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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  March 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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motive. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is asking a federal judge to dismiss most of the corruption charges against him and his wife. his lawyers filed a motion last night. it seeks dismissal of 11 corruption counts but doesn't mention two counts of making false statements or maureen mcdonnell's obstruction charge. the couple is accused of accepting $165,000 in gifts and loans from the c.e.o. of the dietary supplement company in exchange for helping promote his products. they pleaded not guilty and said all along they did nothing illegal. the white house is granting yet another extension to people signing up for the health care law under the new federal market place. the deadline for open enrollment ends next monday which is march 31, but now people can ask for an extension into mid april if they claim they at least started the application process by the monday deadline. in less than a week, the crowded field of candidates in d.c.'s democratic mayoral race
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will be reduced to one. a new "washington post" poll is showing just how close the april 1 primary election will be. >> the survey says it is a two- person race now. incumbent vincent gray against muriel browser and they're in a dead heat. >> reporter: one week out, two front runners closing in despite a cloud of ruption hanging over mayor vincent gray's campaign, he's held steady in polls in recent weeks. council member muir july bowser is surging. >> reporter: how much has to do with your message and how much with corruption charges, that cloud that's also hanging over this? >> people have been concerned about that for the entire last year that we've been running. and that's why we're convinced that they're going -- they want a fresh set of eyes on their issues. >> reporter: before the candidates get to the issues, they're trying to get to the voters. bowser's climbing steps, knocking on doors, introducing
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herself. tommy wells' staff is working bones and laptops and gray is busy being mayor. while they campaign each has in mind which voters they think will decide next week's primary election. >> people who are undecided are starting to decide. we talk to them a lot. people even who may have been with other campaigns are looking at our campaign long and hard. >> it's come down to a get out the vote effort. i think when you look at it, we have the most money left in our campaign. we've goover 700 volunteers that we're going to use the next week in order to be able to make sure the people get out and vote. >> reporter: they're calling this a two-person race. what do you think? >> we see a lot more donations, a lot more energy from volunteers, and frankly the fact that the others have really fallen behind and now it's top -- i'm the top three, i'm feeling very good that hopefully we've got enough time to pull this out. >> reporter: they're short on time but hoping they're long on
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votes. >> i think it's a tough race. i feel like there are a lot of candidates in the field and i feel that's making it it a little bit of a tougher race. >> if the race continues on its current track, it looks like voter turnout will make the difference. our bruce johnson has been studying the numbers and says if voters turn out in strong numbers, it looks like the election could break bowser's way. if voters stay home, that will likely work out in gray's favor. they'll have one more chance to separate themselves and that is tonight. wusa9 is hosting the last televised debate before the april 1 primary. the top four democratic candidates for d.c. mayor were all invited. bruce johnson is going to moderate tonight. it starts at 7:00 p.m. on wusa. we'll also be streaming is live on the web at we are looking for your questions so tweet them with the hash tag dcdebate. we have new surveillance video of missing 8-year-old
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relisha rudd and her alleged abductor on the day rudd disappeared. here's the 8-year-old and the man police are looking for kahlil tatum. it was taken february 26 at the holiday inn express in northeast. tatum is the janitor at the homeless shelter where rudd lived with her family. he's also wanted for murdering his wife. her body was found at a maryland hotel last week. there's now a $50,000 reward in relisha's disappearance. ten more bodies have been recovered from the huge mud slide in washington state. the death toll is now up to 24. more than 50 members of the washington national guard joined the search and we're told teams are still trying to ping cell phone signals in hopes of finding anyone alive under all of that debris. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: search teams moved in heavy equipment but they also had to resort to using their hands in some places to dig through the thick mud. cameras are being inserted into air pockets in the hope of finding survivors but the only
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thing search dogs seem to find are bodies. no signs of life have been detected in three days. emergency management director john hennington. >> i believe in miracles and i believe people can survive these events. they've done it before. they can do it again. >> reporter: this view of the mud slide was recorded shortly after it buried the village. it's at the base of a 600- foothill. seismic monitors indicated the landslide lasted more than two minutes and covered a square mile. >> what's your emergency? >> the houses are gone. >> reporter: it's been hard to pin down the number of missing. the current list includes names and descriptions of people spotted in the area just before the landslide so officials expect there's mistakes and duplications among the 176 on the list. ray smith's daughter summer was last seen driving through the village. >> reporter: do you think there's hope in finding people
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alive? >> no. the rescue efforts were too little and too late. there are not going to be any more survivors. >> reporter: the threat of another mud slide and more rain has prolonged the search and the agony. >> my son and his two young sons, my 16-year-old daughter went in saturday and they dug until dark until they were threatened to be arheed. they dug with their bare hands. >> seismologists detected a small earthquake back on march 10 close to the site of the landslide. they're still trying to determine whether or for if that played a role or not. students aren't just graduating with a degree deas days. -- these days. they're leaving school with a massive amount of debt. just how much people are borrowing and rehash on the debate over the growing burden. it's a good idea to add extra time for your commute. there are definitely slick spots combined with strong winds that are expected in a
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little while. it will make for a challenging commute. the first alert forecast coming up next. >> we want you to be our next wusa9 facebook fan of the day. head to our facebook page. >> click on the fan of the day button and you can win a papa johns dinner. make sure you link your favorite facebook picture of your face so we can put you on tv. we'll
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facebook. yellow alert on this wednesday morning. we could have gusts to 42 and slick spots. get ready for the sun and get ready for a windy and cold day. 36 to 41 for those highs. but the gusts this morning could get toward 40 miles an hour. sustained winds northwest 15 to
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25. we start with wind chills in the teens and 20s. back in a few minutes. go have 60s on the seven-day forecast but we've got showers returning as well. we'll let you know when that is going to happen. right now jessica doyle with timesaver traffic. >> thanks so much. the sun is coming but it couldn't get here fast enough. we have plenty of black ice on the roadways and that's making for some treacherous conditions. there's an accident . /-95 north of the prince william parkway. this is in woodbridge. at this point one lane is getting by to the right. that is it and probably because the slick conditions are potentially contributing to this so be very careful on your drive in this morning. over to you. benji vasquez is nominated wilson boulevard in falls church as our pothole alert of the day. he writes there are about 10 to 20 potholes loaded on wilson boulevard between arlington boulevard and north livingston street. he says he drives this route
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every day and every day he has to swerve to avoid hitting them. please help us get this fixed, he says. thank you for helping your fellow drivers to avoid these pits. if you have a pothole that's driving you crazy and you'd like us to help, just e-mail us at please include a cross street and a picture if it's safe. 4:41. time for the first your money segment this morning. stocks rebounded sharply on tuesday. positive earnings news coupled with a jump in consumer confidence allowed investors to shake off a two-day slump. >> the dow is up by 91 points. the s&p gained 8 and the nasdaq jumped about 8 oifntle -- 8 points. facebook announced plans to buy oculus.
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the sorry networking giant is forking over $2 billion this time around in its latest acquisition. oculus makes virtual reality gaming headsets. mark zuckerberg says the acquisition gets them ready for the platforms of tomorrow. oculus' is facebook's second multimillion dollar purchase this year. more and more students, undergrads and graduate students are leaving school with a mountain of debt. on average $57,000 of student loan debt and that number continues to climb, up 43% in the last ten years. there are few factors that play into this surge. schools have raised their prices partly because they're getting less aid from the federal government. some people lost their savings in the recession and now have to borrow more these days. also many undergrads are having a hard time finding work so they're going back to school for higher degree. bitcoin may operate like currency but the federal
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government says it is far from it. the i.r.s. ruled tuesday that it will treat it, this virtual money, like property, not like currency. the agency says bitcoin payments worth at least $600 will be taxed the same way that the agency treats property trks. -- transactions. some say the i.r.s.'s notice is a positive development because it legitimatizes bitcoin as an investment. we take a look at hot button issues on the campaign trail and one that affects every community in the region. >> coming up in the 5:00 hour, delia goncalves joins us with the emotional and financial price of homelessness. what it is costing
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hello and welcome back to wusa9. 4:45. just in with the breaking news.
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>> right off the printer. >> here is howard on this yellow alert day. you were saying yellow alert a lot for cold but the winds up to 42 mile an hour gusts? >> we will have gusts in the 30 to 40 mile an hour range the next few hours. they had 3.7 inches of snow at dulles yesterday. we had 1.7 at national. so this is becoming one of the snowiest winters. dulles, the records go back to '61, '62. >> it was also the anniversary of the snowfall last year. >> it is the third snowiest winter at dulles at 52.8 back in '09-'10 they had 72, 73. bob up in damascus had almost 40. his third snowiest in 54 years of record keeping for the montgomery county station. we're having quite a winter. hopefully it's done because we've had enough of this winter. let's see what's happening because we have a yellow alert
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out for the wind and slick spots. jessica has been talking about it. i'm going to remind you we have temperatures this morning in the 20s to about 30. anything that was untreated overnight has frozen. if it looks wet, treat it as if it is icy. could be wet. could have been treated but better safe than sorry. we'll have temps in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. it's not going to feel that warm. the storm that got us blowing up in the atlantic. it will produce gusts near 75 miles an hour across areas in cape cod, martha's vineyard, nantucket with 6 to 10 inches of snow. behind it we're getting some of the gusts in the 30 to 40 range. see it back here? a up scoff flurries and snow showers -- couple of flurries and snow showers. we'll watch out for a few snow showers there. we have a couple right on top of us and then this line from winchester south. let me just zoom in here toward bethesda, northwest d.c., coming toward alexandria right now. this stuff very light, drifting off to the southeast. there's another area of snow showers that we're watching
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from around cross junction coming right down 522 into winchester. try to go out route 7 almost toward berryville. we'll watch that as it heads to northern fauquier county, southwest loudoun. the winds are picking up. we've got in gusts close to 30 right now. manassas at 28. we're gusting 26 at andrews and here in washington, martinsburg gusting to 28. it will be the next few hours between now and about 8:00, 9:00 that i think we'll have our strongest winds. temperatures have dropped into the 20s in most spots. in fact, 25 in baltimore. 28 manassas to about 30 in culpeper. freezing for fredricksburg and easton this morning. yes, those wind chills, some of them are down in the teens. michael&son weather camera, visibility is fine at least here in d.c. right now. the flurries not showing up here at the capitol. 33. reagan national pretty clear skies but windy conditions gusting to 26. the current windchill 22.
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satellite and radar, this thing is cranking. the center is here. the radar can only shoot so far out into the ocean. you see the heavy bands of snow over southeast mass and the snow showers coming in. but the cold air, unseasonably cold air. average high is 59. we have a 36 -- we had a 36 yesterday. this will probably be one of our top ten cold marches the way we're going. windy conditions will give way some this afternoon. so we're talking gusts 25 to 30 this afternoon versus 30 to 40 this morning. lighter winds tonight. another very cold night. 20s if not a few isolated upper teens. tomorrow looks milder. we'll see showers here by friday afternoon. right now today is the only yellow alert day but we'll see if the commute is going to be impacted friday. we may go with a yellow alert then as well. 40z today. it will feel like the 20s and 30s with the winds. tonight 27 in washington. low 20s in the outer suburbs. 54 tomorrow. becoming a little breezy in the afternoon but much more
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tolerable temperatures. afternoon showers on friday, 62. showers likely saturday but sunday is looking better. sunday should be nice, not showers. that should be a sunny icon on sunday and chance of showers on tuesday. let's bring jessica doyle in, timesaver traffic on this slick wednesday morning. >> howard, the 60s can't get here fast enough. i know a lot of folks feel the same way that i do. what we're looking at here is i- 270. this is maryland 109 south. you can see the road conditions here look pretty good. don't let this fool you. it is very icy out there. we have two accidents that are this morning. let's take a look at trafficland camera. we'll talk about the first one. we've been talking about this already today. you can see the backup on the roadways. what's going on here is there's an accident at i-95. this is north of the prince william parkway. at this point only the right lane is getting by. so you can see that stretch already building up here. the other accident we want to tell you about, we do not have a camera for this. this is an accident southbound of the bw parkway. this is between route 100 and
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anne arundel mills. only one lane is getting by at the right shoulder. there's a lot of stuff you'll have to think about as you head out the door this morning but be safe on the roadways. i'm send it back to you guys. >> thanks a lot, jess. in this morning's health alert, a new study that suggests the white coat effect. both real and all too common when it comes to testing a patient's blood pressure. british researchers found that doctors routinely recorded significantly higher blood pressure levels than nurses who are taking blood pressure for the same patient. scientists call it ite coat effect. they believe a patient's physical response to the doctor doing the test, meaning it seems a little more serious when a doctor is there. researchers warn that doctors need to be aware of this because the higher reading could lead them to describe unnecessary medication. treasury secretary jack lew's surgery on monday to deal with a denined enlarged prostrate went as planned. he will be released from a new york hospital today. health experts say more than half of men in their 60s and --
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50s and 60s have an enlarged prostrate. there's a new clinical trial changing the way the condition it treated and this new approach may help lots of men with a very common problem. >> not being able to go to the bathroom, it's a big part of life. you don't realize it until you can't do it. >> reporter: 68-year-old ron simmons of woodstock, virginia first started having urinary problems ten years ago. as he grew older, trips to the bathroom both night and day became more frequent and more painful. what was happening to ron is a problem common to most men over age 50. he had an enlarged prostrate. the prescription drug helped relax the muscle behind the prostrate alonging ron to empty his bladder. but his prostrate gland continued to grow. >> i was at a point when i came here, i was on the absolute maximum dosage. i couldn't take anymore. >> reporter: invasive surgery could correct the problem but the side effects to that made it an unattractive option. then ron learned medstar georgetown university hospital
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was enrolling men in a clinical study of a new nonsurgical minimally invasive procedure called pae. >> i didn't think there would be that much interest in alternatives to be honest. >> reporter: dr. james spees is an intervention radiologist and investigator. he says the best candidates for pae are between 50 and 90 years old with no prior surgical or laser therapy to treat the prostrate and no prostrate cancer. >> the prostrate gland sos to be moderately enlarged but it cannot be too large. when we talk about glands, it's 50 to a hundred grams. >> i was at 97 so i was almost at a point of no return. >> reporter: using x-ray guidance, dr. spies inserted an artery and tiny beads were injected into the artery surrounding the prostrate blocking its blood supply. >> that results in a shrinkage of the gland and in most cases patient's symptoms will be relieved. >> reporter: the entire
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procedure took 90 minutes. recovery is fast and less painful. ron was home the next day. >> any man that could have the pae over any other procedure is absolutely a no brainer. you just have to go for it. >> while it could be an alternative effective treatment for most men with an enlarged prostrate, dr. spies says for the moment it's not a replacement for the current therapies. medstar georgetown is still enrolling participants for the pae study. we have more on our page under health. time to look at the question of the morning on our facebook page now. the average person will receive 965 of these in their lifetime. >> is it a, paychecks, b, oil changes, or c, bruises? >> post your guess and comments on our facebook fan page. we'll share those throughout the morning and
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timesaver traffic. we're going to start with an accident on i-95 north of the prince william parkway. you can see the volume already building up there. only the right lane is getting by at this point. we received a request from police. they're asking for a bridge in landover to get treated. this is the 214 and route 202. very, very icy conditions being reported there so be careful this morning. back to you guys. officials in oklahoma think they found a new sustainable solution for fixing potholes. recycled tires. >> it's -- it kind of makes sense when you think about testimony the product has been tested for a year on busy roads and highways. it's tougher, more resilient and it's said in the stod to actually stop -- said in the study to actually stop potholes from even happening. >> reporter: it's spring but we're still seeing this sign of winter weather. >> you're going to start to see a lot more potholes around the tulsa area. >> reporter: now there's a possible solution for potholes. using recycled tires.
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tulsa county is using nearly 4,000 old tires mixed with asphalt to chip seal more than 25 miles of county roads. >> it's a process that seals the water out of the roadway base which is where your failures come from. >> reporter: asphalt products turn tires into powder and blend it is with asphalt at this mill. >> we ship the product out of there to tulsa county. >> reporter: county workers pour the emulsion on to roads sealing the mixture with gravel and more tires. but it isn't a cure all. it's more preventive, strengthening roads to make them pothole proof. >> we do this on roads that haven't deteriorated to the point where they have big potholes or need to be rebuilt. >> reporter: it's been a year since this emudges was -- emudges was laid. so far so smooth. >> we're happy with the product. >> reporter: that begs the question if it works on county roads, could it --
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[indiscernible] and state highway? >> if it performs like we think it l we'll continue using it. >> we see enough broken rubber out there on the roadways. let's make good use of it. that sounds really good. thank you. good morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. it's a yellow alert day. windy and cold outside. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. monika is off this week so jessica doyle is stepping in for traffic. we want to leyou know a school delay with all -- to let you know a school delay with all this. culpeper county schools are opening two hours late. probably icy spots the issue. we want to get to howard bernstein. what's the latest we snowed here. >> april. i forget the exact date but i think we had measurable snow in the second week of april around here. >> the way our winter is going, who knows. >> weather wise, it's a very cold morning out there. winds are going to howl 30, 40 mile an hour gusts this morning. they'll gust to 30 this afternoon. lookat


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