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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 5, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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hathaway and they are going to stop by to chat. the man seen in this surveillance video is from a convenience store. 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither was located today in jessop, maryland and has minor injuries. >> she was abducted in philadelphia walking home and surveillance video captured the whole ugly incident. philadelphia police and the fbi took their search to maryland after her debit card was used near aberdeen. police are getting ready to tell us more about what happened in a news conference scheduled to begin in the next few minutes. we'll cut back there as soon as that begins. police in prince george's county are looking for the person who abandoned a baby girl. >> just hours old, a neighbor heard her crying on a home near
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shoal creek terrace in beltsville today. >> what was the neighbor's reaction after seeing that little baby? >> reporter: surprised to say the least. around noon today a woman in this neighborhood found an abandoned newborn baby girl in her own backyard and then called 911. here's what she tomorrow us a few moments ago. >> i walked out to my back poh a baby crying. normally people walk their baby around the neighborhood, a nice development. so when i heard it again and i heard it closer, i stepped on my back porch to see what it was and i saw a baby laying in the grass. this is crazy. i'm overwhelmed. what do i do at this point? after i got her and cleaned her up first thing was call the police. it's a blessing for me to have found her. anything could have happened to her. >> reporter: so what a surprise for that woman today in beltsville. you may wonder the condition of the baby. we understand the baby was taken to a local hospital and is fine and the police are now
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looking for the mom. live in beltsville, jim osman, wusa9. it is clear outside for now, but apparently the rain is going to make its presence felt. topper is tracking the timing and how it could impact your morning commute. >> you might want to set your clock about five minutes early tomorrow, yellow alert thursday. prepare for wet commutes. rain and showers in the morning, showers possible, even a thunderstorm in the afternoon and good news friday. it will be brisk but a slight chance of a passing shower but mainly dry for the high school games. 10:00 tonight here come the showers creeping into our western burbs. if you're walking the dog late, take an umbrella. by 11:00 showers across most of the metro area. the good news, it's still mild, 59 at 11:00, 55 in gaithersburg, leesburg, 56 in manassas. by early morning, 5:30, 6:00, showers engulf most of the metro area and see flecks of yellow, heavier activity.
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we'll come back and track these and look ahead to the weekend forecast. a crash shut down some northbound lanes of i-270 at maryland route 117 in gaithersburg, a two-car accident. one car overturned, injuries not considered serious. they plan to clear the road when they can upright the overturned car and move it, but please be aware of potential traffic backups in that area. all the ballots are counted in d.c. and muriel bowser will take over as mayor, but there are questions as to whether another initiative passed last night will take effect. >> bruce johnson exploring the reasons why that new marijuana law might never really happen in d.c. >> reporter: people in washington voted to legalize marijuana recreational use unless votes to block the law. >> here in the district it
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really is a civic rights issue. >> reporter: republican senator rand paul said he's against telling d.c. citizens they cannot grow and smoke weed, but maryland congressman andy harris has a different take and threatens to use congress' authority to kill the measure. >> it's harmful to teenagers, probably the last thing d.c. needs in a high unemployment, problems with the education system already. last thing you need is legalize marijuana. >> reporter: mayor elect muriel bowser voted for the marijuana initiative yesterday and today she said as mayor she's looking forward to signing a bill that will enable the city to tax the sale of marijuana. >> i see it as -- see no reason why we wouldn't follow a regime similar to how we regulate and tax alcohol. >> reporter: she begins today putting a transition team in play and takes office in 58 days. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> d.c. voters approved the marijuana initiative by a margin of 64-28%. in maryland republican larry hogan is describing his
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win against a 2-1 democratic majority in his state a surreal experience. with his smile hogan met with the media today for the first time as governor elect. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in annapolis where maryland's republican governor elect larry hogan still seemed stunned about his victory. >> it was still sort of surreal. >> reporter: in his first meeting he said his campaign focused on high taxes and job growth cut across party lines. >> we set vote goals nearly impossible to a tin in every single county in the state and blew past every one of them. >> people got upset. every month they turn on the tv there would be a new tax or fee. they got tired of it. >> we're going to put together a bipartisan administration. >> reporter: but the message replains cut spending and tax, one of -- remains cut spending and taxes, one of hogan's first big decisions will be funding the $2 million purple line in
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the d.c. suburbs. he opposed it in the campaign. today he refused to commit one way or the other to the purple line. in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> hogan said he'll have a bigger hammer than previous republican governors thanks to republican gains in the general assembly. democrats will have a much tougher time overriding any future veto. election experts say mark warner's lead of 12,000 votes over ed gillespie could grow because of provisional ballots that tend to lean democratic. lawyers from both parties are observing the vote canvassing. in fairfax county some errors have been found but nothing to give gillespie the lead. still the margin is still under 1% of the total vote count which means gillespie could request a recount. >> we have high hopes numbers will change and maybe we'll be able to pull something out, but that's the campaign's decision. >> right now the difference is between a half percent and 1% and mr. gillespie would have to pay for that and that will be
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very expensive. >> republicans hope the lead narrows to under a half percentage point because if that happens, the split would have to split the multimillion dollar bill for the recount. gillespie cannot formally request a recount until the state certifies the results and that won't happen until november 25th. virginia is one of sevea.ra states where a race is still unsettled, including the senate race in alaska and a runoff election in louisiana. >> regardless today republicans can say with some surety come next year they'll have control of the senate and a larger control of the house of representatives. mitch mcconnell will likely become the new senate majority leader and the president addressed the nation this afternoon how this political shift will impact his final two years in office. >> to everyone who voted i want you to know that i hear you. for the 2/3 of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday i hear you, too. >> the american people have spoken. they've given us divided
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government. the question for both the president and speaker and our members is what are you going to do with it? >> the president has invited congressional leaders to the white house friday to start talking about some of the challenges they face. you can get a beckdown of the election results -- break down of the election results on the new wusa9 app. it's free. some montgomery county parents are furious after a middle school principal waited nearly a month to tell them police arrested a contractor at the school for inappropriately touching a 12-year-old female student. debra alfarone has been looking into the contractor's past and found even more allegations. >> reporter: this is the man police say groped a tween at john t. baker middle school last month, 44-year-old john edward epps, jr., the contractor hired by a temp agency for a company called net com had worked on security cameras, the same ones police say caught him touching a 12-
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year-old girl's buttocks as she walked past him ending in assault and sex assault charges. the school waited nearly a month before informing parents. today they held a meeting. >> they said it was an isolated incident. how do you know? >> reporter: wusa9 is learning it may not be. today the principal of damascus high school sent out a letter saying one of her students may have been touched inappropriately by epps during a visit to baker. we did a quick search and found epps was arrested for sex offenses and other charges in 2001 and 2010. he pled guilty to a second degree assault charge in 2010. he is not listed on maryland's sex offender registry which would have prohibited him from working in the school according to maryland law. net com says they will do those background checks on all their employees, including those that come to think by a temporary agency. montgomery county police have not tied epps to the latest allegation. they say they're investigating and the principal of john t. booker middle school says she
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apologizes for waiting so long to send that letter. in damascus, maryland, debra alfarone, wusa9. the breaking news we first told you at the top of this newscast, philadelphia police are speaking right now about the woman abducted off a sidewalk found alive in maryland. >> they are here. so let me ask the special agent in charge of the philadelphia field office to come forward. >> good evening, everyone. i am the special agent in charge of the philadelphia field office. tonight the fbi and the philadelphia police department have great news. carlesha freeland has been rescued. her abductor has been arrested. [ cheering and applause ] >> in maryland. to give you a bit of background, right from the night of the kidnapping philadelphia police department and the fbi have been working tirelessly to try to solve this case.
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with the help of the media and many, many citizens who called in tips, we were able to identify this individual, identify his car and track it into maryland. tonight we surveilled that vehicle in the area of jessop, maryland, and a task force from our baltimore fbi office consisting of u.s. marshals, atf agents and fbi agents located the car. when the subject exited the vehicle, he was apprehended and that's when ms. freeland was recovered. she's in good shape, has some injuries, but was taken to the hospital. she is talking to the agents. the subject's name is delven barnes, 37-year-old male. he's being currently held on a
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warrant based out of the charles city county, virginia, sheriff's office for attempted capital murder, assault, malicious injury with acid, explosives or fire. this was from a previous case that he was being investigated for. so he will then be charged federally with the crimes here in philadelphia. >> i'm going to turn it over to captain jail smith of northwest detectives division and i just want to personally thank everyone involved in this and in particular, the northwest detectives. from the moment they got this they ran hard on it, realized what they had and immediately got the ball rolling getting the fbi and others involved. they did a tremendous job and i'd like captain smith to come forward. >> thank you, commissioner. hi, everybody. before i speak i would like to introduce the mother. she'd like to say something to
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everybody now. >> hello, thank you. i just want to thank everybody. sorry. thank you. i just want to thank everybody. i would like to thank the philadelphia department of police, the fbi, maryland, everywhere, the public, especially the public. my family, my friends, everybody thank you so much. thank you for your prayers. thank you for keeping me up. thank you for being there for us. i'm taking my baby home. thank you. thank you so much. >> i'd like to thank everybody that helped participate. >> wow, some good news out of philadelphia tonight where the woman kidnapped, carlesha freeland, grabbed off the streets at an atm machine a few days ago has been found alive in jessop, maryland, with the man who kidnapped her. is that it was such a violent abduction where he dragged her
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down the street. he had a large knife, the knife found at the scene as well as her glasses and iphone. she was so strong she even kicked out the back windows of his car. police tracked down the car through the media and help of lots of folks looking for this particular car. they located it in jessop, maryland, and they were surveilling it the whole time and as they did they noticed he was coming out to the car and were able to arrest him and that led to her as well. she has been found alive, some minor injuries but alive. >> the suspect's name is delven barnes, 37 years old. she wanted him on some other serious charges including i think attempted murder out of charles city, virginia. >> yes. >> he's yet to be charged in this crime, but that is oncoming, kidnapping and other things involved there. we got to take
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huge buzz tonight around the brand-new film interstellar that opened in select theaters today, everywhere on friday.
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>> we're getting a little hollywood on the potomac as the movie opens tonight at the air and space museum. bruce leshan has been tracking the sts. you seen matthew mcconaughey yet? >> reporter: i did. i got to talk to him. this is so cool. we're on the classic hollywood rope line. check it out. right over here jessica chastain talking to usa today and down here a little bit, anne hathaway in the white if you can see her talking to folks down there about this movie. we are premiering it, paramount pictures, here at air in space in part because of the real milestones of flight right here. you have the spirit of st. louis over here, spaceshipone over there, chuck yeager's incredible plane over there. right behind the stars when we were talking to them the apollo capsule. this movie kind of imagines
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humankind's future. the earth is in trouble, may not be livable. humankind could be extinct and we have to venture to the stars to find a new home. listen to matthew mcconaughey. >> this idea that we might deroy the earth, timely. >> a lot of people find it relevant. >> reporter: do you worry about that and do you think it's really possible humanity can go out and find a home in the stars? >> well, i won't say i worry abou. t it i do what i can about it. i hope we don't ever have to leave this great planet. i'm pretty optimistic we can be resilient enough to handle ourselves here, but you know us. we're stubborn and don't make moves till the 11th hour sometimes. >> reporter: so the movie playing here in imax at the downtown air and space, it's out at udvar hazy in imax. there's a really cool exhibit
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with the spaceship you can see on the poster they've used in filming. you can check that out the next two weeks. it's a pretty cool adventure. very quickly ad -- very quickly, did you notice did matthew mcconaughey pull up in a link or not? >> and he drove lincolns before they were cool, liked
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the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> high temperature 68 today, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. the rain didn't hit the ground till we got to the 65% relative humidity level. now we have. light showers across much of the metro area. you do have light showers around 270 northbound around the beltway and around 95 toward quantico, nothing heavy
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just yet. our futurecast, by morning it will show us showers and some rain, temperatures in the 50s and light rain and showers tomorrow. the next three days passing shower friday, 56 but generally dry for high school football. breezy and cool saturday, upper 50s, not a bad day. sunday is very nice, took the rain out, sunshine, nice for the ravens game, near 60, mid- 60s monday. don't look now, maybe a party? hi. i'm new ensure active clear protein drink. clear huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. twist my lid! that's three times more than me. 17 vitamins and minerals. and zero fat! hmmmm. you bring a lot to the party! yay! new ensure active clear protein. 8 grams protein. zero fat. 17 vitamins and minerals. in delicious blueberry pomegranate and mixed fruit.
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going back to our breaking news story tonight, the woman abducted in philadelphia has been found alive and here in jessop, maryland. her abductor is this man, 37- year-old delven barnes. >> 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither was located in jessop, maryland. she has minor injuries but is otherwise fine. we saw her mother come before the microphone and thank everybody for bringing her child home safe. that abduction was caught on the chilling video you're looking at. a lot of people thought indeed we wouldn't find her, but the police have. her debit card was the clue. it was used near aberdeen and that brought the search down here. >> the fbi got the car description and a lot of people called it in and they put some surveillance on it and somebody located delven barnes. he is also wanted for attempted capital murder in charles city,
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virginia. >> more on that case tonight at 11:00. that's all for our news at 7:00. have a great night!
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♪ taylor swift just broke all kinds of records. doing it her way, and we will tell you how. >> what do you think? does this maayke tlor even more powerful than beyoncé? i'm smart and i'm hard-working. >> we're going to examine the media strategy that made taylor number one. then what is uph witthis tabloid headline? bruce jenner cross dressing? >> we have the real story behind that photo. >> and we investigate the paparazzi's new weapon, drones. >> are they an invasion of pracy? >> allowing little machines to fly in our backyard. where you stop? >> drones are over my house. >> plus a look at rehearsals for "peter pan" live. and i am on the set of oprah's new movie. i got to say, oprah, i love the new look. >> you're going to work it. oprah's got a new look.
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>> get it down. now "entertainment tonight." we love entertaining people. taylor swift is celebrating. her new album, "1989," as predicted, is huge. it has sold almost 1.3 million copies in the first week alone. >> this is incredible. that is the best since eminem back in 2002. >> no other album sold more than a million. that's for the whole year. kevin is in our nation's capital. and can you believe this, kevin? >> the taylor media blitz was picture-perfect. she's popular. but here's the question now. but how powerful is she? more powerful than, let's say, beyoncé who made the twitter-verse explode when she released her video album? >> let's get into that and so much more. let's break down taylor's platinum strateg


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