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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  August 8, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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hi everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web and the stories behind them "right this minute." a video is leaked showing a terrifying scene in an orphan orphanage. >> creating outrage.
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>> see who finally had the courage to rat out a big bully. security cameras catch a sketchy looking dude. >> that suspicious there. >> how mr. ocean's 11 pulls a smooth break in. aaddictive new game show to win book or look stupid. >> i'm going to make fun of you. >> now the host puts us a video that could be titled -- >> wily. >> the dude who got a zipper stuck in a sensitive area gets help from a sensitive friend. >> i feel bad for this guy! >> i want to let you know this is going to break your heart. it's creating outrage in egypt. this video was shot in an orphanage, and if you watch closely, this man, reportedly
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the manager of the orphanage in cairo, egypt is beating these poor children with a stick. one by one, he hits them on the behind on the arm, the hand. they are all screaming, crying they are terrified of this man. the video was shot by this man's estranged wife believe he's an aggressive and abusive guy and behaves like this with their own children. e sh shot the video because she wanted proof of what was happening inside the orphanage and posted it on line. it went viral on social websites and official websites and because of this video, this man has now been arrested. this is his official mug shot. he faces three to seven years behind bars in prison and his children have been transferred
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to a new orphanage to a better place. >> this entire time it was a torture house. that's what the man was doing to them. he was supposed to care for them but he was terrorizing them. >> kudos to the wife some suffer in silence, but because of the video, the officials are going to provide better supervision of all in the area to make sure that young people are taken care of and loved the way that they deserve. we see you. that's what we say about the two videos of two serial burglary suspects. they both do the same thing, they are on camera and try to cover the identity, but they have been seen. at this dallas home the guy is looking through the window. that's suspicious there. look at the window, not calling out, hey jack are you home? this guy does that three to four minutes, and the guy tries to cover himself up with a shirt.
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>> oh my gosh. i love this. looks like beevus and butthead. >> yeah. four minutes into the video, he tries to get into the house. first time unsuccessful. he waits 30 seconds, and then he does it again. and a third time. about the fourth time he's finally successful. or is he? so the alarm goes off, like, whoops time to run. >> this happened in england. police say this serial burglar is believed to have a weapon on him whene walks into theom looksik with the door or window here and then he walks back into the house, but he comes out and realizes -- the look is priceless. like oh that camera can see me. looks around like what do i do now?
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well after he's been seen he takes the camera but he just turns it around, doesn't take it with him. police are looking for him. >> they certainly have a great shot of the face. here's a debate. testing the limits of the law. what's right? what's wrong? steve rocco in new jersey has a camera and 13-year-old daughter with him. as he's inside the police department there's a discussion with the officer identified as special police officer richard racene called to invest saw him in the municipal building with a camera camera asking questions, i have every right to know who you are. the guy with the camera says i have the right to be in the public building with my camera. >> you can't have people walking in and out. >> yes, you can. it's a public building. >> the discussion goes back and forth. he claims he was there for complaints he had about the
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local animal shelter. >> my third and fourth amendment rights were violated. >> he wanted somethi about that. he's investigating that over at the municipal building but believe it or not, it's the officer that wound up getting in trouble in the video because of what he said. watch. >> i don't give a -- obama -- >> what's obama have to do with this? >> that he doesn't care about the constitution or someone's rights. >> he doesn't follow the constitution we don't have to. >> he should get in trouble for that. >> they have a discussion a back and forth, and eventually he's escorted out of the building but it was after robert saw the video there was an internal investigation against the officer. he's a retired police officer. he's on special duty working
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part-time. we reached out to the police department, but did not hear back from them by our deadline. this is just another day in row main ya. >> what do you call this? animals coming home. >> when the goats and the cows just walk right in town coming back from having spent the day out grazing. >> this is rush hour. >> this is rush hour. >> snapping photos joyfully. >> this girl is super excited. it's cute. adorable. they keep to their side of the road when traffic comes. >> are they trained that way? just natural? >> i think it's natural. at one point, there's a big old truck that comes, and it's going full speed ahead, and the cows and the goats just don't mind at all. watch this.
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>> oh! >> it's okay. >> baby goat. >> that got scared when the big truck came by. >> of course, that was a mop monster. watch this frame. >> here comes our cow. >> oh. >> little girl just loves it. i love that. right on cue. like, oh we have the tourists time for a show. >> cows followed by -- what's he called? a cow keeper, he has a whip. dooudude's taking on the milk chugging challenge. >> what happens when you drink a gallon of milk. >> why it gives this guy more than strong bones. and the snake huny for its own kind. >> s thi is a snake eating a snake.
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ladies i know you all consider yourself to be smart, intelligent women, but i bet this new show makes you look like idiots it's called "idiot test," that's ben, the host he stopped by a year ago, a kmeed yap, actor, a funny guy. >> if you get it right, you get the money in your bank but if you're get zero money, and i'm probably going to make fun of you. just so you know.
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>> all right. >> classic game show format teams of two people on either side presented a picture, a simple picture. you got to pick the right answer and the faster you pick the answer, the more points you get. >> what would the briefcase fit inside? >> locked in with 180 on the money meter, and read the question again. >> what would this briefcase fit inside. >> an airplane. >> usually. >> even if you know the answer, you do it so fast, you second guess your insingt and that does you in. >> to tell us about the show and who get the easy questions right and wrong, we have the host. who claims i'm the smartest and look like idiots? >> we have a lot of scientists and people had aexpected. there's a question where there's no trick, an obvious answer, and it sometimes are clever.
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it's a trick you don't see, and even when there's not a trick, you think there's a trick, and you out think yourself. you have to focus. >> how about you test us. >> love to. ♪ ♪ >> we're going to set this up in teams, us against you two. >> we got to. >> how much time? s. >> okay. >> here's the first idiot test. touch pie. >> 3.14. >> no no you missed it. >> wrong answer. >> ladies how many months have 30 days four five, 11, or 12? >> all months have 30 days in them other than february. >> that's correct. >> good job! >> i had no idea. i was looking at the numbers, like i don't know. i'm going to lose. >> that's why it's different than any show on tv. most of them test trivia facts
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or you don't know them. here you figure out exact same time the contestants are. i watch the show and i'm not bias. >> it premiers august 12th on game show network. >> a tip for you, the highest score wins. >> i'll take you to a wide range of emotions with two videos. starting with oh. just like that. first the oh. this is a snake eating a snake. tell me it's not its young. >> it's not its young according to the poster of the video, but this is, in fact, common behavior by snakes. there's quite a few snakes that eat other snakes and some researchers believe it's actually a good thing in the snake's diet because they don't expand their bodies stomachs or mouths and jaws eating another snake.
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he looks happy doing it. this video. oh, look at that, a beautiful butterfly in a container, about to set it free. the little boy, so cute wait until you see what happens. the lid of the container, opens so the butterfly can fly into the wind but instead, the butterfly flies into -- >> oh! >> go go go! >> leave him be. >> this is awesome because he stays there giving little kisses and, look there on the nose and listen to him. >> i thought at first he was freaking out. i thought he was scared, but you really see the whole, like experience across his face. >> he had the whole range of emotions and it flies away with pure joy in his eyes. >> bye! >> i'm going to start this off with a warning. there is a really good chance that after seeing this video,
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there could be a milk shortage. >> here to show you when you drink a gallon of milk right now. >> what are you doing? >> yeah yeah yeah. >> shut up. here we go. ready? >> no! no one can drink that much milk that fast. >> ha-ha! >> milk. does a body good. >> sure does. >>ed edgood. >> apparently if you drink a ton of milk you turn into a tall, handsome, muscular -- >> there's going to be a milk shortage because all those watching those now bought gallons of milk. >> shut up here we go ready? >> come on. >> you look like the rock.
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>> no, like hey, you know what would be funny? >> he has a good sense of humor. >> he does. >> abstract art made with a punch. see it made next right this minute. >> still to come a dude drops .trow >> no way. >> the story bind the dirty diy. plus his wife comes home in app hour but he's -- ♪ i feel lazy ♪ >> see the follow-upunny music video about the manly mess. ♪ my wifeom ces home in an hour and i'm a slob ♪
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welcome back everybody, and don't forget to check out, great videos all darn day long. enjoy! i'm sure this is not what they meant by do it yourself. >> no way. is this dude doo-dooing at a home improvement store? >> this is in the united kingdom, and according to the man who posted the video, he said quote, fair play for basically a $33 bet. he dare the guy to sit on the toilet in the do it yourself
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store. >> he went to the bathroom and it is disgusting and someone has to clean it up. >> we don't wknowhat he's doing. we don't see any evidence. >> i don't know if he made the bet to pull down his pants and i dot or act like he's doing it. ♪ ♪ >> he didn't even put a liner on the seat. gross. who doesn't love checking in? his wife kim, daughter lola and son, charles, they have a new video just uploaded and as it begins you realize that the wife kim, there, is in disney world without him. what happens when guys are alone? they make a mess. ♪ well my wife comes home in app hour ♪ ♪ and things got a little bit
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crazy ♪ ♪ my wife comes home in app hour ♪ ♪ and i've been lazy ♪ ♪ ladies wonder what goes done when you pack up and get the family out of town and leave the husband home alone ♪ ♪ this is the family free zone ♪ i'm eating chinese food from two weeks agoay tod ♪ ♪ toilet seats are up so i don't have to clean ♪ ♪ it'she t 4-year-old with terrible aim ♪ >> he's on vacation just saying going back in time to how things were. >> this is all true. this is really the mess that he had actually made while his wife and chirp were away. ♪ wow, this is impressive ♪ ♪ you should be cleaning. ♪ i'm not going to be here ♪ ♪ see you ♪ i can't wait to be home sleep in my bed. i missed you. >> you can get a hotel tonight if you want. >> why?
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>> because daddy messed up the house. ♪ wife comes home in an hour ♪ ♪ wife comes home in an hour ♪ ♪ i'm a terrible slob ♪ why he got himself in a pickle when he zips himself up in his pants. the pain staking operation to free wily's
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need your own icy air blaster because summer is hot? well guess what? grant thompson king of rap dome has an awesome hack. a lot of people have personal fans around your neck. he created this clever hack using that fan and basically rigging it and a regular soda can. you cut that can. glue the ends to the receivinge inging end of the can, and the can, you punch holes in it and put ice in it. you take the contraption with the fan, and put it over it. turn it on. now you have icy air blowing through the fan. >> a miniature air conditioner. >> basically. >> okay. >> if you want to take it a step further, cut a hole in the can near the bottom so when the ice is melting, there's a straw through it and you drink the water. >> that's clutch. >> cool off and hydrate.
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>> hard to understand what they are saying but not hard to figure out what's going on. [ bleep ] >> put the scissors away too close to the other guy's package. could be titled free wily's willie. zipped himself up in his pants. >> oh my gosh. this guy had to come out and ask for help. >> they lend a hand, but they get the cameras rolling. the guy behind the camera his nave keith, he's hilarious. listen to his laugh. >> oh! >> oh i feel bad for this guy. >> i can feel it. >> the man in the gray shirt is glen and glen is trying to perform what looks like a small surgical more than six minutes long and i have to let you hear some of it. [ bleep ]
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lights a cigarette trying to handle the pain. they try the zip approach and, boy, does he scream. [ bleep ] ah! >> every choice word comes out of his mouth. he's screaming. >> the man back behind the curtain before you -- >> the video ends before we free willie but based on the comments john wily is doing okay. assuming the willie will heal. that's our show everybody. thank you for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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