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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 16, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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its i thursday, october 16th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." ebola fears spread through the country. schools are closed. airports are on alert. and new details this morning about mistakes the government is making. a roller coaster on wall street as investor fears send the markets tumbling. and the nfl uses swimming pools and cabanas to tackle empty seats. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we are taking this very seriously, at the highest levels of government. >> the fight to contain the
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spread of a.ebol >> amber vinson, the second nurse is being treated in atlanta. >> who is this mystery man inwearg no protective gear. >> the plane she was flying on eiis beng d contaminatcontamina >> questions on whether the cdc has done enough to contain this virus. >> hurnericaza gonlo is expected to hit bermuda tomorrow, and in the pacific ana is expected to strengthen as it hits hawaii. >> the dow is just tanking on us. >> the broad-based selloff. everythingfo is r sale. >> the dow plunged 460 points and snapped back. it ended the day at 316 points. >> we ve an extremely peculiar situation. >> governor rick scott didn't take the pod fiumor five minutes because charlie crist had a fan. >> are we going to talkut abo an
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electric fan or education. >> an avalancheil kled some in nepal. 200 fear ed. >> all that -- >> a horrifying crash caught on dash cam video. inamazgly the driver survived. >> it tosses that guy across the net. >> and all that matters. >> 25 years has ended. the royals are going to the d worlseries. >> all right. where are you going to be partying tonight? >> party at my house, man. she's out of town. i've got a keg. >> the most powerful man in the world is black and the most powerful woman is black. okay. >> being able to give people a free car does not make your the
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most powerful. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. we begin the nationwide demand for answers about ebola. criticism of the government's response is growing. the cdc gave the green light for the second nurse diagnosed to fly commercial from cleveland to dallas. that happened even though she reported a fever. >> this morning she's in a special isolation unit in georgia, and we're covering the story across the country from new fears in ohio to the cdc in atlanta. plus, president obama's response in washington. but we begin with manuel bojorquez in dallas at texas health presbyterian hospital. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. texas health presbyterian hospital is now offering rooms here to 75 health care workers
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who are being monitored to possibleable exposure during the care of the original ebola patient to avoid even the remote possibility of exposing others. 29-year-old amber vinson was covered from head to toe in a yellow hazmat suit from an ambulance. she was taken to emory university hospital in atlanta. it's one of the four hospitals equipped to treat ebola symptoms. she's the second second nurse to contract the virus after treating thomas eric duncan. he died last week. the cdc is under fire after vinson called the agency after flying back. she reported a low-grade fever, 99.5. she was asked if she could board the plane. cdc director thomas frieden said in hindsight vinson should not have been allowed to fly.
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crews started the process of de contaminating vinson's apartment on wednesday. duncan was initially misdiagnosed and nurses weren't given clear protocol on how to handle the patient. >> we may have done things different if we knew what we know today but make no mistake. no one wants to make this right more than the hospital. >> reporter: overnight the hospital refuted several accusations made by annonymous nurses through a union. the hospital says duncan was never left in a public area for hours but was isolated. nurses did wear protective gear following cdc guidelines, althou although, in the beginning some were too large. lab specimens were triple
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bagged. they apologize for mistakes made. nina pham is hospitalized here in good condition. >> manuel, thanks. elaine quijano is at the airport in cleveland. she has a local response. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. airport officials are trying on find out who she may have been in contact with and there are now signs she may have been showing symptoms earlier than previously thought. the frontier airlines that carried vinson arrived in denver last night where it will now remain in quarantine. the company issue add statement saying they were notified by cdc that the passenger may have been symptomatically earlier than initially suspected, including the possibility of possessing symptoms while onboard the flight. a startle revelation as the cdc is trying to find all 132 people onboard that flight. the plane carrying vinson made
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five additional trips on tuesday before being removed from service. it started the day in dallas before traveling to cleveland, then ft. lauderdale and back and then atlanta before returning to cleveland meaning the number of people potentially exposed could be hundreds more even though they say the plane was decontaminated twice following vinson's flight. >> we're taking additional steps in the abundance of caution. a teach earth this skoal may have come in contact with someone with ebola. it's unclear if that person is vinson but that teach ler stay home until the health officials give a tull clear. while that school remains open two others are closed. she came to ohio to visit family and plan her wedding. three of those family members work for kent state. >> the three that are related will stay home for the next 21
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days to self-monitor their health. >> we're also learning that a member of the u.s. military that was on amber's flight is under quarantine along with his family. so far they're showing no symptoms. they do have the proper training and equipment if someone becomes infected. norah? >> thank you so much. four more airports will start health cleanings. they're newark, liberty, chicago o'hare and atlanta's hartsfield-jackson. jfk began last week. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. a fund-raiser in new york or political rally in rhode island but stay here to focus on ebola. what the white house does know
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is the public and members of congress are completely skeptical of the federal ebola response. he scrubbed his plan to discuss the ebola response and demanded better performance. >> we're going to make sure that something like this is not repeated and that we are monitoring, supervising, overseeing in a much more aggressive way. we are taking this very seriously at the highest levels of government. >> lawmakers in congress want more information and new policies. california democratic senator barbara boxer demanded help for front line health care workers. there is more we can and must do to ensure that every facility and every health care worker is fully trained and ready to meet this threat. boxer wrote thomas frieden, head of centers for disease control and prevention. house speaker boehner said the president should absolutely
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consider an absolute travel ban in the grip of the ebola even dommic. michael burgess, a medical doctor, questioned why visas are still being issued to people in the ebola hot zone. >> it should be stopped. i don't know how long but allow our medical personnel here a chance to catch up. >> questions about a travel ban and the possible appointment of a white house czar to oversee the federal ebola response are likely to be raised where top officials will testify. the white house has ruled out a travel ban and say it has a, quote, completely manageable structure already in place. charlie? >> garrett, thanks. dr. jon lapook is with us. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> they gave the patient the okay to fly even though she had a fever.
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a lot of questions are being raised this morning about the cdc. >> this is an agency that has had a great track record for decades but mistakes were made here and there's nothing wrong with trust and verifying. the cdc who got the phone call from nurse vinson who said she had a temperature of 99.5 had called him several times and looked at the chart and said you don't officially fall in the category of someone who falls at high risk. you have to use your common sense. you have to say the first nurse, nurse pham, came down with it after treating duncan. you know what? you should stay in ohio. >> at the same time they said we could stop it in its tracks if it comes to the united states and now we have these two cases. >> right. and i think basically what everybody's learning is there's a big learning curve in terms of
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figuring out how you actually take care and diagnose parents with ebola. dr. fauci said to us on the "cbs evening news," the people in dallas were not adequately trained. what do you mean they weren't adequately trained? that'seally not acceptable. another head scratcher, dr. lapook. was this video from yesterday when this nurse was being transferred to emory hospital? you see four people. and then the fifth person with the clipboard, he's in plain clothes. our dallas station called. it's not clear who he works for. the ambulance said he does not work for them or the cdc. it appears he had maintained a safe distance from the parent. does this make any sense to have
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someone in plain clothes with a clipboard when everyone else is in protective gear? >> no sense whatsoever, and i was just shown this for the first time a few minutes ago. i went down to the studio when we tried a frame-by-frame look at it. there's a point when he comes in close contact. that's not okay. fortunately nurse vinson is in a protective suit so maybe there's no virus on the outside there, but that's not protocol, that's for sure. >> thanks so much. the cdc said any american hospital can handle an ebola case. mark strassmann looks at how the agency is working to fix its mistakes and restore public confidence. that's hi ad. right now dow predicts another drop when the markets open. foreign markets are seeing a big selloff. yesterday the dow plunged as
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much as 460 points. it did recover most of those losses, closing down 160 points. senior business correspondent anthony mason is here. good morning. >> good morning, another rah. >> what is behind yesterday's volatility? >> getting the votes is slowing down in europe. even germany is slowing down. they're concerned about a recession. the federal government's plan is coming to an end. they're trying to adjuster to these new factors and say, okay, where are we now. >> they're worried that europe could slip into a recession. >> that's a real concern. our economy is relatively strong but if they slow down, it's going to affect us. >> some are pointing to ebola as a factor. >> that's affecting the airme .
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airlines. i don't know about anything else. it's a contributing factor. >> when you look at the past five days the dow has dropped 850 points? >> if you're in it for the long term, doing think you need to be worry. one thing now with electronic trading you can get acceleration in a fraction of a second. you can drop 460 points like yesterday in a breath. if you're not up for a risk, you've got to be careful. >> thank you so much. two powerful storms threaten the islands in the east. right now there are top winds of 140 miles an hour. it's expected to pass bermuda tomorrow. tropical storm ana may become a pacific hurricane tomorrow. it could reach hawaii's big island by tomorrow night. the death toll is up to 25 this morning from a series of killer storms in the himalayas,
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but officials in nepal say rescuers have found one american alive. at least 70 people are still missing after blizzards triggered avalanches in the tallest mountain range. the mountain is full of hikers from around the world. now to the war on isis. the u.s. is carrying out its strongest attacks on isis targets. and reports from syria say the air strikes have stalled isis on kobani. war plains led by the united states hit nearly 40 positions around kobe in in the last four days. forces say they've regained control of some neighborhoods. governor rick scott refused to come out on time to face his democratic challenger, and this morning the dispute is getting a
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lot of attention around the country. i was looking at this video myself last night. michelle miller is here with a story that could actually make a difference in this year's race. >> you bet it could. they wondered whether governor scott would show up at all. he was flummoxed over an electric fan and as you see, his explanation didn't quite cut it. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have a peculiar situation right now. >> the florida debate started with an empty stage. >> we have governor charlie crist, incumbent government and the republican candidate for governor is also in the building. governor rick scott -- >> but governor rick scott was a no hoff show. >> governor crist has asked to have a small fan placed
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underneath hitz podium. the rules of the debate that i was shown by the scott campaign say that there should be no fan. somehow there is a fan there, and for that reason, ladies and gentlemen, i am being told that governor scott will not join us for this debate. >> so democrat charlie crist, a former florida governor himself, jumped at the chance to have the spotlight alone. >> it says that no electronics can beused -- >> are we really going to debate about a fan or are we going to talk about education, and the environment, and the future of our state. i mean really -- >> the moderators were bewildered. >> this is not a platform for one candidate. we're hoping governor scott will join us on the stage. >> moments later scott appeared and the two candidates got down to business. in the end, crist kept the fan.
7:19 am
>> why not. you know? is there anything wrong with being comfortable? i don't tlink is. >> and governor scott, why a delay coming out over a fan. >> we feared he wasn't going to show up. he said he wasn't going to come to the debate. >> well, the latest tampa bay times poll say these two men are in a dead heat tied at 40%. voting has already begun and early in-person voting starts on monday. >> thanks. charlie, when i look at this video last night, this is why voters are so fed up with politics. >> we'll see what happens there. t's 7:19. we've got more straight ahead here on "cbs this morning"
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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according to a researchers at harvard, success doesn't lead to happiness, but happiness leads to success. the researcher reached this discovery after reading his grandmother's throw pillow. >> it's actually pretty well researched. welcome back to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. jeff glor is with us. good morning. >> very good to be here, guys. >> nice to have you. >> we saw conan o'brien joking with them but the university is dealing with more serious matters. an attempt to stop sexual assaults is coming under fire. rikki klieman is in studio 57. >> also coming up in this half
7:31 am
hour a culture war over video games and women turned ugly. you're going to hear from the critics threatened with death. that's ahead. bloomberg says lockheed martin has announced major breakthrough in nuclear fusion. the defense contractor is developing a reactor small enough to fit on a truck. it would generate enough energy to light 80,000 homes. apple is expected to unveil its new ipad today in california. leaked images of an ipad air 2 and ipad mini 3 showed up yesterday. it offers fingerprint scanning and better cameras. "usa today" says hbo will off launch a standalone service.
7:32 am
shares fell 26% to $331. the "new york post" looks at illegal listings on airbnb in the city. they release a report today. it finds that three-quarters of all the listings on the home listing service violate zoning laws or some other laws. the violations cheat the city out of millions in tax revenue that report says. >> "the new york times" says cdc is tightening protective guidelin guidelines. it included one pair of gloves to a neck to mid-size gown. now two pair of gloves are required, a suit that cover you from neck to leg and a full body suit that offers an air supply. >> they say the nation's health
7:33 am
care system would contain the virus. with two nurses being infected, that tone is changing. mark has more. good morning. >> good morning. the cdc has taken a lot of criticism including from nurses in dallas who say they didn't have the tropper training or proper protective ee equipment. even the cdc is taking corrective steps. coc director thomas frieden was ennfidt about containing the ebola threat. >> virtually any hospital in this country can do isolation for ebola. we have no doubt we'll stop it in its tracks in texas. >> reporter: duncan died october 8th. two of his nurses now have the virus and more than 100 other people may have been exposed. the cdc is under fire for improperly prepared hospitals nationwide including texas
7:34 am
health presbyterian in dallas. >> as far as i can tell, there wasn't training there. the cdc could have helped with that, but i don't think they realized the mistake. >> they should have been mobilized right away. something the agency will do from now on. the cdc wants to better train u.s. carolinaishials to treat ee b bow la patients. >> what we're doing is giving people the practice here so that they can have appropriate confidence. >> reporter: on wednesday a national nurses union complained proper protocols were lacking even at major hospitals like dallas's texas health presbyterian. >> the hospital allowed those interacting with mr. duncan to take kaur of other patients
7:35 am
though they didn't have the proper equipment while taking care of mr. duncan r throughout duncan's stay the hospital followed cdc guide lilines and y used the right broke textive gear. but no o knows how the two became sick. >> thank you so much. harvard university yo overhauled its policy on sexual assault. the new ones offer a lower standard of proof. this week they called on the school to change that policy. they say the new procedure, kwoek, lacks the most basic elements of fairness and due process. >> we think this is one-sided. >> elizabeth bartholet signed
7:36 am
it. it lacks the ability to show evidence and get legal representation. >> it's very important that we're not improperly disciplining students and in the law school make sure we're not destroying somebody's future career based on facts that are simply wrong. >> but public policy students like rory say victims also deserve strong protection and would welcome an even tougher sexual misconduct policy. >> students should be able to continue their education without being scared of who they're going to see in the library. >> reporter: harvard enacted the policy in july after being told they mishandled complaints since 2009. in a statement harvard defended the policy saying, quote, the
7:37 am
university is confident that the policy and procedures meet their promise of a thoughtful, fair, and consistent approach to these profoundly complex and sensitive situations. >> cbs news analyst ricky clee mans prosecuted sexual crimes in massachusetts. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> they say colleges and universities are not doing a good job when it comes to sexual harassment. how is harvard's policy different? >> it changed along with the department of education, the u.s. government asking colleges to change. so when you havereponderance of the evidence. that could, according to that profedor we just watched, that could ruin someone's mind. in a criminal court the preponderance of the evidence goes all the way up to beyond a
7:38 am
reasonable doubt it's a university. why can't the standard be lower? >> certainly it can be lower. they say they want to protect women and mem from sexumen from asauce mlt. the standard of proof was clear and convincing evidence. that's between that big proof beyond a reasonable doubt and the tiny weather. so what the law school professors are saying who are interested in protecting women but not at the rights of the accused. >> but the previous policy didn't work. >> the previous policy definitely didn't work. so what we really want here is something that's fair and balanced. i'm not saying that the law professors are right or that the university is right or the students say it. they want yes means yes.
7:39 am
it's an over protective policy to some. what do we want? a neutral person to decide this. that person wants to comply with title ix. that person wants to please the federal government. that's the investigator, the prosecutor, and the judge. >> just because the old policy worked dunce mean the new one will. yo have harvard law school there. why don't you consult the folks at harvard? >> they probably have the greatest minds in the country, i don't doubt that. but the university is bag universieua big university. perhaps they consciously decided they didn't want to talk to the law professors at harvard or perhaps they didn't have enough time. >> rikki klieman, thanks very much. an downline argument over video games threatens to turn into real violence.
7:40 am
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electorate utah canceled this week. the school receive add threat of a large shooting. jericka duncan is here with more. good morning. >> good morning. media critic planned to give a speech at the utah college on the depiction of women in video games. sarkisian's writings call for gaming changes in the video world and have now made her a target. in her video blog she speaks out about the way women are unfairly portrayed in video games. >> women are often a damsel in distress or helpless in some way or highly sexualized and sort of created to be these male fantasies. >> she planned to speak on the topic at utah state university
7:45 am
before the school received app anonymous letter talking about a massacre. i have at my disposal a semiautomatic rifle, multiple pistols, and a collection of pipe bombs. this will be the deadly else school shooting in american history. c sarkisian canceled her appearance. it's the latest in what is known as gamergate. on one side mostly female critics and their supporters asking for more diverse representation of women and games. on the other, traditionalist gamers who oppose additional changes. >> gamergate is what i call a sexist tell per tantrum. it's a group of mostly men, male gamers, who are attacking women. >> so called gamergators harass their critics in online post using language mostly too graphic to show here. another target of game per gate
7:46 am
is brianna wu who received online death threats and was forced to leave her house. >> so i think you have a culture of an industry that's been told from the top down this is safe for boys and men. >> reporter: the entertainment software association reports that women make up 48% of the gaming community. sarkisian and wu hope that will force a change in the industry. >> women are asking for more diversity and equality are being attacked in vicious games. it's almost like they're going to take their games away. >> they argue their first amendment rights are being challenged bizar by it. >> you weren't able to show the worst stuff it's absolutely brutal. very violent. this woman looked at 30 vig owe games and looking at the blog
7:47 am
you understand why she's speaking out. and others are too. >> thank you so much. ahead, >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by mazola. mazola makes it better. [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much.
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it is thursday, october 16th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the mixed messages on ebola. dr. david agus looks at how mistrust of the government is fireading the virus. rst a leak ook at your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> health officials here are trying to determine just who amber vinson came into contact with in ohio. >> a lot of people are raising questions about the cdc. >> this is an agency has had great track record for decades but mistakes have been made
8:01 am
here. >> m thearket is trying to find the bottom. it's trying to adjust to the new factors and say, okay, where are we now. >> the rules of the debate i was shown by the scott cigampan say that there should be no fan. >> this is exactly why voters are so fed up with politics. >> exactly right. >> it's very important to make sure that we're not improperly disciplining students. >> students should be able to continue their education without being scared of who they're going to see in the library. >> gamergate is temper tantrum. it's a group of mostly men, male gamers, who are attacking women. >> hey, we've got a sniper. >> one of the marines is hit in the head, but the kevlar in his helmet protected him. >> bill, exactly where are you going? >> i don't know. >> running like a crazy man. >> this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 presented by walgreens.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and jeff glor. gayle king is off. an ebola patient is isolated this morning in atlanta. 29-year-old amber vinson is being treated in atlanta. her diagnosis coming nearly a week after duncan's virus. she arrived in the hospital last night. she's the fourth ebola patient admitted there. >> she rorpt aeported her fevere cdc but she was allowed to board the plane because she wasn't, quote, high risk. she alerted them before she flew back on monday. the same plane made five more trips before being taken out of service. right now that jet is in denver. it's undergoing a fourth cleaning before passengers can board again. the flight crew is on paid leave
8:03 am
so they can monitor their own health. >> what officials say about this outbreak is shrinking. until yesterday tom frieden stayed on message. >> the bottom line is that we're stopping ebola in its tracks in dallas. >> we know how to stop ebola, we will do it here. >> we know how to stop ebola. >> the bottom line is we're stopping this in its tracks in the u.s. >> we have no doubt we'll stop it in its tracks in texas. >> our dr. agus is in los angeles. good morning. every day new developments. do they need to change their approach? >> good morning, jeff. i think they do. the problem is when you make these bold statements and then backtrack, there's mistrust among the public. they say the fever, you have to have 101.5 to have symptomatic ebola and spread it.
8:04 am
that was changed to 100.4 over the last day or so. so when the data changed and yet they still make these bold statements, people looked and said, who do i trust. >> i want to show you again, dr. agus, this video that was very disturbing as they fitness fehred nurse vinson from dallas to atlanta's emerory university hospital. they're all wearing hazmat suits but look at the guy carrying the clipboard with no protection. what's that about? >> clipboard guy as he's being called, what they say and what they do aren't always the same thing. the public is starting to roll its eyes. the dirty matter is cdc is not in charge. it's local health officials. they're there but they're not in
8:05 am
charge. when they say every hospital is prepared and at the same time they're shipping this heroic nurse from texas to atlanta, why is that happening? we need real transparency here. >> the president clearly understands this and he's hearing this and he's called off some trips he was going to take. what was essential for presidential leadership at this time? >> it's very essential to be honest and transparent with what's going on. this virus has been around for a long time, but we don't truly understand how it's transmitted. you know, this duncan was in his house with his family members for a couple of days being symptomatic with bloody sheets all over the place, and yet his family hasn't been infected with the virus and these nurses who took the precaution did. how do we explain that? >> we need real leadership and transparency and honesty if we're going to make an impact in stopping this virus. >> good to see you. thank you so much. college basketball teams are getting ready for the new teams.
8:06 am
one is moving up its new game otherwise they might never get the chance to take the court. vladimir duthiers is here with the report. good morning. >> good morning. lauren hill was receiving heartbreaking news. now her school is giving her a reason to smile and she's fulfilling the dream of a lifetime. >> the roar of the crowd and bouncing of the balls and the squeaking of the shoe, i can't wait to be standing on this basketball uniform with the number 22. >> lauren's game will be her first and her last. the 19-year-old has terminal brain cancer. she was diagnosed last fall after suffering vertigo and dizziness on the high school team i wasn't keeping up with the other girls. my ball handling was sloppy. i was tired. then i figured it was because i was out of shape. >> an mri revealed that laura had an inoperable brain tumor
8:07 am
snow i never gave up for a second, even though they told me i have a terminal diagnosis. >> laura was able to rejoin her teammates for a year. but last month a follow-up mri confirmed the worst i knew in the back of my mind it had grown. >> doctors told laura she has months to live. >> there's nothing to say. i can't do anything. >> she was a huge gift from god, and if he takes her back, then we'll have to deal with it, but while we had her for 19 years, she was ours. >> lauren has continued to celebrate life and thanks to the ncaa, lauren's dream of playing in a college basketball game will come true. the mt. st. joseph's team has been moved up to november 2nd. lauren will be joining her teammates on the court wearing herr number 22 just for this one game. >> i'm not scared of leaving,
8:08 am
you know, not being here, because i won't be here, but the people i worry about are the people i'm leaving behind. >> lauren's story was so moving and there's such an interesting seeing her play, they may move the game to a bigger venue. >> oh. >> heartbreaking story but such courage. >> i think they're going to move it to a bigger venue. >> i think so. ahead here on "cbs this morning," tara narula is here with new research. see
8:09 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. . luring football plans with a dip after a drop in attendance. >> for the nfl this season
8:10 am
filling up all these empty seats is about more than just the game. it's about the experience like having a swimming pool inside the football stadium. i'm mark strassmann and that's the story coming up on "cbs this morning." ok who woh, i do!t rolls? (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) thanks carol! (electric hedge trimmer) everybody loves the sweet, fluffy deliciouslness of king's hawaiian bread. introducing new listerine® healthy white™.
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in our "morning rounds," the bottom line on weight loss. the new study challenges the idea that gradual weight loss is better for lodng-term success than a crash diet. tara narula joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this. this is another diet myth debunked. what did we learn? >> that's right. we learned if you lose quickly rather than slowly, who's likely t regain the weight. there were two groups. one was given a very low calorie
8:15 am
diet and they watched them over 12 weeks and saw they lost 12.5%. the second was given a moderate diet. while the lower group was easier. when you looked over three years both groups regained almost all the weight they lost. 70% of both groups. >> i don't know of anyone who said losing weight very quickly is a good idea. >> there are definitely risks that come with that. you can reduce skin changes, hair changes, cold intolerances, electrolyte imbalances, fatigue, and gallstones which one of the patients in this study developed. >> why do the number of people who diet and then regain it, what's the problem? >> obvious lit ee hard to make the lifestyle changes. >> discipline. discipline. something we all struggle with every day, right? with exercise and weight. >> i assume it's like other addictions yochl ire addicting
8:16 am
to food or alcohol or drugs. >> and you get addicted to working out. >> but there's physiologic changes that happen in the body, too, that we don't always talk about and the body has almost an internal thermostat that can sometimes work against us. there's a body weight the body thinks it's supposed to main tape. it tries to get you back to that point. >> how do you know what that is? >> that's determined from when you're younger and that's why obesity is a disease that develops over a lifetime and you really try to target kids to make these eating choices occur at a young age so you don't have to battle the thermostat when you're older. >> preaching to the choir. >> thank you very much. coming up, you're reinventing the salmon run. see why fish are blasting through tubes at 30 feet a second. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> a salmon cannon. >> yes. >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by campbell's.
8:17 am
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continues tonight on cbs. the jets take on the patriots at the nfl is a robust $10 billion business, but as mark strassmann reports, many of the leagues' 32 teams are facing a new challenge, getting fans off the couch and back in the stands.
8:21 am
the jacksonville jaguars are 0-6 this season and haven't had a winning record since 2007. their history of losing has hurt attendance, so this year the team decided to reinvent the experience of coming to a game. just look toward the end zone. yep. those swimming pools are inside the stadium. >> a little different. >> it's different. whether else can you experience this? >> all across the nfl proving that in-stadium fan experience is a priority. >> the nfl has to figure out a way to strike a balance that will keep people coming to the stadium while at the same time not undermining the experience at home. >> he studies the business of professional sports. >> that's what they're struggling with. how can we make this experience memorable, unforgettable, how
8:22 am
can we create an ambiance that will bring people back to the stadium. >> to meet that challenge, the league has encouraged franchises to customize venues, everything from food to wi-fi connectivity. the new england patriots have sold out every home game they've played since 194. they partially credit stadium upgrades like allowing fans to watch instant replays on their phones. and levi's stadium, the brand-new home of the san francisco 49ers has 1200 why fi wi-fi access points, some built beneath their seats but not everyone can build a new stadium. this stadium is 20 years old and last year's attendance fell. the jaguars' president showed us
8:23 am
razzle dazzle that the team made this year. >> we have to show them it's a better experience than staying at home and watching on tv. >> reporter: the franchise spent $63 million at everbank field. any fan from any seat can't miss the action and the replays and thanks to social media can see themselves too. in the south end zone the jags built a fan cave to attempt the booming market of fannity fans a. the fans can reserve a table for four. the jags said they removed 7,700 seats and built football for floridians. there are two pools with lifeguards that look out on the
8:24 am
field. there's something for everybody. part pool, part nightclub, part sports bar. oh, yeah. there's also a football game going on here. >> do they focus more on the game or the experience? >> we've got to make sure there's the proper value for our fans. when they spend their harder and money to come here in jacksonville that they believe they're getting a great value in return. >> reporter: but as any fan knows there's nothing like a winning team to sell out a stadium. for "cbs this morning" mark strassmann, jacksonville, florida. >> i wonder if we can install the pool instudio. >> i wasn't thinking that. what fans go-go to see is great game with great players. >> it's tough to get there when you can get the experience at home with a giant tv. >> yeah. we're counting down the football coverage. giant and pats beginning at 7:30 eastern right here on cbs. >> he helped turn t
8:25 am
8:26 am
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wonder where you're going to be partying tonight. >> i'm going to party at my mom's house. >> all right. is everybody invited? >> party at my mom's. she's out of town. i've got to a keg it's going be sweet. >> a party at his mom's house tonight. we send it back you do. >> $5 cover. >> $5 cover. why not. paul rudd. i'd go. >> do you think he's going? >> i don't think so. >> they've now one eight games in a row. that's amazing. >> that's incredible, party or
8:31 am
not. >> we're back to "cbs this morning." tonight . a chance to give salmon a shot. ben tracy gets a firsthand look at a pretty remarkable invention. plus, she's the first woman to fly navy air force tomkats. katy lorenz is in studio 57. time now to show you the headlines. actress elizabeth pena died tuesday after a painful ill ps. she played sophia fa g . >> that supplying 14% from last
8:32 am
year. thousands of temps to end up working full time at amazon. >> the "daily news" looks at how the labor police have pulled her and her husband over as they raced to an iowa hospital. >> a pregnant woman. >> the officers used tire spikes to stop them. the police ordered them to the ground and held them at gunpoint until the officers realized the emergency. >> he was like, we need to get to the hospital now. >> and everybody's okay. >> good stuff. what you're seeing right now is the live view of a cheetah den. it's at the richmond zoo in virginia. the images come from a drop can made by ness. tony fidel is the founder and ceo of ness. welcome.
8:33 am
>> welcome. you're going to transform the way we live. >> we hope. >> cheetah cam is based on this prokt right here. >> yes. this is drop cam really simple. you can put it anywhere. you can see at night anduring the day and get your phone, android or ios phone and see anywhere in the world. >> what's the practical use? >> people like to see their pets when they're not home. they love to watch baby cam. as you see, zoo cam, those kinds of things. >> security camera. >> and how much does that cost? >> this is $199. >> does it hold tape? >> one difference about this is it has cloud recording so literally on the server you can subscribe to our sufs and get recordings to up a month. >> give us an overview of what nest is about. >> what we're trying to do is
8:34 am
reinvent the unloved products in the home. one is the smoke detector, thermostat. when you have a smartphone you can change the way they work and be much more intuitive and informational. >> are there any privacy issues? >> absolutely. we make sure that we secure or systems. we do the right thinks like bank-level security to make sure no one can hack your system. we have not been hacked as far as we know on the market and we continue to be individual leblt about the security and privacy issues. >> i think the most exciting thing is the thermostat which can hook up to your phone because a lot of people are worried about costs. how does that work? >> so with the thermostat we reinvented it here. it's not just a beautiful thing to look at and easy to use but literally when you look at the wall it knows when you're home
8:35 am
and away. it's saving money as opposed to having to turn it down when you're on vacation. it will turn itself down. >> how does it know you're away for the weekend? >> there are sensors. >> it's synching with the nsa. >> no, not as far as we know. when you're in front of it, it knows you're home. >> you can remote. >> so if you're far away, you can warm up your home. >> exactly. it's been able to save 20 to 30% of your energy costs. >> how much does that cost? >> it's $249. and with certain energy plans they sell it for less. >> a couple of big questions about you. what is this? >> this is the skrou driver that you get.
8:36 am
we designed a special screwdriver just for that. >> you know what i was thinking. >> how does a guy like you -- >> this is -- i usually know what you're thinking but i don't. >> i actually wasn't thinking. in fact when i look at it, it looks like a screwdriver to me. >> can you rescue this segment? >> no, i'm good. how does a guy like you go from working with steve jobs to a new company like this? >> you know, we learned a lot. a lot our team is from apple. we created the ipod and lefd th team. >> you took the team? i bet he was prout of you. >> he knew us when we were alive. >> you took your team and left? >> in a way.
8:37 am
we're friendly. >> have you asked them? >> yes. absolutely. i have a lot of friends at apple that sell our product. >> you envision a day when everything in our home will be kelkted to on our i phone. what will we be able to do with our phone in our home? ? >> these smartphones are going to be the way you interact in the world. the way we're able to exist in the company is we're envisioning the product. whether it's checking in on security and safety or cameras, we have a whole set of other products that work with us that don't come from that, from whirl poole and other things so actually you have remote control of those devices or you get information to make better choices to save money or -- >> thank you, tony, we have to go. >> i think it's awesome. it rlg is. >> thank you. in the pacific northwest salmon very running where they eventually spawn on gravel beds
8:38 am
upstream, but on one waterway near the border of washington state and oregon, ben tracy look at how the fish are hitching a ride. >> reporter: this is not your average salmon spong season on the river. >> it's interesting to say the least. >> reporter: thanks to this machine. >> the whoosh, you know. >> reporter: -- these salmon are in for the ride of their lives. >> oh, yeah, real fun to watch. >> reporter: it does have a official name. >> the whoosh trance ports system but you can call this sweet piece of technology as the salmon cannon. >> reporter: todd is the founder. the contraption took 20 minutes
8:39 am
to set up. with the help of a little water, five seconds later, they reach a truck 150 feet away. >> it's a different thing to see fish flying up a tube like that. >> greg is with the washington state department of fish and wildlife. it bought that to help. until now workers used these bins and a forklift to do the job. a process that was tougher on them and the sasha mon. >> so we'd have to do that three or four times until the truck was filled and then we'd have to do it all over again. >> the salmon canon gets it duchb in half the time in a lot less danger and to the fish. >> i'll shoal you how we do this.
8:40 am
the whoosh does its thing. >> reporter: initially it was designed to remove apples and get them to the truck without bruising them and then the company wondered if you could do it with fish. >> when you,000 about making fish fly, what was your reaction? >> we laughed at first and then we thought has the potential for fames some of the issues. man made dams on rivers have kept some species from their spawning grounds for decades. some dams are now being destroyed but on other rivers it could be the salmon cannon to the rescue. >> they just shoot them up and over the dam. >> even easier than shooting fish out of the barrel.
8:41 am
>> would you do it yourself? >> absolutely. >> many the in the meantime they're having all the fun. ben tracy, washington state. >> how extraordinary is that technology? >> amazing. >> yeah. absolutely incredible. >> she
8:42 am
we just need to break it down into simple steps. is that house for sale again? you're changing the subject. we looked at that house. we have so much demanding our money right now but we have to save for later. right... that's the house- -with the low ceilings. the let's stick with the subject of retirement conversation. wells fargo can help with my retirement plan. a tool that gives you manageable steps for retirement. we can do it with you or try it online. together we'll go far.
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more than 200,000 women have served. for almost a decade pilot aviator carrie lorenz became one of them. she was the first to fly an m 14 tomcat in 1993. she wrote a book. she offers a blueprint for succeeding under pressure and becoming a better leader. carey lohrenz. so good to meet you. >> thank you. it's nice to be here. >> you were the first woman to fly. how difficult was it to break in? how difficult was that? >> wow. there were certainly challenged involved. when i started, i wasn't drawn
8:46 am
to aviation or firefighters to break a glass ceiling or be a pyre never. i was drawn to the mission and the mission was aviation. that was really my driving force. >> you came from a family of pilots. >> i did. my dad was a marine corps aviator and my brother. i have that in my blood, if you will. >> you talk about the fear is there and the fear is inherent but you have to control that fear. you talk about three fundamentals of fear msness, whether it's flying jets or working in business. they are what? >> right. so courage, tenacity, and then really operating with integrity. i think so often we're held back not by what is happening in reality but what we think we can do or kept do can't do, so it's mindset of knowing you have the fear and you do it anyway. when yu ear approached with
8:47 am
opportunities or obstacles. you need to really break through that and understand. you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. having that courage is really, really important. >> you also say, too, you played too often or playing small cannot be the best thing to do. >> right. and i think that happens oftentimes with women who operate in male dominated environments or are in a competitive place. you try not to be noticed. clearly, i'm tall. i'm 6 feet tall. i wasn't going to blend in anyway. play small. >> what do you mean? how do you play small? >> be nonreactive or not be emotional. world, you might be perceived as she can't handle it, she's whichy. you try to hold back.
8:48 am
but it doesn't serve anybody. you're not leveraging your strength. you're not owning into and stepping into things that call for your peak performance. >> whoo did you write this book? >> you know, i operated in one of the most demanding environmentals on earth. >> landing on aircraft carriers. >> i know. it's pretty sporty. in the years i i've been able to do that and sense i left the military i've been able to work with outstanding leader and others. what i understand is there is this parallel. that parallel is that if you are going to achieve peak performance you have to do that. it's my and to share the lessons that i learned flyinged on and off the aircraft carriers and if
8:49 am
you have challenges, this gives you a great roadmap or path, some tools. >> i was going to say. we're seeing a lot more women flying planes for the army and the navy and the air force today because of pioneer work by people like you. >> i hope so. definitely in the air force and international guard the numbers have gone up. the navy's numbers are going up. i'm definitely hopeful. thing we're trending in the right direction. >> carey lohrenz. co-sign
8:50 am
8:51 am
at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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thing is...our crazy tax code actually rewards companies... for shipping them overseas. it's wrong and i'm fighting to fix it. i'm mark warner...i brought republicans and democrats... together on a bill that gives incentives to companies that... bring high tech and manufacturing jobs to virgina. because instead of outsourcing jobs to china...we should be... insourcing them here for our people...and thats why i... approved this message. great to have you with us, sir. >> thank you for having me.
8:53 am
>> see you soon. be sure to tune in to the
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>> 3, 2, 1. >> here's what's coming up today on the doctors. >> how fast is the ebola crisis really spreading? >> and acne scars. >> you feel like the kids are embarrassed of you? >> and the vital surgery that left her botched. >> you don't show your scar. now you are going to show it to millions of people. >> here's what's breaking in today's news in two. >> a hang over star is getting a makeover. getting serious with weight-loss! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ >> at a press conference in geneva this week, the world health organization gave grim figures pertains to the ebola outbreak. 10,000 new ebola cases a week in africa, within two months. this warning comes with


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