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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 30, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight a deadly air crash. a plane plows into a building in wichita, kansas. adriana diaz has the latest on the casualties and what went wrong. don dahler is in maine where a nurse is defying an ebola quarantine, setting up a showdown with the governor. >> she's pushing my patience. >> pelley: hawaii's national guard is called out as the lava moves in. carter evans is on the scene. and dean reynolds on lebron james. >> lebron! >> pelley: the king returns to his court, winning hearts on the rebound. >> he's captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: god evening. in that air disaster in kansas today, a small plane was taking
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off in wichita. it lost engine power and tried to return to the airport. it didn't make it. the plane crashed into a building instead and adriana diaz is on the scene. >> an air plane down. >> we have a huge plume of smoke. >> a large, two-story commercial building hit. >> reporter: these are some of first images moments after a small plane struck the roof of a pilot training facility, leaving this gaping hole. the plane was a beechcraft king air 200 like this one. shortly after take-off, the only person on board, 53-year-old pilot mark goldstein, radioed for help. >> tower, i'm declaring an emergency. >> reporter: goldstein, a retired air traffic controller, was killed along with three in the building. five others were injured. jason podkanowicz, who works nearby, snapped these photos moments after impact. what did you think when you saw the flames? >> honestly, i don't know. i felt bad honestly for the
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pilot and whoever was inside. >> reporter: it was clear to you the pilot was probably dead in. >> oh, yeah. there was nothing left for the plane except for the fuselage back. there was no cockpit. >> reporter: wichita's fire chief ron blackwell says it could be tomorrow morning before recovery teams can enter the heavily damaged building. >> the aircraft is on the roof. we believe there are remains there. we also believe there are remains inside the building. >> reporter: the plane was on its way to arkansas to get refurbished, scott, so part of the reason why the fire was so big is because its tanks were full of fuel. the n.t.s.b. is expected to arrive tonight to investigate just what went wrong. >> pelley: adriana diaz in wichita for us tonight. adriana, thank you. there is still only one person in america with a confirmed case of ebola. the new york hospital treating dr. craig spencer reported today that he remains in serious but stable condition. in maine, a drama is playing out between a nurse who treated ebola patients in west africa
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and a governor who wants her quarantined. she has no symptoms, but don dahler tells us the governor is threatening legal action and the nurse remains defiant. >> reporter: it could be the most photographed bike ride since the tour de france. kaci hickox and her boyfriend went out for an hour-long ride with police in tow. it was the second time she has ignored the quarantine. last night she came out to speak to the press. >> we have to make decisions on science, and i am completely healthy. you know, you can hug me. you can shake my hand. there is no way that i would give you ebola. >> reporter: and to prove her point, she shook hands with one of the reporters. maine's governor, paul lepage, announced today that negotiations with hickox have failed and that he will exercise the full extent of h3q/is authoy allowable by law. >> she just doesn't want any
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restrictions. >> reporter: and the fact that she took a bike ride today just kind of... >> she's pushing my patience. >> reporter: hickox says she continues to take her temperature twice a day, and a state health official visits her every day. on the other side of the country in redwood city, california, dr. colin bucks is in modified quarantine after returning from liberia. unlike hickox, he is not trying to leave the house. today he spoke via skype. >> for me this is not a burden. this is manageable. i think, you know, outwardley it might appear quite awkward, but you just incorporate it as a component of the deployment. >> reporter: although he is allowed out of the house to exercise, he has chosen not to. >> i need my neighborhood to feel utterly secure, and for that reason it's just easier to work out at home. >> reporter: scott, a white house spokesman told reporters today that while the president hopes that states set guidelines
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based on science and evidence, maine officials have the ultimate decision about quarantine policy. >> pelley: don dahler, thank you very much. our research department tells us that maine is one of 16 states that have an ebola quarantine policy that goes beyond the federal c.d.c. guidelines. we don't know if it's politics, but it turns out 11 of those states have gubernatorial elections on tuesday. new jersey may be the garden state, but its governor is no shrinking violet. here was republican chris christie at an appearance yesterday taking on man who interrupted him to criticize his response to superstorm sandy. >> all you've been doing is flapping your mouth and not doing anything. so listen, you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy, but until that time, sit down and shut up. >> pelley: that was not christie's first loud confrontation with a member of the public, and if you think he thought better of it, well,
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here's what he had to say today. >> i won't shrink away from doing that stuff. it's just another day at the ranch, ranch-o-christie. so we'll just keep doing our job. >> pelley: but christie has his eye on another job, and this is president of the united states. john dickerson, our cbs news political director is with us right now. john, how could christie's style and combativeness affect that race in two years? >> well, this is part of his image of himself. for his first term as governor, his supporters used to send out videos of these kinds of clash, but then we had the george washington bridge episode when a staffer allegedly as political retribution shut down some of the lanes on that bridge, and then this chris christie went into hibernation. but now ranch-o-christie rides again. some voters like that. they look at government. they see it can't do anything. they want somebody who can whip it into shape. the question for presidential candidate christie is two things. one, how does this play outside of new jersey? and does a hot confrontation like that match with what people think of as the presidency,
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which is a job that requires you to be cool under pressure. >> pelley: on the democratic side, let's look at some comments that hillary clinton made that got her in hot water last week. >> don't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. >> pelley: don't let anybody tell you corporations create jobs. she clarified her remarks the next day, but are these candidates rusty? >> they are. what hillary clinton is trying to do is she's trying to speak to those democratic voters who think that corporations and the wealthy have benefited from a rigged economic system. and some of those voters think that if she's president she's not going to fix that imbalance. so she was trying to speak to them and she just overshot. she later said, yes, corporations and entrepreneurs do create jobs. for the candidates now, it's the preseason, but for hillary clinton and for chris christie, the preseason still takes place in a big arena when everyone is watching. >> pelley: john dickerson, thanks very much. it is five days before the congressional election.
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republicans need to win six seats now held by democrats if they are to take control of the senate. one of those seats that could go either way is colorado. and nancy cordes is there. >> thanks for having us today. nice to see you. >> reporter: republican cory gardner and democrat mark udall will tell you the economy is issue number one, but their ads tell a different story. >> congressman gardner led a crusade that would make birth control illegal. >> reporter: senator udall won the women's vote by 15 points six years ago, but polls show a smaller gap this time, and he needs their support to win. so for months udall has been hammering gardner for backing two failed state personhood amendments, which would have defined fetuses as people. >> he was the 10th most conservative member of the house. >> reporter: so you think he's out of step with colorado? >> he's out of step with colorado. >> reporter: it was first issue udall raised at this forum in denver. >> some still think the legality of birth control and access to
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reproductive health services should be subject to debate. >> reporter: do you run the risk, though, of even women saying, why is senator udall talking about these issues all the time instead of other issues? >> i've talked about lots of other issues. >> reporter: gardner says he's changed his mind about personhood. >> i believe we need to move beyond that. i was wrong. >> reporter: and to show he's not anti-birth control, he released this proposal: >> i believe the pill ought to be available over the counter, around the clock, without a prescription. >> reporter: it has gotten a lot of attention, and other g.o.p. candidates have followed his lead. wouldn't women pay hundreds more if their insurance wasn't covering their contraceptive? >> insurance can still cover? >> over the counter. >> we need to fix the law that would allow over-the-counter contraceptives to be covered by insurance. >> reporter: polls show gardner anywhere from down by six to up by eight, but republicans think he has found a way to neutralize democratic claims about a so-called g.o.p. war on women. nancy cordes, cbs news, denver.
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>> pelley: nancy will be part of our election night coverage next tuesday. we'll have updates throughout the evening and a one-hour wrap-up with the latest returns analysis at 10:00, 9:00 central. tom menino died today. he was mayor of boston longer than anyone, nearly 21 years, and talk about popular. in a poll, more than half of bostonians said they had met the mayor in person. menino is credited with transforming the city, turning tumble-down districts into gleaming neighborhoods. he was in the hospital with a broken leg when the marathon was bombed, and he checked himself out to rally his shaken city. tom menino, dead of cancer, at 71. good news tonight on the economy. the government says the economy grew in the third quarter of this year at a rate of 3.5%. that is stronger than economists were expecting, but still a little bit slower than the 4.6% rate in the second quarter. today the national guard was
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called out to provide security to a small hawaiian town that is in the path of molten lava from the kilauea volcano. carter evans flew over pahoa. >> reporter: the lava's advance forward has slowed significantly, barely moving today as it cools in low spots on the ground. but a view from the air shows how close the molten rock has come to homes and businesses. >> you can see it's very active as it moves across the properties. a business owner here has built up large berms of dirt and rock as if he's trying the channel the lava around his business, but neighbors are concerned it might redirect the lava on to their property. >> reporter: geologists tell us something as simple as a garden wall can change the direction of the lava temporarily. 83 national guard troops have now proved in to help secure the area. less than a quarter mile away in tiny downtown pahoa, restaurant owner paul udis is concerned about the financial impact of
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the lava flow if it cuts off access roads to his business. >> it's become a very slow torture, and i'd really like the know just what's going to happen so we can move on. >> reporter: and the unpredictable nature of this eruption has a lot to do with the type of lava we're seeing called pahoyhoy. scott, it's thick, liquid lava that's only proved about 410 yards in the last three days or about the length of four football fields. >> pelley: carter, thanks very much. there is breaking news at this hour. we have just learned that one of the most wanted fugitives in america has been captured. eric frein has been on the run since he allegedly opened fire on two pennsylvania state troopers seven weeks ago, killing one and wounding the other. jim axelrod is joining us now with more. >> scott, we can confirm that eric frein is in custody. this brings to a close a manhunt that is 48 days since eric frein is suspected of opening fire on
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two state troopers in pennsylvania by a barracks in blooming grove, pennsylvania. of course, corporal brian dixon was killed in that attack and trooper alex douglas injured. four days later eric frein had been identified as the suspect after investigators found a jeep that was submerged, partially submerged, that had a lot of evidence in it that tied frein to the shooting. he, of course, a 31-year-old survivalist expert marksman. his father had told investigators his son had been a highly trained marksman. so this made the search for frein a high risk situation because the people who are looking for eric frein felt hunted themselves. but now we can report that eric frein is in custody, bringing to a close this manhunt after 48 days. scott? >> pelley: jim acts with the breaking news. jim axelrod, thanks very much.
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>> reporter: oklahoma city police officer brandi may answers domestic violence calls like this one nearly every day. >> i'm going to ask you some questions. you can answer yes, no or you can choose not the answer at all. okay? >> reporter: but now she has a new tool, one police here say is simple but efacttive. it's a check list of 16 questions. >> does shane have an alcohol or substance abuse problem? >> yes. >> reporter: designed to help officers identify victims who are likely to be killed. >> do you think shane might try to kill you? >> [inaudible]. >> reporter: the more time the victims answers yes, the more likely domestic violence may lead to her death. >> if you said he was going to kill me, he says it every time, but i just thought it was an empty threat, and tonight it made me believe that he would. >> reporter: in four years you've seen eight women killed? captain kim flowers heads the domestic violence unit, which has been using the checklist for three years. >> a lot of them cry and say,
6:48 pm
oh, my god, i can't believe i'm letting this happen. >> reporter: so they start to process it through the check list. >> right. exactly. >> reporter: the questions were developed by a researcher at johns hopkins university. for example, number five, has he ever tried to choke you? research found men who choke their partners were ten times more likely to eventually kill them. >> he wants you to know that he's in control and he can snap your neck in half whenever he feels like it. >> so what we're going to do now is call the hot line. >> reporter: officer may found this woman was in serious danger. >> do you just want to speak with them, or would you like to seek shelter? >> reporter: she took the next step in the new protocol, with putting them on the phone with the domestic violence hotline right there at the scene. >> it offers them support. it makes them feel stronger. it gives them to take back ahold of their life. >> reporter: this victim told us it made a difference for her. >> i didn't know, you know what i mean? i just thought it was normal. it is not. it's not normal, and it's not
6:49 pm
okay. >> reporter: statewide use of the check list starts saturday in oklahoma. 16 questions that might save lives. anna werner, cbs news, oklahoma city. >> pelley: a major announcement today from a top corporate executive. and we'll have his story next. ♪ people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c.
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>> pelley: today apple's c.e.o., tim cook, became the world's most prominent business executive to announce that he is gay. in an essay in bloomberg business week, cook says he didn't come out before because he values his privacy, but he decided to do so now, he said, because it might help others struggling with their sexuality. today a federal bankruptcy judge approved a plan by stockton, california to, emerge from chapter 9 bankruptcy. the plan allows stockton to eliminate more than $2 billion in debt. city workers will continue to receive their pensions. stockton's financial troubles began when tax money dried up during the housing bust. baseball has a new dynasty. last night the san francisco giants won the world series for the third time in five years thanks in large part to madison
6:53 pm
bumgarner's left arm. >> the 2-2. popped up in foul territory. giants win! >> pelley: the giants beat kansas city 3-2 in game seven. bumgarner gave up just one run in 21 innings and was the m.v.p. in san francisco, the celebration turned ugly, however. two people were shot and one was stabbed. police made 40 arrests. a city starving for a chip reid welcomes back its prodigal son. that's next. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain. when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. yeah! crestor is not for people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have
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>> pelley: finally tonight, four years ago, folks in cleveland burned lebron james' jerseys when he left the cavaliers to join the miami heat. well, tonight they're lining up to buy them again as he plays his first game since returning. it is big business for cleveland and dean reynolds is there. >> reporter: today is not just a new day in cleveland. to hear locals tell it, a new era is dawning, the return of the king, as lebron james is known here, has energized a place once called "the mistake by the lake." having traded miami for cleveland, james himself can feel the buzz. >> it's an exciting time for our city. it's an exciting time for the people here. i look forward it to. >> reporter: david gilbert of destination cleveland says, they
6:57 pm
sure should. >> every game is bringing thousands of people in spending their money every game. when those dollars are spent, it creates jobs. every one of these new hotels and restaurant, they all create jobs. >> reporter: all 41 cavalier home games this year are sold out. last year five were. with james, 30 of their games could be televised nationally. last year without him, it was only one. secondary market tickets for tonight's home opener went from nearly $300 for the cheapest to $4,000 for the most expensive. a recent survey said having number 23 back in a cavs' uniform will generate $215 million annually for the franchise and the city. >> you're all set. thanks. >> reporter: clothing store manager laura kubinski said there's been a run on lebron testimony shirts. were there people waiting to get in? >> we had a line, yes. within the first hour, we had $3,000 in the store. >> >> reporter: wow. >> yeah. >> reporter: by tonight, jonathan sawyer's greenhouse
6:58 pm
tavern will be filled. >> a ton more people from around the country will see our restaurant, will talk about the restaurant and have the opportunity to dine in our restaurant. it's us against the world here. when you have somebody like, that you know, that influential leave your city and then return as the prodigal son, i mean, i'm getting goosebumps just talking about it. >> reporter: there's a lot of that going on around here now. dean reynolds, cbs news, cleveland. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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two prince county george's officers indicted for excessive force. coming up, one officer here accused of beating a student for no good reason. democrats are bringing out the big guns in hopes of beating out the republicans in the get out to vote game. hillary clinton campaigns for gubernatorial candidate anthony brown here at the university of maryland. >> it's a go. you can hear from the redskins coach about the decision to start rg3 this sunday. >> we'll be tracking clouds. we'll tell you what it will mean for the trick or treaters and a look ahead to saturday. it's a yellow alert day, we'll tell you why. first tonight lawyers for bob mcdonald say that they deserve a new trial. good evening, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. they filed the paper work
7:00 pm
today, citing a couple problems with the juries. they claim that they were not swayed by the news coverage before they would start. but the defense attorneys argue that the judge should have investigated the possible claims among themselves before being allowed to do so. convicting them of corruption, saying they performed official acts to promote that dietary supplement. you can page through the entire 32-page filing for yourself on our website, and two prince george's county officers are facing charges tonight. >> reporter: prosecutors say they were caught on camera beating people. one of the incidents involving a student at suitland high school. >> i'm scott broom where they were shocked to learn that a school police officer is among two who were indicted today r


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