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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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appreciative of you calling our attention to these. and please know our pothole patrol team is reporting the stretch of road to the transportation department responsible for fixing those potholes on wilson boulevard. if you at home have a pothole that's driving you crazy and you'd like us to try to help get it fixed, e-mail us by going to please include the cross streets and a picture if you can if it is safe. our time right now is 5:59. no more snow but it's still very cold out there. >> what can you expect? howard, over to you. we do have the cold and the wind today. grab the sunglasses but also a little time this morning. you need to scape your car if it's been outside overnight. many temps in the 20s. we'll only be 34 at noon. 37 at 5:00 with a high around 40. watch out. winds this morning gusting to 40 miles an hour. andrea and mike? we begin with a look at what's making news this morning. the top four candidates in d.c.'s mayoral race have one more chance to separate themselves from the pack.
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tonight wusa9 is hosting the last televised debate before the april 1 primary. the f.b.i. is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information which leads to the return of 8-year- old relisha rudd. investigators believe relisha was taken by 51-year-old kahlil tatum. a measure to limit the practice of shackling inmates who are pregnant passes. looking at the cold today. thankfully the sun is going to be back. we're not anywhere close to where we should be temperature wise. this afternoon we'll be in the upper 30s. making a run toward 40. we should be making a run toward 60 for this time of year. not going to happen. at least the winds will be dying down agent bit. they'll gust near 40 this
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afternoon. only near 30 in the afternoon. this storm pounding noarve ya scoach with hurricane force winds and snow w. very showers we're watching in northern virginia. you see it in the win chester area straddling the stateline, cross junction. a anyone line of snow showers trying to sneak in toward prince william county and also down toward the park and the valley. that's very isolated. temps this morning in the 20s to about 30 in frederick. 25 gaithersburg. with wind chills it feels like it's in the teens in many areas. monika is off but jessica doyle is in. she has timesaver traffic. we've had big issues this morning due to the slick conditions. >> absolutely. we've had a lot of pop-up accidents. what we're looking at here is i- 95 at row 123, gordon boulevard. the center of the screen. you can see here we've got the blue lights, the flashers. this is because we have an accident in the hov lane. this obviously is going to affect the traffic here. this is the crash in the left lane of the hov lanes here.
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now we're going to move into maryland, i-95, 495 at maryland 214. this looks good. i want to tell you east of this camera, traffic is being impacted by an accident at i-93 in lake arbor way. westbound is involved. this is going to affect bowie to d.c., very bad accident involving a pickup truck, something you'll want to factor into your commute. back to you. in less than a week the crowded field of candidates in d.c.'s democratic mayoral race will be reduced to one. a new "washington post" poll is showing just how election will be. >> razor thin. the survey says it's now a two- person race. incumbent vincent gray and council woman muriel bowser are in a dead heat. looks like voter turnout is going to make all the difference. bruce johnson has been studying the numbers. he says if the voters turn out in strong numbers, it looks like the election could break the way of muriel bowser. if voters stay home, it will
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likely work in vincent gray's favor. weather conditions southwest of perth, australia have improved and crews are once again searching for debris from malaysia airline flight 370. the search is narrowed to just 31 square miles in the southern indian ocean. 12 planes and two ships from australia, the united states and four other countries are taking part. last night a vigil for the 239 people on board was held in koala lumpur. 10 more bodies have been recovered from the landslide in washington state. the death toll is now up to 24. more than 50 members of the walk national guard joined the search yesterday. the rain-soaked hillside gave way saturday morning. officials say the operation is still in the rescue and recovery phase. they say the death toll will likely rise. the family of 19-year-old navy midshipman will mckamey says they're overwhelmed by the support from his classmates, teammate, coaching staff and the naval academy.
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mckamey died yesterday three days after collapsing during football practice in annapolis. two years ago he was hospitalized after a head injury during a high school game in the hometown of knoxville, tennessee. the family has not yet announced any funeral arrangements. more problems with petroleum. a malfunction at a british petroleum refinery has caused oil to leak into lake michigan. oil has already washed to shore in whiting, indiana. a statement from the bp refinery didn't explain what happened. it only said there was a disruption at the facility. bp says the oil was contained to a cove near the refinery's waste water treatment plant. a debate about workers' rights forces maryland lawmakers and advocates to choose hourly wages over paid sick leave. >> and the makers of one of the most popular video games in america preparing for their wall street debut. wusa9 is back right afte
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welcome back. yellow alert out for to reasons. one, winds near 40 miles an hour with gus. to, it got cold overnight so things that were wet have become icy slick. we'll check in with jessica in a few minutes. mostly sunny, windy and cold, highs between 36 and 41. windchills in the 20's. let's go to delia. this winter has been brutal for many of us. imagine if you don't have a home and spend most of your days and some of those nights out in the cold. that's the case for 3,000 chronically homeless people in d.c. the city has scrambled this winter to abide by the law and put folks in a warm shelter on those cold nights but with the family shelter at d.c. general already at capacity from last winter, city leaders had to come up without of the
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box ideas. buses were kept on standby. hundreds were placed in d.c. and maryland hotels. dozens were sent to makeshift shelters at district rec centers and that led to a recent lawsuit for unsafe conditions there. some of the homeless are addicts, mentally ill or ex- convicts. others just kids who never found their way and ran out of options. >> that goes right to something we never ever look at when we're talking about homelessness. socialization. i would call it social discrimination. we just innately do it. we have the thing where it's time for the child to leave the nest but then we don't even get it. the child leaving the nest just might be homeless because they don't ready have something set. >> reporter: i spent months on the street, many cold and very late nights interviewing the homeless. and those helping to get them t
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i even met a couple, a married couple who share a tent and even keep it heated at night to avoid life in the shelter. and we noticed in the last piece that they have a tablet, a cell phone, and it's not really a luxury. it's almost a necessity. it's a way to normalize their life but also kept them on the street because they've made a very abnormal situation normal. >> it seems normal to them. when you interviewed them, they looked completely content and everything was fine. >> this is what i realized throughout the whole series and working on this. you wouldn't realize and know people were homeless until you followed them home and you found out where they lived at night. a lot of these folks have e- mail. >> what are they doing during the day? >> they're working the services. many of them. granted, there are some homeless that we know have severe mental illnesses, who are in dire straits but there are many who are working the city services. they know where to bathe. they know where to get free food. they know where to get free
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health care. and they know where to get free lex turs so they -- lectures so they live on a scheduled time. >> what's interesting is your series is coming at a time when we're looking for relisha rudd and knowing her family was living in a homeless shelter. it's not just individuals but you said the married couple. but there are couples with children, young children who are in these shelters and we're all paying the price for not doing better by them. >> absolutely. that shelter has been at capacity since last winter. we have more and more families. so this has been an unprecedented winter in regard to the cold n regard to the families who have come to the district. because we are the nation's capital, we attract a the love folks here, folks who are now seeking shelter. it's according to law we have to give them a place to stay and i think that's put the city in a real bind. >> one of the things i thought was great about your first report, you took it to the numbers. $50,000 to try to keep each person alive on the streets but if you put them in a real home with a roof over it, it cuts the cost in half to the
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taxpayer. >> that's what brings it home for a lot of folks. a lot of us see the homeless people on the street. many of us think we all had challenges, right? they probably got themselves in this situation, whether it's addiction, whether it's family issues. >> in some cases that's true. >> a lot of times that is true but it makes sense, and we have the money in the d.c. budget, to house these people and give them services. >> but the mayor just said it's not the duty of the city to give them apartment style living. >> right. so it is a challenge. >> great series,
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in my coffee stash -- best day ever!!! #mydunkin" get a box of pumpkin-flavored k-cup packs for $5.99. share your story. #mydunkin welcome back to wusa9. it is 6:14. this is a live look at downtown washington. the snow is gone but the cold temperatures linger. >> it is brisk outside. depending on where you're waking up, your car doors could be frozen. >> yours were. >> we have delays this morning running at the bottom of your screen. howard will be up next to talk about the timeline of the way the weather is going to shape up today. time for another your money segment. >> financial headline time. i believe we'll start with property taxes. relief from property taxes could be coming for some people living in the district. mayor vincent gray signed a
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bill exempting long-time residents from paying property taxes. once this goes into effect, it will apply to people who are at least 70 years old, have owned their home for ten years and make less than $60,000 a year. later this morning, the maryland house of delegates is going to take up the state's $39 bill budget. house republican are against using money from the pension system to fill a budget hole. they want to restore the full $300 million lawmakers agreed to pay annually above the required pension payments. governor martin o'malley wants to cap $200 million. the state senate wants to cap it at $100 million and gradually restore it to 300 over the next several years. a bill which would require employers to offer paid sick leave is being crowded out by maryland lawmakers' efforts to raise the minimum wage. senator thomas middleton of charles county, says he won't bring the sick leave bill up for a vote. he says worker rights advocates told him early on the minimum wage hike was more important.
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king digital entertainment, the makers of the game candy crush saga will make it official today. the company is going public. it's raised $499 bill in an ipo making the irish company worth about $7.1 billion. candy crush was the most downloaded app and top money maker last year on apple's app store. >> wow. >> what do they do for a comeback after that? >> i never played it. >> i've never played it either. >> we're out of touch, guys. >> everybody in the newsroom is addicted to it. >> even my husband tried it. he said the grandson got him addicted to it. it's cold this morning but you know what? i heard a rumor that we're going to hit the 60s very soon. >> i think even by friday if not friday, saturday we'll hit some 60s. the problem is with the 60s we'll bring some showers back but by sunday, monday, you have a little vision. if you can kind of arrange monday off or sunday tee time, i think that's the way to go.
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consider that for a longer term look at springtime weather headed back to us. today cold, windy. sunshine at least. winds could gust near 40 miles an hour. we'll see gusts near 30 in the afternoon as temperatures struggle to get toward the 40- degree mark. won't even feel like that with the winds. we're talking wind chills teens and 20s this morning. 20s to low 30s this afternoon. the storm is pounding and i mean pounding southeast mass, cape cod, nantucket, martha's vineyard. near hurricane force winds. 6 to 10 inches of snow there. for us baltimore, harford county, this is moving toward the eastern shore. it's to our north and west around winchester just straddling the stateline with west virginia. we've been watching this persistent band of flurries and sthowrs from paw paw to -- snow showers from paw paw to north of winchester. on 81 between win cheer and the state -- winchester and the stateline you're going to run into a few of shows snow
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showers now crossing 340 trying to on into fauquier, prince william county, western loudoun but not having as much success. the winds gusted to 36 at national. only gusting near 23 now. we have gusts in the 20s. not too windy but near 30 in southern maryland with a gus at pax river at 29. so stump r temp -- so temps this morning are in the 20s to 30. that means everything wet an untreated has frozen all solid. you may need time to scrape the snow and ice off your car this morning with wind chills in the teens and low 20s. for late march this is a brutally cold air mass. outside we've got the clouds over d.c. here. some breaks, 31, feeling like 20 with a northwest wind at 16, gusting to 23 miles an hour. that storm system will continue to pull away. winds will die down tonight. we'll have a clear, cold night. could even have teens tonight and then tomorrow milder with a few clouds mixing in. we'll see some showers by friday afternoon. gem low alert for the morning for -- yellow alert for the
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morning with slick spots. tonight 20s, even upper teens in the cold areas. 54 tomorrow. becoming breezy in the average. 62 on friday with showers. may have to go yellow alert because i think the afternoon commute may be jeopardized friday with the rain. showers saturday, 64. we'll begin with a fatal accident involving a pickup truck. we're hearing one dead. so we're looking at maryland 214. the situation here obviously you're seeing a lot of backup here in the roadway. you can see the traffic coming through here, an emergency vehicle is leaving as you can see here on this camera. this is probably going to be with us for some time to come as this incident is investigated. we're being told to use 50 as an alternative to get through this area. this is westbound blocked bowie to d.c. very bad accident. you can see all that traffic there. we're going to move on to colesville at university boulevard. there was an accident here
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earlier this morning. that is cleared at this point so that is looking a lot better. and we're going to go into virginia at 395 at 14th street. crash on the d.c. side. so that is going to affect the commute. keep is slow. be safe as we make it through this commute. i'm send it ♪ [ wellington ] multimillion-dollar athletes can afford almost anything. ♪ but what they really want... welcome back, sir. [ wellington ] what they never stop loving. ♪ [ whistles ] [ wellington ] mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. with options like the sausage mcmuffin and the mccafé coffee,
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welcome back. skies looking beautiful but we have a cold, windy day ahead. we had gus near 40 miles an hour at 8:00. we'll take you through lunch time. gusts dying down but still near 30. this afternoon the gusts will be in the 20, 25 range with temperatures only near 40. back with the full forecast in a moment. mike and andrea? i'll take it from here. we're taking a look at the scene here at maryland 214. this looks good but i want to tell you there is a crash east of this camera and this is a very bad accident. it's a deadly accident involving a pickup. you're going to face some really significant problems throughout the morning most likely coming through this area. it's being suggested to use 50 as an alternative to get through. westbound lane is blocked from bowie to d.c. we'll continue to monitor the situation on the
6:25 am
roads. it's been very challenging. back to you. the last and final debate before tuesday's democratic primary in d.c. mayoral race happens tonight right here at wusa9. >> as it goes in d.c., the winner of the democratic primary will be the next person to leave the district. nikki burdine joins us with a preview of what we can expect tonight. >> reporter: it's getting down to the wire. a new "washington post" poll out yesterday shows to candidates in a dead heat, bowser and gray. but in the final debate tonight, that could all change. tonight's debate will feature the top four candidates. mayor gray, pure yell bowser, -- muriel bowser, tommy wells and jack evans. despite the corruption hanging over mayor gray, he's held steady in recent powells. bowser is soaring and still hitting the streets confident in her campaign, not the corruption surrounding her competitor. bruce johnson, our political reporter and moderator of tonight's debate says if the race continues on this track, it's the undecided voters who will make the biggest
6:26 am
difference. >> people who are undecided are starting to decide. we talk to them a the low. people who even may have been with other campaigns are looking at our campaign long and hard. >> it's come down to a get out the vote effort. i think when you look at it, we have the most money left in our campaign. we've got over 700 volunteers that we're going to use the next week to make sure people get out and vote. >> reporter: tommy wells says he's still feeling good. they have enough time to pull out a win. now back to you. >> thank you. a quick reminder, you just heard it from nikki. wusa9 is hosting the last televised debate before the april 1 primary. the top four democratic candidates for d.c. mayor all invited. bruce johnson is going to pot rate tonight -- moderate tonight. it starts right here on wusa9 at 7:30. we'll also stream it live on we need you. we need your questions so please tweet them to dcdebate.
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most of you probably didn't know this was happening but a measure to limit the practice of shackling inmates as they're given birth has passed. a similar measure passed the house of delegates. the senate measure would allow the practice only if it is necessary for safety. the state has already banned the practice from most circumstances in prisons but the ban doesn't apply to county jails. a maryland senate committee has approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana. the senate bill is different from a measure already approved by the house of delegates. the senate version removes a cap of ten growers who will be available to provide marijuana to people who receive a doctor's prescription. the measure is needed to get medical marijuana working. under the law maryland requires that academic medical centers make it available but no center has stepped forward to start a program. 6:27 now. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is asking a federal judge to dismiss most of the
6:28 am
corruption charges against he and his wife. his lawyers filed that motion last night seeking the dismissal of 11 corruption counts. it does not mention the two counts of making false statements or maureen mcdonnell's obstruction charge. the couple is accused of accepting $165,000 in gifts and loans from the c.e.o. of a diet supplement company all in exchange for helping to promote his products. the mcdonnells have pleaded not guilty. they say they did not illegal. the trial is set for july. this is a live look outside at 270. yesterday's snow just another reminder. this has been a very overactive winter. now school systems in maryland can begin to apply for waivers to cut up to five days off this year's school asked. yesterday the state -- school calendar. yesterday the state board of education voted to allow schools to waive the requirement for 180 days of instruction after so many systems lost so many days this winter. 15 school systems have already
6:29 am
requested the waivers. and the snow has come and gone but there are slick spots out there today. >> that is why we have delays running across the bottom of your screen. things are going to warm up soon. howard joins us live with more. it's all relative. we'll warm from the 20s to 40s. 50s tomorrow. we should get some 60-degree readings here by friday. the sun will be out with a couple of stray showers, flurries in isolated spot. let's show you the forecast. you'll need to bundle up. i have the ear muffs on and the gloves. a beautiful looking sky as we say goodbye to some of the clouds to our east. windy conditions. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20, gusting near 40 this morning. near 30 this afternoon. highs upper 30s to near 40. now windchills which will make it feel like it's in the 20s and 30s. the heavier coats, the gloves, the hats. you're kind of used to it by
6:30 am
now. there's the big storm pounding east mass. that's what brought our snow from 1 to 5 inches across part of fauquier county yesterday. one little batch of snow showers, flurries are straddling the stateline between west virginia and virginia coming out of frederick county, virginia, moving back through berryville and route 7 where 340 and 7 come together, north of winchester watching that. we've seen isolated stuff down # 1 from woodstock and south of sperryville toward the blue ridge. temperatures, yeah, not kind for late march. 25 in gaithersburg and hagerstown with 28 in leesburg. 29 at la plata and 32 in eastton. with those temperatures like that, we've developed a lot of slick spots so please give yourself extra time and a quick look at wind chills before we check in on traffic. they're down in the teens in most areas. lots of slick spots and even a fatal accident probably because of that. here's jessica doyle with more. that's right, howard. it's been an incredible challenging morning on the roadways. the bridges, the ramps, the overpasses are going to freeze first. they'll stay frozen the
6:31 am
longest. in those areas please be careful. we're taking a look at a bridge right here. this is the 14th street bridge. want to tell you the d.c. side there's a traffic accident and that's reason why you're seeing this kind of backup. now we're going to move on to our facial accident. i-95, 495 at maryland 214, the camera i'll tell you looks good but east of that, westbound is blocked, bowie to d.c. that's where the fatal accident occurred. the lane is going to be closed until further notice. use 50 as an alternative and we're going to end at i-270 at father hurley boulevard. you can see volume is starting to pick up for the morning commute. andrea and mike, over to you. >> thanks a lot, monika. time to see what our partners are doing over at cbs this morning. gayle king is in new york city. howdie, gayle. >> so funny. i almost started to say that when you said partner. hello, mike. good to see you too. ahead we are in washington state. the terrible story there. the growing death toll from the massive mud slide and new
6:32 am
stories of survival. and we have a look at the other areas across the country most at risk for a slide. plus, seth doane is in malaysia why the announcement was just made that more than 100 options possibly related to flight 370 were spotted on satellite. we're also on board a search plane this morning as crews fly through rough weather trying to find the wreckage off australia's coast and nascar's drive to diversify. we talk to daryl bubba wallace, jr. and other drivers about their effort to change the face of the sport. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00 straight up. have either one of you heard of daryl bubba wallace, jr.? i know the bigger names in nascar. that's not one i know. >> i haven't heard of bubba. >> thanks, gayle. >> you're going to meet him today. >> all right. another reason to watch. thanks, gayle. new surveillance video of missing 8-year-old relisha rudd
6:33 am
and her alleged abductor kahlil tatum show the two the day rudd disappeared. police say the video was taken february 26 at the holiday inn express in northeast d.c. tatum was working as a janitor at the homeless shelter where rudd lived. he also is wanted for murdering his wife. her body was found at a maryland hotel last week. the phish is offering a $25,000 reward for information in relisha's disappearance bringing the total to $50,000. the house foreign affairs committee voted to approve the ukraine support act. the legislation calls for sanctions against anyone who attempts to undermine ukraine's independence and stability. it also supports increased efforts by america to help ukraine law enforcement protect human rights. the senate voted monday to begin a debate on its version of the ukrainian aid package. getting full congressional approval for the legislation, though, could be difficult. democrats and some republicans want to add reforms to the international monetary fund
6:34 am
bill. most republicans oppose that move. today president obama will deliver a speech in brussels. he arrived in belgium last night after wrapping up a nuclear compute summit in -- security summit in the netherlands. he heads to rome to meet with pope francis. he'll end his week friday in saudi arabia. three secret service agents who went to the netherlands as part of the president's security team are back home because of disciplinary reasons. one of the three was found intoxicated at an amsterdam hotel. the other two are being disciplined because they did not intervene. this happened on sunday, the day before the president arrived for the nuclear security summit. naval norfolk station officials are trying to figure out what led to monday night's deadly shooting. we're told a civilian was able to gain access to the destroyer, grab a gun from a
6:35 am
guard and kill a sailor. >> i want to be clear that the suspect did not have his own weapon. he did not have his own weapon. he did not come aboard the installation with his own gun. >> the suspect had previously worked on the base and had the credentials to be there. we're still waiting for the pentagon to release the name of the sailor killed aboard the navy destroyer and the civilian who killed him. wallace lowe is scheduled to testify at a senate hearing on cyberattacks today. two attacks in the last month have compromised the personal information of hundreds of thousands of people affiliated with the university. good news for music lovers. the kennedy center extended the music director's contract of the national symphony. he'll continue to lead music programs for the performing arts center. the german conductor joined the national symphony in 2010.
6:36 am
he came here after leading the philadelphia orchestra. harpe. gratulations to nate is he our facebook fan of the day and can enjoy a papa johns pizza dinner. nate says i watch wusa9 every morning. it keeps me grounded. >> that may be one of the coolest facebook pictures we've put on tv yet. we'd like you to be our next facebook fan of the day. go to our fan page. click on the fan of the day button and fill out the form. you could win a papa johns dinner including a large pizza, chocolate chip cookie, bread sticks and a 2 liter bottle of sow today. make
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welcome back. bundle up out there. it's cold. with the windchill it's going to feel like in the 20s and low 30s. back in a few with the rest of the forecast. if any of you have school aged children and you're dealing with doing homework, this next story will get your attention. a father was so upset with common core standards regarding
6:40 am
math, he posted his opinion on facebook, including the problem. check it out. here's the problem right there. it says, the little boy's name is jack. >> it's a subtraction problem. the father says, dear, jack, don't feel bad i have an electronics gear which included extensive study and i cannot explain the common core mathematics approach. nor ge the correct answer. in the real world simplification is valued over complication. therefore, and he goes through to show you what the problem answer is. >> the simple way. >> which he solved in five seconds. he says it is ridiculous that it would result in determination -- termination if you use this in the real word signed frustrated parent. >> what the child got was the little humps in the beginning rather than just figuring out what the subtraction is. i've seen it in flash matt --
6:41 am
splash matt, the -- math, the app we got for the grandson. you said it wasn't explained well to the child or the parent what was expected of the child. >> some of the things that happen with the math that my son is going through right now is they don't expect him to get right answer. they just want to see how he can weave through but some of that is not ects plained so the -- explained so the child becomes very frustrated and come to you for help and you can't solve it. the whole family sits around the kitchen table chewing our fingernails. a lot of it so give teachers credit, they were given this stuff and maybe not a lot of time to get it into their ped goggle tool box so to speak. >> there are more than one way to solve a problem. >> my teacher wanted to see if if you got the answer incorrect how you went through it. she did not take off a whole point for getting the answer wrong. she wanted to see the process to help you readjust. >> and this letter comes on facebook. if you have some friends,
6:42 am
chances are they posted their child's homework on facebook. my friends have done it from states all over the place. indiana will be one of the first states to opt out of common core. we don't need the federal money. this is too ag saying for us. it will be -- aggravating for us. it will be interesting to see if more do that. n.f.l. stands for no fun league. maybe so. august is when preseason begins. you know some of our favorite players, they get into the end zone and then they spike that ball, dunk it over the goal post. well, no more. >> that's actually going to cause a 15-yard penalty now starting this season. >> a dallas cowboy back in the '70s with us the first person to dunk over the goal post. the patriots tight ends have done it. and now it's going to be a 15- yard penalty. >> they talked about the stability of the goal post because you remember during the
6:43 am
playoffs-- >> it throws it off kilter. then you have to stop the game. >> we'll see a few guys are going to go for it and take the 15. >> the coaches won't be happy. >> they won't be happy but i still think it will happen occasionally. >> august it will be back, football, yeah. russian space officials are reporting a slight problem with this morning's soyuz launch. >> a key d.c. attraction is going to reopen just in time for the tourist season. wusa9 is back
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6:45. almost 6:46 on this wednesday morning. it is-- >> hump day. >> it is. we're getting over the hump with snow we hope. >> it was a pretty snow. it stuck mainly to the grassy areas in the city. not so much on the roads but what wasn't treated last night froze up solid. you have a lot of cars with a lot of caked ice on them this
6:47 am
morning. going to take you extra time to scrape the windshield and scrape the whole thing off. a little hole is not enough. some slick spots, too. we'll check in with jessica in for monika on traffic. we've had some issues this morning and deadly at that. weather wise a cold day for march. temperatures will struggle to get toward 40 degrees. windchills will hold in the upper 20s to low 30s. gusty, too. this morning's gust will be potentially near 40 at times. we'll be gusting near 30 once we get into the afternoon all thanks to the big nor'easter. this has hurricane force winds that are hammering areas from nova scotia toward southeastern massachusetts. for us just a couple of flurries and snow showers are lingering on the back side here coming out of frederick county, virginia southeast into southwestern loudoun county. still a few flurries, sprinkles -- snow showers, not sprinkles for sure. this is all moving southeast. there's been somewhat of a persistent band north of cross junction, north of winchester into berryville. there could be a little coating
6:48 am
coming out of that. a few other snow showers out of woodstock, some of the higher elevations but that's t. a lot of us seeing clear skies and windy conditions with winds gusting from 30 to manassas gusting to 30 in eastton. we've had gusts in the mid-30s last hour. now gusting 23 here and also win chester. i do expect gusts between now and 9:00, 10:00, 35, even 40 miles an hour will be possible as the storm in the atlantic just deepens and drives the wins. temps are falling into the 20s to low 30s now. 27 ma than sas. 25 hague -- manassas. 25 hagerstown. across the bay eastton is 32. that's why we're so concerned with the surfaces that are until treated this morning. the heavy jackets, gloves, don't let the sunshine fool you. a neat looking sky this morning. still a few clouds off to the east. got 31, feeling like 20 with the winds at reagan national gusting to 23 out of the northwest. that will keep the cold temperatures with us all day
6:49 am
long. windy, too, as we said but sunny and dry. tonight the winds are going to die down. so are the temperatures. we'll be in the upper teens in the cold spots. 20s everywhere else. for march that is very cold air. milder tomorrow. a few clouds mixing in in the afternoon. we should be in the low 50s and then some rain showers will be approaching us here by friday afternoon. it looks like we'll have showers likely on saturday as well. so a yellow alert this morning for the slick spots and the wind, 40. wind chills 20s and 30s. 20s tonight. 54 tomorrow, breezy and milder. 62 on friday but afternoon showers. 60s again saturday, showers likely. sunday and monday turn nice before more showers possible by tuesday. not so nice has been the commute this morning. monika is off. jessica is in. the slick areas are really doing a number. >> absolutely. if you're planning on going out this morning, you want to notice, too, there's a lot of ice you'll see on your car windows. plan some time to scrape take off. what we're looking at here is the camera at u.s. 50, maryland 202. you can see the volume in here.
6:50 am
this is just normal beltway volume but we want to let you know the crash at 214 westbound, that lane is still closed due to a fatal accident investigation. use 50 as your all terribletive. you're going to face some volume there. now we're going to 495 at new hampshire avenue. taking a look at the volume into silver spring. we're seeing the normal volume on the beltway. we'll end in virginia. the accident on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge is closed. rather it's been cleared but you're still seeing delays moving through the area. mike, i'm send it over you to. 6:49. benji vasquez of falls church is nominating wilson boulevard in falls church as our pothole alert of the day. mr. vasquez writes, there are about 10 to 20 potholes on wilson boulevard between arlington boulevard and north livingston streets. mr. vasquez says he drives that stretch of road every day to get to work and he says please help us get this fixed.
6:51 am
well, thank you for helping to alert your fellow commuters about these and know that our pothole patrol team has reported this stretch of road to the transportation department responsible for fixing the potholes on wilson boulevard. if you at home have a pothole that is driving you crazy and you'd like us to help, send us an e-mail to please include the cross street and take a picture, too, if it's safe. time to answer our question of the morning. the average person will receive 965 in their life. is it a, paychecks, b, oil changes, or c, bruises? >> rose katherine young wrote c, which is bruises. she was leaning toward a, paychecks but did the math based on her work history starting with summer jobs. many of us earn paycheck before high school and during and after college. she picked c, leaned toward a. >> she should have gone with a becausis
6:52 am
paychecks, 965 of them i must begin my journey, which will cause me to miss the end of the game. the x1 entertainment operating system lets your watch live tv anywhere. can i watch it in butterfly valley? sure. can i watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system,
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it's time to...believe. the top four candidates will face off tonight in the final d.c. mayoral debate. mayor gray, muriel bowser, tommy wells and jack evans with one week left before voters head to the polls, tonight's debate is more important tan ever. it starts at 7:00 here
6:55 am
moderated by our own bruce johnson. yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that same-sex ceremonies cannot be performed till the status of the state's ban on gay marriage is decided. last friday a u.s. district judge struck down the state ban an unconstitutional. an appeals court issued a stay on that decision pending any appeal. virginia attorney general mark herring is defending the state's policy of automatically holding death row inmates in solitary confinement. a federal judge ruled it violates an inmate's constitutional rights. herring filed paperwork with the u.s. court of appeals seeking to overturn the ruling. the russian soyuz spacecraft was launched this morning from kazakhstan and is going to take a little longer to get to the space station there. was a problem during its orientation system and an engine burn which had didn't happen as planned. that means the six-hour strip will be missed. the capsule is carrying to
6:56 am
russians and an american. good news if you're an american are aor story fan. season four -- american horror story fan. season four now has a title. many of the show's recurring cast have signed on to the new season which is set to premier in the fall. get this. if you bought an e-book on amazon between april and may 1 of 2012 you could be in line for a partial credit. it comes after a price sixing settlement with five publishers. they were accused of forcing customers across the country to pay art facially inflated prices for e-books. the credit expires march 31 in 2015. we have a definite date. the washington monument reopen may 12. it's been closed for nearly three years after 2011's earthquake caused cracks in the structure. the final bill for the repair is expected to total $15 million. the national park service says they plan to hold a reopening
6:57 am
ceremonial. >> hopefully it will be a good day for that. today sunny and windy. we could have gusts near 40 this morning. highs only around 40 so windchill is a big factor today. in the 20s and 30s this afternoon. lighter winds tonight. tomorrow not bad, 54. showers later friday into saturday but sunday and monday looks nice. spring like and showers return possibly by tuesday. jess? difficult morning on the road. we're looking at a deadly traffic accident. you're actually looking at 95, 495 at 214. but we are seeing traffic impacted by an accident at 193 at lake arbor way. just factor your time into that. use 50 as an alternative. cbs this morning is next with more on g.m. and what they knew about faulty ignition switches. >> jeff gore will have the details on the first lawsuit against the auto giant. >> i'm going to be back with traffic and weather. jessica will join me in 25 minute. we'll see you then. news, traffic 24/7 at howard and i will see you at noon. >> see you back here tomorrow at 4:25. take care, everybody. have a great day.
6:58 am
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it is wednesday, march 26, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." heartbreak and


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