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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. firmly in control of both sides of the aisle, republicans are vowing to bring change to washington after resounding election day victories.
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hello, and thank you for joining us. one of the biggest gop upsets may have been in the normally reliable democratic state of maryland. the extent of larry hogan's defeat of anthony brown in the governor's race was equally stunning. governor-elect hogan held a news conference just minutes ago. we go live to annapolis for the latest. >> reporter: good morning. i have to tell you that perhaps the only person who really, really believed that a republican would be governor in maryland was larry hogan himself. even then, he seemed a little astonished at his press conference today. he said in his opinion, and in the opinion of his friend, governor chris christie from new jersey, this was in fact the biggest upset in the nation. and he got right to work saying immediately that there is a lot more work to do, much harder work than running a campaign, to begin to run maryland. he appointed a transition team. here is how larry hogan reflected, both on what the
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transition will be like and about his victory last night. >> it doesn't matter to me whether you're republican or democrat, whether you voted for us or not. we're all going to work together, roll up our sleeps and work in a bipartisan fashion, coming up with bipartisan common sense solutions. we knew it was nearly an impossible thing to pull off. and quite frankly, we set vote goals that were nearly impossible to attain in every single county in the state. and we blew past every single one of them. so we've never anticipated -- i mean, this is the biggest mandate for change since mckelldon in 1951. >> reporter: hogan is credited with keeping his campaign squarely focused on high taxes and job creation in maryland, and just about everybody involved with his campaign thinks that is what fired up the republican base and caused a lot of democrats to cross over. that was the key to victory.
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now, elections, of course, have consequences. we immediately quizzed him. well, will you support, for instance, the purple line, which during the campaign he came out against. he made no commitments to supporting purple line construction in maryland, which was on track perhaps to begin by 2015. also important here in maryland, you know, he just talked about this mandate for change, the biggest since 1951. the republicans picked up a number of seats in the legislature last night. they are up to now about 50 seats in the legislature, and that puts larry hogan in a much more powerful position than it did for the previous republican governor here, bob ehrlich, in the early 2 thousands. it makes hogan not quite veto- proof, but he's got about seven or eight democrats to cross over to his side to uphold a veto. he is going into office now,
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astonished, but with a very high level of confidence that some of the change he's talking about he can actually accomplish. reporting live in annapolis with governor-elect larry hogan, scott broom, wusa 9. >> thank you, scott. the 9-point margin was a clear rejection of the democratic leadership. now democrats are struggling to understand how they failed to connect with voters. >> reporter: democrats may outnumber republicans by two to one in maryland, but anthony brown clearly failed to get his supporters off the couch and into the voting booth. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: for just the second time in 40 years, a democrat has failed to win the maryland governor's race. some democrats say anthony brown simply never clearly defined himself to voters in the democratic strong holds in prince george's and baltimore city. he may have said he would fight for working families and the middle class, but those
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messages never got through. >> the things that we fought for on this campaign will not be ignored. we will continue to stand up and speak out for working families across this state, as we strengthen the middle class and create more jobs and opportunities for more marylanders. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: plenty of second- guessing here. how could an iraq vet, a harvard law grad, an african american from prince george's county, lose so badly? voters here in maryland clearly want a change. in college park, wusa 9. republicans were also hoping to turn another blue district in maryland red, but democratic congressman john delaney is already claiming victory. he leads former secret service agent by 2166 votes, more than 5800 absentee ballots still remaining to be counted. that process begins tomorrow. on his facebook page, he thanked his supporters and said he, too, is awaiting the
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official outcome of the race. . turning to virginia now, where votes are being counted to certify the outcome of the u.s. senate race there. senator mark warner is clinging to an extremely narrow victory over his republican challenger, ed gillespie. the senator gave a brief victory speech, despite the associated press still considers the race with gillespie too close to call. with all but three precincts reporting, a margin of victory was only 0.55%, about 13,000 votes separating the two. gillespie will most likely ask for a recount. the razor-thin edge could be headed for fairfax county. the election machines are printing out overnight, under guard. representatives from the democratic and republican parties say they have each tabled to monitor the canvassing. >> losing candidates once the
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election is certified can request a recount. so as a result, we're going to be treating this like a potential recount situation like we did last year. that means a normal canvas, we check results, review everything, then certify the election. today, what we'll be doing as we did last year, we're going to be checking the results. then we have a double-check table in the back that we'll be going through and double- checking to make sure what you check has been properly done. >> and here are the latest numbers at this point. mark warner has 49.11% of the vote compared to 48.35% for gillespie. that's less than a 1% difference. if that margin holds, gillespie is eligible to ask for a recount. if the margin is under 0.5%, he will not have to pay for that recount, which would make it even more likely. there is no question who is the victor in the race for virginia's 10th congressional district. republican barbara comstock won convincingly over her democratic challenger, john faust. both candidates were vying to
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replace congressman frank wolf, who is retiring after 17 terms in the house. comstock's victory keeps the area's congressional seat in republican hands. turning to the campaign results in the district of columbia, murial bowser will hold her first press conference this afternoon as dc mayor- elect, over two independent challengers to become the district's eighth mayor since the beginning of home rule and only the second woman to hold the office. bruce johnson has more on bowser's convincing win. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson inside the historic howard theater, and the victory party for mayor-elect murial bowser ended at midnight tonight. you've probably already seen the victory speech, but you haven't seen the embrace she gave her parents, her mother, her father, long-time community activist in ward 5 of the city, political activist. it was very touching. and you should have seen the interview she gave us, the first one-on-one interview
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after declaring victory here. >> personally, what does this mean to you? >> it means everything. it means everything. i have a great responsibility and i'm just humbled by the trust that the residents have put in me. we have a big win. we have a mandate to get the things done that we need to get done. >> reporter: the mayor-elect sent the crowd home this morning, saying she is ready to go to work and she said she hopes they are ready, too. bruce johnson reporting from the historic howard theater, wusa 9. tuesday night was an ugly night for many democrats around the country and their leader, president obama, will discuss the landslide, republican landslide during a news conference this afternoon from the white house. democrats lost control of the senate, so the gop gained firmer control of the house and put a series of democratic- leaning states under control of new republican governors. mark albert has more from the white house. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: president obama called senator mitch mcconnell to congratulate him. the kentucky republican is expected to become the new
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majority leader. he is promising to end the gridlock in congress that has frustrated americans. >> i've heard your concerns. i've made them my own. you will be heard in washington. >> reporter: republicans picked up at least seven senate seats currently held by democrats, including north carolina, which had the nation's most expensive senate race. >> $111 million! we didn't bend. we won. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: the gop also added at least 10 seats in the house of representatives, which could turn out to be the largest house republican majority since 1948. [ applause ] >> reporter: republicans also won at least 24 of 36 races for governor. new jersey governor chris christie, a potential candidate for president in 2016, told cbs this morning president obama is going to feel the pressure, now that republicans control both the house and senate. >> any of the real tough issues have never made it to the
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president's desk because they went to the senate to die, and i think that won't happen now. >> reporter: president obama will get a taste of reality when he meets with congressional leaders at the white house friday. mark albert for cbs news, washington. back now to the big upset in the maryland governor's race, so many of the polls were wrong. here now with a look at how a little-known candidate larry hogan managed to defeat lieutenant governor anthony brown. dr. michael fontroy is associate professor of political science at howard university. good to have you back here with us. were you as surprised as most pundits were of the hogan win? >> yes. however, as races continue to be tight, the closer you get to election day, anything can happen. and while six or eight months ago i would have never given larry hogan a chance, it was clear by the time itot to late october, early november, that this was a real race. and we ended up with a major upset in the bluest state in the country. >> absolutely. two presidents there. both president obama and former president clinton, two first ladies, first lady obama and
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former first lady hillary rodham clinton, going, and they still couldn't pull it out for anthony brown. what went wrong with this message? was it the taxes that governor- elect hogan is talking about? >> i believe there are a couple of things that happened. first, with all due respect, anthony brown was never an inspiring candidate. he's not the kind of guy who energized voters and got people to say i'm ready to go run with this guy. that was the first thing. the second thing is, the democratic party of maryland ran an abysmal get-out-the-vote effort. there is no reason for a sitting lieutenant governor to have this wide of a spread in defeat when you have the overwhelming majority of voters in the state of maryland. that is the fundamental function of a lack of geo tv, and this is a bit of a criticism for voters, you can't just show up some elections and not others. all right. that's what we had here. we have numerous voters, whether younger voters, minority voters.
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>> they didn't go. >> they just didn't show up, and that's always a failure. >> virginia, what's the answer there? mark warner has the slimmest margin of victory, but ed gillespie came on strong at the end and a lot of people are giving credit to the barbara comstock campaign. >> virginia is a little different. it's a much more competitive state than maryland, for example. virginia going forward is going to be a bellwether in much the same way that ohio has been in recent presidential elections. and there are very few blowouts in virginia statewide. so that's part of it. what we cannot overlook in barbara comstock, she routed john faust in northern virginia, a place in which expected mark warner to be very strong. he did well, but barbara comstock's voters turned around and voted for gillespie and next thing you know, we have a supertight race. >> what about 2016 moving forward? who is the democrat? who is the republican we should be watching? >> hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> even though she had no coat tails in all the states she visited? >> yeah, but i think she'll scare away everybody else.
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on the republican side, don't be surprised if scott walker makes a run. >> scott walker, three times he's come back. thank you very much for joining us. . we'll have a weather alert day tomorrow, yellow alert day. today, i'm tracking showers, light ones generally in west virginia, northern virginia. steadier rains will be arriving probably after dark for most of us, although doppler 9000 to the north and west, lot showing up. not a lot reaching the ground. the air is still dry. you see the yellow here going in toward jefferson county, northwest louder, southwestern frederick. there's showers here slowly working toward us here in dc into the late afternoon and evening. i'll come back in a few minutes and we'll talk all about the timetable for the rain tonight and thursday. i'll let you know about the weekend. for now, we'll take a short
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. why weren't we told? parents at a montgomery county
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middle school are furious they were not notified by school leaders that a student was allegedly groped at school by a contract worker, a worker who was not employed by the school system. a meeting was held this morning at the school to ease parents' concerns, but as nikki burdine found out, it did anything but. >> reporter: eric and amy both have kids who attend john t baker middle school in damascus. this morning, they came to school not with their kids. instead, for a meeting. >> nothing positive happened in the meeting. they didn't answer any questions. the only thing they did was essentially read the letter that was sent home. >> reporter: today's meeting was in response to an incident at the school on october 6th, where a 12-year-old girl was allegedly groped walking down the hallway. montgomery county police arrested 44-year-old john eps, jr., charged with sex assault and second degree assault. another problem, parents say they weren't notified about the incident until nearly a month later when a letter was sent home. it said the employee in question was not working for the school. instead, he was a temporary
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employee of a contractor, net com, who was doing work on the building. the background check done by that company was incorrect. eps had a criminal record. we reached out to the school for comment and were given the same statement. >> this is how the administration is dealing with it? shhh, be quiet, don't say anything? no, hmm-mm. that's just not -- that's unacceptable to this whole community. >> reporter: amy and eric had hoped their fears would be calmed after this morning's meeting. not the case, they say. >> they said it was an isolated incident. they didn't -- how do you know it's isolated? >> reporter: instead, they are left with more questions than answers and frustration with the school's principal. >> she should be fired. >> yeah, i think so. >> if it was up to me, i would fire the whole lot. >> porter: nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> and we reached out to net com for comment. they hung up on us. we have a letter that was sent home with parents on our new wusa app, as well as the statement from the principal. still ahead on wusa 9, hollywood on the potomac.
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stars will be on the red carpet tonight at
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. welcome back. howard is here, and didn't need the umbrella toy, but we may need it tonight and definitely tomorrow. >> and some of us north and west are going to need it before the day is out. and it might make it to dc before sunset. better chance for showers will be tonight into the overnight and early thursday, a break. then more late thursday, thursday evening. lot going on. we start with doppler 9000, because this moisture's actually coming all the way in from the deep south, texas. you see showers extending from southwest to the northeast. the bark is worse than the bite. there's a lot more on radar than is reaching the ground. you see the darker green and the yellow? these are real showers coming
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out of jefferson county, out of the barryville area, northwestern louden and frederick counties. areas along the 340, jefferson, brunswick, you'll see some of this as well as north and west of leesburg. even leesburg, this may be sliding over towards you. give it another hour or so. there's brunswick, frederick city. this is moving off toward the east. we have mostly cloudy skies. the cloudy skies across the region, that's how it's going to be this afternoon. mid to upper 60s. not a lot of wind. increasing rain chances as the afternoon turns into the evening. 60 by 9:00. 50 to 55 range tonight with i think numerous showers overnight. look at the difference in temperatures. where it's cloudier, 59. we've got 70 in orange and charlottesville. 58 on the bay in annapolis. we're looking at low 60s in dc, thanks to the cloud cover. the rain extends from texas and really mexico all the way
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through arkansas and tennessee. there's been a lot of rain. they had bad droughts the last few years. this is welcome news there. this is eventually going to get here. what we're seeing now is with a cold front that's tracking toward us, just trying to slip through. so tomorrow we'll still be relatively mild, but then we turn a lot cooler by friday and for the weekend. so lots of clouds. i do think there will be more showers, light ones than what future cast is showing, but the better chance of rain really develops as we head into 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. the rain at times overnight could be in the moderate to heavy side. 6:00 a.m., boy, this could really mess up the morning rush, but it should be out of here, the steady stuff, early. by mid to late morning, get to 65. eaks out, helps us then look, more showers late afternoon, evening will be around into the overnight. then finally by friday morning, we're starting to clear out. it's going to be breezy. 67 wednesday. 65 thursday. yellow alert tomorrow. friday, 54 degrees. as we go in toward the weekend,
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we're looking at temperatures which will be only 50 to 55. we're going to be back with more in
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. hollywood stars will be on the red carpet at the smithsonian museum tonight. that's where the latest block bester, interstellar will be making its premier. we're going to be there live at the museum with all the glitz and glamour. an exhibition of the space craft that was built for the film will be on exhibition. that's it for us. have a great day.
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the news continues at 5:00. we'll see you again tomorrow morning starting bright and early at-- >> 4:25! we'll have the latest on tomorrow's yellow alert day. have a great
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