. highs today near 45. good morning. i'm diane roberts. happy wednesday to you. a quick look at sports. the first round of the ncaa tournament is well under way. some of you don't acknowledge what's called the first round. the play-in games but if you're one of the play-in teams, it's a different story. that's the case for st. mary's college. they got the big dance started last night. playing for a chance to advance out of the first four. halfway through the first half, peter hoolly with the lay -- hoolley with the layup. they go on a 15-0 round.
5:24 am
mt. st. -- mount st. mary's in the lead. can they do it? misses the 3. great effort by the mountaineers but not enough as they lose 71-64. >> we got into the ncaa tournament this year which is a goal of ours. our goal is always going to be win games in the ncaa tournament. we were making progress each year. i think the first thing i've learned from being -- [indiscernible] -- you've got to know you can get there first. >> the hoyas didn't make it to the big dance so they won't be national champs like they were in 1984. that from smith. he was on fire. scored a season high 32 points. ten rebounds. the hoyas beat the mountaineers 77-65. they did it from the friendly
5:25 am
confines of their home court. i'm diane roberts. that's it for your morning sports. >> as you heard diane say, georgetown is in the nrchlts i.t. it -- n.i.t. this year. the ncaa missed that. this is the official march madness t-shirt. it features georgetown's logo on it. what's missing? gw. who is in the tournament? they're in the d.c. area and they are the nine seed in the tournament. oops. we're going to check back, though, also with comedian and standup illusionist max major about 20 minutes to see what he did. desome predictions about last night's play-in games and did he get it right? he stuffed his answers inside a basketball. it's going to be pretty cool. you still have time to enter our bracket challenge on our website you can face off against some of us. we're picking brackets too right here at the station. you have a chance to win a 60- inch tv and some other prizes. a good ole fashion prank on the cam pution of georgia tech
5:26 am
university -- campus on georgia tech university. someone stole the t from the tower on campus. it's a tradition that started back in 1969 but hasn't happened in years since the school installed new security measures. two pilots, two different opinions of what could have happened to flight 370. >> and developments in two big local cases expected today. one in west virginia. the other here in d.c. we'll be right back. >> reporter: a scathing city report says a fire lieutenant who let a man die right across the street from this northeast firehouse now she answers the charge. details coming up in a live report. >> the beltway looks good here at new hampshire avenue. no delays yet on the outer loop of 495 headed for silver spring. all lanes are open. we'll be back with news, weather and
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welcome back. i'm andrea roane. 5:29. in a little more than 24 hours, it will be spring. it will be spring. it won't feel like it but it will be. >> we'll just have to get rid of the yellow alert again today. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. it's fatigue, right, from all the stuff? good morning, monika. howard, take it away. yellow alert for the drizzle and showers we'll have. it might impact outdoor plans or travel. freezing rain west this morning where a winter weather advisory is up. there's just the slightest chance of the glaze. let's go to the weather graphics and show you our day planner. we're looking at the showers on and off this afternoon. by 5:00 most of it is going to be east of us but still kind of cool and damp, 42. on our way to a late afternoon high 44, 45. there's your winter weather advisory west of town.
5:31 am
does include loudoun, virginia, frederick, maryland west to northern fauquier county. this is really going to be spotty, the freezing stuff, but it is a widespread advisory. we have temperatures this morning you see 33 harrisonburg. but mid-30s in most areas. we really got to be below freezing or at freezing to get that. here's the moisture coming up from southwestern virginia moving toward the northeast with spotty returns in western loudoun, northern fauquier and that's what we're going to be watching increase throughout the morning. let's go to monika because traffic has been increasing throughout the morning. >> it has been a little crazy. you know, for the most part, though, we're in pretty good shape as you can see here on our traffic feature. all green behind me. no problems to report on the beltway all around town. we're looking good inside the beltway. all of your potomac and anacostia crossings are innocent free right now. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like if you're planning to head first of all south on 270 in from 121. this is where the pace picks
5:32 am
up. it slow and heavy from frederick most of the way down 109 toward 121 where the pace picks up to the point where the lines divide. no issues on 355. let's go back to our traffic feature. if you're planning to head here across the american legion bridge, it's all green down into the tysons area. 66 is in good shape as well in from manassas and centreville. back to you guys. a judge is expected to decide today whether to release charles severance on bond. he was arrested in west virginia last week on a warrant from loudoun county, virginia but investigators want to talk to him about the murders of nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato all in alexandria, virginia. you can get the latest developments in those alexandria cases right on your cell phone. just text the word "alexandria" to 25543. the lieutenant at the center of an investigation into a man's death right across the street from a d.c. fire station
5:33 am
is due to appear before the department's trial board today. delia goncalves is live outside that station on rhode island avenue. this case is still flabbergasting. >> reporter: you may remember the story. it rocked the whole city, a long-time city worker collapsed in this very parking lot right across the street from engine company 26 on rhode island avenue. today the senior lieutenant, a 30-year veteran will answer to the charge that she failed to act to save this man's life. her name lieutenant colleen davis. she reportedly filed retirement papers but today will have to answer as to why she did not immediately react to the cries of witnesses and family members of 77-year-old cecil mills, a long-time city worker died of a heart attack later at the hospital. a scathing city report cites a rookie firefighter unsure of procedure reached out to his superiors who did nothing.
5:34 am
the lieutenant even said to have demanded an exact address but the call taker took down the wrong quadrant sending the ambulance to northwest instead of to the northeast location right across the street. >> if somebody would have just did their job that day, my dad could still be here with us. someone like my dad loved this city and when he needed them, they weren't there. >> reporter: that was marie mills, cecil mills' daughter who was with him here at the time when he collapsed. she spoke soon after her father died. today that hearing begins at 10:00. it's open to the public and the four-member board will determine the guilt or innocence of lieutenant davis. they could even recommend a penalty if that's appropriate. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, delia, live this morning. a judge has set aside the charges against two people
5:35 am
arrested in the death of a police reservist. they had been charged with possession of kevin quick's stolen toyota. neither one has been charged in captain quick's death. a grand jury is going to meet may 5 to hear about any other charges that prosecutors may possibly bring. a pentagon review of last september's shooting at the navy yard found troubling gaps in the department of defense's ability to protect its employees and prevent and respond to attacks. 12 civilian employees were killed when contractor aaron alexis opened fire. the pentagon report blames navy officials and the information technology company that employed alexis for not reporting a pattern of misconduct and disturbing behavior. that report recommends conducting better and routinely updated background checks and setting up a system to evaluate and handle employees who may pose a threat. it also recommends reducing the number of security clear answers handed out by -- clearances handed out by the
5:36 am
government. an embarrassment, that's what max even waters calls the findings into the november shooting at los angeles international airport. investigators there found different agencies struggled to communicate after a gunman shot and killed a tsa agent. a congressional hearing on the response is scheduled for next week. more than three million people have gone online and looked at satellite images of sections of the ocean in an effort to help find the malaysia airlines flight 370. that's according to this morning's "wall street journal." but while the search area covers more than twice the size of the united states, one pilot with more than 20 years experience says he thinks searchers from more than 25 countries are casting too wide of a net. chris good disfella wrote an -- goodfella wrote an article and he talks about the left turn that the plane apparently made after losing communications and says it's sort of a move any experienced pilot would make if there was trouble, like a possible fire in the cockpit.
5:37 am
goodfella points out the turn put the plane in line with the nearest airport with a 13,000- foot runway. the crew may not have been able to communicate if it was pulling switches and trying to extinguish an electrical fire. but not all pilots agree with him. >> pilots don't change their course in mid flight without getting permission from air traffic control. they had 12 minutes to talk to air traffic control, tell them that they wanted to change a heading for whatever reason and did not do that. >> the focus has shifted to the pilots of flight 370 in recent days as investigators try to determine just what happened to the plane and the 239 people on board. it is 5:37. congress gatt layings to denise jackson from the -- congratulations to denise jackson of the district. she's our fan of the day and winner of a papa johns dinner. she says i love watching your
5:38 am
wonderful morning staff. thanks for keeping my family updated and ready for a new day. >> good morning, denies. thank you for saying -- denise. thank you for saying all those nice things. if you'd like to be a fan of the day, go to our facebook page and click on the fan of the day button. make sure you link a picture of
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5:39. chilly and damp this morning. we've got drizzle and showers on the way a little bit later. out west already seeing a couple of sprinkles. above a thousand feet west of us. might see a little freezing drizzle or rain for a few hours. here's a look at our forecast for this wednesday. a cloudy and raw day, highs low to mid-40s. the winter weather advisory
5:41 am
till 11:00 a.m. a thousand feet or higher. right now monika and timesaver traffic. on the northbound side of 395 after duke street, the disabled vehicle was moved to the shoulder. a live look now from afar at the 14th street bridge in the downtown area where roads are looking good. no complaints so far. mike, back to you. >> thank you, monika. fernando witcher of district height, maryland has nominated some potholes in neighboring capitol heights for our pothole alert of the day. he writes, worst pothole in the state of maryland he says, the corner of walker mill road and karen boulevard. so bad, they put five cones in the hole. that's a big one. mr. witcher, we have good news for you. by the time you hit the road for your morning commute, these should be fixed, at least temporarily. they were caused by a ruptured water main so we contacted the wssc. they told us they would work overnight to repair that, patch the hole, put a steel plate on
5:42 am
it possibly. permanent repairs can't be made till we have more consistently warm weather. if you have a pothole that's driving you crazy and you'd like us to hem you get it fixed, send an e-mail by going to please include the cross streets and if it's safe, take a picture of it, too. our first -- in our 4:30 half-hour, you saw a magician make his picks for the first march madness games but not reveal who they were. >> how did he do? max major is coming back to reveal if he was right or not. >> let's see who's celebrating a birthday today, march 19.
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light freezing rain expected for our suburbs in the west. last night it felt like it was going right through the bone. >> the dampness. when it's humid outside. we've got the heat index in the summertime. the heat and humidity. we only factor the humidity with the windchill. there are some experimental things. >> this is winter in new orleans. >> cold and damp and raw. raw is the word of the day because we've got showers on the way. the light freezing rain, freezing drizzle, that's basically above a thousand feet in the west. that's where we have the winter weather advisory in effect till 11:00 a.m. i think we have it atop the weather graphics. loudoun, northern fauquier and points east, east and west virginia, this is mainly at a
5:47 am
thousand feet or higher elevation where temperatures are going to be boarderline 32, 31. right now we've got clouds over d.c. it is not raining or drizzling. it's just cold and damp. temperatures will be struggling today. 39 by noon with showers around. 42 by 4:00. forecasting a high of 45. that would have to happen late this afternoon once we can shed off some of the precip which at least in d.c. i think it happened by 4:00, 5:00. this morning nothing happening here yet but it's coming. see it coming out of the raleigh area and coming right up the blue ridge right toward us. more moisture coming in from the atlantic into norfolk. we have a few sprinkles in loudoun county, frederick. the west side of leesburg, point of rocks. we look to the south and west, nothing there yet. there's a little bit in western charles showing up. i do anticipate the atmosphere moistening up and more showers by mid-morning and will be with us through at least mid afternoon. let me go back to the temps. 36 in annapolis and easton.
5:48 am
we're above freezing by several degrees. it's 37 culpeper, martinsburg, hagueers towp. what we're looking -- hagerstown. what we're looking at in some of the higher elevations, bull run 31. 36 in philomount. ashburn 37. dumfries, waldorf 35 along with north beach and chevy chase. here in d.c. we've got cloudy skies. 38 degrees. feels like 33. but it feels even worse than that as andrea was saying. it's damp, humid, it cuts through you. the storm coming through the midwest, look at the heavier showrs south of chicago. -- showers south of chicago. that may delay a few flights this morning. the moisture is coming off the atlantic as the storm gets closer to us. the showers increase as we go through mid-morning. here we are at lunch time. west of 15 a lot less activity. mid afternoon still raining and starts to move east later on this afternoon and this evening. that sets us up for a couple of nice days. 45 today, drizzle and showers, yell loy alert. tonight down to 40 with a few
5:49 am
upper 30s. tomorrow 59, breezy, though. sunny and miler friday, a chance of a shower in the afternoon, especially north. 62. 65 on saturday but a front is coming with an isolated shower. then much cooler next week. in fact snow showers by tuesday. highs only around 40. here comes monika now, timesaver traffic with another update. >> these updates have been pretty decent i'm happy to say. it's been a long time since i could say that, that's for sure. southbound 270 of course you have your brake lights out of frederick. you're used to that at this time of the morning. coming down friday-70 most of the way to clarksburg and then the pace picks up into germantown and rockville. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like for you if you're planning to head over on 270 past clarksburg at route 121 down to the point where the lanes divide. let's go back to the maps and this time we'll check out the inside of the beltway 395 is looking good now up to the 14th street bridge. there are no issues on 95 till you hit springfield where it slows down to the beltway or
5:50 am
extending past the beltway on 395. we'll take a live look at 66 on our trafficland camera where on the inbound side just before this point there's a disabled vehicle in gainesville but it was moved off to the shoulder. lanes are open. you have the slow traffic into manassas and centreville and a little more as you approach nutley street. backing news from howard county where police tell us someone apparently broke into the columbia mall. sky 9 is live over the scene. police say witnesses reported seeing someone break into the macy's store at about 5:00 a.m. right now we don't know if anything was taken or if the culprits are still inside the mall. we don't know that yet. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along you to this morning. it is 5:50. we told you in the 4:30 half- hour about magician max major predicting the winner of the first march madness game complete with highlights. >> highlights. i wouldn't go that far. it will be interesting.
5:51 am
that's all i'm saying. >> he put the outcome and the highlight details inside this basketball. supposedly he's going to open this basketball and show us how he did. >> to be fair, this has been in your possession since yesterday morning, since before any of the games in the ncaa tournament were played. >> 8:15 we took away. >> before the first game was even played. you signed it. where did you hide it, by the way? >> i can't tell you that. >> we should get into this because i'm excited to share this with you. i'm going todo this very carefully for all of our safety. i'm going to get into the ball here. here we go. >> you've done this before i trust? >> kind of. right along the edge here. now, here's the thing. we're going to go right down the edge, right around and i'm going to do this very carefully. if you can just peek in, monika. tell me what you see in there.
5:52 am
>> i see a blue piece of paper rolled up. >> i'll let you see as well. there's a blue and orange. reach in and pull out the blue one. >> pull out the blue one. okay. >> carefully. very carefully. i want you to unroll that. actually, no, let howard do this part. you do the honors for this part. i want you to unroll that. share it with everyone. yes? yes? get a shot of that so people at home can see. i know you're excited because you went to albany. i know our aexcited about that but -- i know you're excited about that because you went to albany. the more interesting thing is you have the score, yes? what's the score of last night's first game, albany versus the mount? >> 71-64. albany wins. >> 71-64. this is the awesome park.
5:53 am
check this out. you can go back and replay the tape. look, look, look. open this up. unroll n. the score was 71-4. -- 71-64. read the first line. >> game decided by-- >> this is how it starts. for the bracket, ongame. >> you talked about highlights. >> i think the spread and the score is accurate as you can get for this kind of thing. here's the ski. as you have autographed this, we're going to auction this off to charity. it has my autograph. i also have a big show coming up. it's at the atlas theater this saturday. a 6:00 show and a 9:00 show. they can go to to
5:54 am
get all the information and tickets to the show. >> great to have you back with us. >> joining us on o -- join us on our facebook page to answer the question of the day. the average american eats 244 of these each year. is it a, bugs, b, hot dogs or c, eggs? >> one viewer says i sure hope it's c. we'll have the answer in about an hour. >> things are changing fast in crimea and ukraine. our colleague derek mcginty had a chance to sit down with the secretary of state to talk about it. what john kerry had to
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
cold and damp. we've got temps in the 30s now above a thousand feet west, maybe some freezing drizzle or light freezing rain for a few hours. as we head through mid-morning, the showers increase from the south. we'll see the showers on and off only 39 lunch time on our way to the low to mid-40s. breaking news now about the search for that missing malaysia airlines plane. malaysia just announced that files were recently deleted from the flight simulator found at the home of one of the pilots who were aboard the flight 370. attention has shifted to the pilots in recent days, particularly the time frame of the last communication from the
5:58 am
cockpit and the loss of the signal from the plane's transponders. we'll have more information as soon as we learn more on this. overnight crimea's defenses stormed the navy hacks in the black seaport. it happened as the region tries to secede to become part of russia. our derek mcginty sat down with secretary of state john kerry to find out what america's next move may be. >> i'm no diplomat but round one appears to be over and our side lost. >> i disagree completely. i think this isolated russia very significantly. we just had a vote at the u.n. the vote was 13 in favor of our position condemning what had happened and one abextension and one no, that was russia. russia is isolated.
5:59 am
the entire european community, america, other parts ever the world are outraged by what has happened and you don't win by being a bully and going in and living outside of the law. >> what are we prepared to do about it? what is europe prepared to do about it? >> we've already put some sanctions in place. >> that he ignored. >> they say that. what do you expect. that's what bullies do but the fact is when at the go home and their cronies and friends lose their apartments and their rich properties and they can't move their money and can't travel to places, this bites. and over time there's a lot more that will come in that will make a difference. >> ukraine is talking about mobilizing its military just in case there's more expansionistic activity but their military is underfunded. they don't have the arms. is the united states looking at helping them militarily as senator john mccain has suggested. >> we are evaluating all the options. the senate passed a bill in the foreign relations committee that includes some kind of
6:00 am
assistance. they'll be back next week. we're evaluating that. we have a number of other options but we're looking at everything. >> reporter: derek mcginty, wusa9. it is 5:59. it's dry and cool out there right now. >> but that is expected to change, especially for those of you who live west of the district, howard. >> yeah. we're watching a winter weather advisory for light freezing rain above a thousand feet till 11:00 a.m. even here we're expecting rain to be moving in a little later this morning. the day planner 35 by 9:00. 39 at noon. low to mid-40s. by late afternoon those showers pull away. mike and andrea? we begin with a look at what's making news this wednesday morning. the winning numbers for the $400 million megamillions jackpot have been drawn and to winning tickets were sold. one of them was in maryland. ukrainian troops are moving toward crimea at the first violent confrontation at one


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