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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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marijuana. so what we will be talking about here is in dc roughly $20 for one gram, which is the size of the chip ahoy cookies, about $3 a package and a grand total of $23. but first, voters have to legalize and tax this bill in initiative 71. >> they marched me out in handcuffs. >> their chance to get high was one of the lowest points of the college career. >> i had shackles around my waist. >> my involvement in drug policy reform skyrocketed. >> reporter: groups pushing for legalization of marijuana in dc gathered 57,000 signatures for the initiative to be placed on next week's ballot as it would make it legal for people 21 and older to possess up to twonesses of the drug and grow
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up to three plants. the author of president obamative 71. >> what we are passing is truly a great thing as it is just legal like the tomatoes. as long as you don't have a lot of it as they could brew their own beers at home and make their own wine at home. >> they would destroy my ability to go out to do a great job as i did not want to finish high school, they made me lazy, lie, steal, cheat people. and it started with marijuana. >> reporter: they are fairly certain that the measure would pass and that is why they would set up the hearing to make sure that there are taxes and regulations in place. >> and i think that we ought to collect exactly how much we need to regulate that industry as they are continuing to be put in jail for this non- violence interaction. and that it is just wrong.
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>> what is working and what is not working as they want it passed by january 1 to make sure that everything is in place. but you know what, the regulation bill, it still needs to be passed by congress. back to you. >> all right, thank you. and students at the high school, they were shocked to learn that the school police officer there, a very popular one had been indicted for beating a 17-year-old in a school hallway. the officer was among two prince george's officers indicted by the grand jury today. in separate cases of alleged excessive force. the states attorney, they say that he was caught on school security camera in an incident that happened nearly a year ago. >> what the video tape would show is that the officer assaulting allegedly assaulting a young man. who was in a hallway at this school, following some sort of verbal exchange. >> reporter: and another prince george's county officer is
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accused of beating a handcuff suspect in custody in a separate incident. none of the victims would complain about this. instead, the chief says that both cases are a result of the police who are policing themselves. we've got breaking news in the conviction of the former governor. late this afternoon this document, the one i'm holding right here, they were filed with the court. and in it the former governor's attorney, they would ask the court to vacate the jury's verdict and grant a new trial as they would raise three issues. one involving the evidence. mcdonald and his wife, they were convicted of performing the official acts in exchange for gifts and trips and loans, worth more than $165,000. if you want to read the documents, you can head over to our new news app as we've got a link there for you to all the paperwork. the early voting in maryland would end in a couple of hours. and they are desperately trying
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to get folks to the polls both now and election day next tuesday as we just learned that first lady michelle obama is campaigning for anthony brown on monday. chris christie the governor of new jersey is back stomping for larry hogan on sunday. and hillary clinton just finished rallying the troops in maryland where we find our own bruce leshan. bruce? >> reporter: hey derek. they are just about done packing up and breaking down from this event with hillary clinton that ended about an hour ago. now hillary clinton had to cancel an event for anthony brown a month ago today because she just had that brand new granddaughter charlotte. but it is program assign of the intensity of this governor's race here in maryland that she is back five days before election day. she is looking to transfer some of her popularity with the young people and with women to anthony brown who is in a remarkably close race here in deep blue maryland. >> under this administration,
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there are more good paying jobs and fewer layoffs. the minimum wage is up and crime is down. common sense gun safety reforms are saving lives. [ cheering ] everyone in maryland would share the marriage equality no matter who they are or who they like. >> reporter: but hillary clinton is not on the ballot yet and that there were two signs of trouble in their off- year election with a whole lot of empty seats here in their coliseum and their speech was repeatedly interrupted by immigration activists who were lead out by police. >> stop separating our families. whether it is for it that we really needed to make possible for the dream act, but that's not enough yet. >> we are here for a lot of
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reasons this afternoon, but first and foremost, you need to make sure to get that voting going. >> reporter: and still that the students who made it here, they were fired up. >> and do you love it? >> yes. >> oh my gosh. who doesn't? >> it is life changing this year. >> it doesn't make you vote for brown? >> yeah. >> oh yeah. because i don't know much about them, but i trust her. >> reporter: and now those immigration protesters have reportedly been following hillary clinton to speeches all over the country and disrupting them. as she would tell the crowd that immigration will be a very important issue as she would say she is proud that anthony brown and governor o'malley would help push the dream act through right here in maryland. derek, back to you. >> all right, bruce leshan, thank you. a man on the run for a traffic offense today, they bailed out of their car. and tried to give the fairfax county cops the slip as that did not work as they had tried to stop the man near telegraph
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road as he kept driving. he hit the breaks near the bridge and that is when he climbed out of his car as we talk today a witness who lives right nearby. >> there's a guy over there. and they were trying to get to him as they couldn't. they were throwing rocks in the water, just hanging out. >> well police, they eventually lowered the ropes, pulling him up, facing a whole slew of criminal charges. kaci hickox is refusing to obey orders to stay home in isolation for three weeks. recently getting back from west africa where she was treating patients with ebola and the state health officials are following a court order to get the nurse to abide by that 21- day quarantine. but today hickox and her boyfriend, they left their home in maine and they went for a little bike ride, lowing closel >> have you heard anything from your lawyer? >> i sure haven't. we are still waiting. we are waiting to hear from the state of maine to see what they want to do as i hope that we could continue the negotiations to work this out.
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>> reporter: hickox has twice tested negative for ebola, saying that the order she has stayed in isolation is a violation of their civil rights. we step out here on the weather terrace with a nice evening a few clouds and comfortable temps. let's talk about halloween as it will be okay tomorrow. a little bit on the cooler side and more importantly it be will dry. by the time you start, i mean remember that the sun goes down tomorrow. and the upper 50s. by the time you would finish, temperatures in the upper 40s in the suburbs. probably around 50 downtown, just prepare for 48 to about 58. and you will be fined and the kids are going to be dry, which is kind of nice, showery halloweens are never fun. temperatures in the 50s. showers are moving back to the west. as it will be dry here there, will be showers.
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but again, leesburg eastward, dry as a bone through trick or treating. by 8:30 we're still in the 50s downtown, but the upper 40s. then by 11:00, now we are in the mid-40s, north and west and also 46 down manassas, but the clouds would begin to move in. this activity will spread eastward as we will come back and talk about what the rest of friday night looks like and why we had to issue a yellow alert for saturday. safety experts say halloween is one of the most dangerous times for people who are walking. coming up, tips on how to keep coming up, tips on how to keep you and your family sa
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disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c.... lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies... and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative... and now he is bringing them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem.
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malaria is a disease affecting millions around the world. in fact the mosquito-born illness kills over 6h,000 people each year. >> a local 17-year-old is making it her mission to rid the world of malaria. she is a junior at thomas jefferson high in alexandria. she once worked at a pharmaceutical company over the summer where she learned about the struggle to help malaria patients all over the world. so she started an organization called malaria free world. and through events and fundraisers, her goal is to create innovation and get rid of malaria. >> right now what i want to do is open up this point to everyone that they can see that there are these neglected tropical diseases that we can
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focus on and still make a huge impact in the world. >> i pressive -- impressive stuff, right? they are hosting an event called malaria meltdown, featuring some of the leading experts along with the interactive activities, all aimed at promoting a -- promoting malaria awareness. topper is up next with the halloween forecast. and you will want to get the trick or treating with the kids done early on.
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it's easy for politicians to forget that taxpayer money actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders. that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller.
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well in 24 hours there 0wi be a lot of kids out there. they will not go candy, it's halloween. >> sadly i will be here. [ laughter ] >> you could be our super hero as you want them to have fun for sure by all means you want them safe. there are some simple things you can do to protect them. >> on halloween, you want to encourage your kids to be seen. on their costumes, add a little reflective pay or a glow stick. >> reporter: and the national
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highway traffic safety administration says that they rank in the top three days of the year for the pedestrian- related accidents. almost half involve a drunk driver. so if you are driving tomorrow, be smart. avoid the neighborhood cut throughs, drive slowly. and if you have to drink, please have a designated driver. >> it is interesting to me how these days they are not typically associated with alcohol that they have become a chance for folks to get drunk. >> exactly. >> and also dark. there's little people out there. >> yes. and also where it is reflective pay and flashlights. that they would have a chance to see it as well. we'll talk about your halloween forecast as they would start in the upper 50s with a lot of clouds, yes, but then the mid-
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50s by 8:00. they will dip in to the upper 40s. and it will begin to hit home. but again we're in pretty good shape as it is nice to have a dry halloween. 58 right now, relative humidity 46% account. winds are out of the northwest at 10. it's pink because it is still breast cancer awareness month. really a pretty sight. a little chilly tonight, patchy fog late. the bus stop temperatures, where they could use a sweatshirt. returning relatively quickly, staying dry and dry and cool for the trick or treaters, and a yellow alert for you on saturday for the showers, winds, colds. tonight 10:00, generally partly cloudy. maybe 49 as well in manassas. by 1:00, we are in the upper 50s downtown.
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mid-50s in the burbs. out to the west, romney and our friends out there will have a wet trick or treat. sorry about that. but for us, the clouds will be rolling in with the temperatures in the 50s. by 7:00 the lower 50s in manassas and leesburg as there will be some 40s for the kids before they get back home with it all for you and 47 in gaithersburg. then by 3:00 in the morning the clouds will come in. they will be pushing off by about 3:00 to 4:00 and certainly back out in the mountains. on saturday we're not looking for a tremendous amount of rain. just a lot of clouds and wind and just cold. and that it will be snowing in the mountains though. probably several inches for them. and maybe an inch or so, at least the west flakes. down in to timberline in west virginia. partly cloudy, chilly, again light winds. tomorrow morning, increasing clouds. so some sun to start.
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38 to 56. then by the afternoon mostly cloudy and cool, staying dry near 60, which means the south side of 60 that we would see most of them hold in the upper 50s tomorrow for the highs. so your day planner, 46 at 7:00. mid-50s by 11:00 and upper 50s by 1:00 with the fading sunshine. the next three days, here is your yellow alert day on saturday. get an extra hour of sleep. temperatures around 50 with the full sun as we would try to hit 50. 48 to 52 with the tailgate temperatures in the 40s at happy valley, cloudy with the showers, it will be a cold one. good news for the game, the rain showers will stop. back to 70 on tuesday and wednesday and just a few showers on thursday. >> all right.
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>> okay. now, let's see here. >> you've got your quarterback back? >> you know about that quarterback that will be number ten. >> that is a good move. >> and the argument would go both ways, it absolutely goes both ways as we would talk about that. the guessing game is over though. given the green light to play. and what was that deci
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the washington post says barbara comstock is "airing the year's most creatively misleading attack ads." calling john foust a sexist. "quite an accomplishment, considering her conservative record on social issues." barbara comstock "backed a measure intended to outlaw abortion." and "would have required women seeking abortions to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds." barbara comstock "the sort of inflexible politician that has led congress to paralysis." "another partisan the last thing voters need."
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the decision has been met with mixed reaction. this team needs to get robert's game action to see what they have left in that starting quarterback. if he's not ready now, will he ever be ready to go? but you know, we still have another day left to make sure that's the case. but all the doctors are on board and the trainers are on board. as far as physically, he looks great s. >> reporter: their start might be over now, still getting some love. but they say that everything on
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their website and 16% off in honor of their jersey number and front face of the website on the slogan saying never to give up ever. pretty cool story. >> reporter: while they celebrate their world series win, the other 29 teams are back to work, trying to figure out how to beat them then next year. which means three nationals are officially the free agents. and also no surprise though really. and to exercise their way back with the reliever. as they too are now a free agent. and that it will be for the 4th time in their career, but they have planned on movingyan zimmerman to first base. and they did keep their lead off man as he will be out of the outfield for their third straight season in dc coming off the impressive season. and the finalist for the gold glove award for the second straight year. san francisco giants, the pitcher, they were anything, but a bum as he was incredible.
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throughout their seven-game series. pitching in the inning for them after pitching the complete game for them just three days before them as they were unhittable with that .25e.r.a. in that world series. >> and staying away with them every inning that i was hoping that he would not go, just starting to be a little tired. and that there is no way. that they would have taken them out as they would have told us about that and to get on their horse. >> and it worked out pretty darn good. check out these numbers from bumgardner allowing one run, two wins, one save. in a 7-game series. and they would have three world series titles to their credit. only 25 years old. pretty impressive. time now to announce the winner of the high school game of the week poll as you chose that rivalry showdown. as they would look upset to the 7-1 loudoun valley hiking. finally ght,tonithey learned a lesson the hard way
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in that utah playoff game. all they had to do was to run out. and to get down. but no that ball would fumble, they pick it up and they run it back. beating them by three with three seconds to go. that's all they had to do was to kneel down at the end or go out of bounds. >> i remember asking my dad about that. does the game just stop? and he would say no that the play finishes. it's pretty elementary. poor guy as this game is over. the cbs evening news is
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington postll caed comstock's behavior "an apparerent b achof congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. iopatrjot marity usa is responsible for
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the content of this advertising.
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>> pelley: tonight a deadly air crash. a plane plows into a building in wichita, kansas. adriana diaz has the latest on the casualties and what went wrong. don dahler is in maine where a nurse is defying an ebola quarantine, setting up a showdown with the governor. >> she's pushing my patience. >> pelley: hawaii's national guard is called out as the lava moves in. carter evans is on the scene. and dean reynolds on lebron james. >> lebron! >> pelley: the king returns to his court, winning hearts on the rebound. >> he's captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: god evening. in that air disaster in kansas today, a smallne


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