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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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abducted in philly a young woman dragged to a car, tonight found alive in maryland. >> this young woman has gone through a lot of trauma the last few days. >> both the fbi and atf called in, what happened to her and what agents found in the suspect's car. >> and who would leave this newborn just hours old alone crying outside in a beltsville neighborhood? >> a former ravens cheerleader, a mom now charged with the rape of a 15-year-old and providing alcohol to teens. a newborn hours old abandoned in a beltsville neighborhood today. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. look at this baby girl. a neighbor heard her crying outside near a home on shoal creek terrace this afternoon. she called the cops. >> jim osman is outside prince george's county headquarters where police are trying to track down the person who abandoned her. >> reporter: you look at those pictures and think who could abandon a baby? tonight police are trying hard
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to find out. down these back steps in this beltsville neighborhood is where a woman made a surprising discovery. this newborn baby girl with no clothing. >> i walk out to my back porch and heard a baby crying. normally people walk their baby around the neighborhood. it's a nice development. so when i heard it again and heard it closer, i stepped off my back porch to see what it was and i saw a baby laying in the grass. this is crazy. i'm overwhelmed. what do i do at this point? after i got her and cleaned her up first thing was call the police. >> reporter: tiana jackson, a mother of her own five children said she's grateful she was in the right spot to eye the abandoned baby girl who was just 10 hours old. >> it's a blessing for me to have found her. anything could have happened to her. >> reporter: jackson wonders if the person who left the baby knew jackson as a mother of five and could care for the newborn. >> i'm happy that i found her and got her off to the proper authorities. >> reporter: while all the facts are not known how this newborn baby girl ended up here
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there is a better way. >> we have the maryland safe haven act. a mother or a responsible adult within 10 days of a child's birth can drop the infant off and relinquish custody at designated facilities to include state police barracks, local hospitals as well as local police stations. >> reporter: now the location of the mother is not known tonight and there is concern about her health because the baby was just 10 hours old. if you have any info, call police. reporting live in landover, jim osman, wusa9. now to a mother's prayers answered, the search for an abducted philadelphia girl ends right here in maryland. >> her name? carlesha freeland gaither and she was literally dragged off the street into her abductor's car over the weekend. police have been on the trail from philly to jessup, maryland, in howard county 30 miles north of here. >> mola lenghi is there
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tonight. what a story. >> reporter: just a few hours ago this search, this investigation kicked into a whole other gear. authorities from philadelphia down to richmond mobilized tonight and that led them here. they followed a lead to this jessop, maryland shopping center, more specifically those parking spots right there. taking an alleged abductor by surprise they saved that 22- year-old. what began with a seemingly random and horrifying abduction caught on surveillance video in philadelphia sunday night ended about 120 miles south in this jessop, maryland shopping center parking lot. >> because you have an abducted victim involved, that ups the ante as far as our priority of life. so if there is an instance where we determine there's someone in the vehicle that fits that description, we're going to move sooner rather than later. >> reporter: that victim was 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither. these fbi acts were pointed in the right direction by a richmond fbi office who advised
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the agents on wednesday that a car and man fitting the suspect description would be in jessup. when they found the car, they surrounded him. >> after a few moments they saw there was a male and female in the rear seat of the vehicle. after another few moments the male then climbed from the rear into the driver's seat and looked like he was attempting to start the vehicle and drive away from this location. >> reporter: agents moved in, blocked his car with theirs and arrested delvin barnes. >> he was more surprised than anything. >> reporter: police say freeland gaither was understandably hysterical. >> once she had the time to process what had occurred you could tell she was very emotionally distraught. so as a result we took her immediately to the hospital. >> reporter: authorities say all thing considered she's in good shape. this 22-year-old nursing student is being treated for minor injuries while her mother is treating the officers who saved her daughter like heroes. >> they stood in my kitchen in front of me and told me i'm bringing your daughter home.
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he said i'm bringing your daughter home. he brought my baby home. he brought her right home. thank you. >> good job. [ applause ] >> reporter: freeland gaither is said to be doing well physically now in the hospital recovering from obvious emotional trauma suffered over the last few days. meanwhile authorities will now try to figure out exactly why she was abducted. those questions will now focus on and turn to the suspect, delvin barnes, the atf telling us barnes is wanted in the richmond area for other crimes against women. he is in the custody of the fbi. live in jessup, maryland, i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. a erbaltimore ravens cheerleader, baltimore socialite and mother of three is facing charges of having sex with a 15-year-old boy. 47-year-old molly shattuck was indicted monday on two counts of third degree rape.
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the relationship started may this year when she began commenting on photos the 15- year-old boy posted on instagram. the teen claims their first intimate encounter was in a car in a columbia, maryland parking lot. during summer school she would pick him up during lunch breaks and drive to a parking lot where they made out. the intimate relationship cull minimummated in sexual activity on beth -- culminated in sexual activity on bethany beach. she also allegedly offered him alcohol. shattuck made national headlines in 2005 when she became the oldest nfl cheerleader at the time and she is currently going through a divorce with the former ceo of exelon which owns baltimore gas and electric. parents are in disbelief tonight after learning a former middle school principal is accused of punching a student more than once. 45-year-old dwight jefferson stopped the student on the way
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to class. that student tried to run off but was called back a second time by the principal. then he told the student to go to a back room. that's where jefferson allegedly punched him in the stomach twice. that student tried to put up his guard and prepared to hit him back and that's when jefferson punched him in the face the. >> prince george's county schools did release a statement tonight saying this type of behavior is not accepted or tolerated in the school district. jefferson was brought on as a principal in training last year and named acting principal in july and was indicted last week. in damascus parents at baker middle school are upset a contract worker was caught on video groping a 12-year-old girl but they are really furious they weren't told about the incident for nearly a month. montgomery county police arrested 44-year-old john epps of ft. washington after a camera he was paid to install recorded him fondling that young girl's rear end october 6th. the letter to parents went out two days ago. >> they said it was an isolated
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incident. how do you know? >> good question. maybe it was not. turns out the worker john epps had a criminal record, something a background check by the company that hired him somehow missed. epps is now charged with fourth degree sex assault and second degree assault. [ cheering and applause ] thank you, governor. thank you, congressmen. most importantly, thank you, virginia! >> that was virginia senator mark warner claiming victory in a state's too close to call u.s. senate race last night and tonight he's still ahead by less than a percentage point with gop challenger ed gillespie raising the possibility of a recount. the two were separated by a mere 13,000 votes out of 2 million cast. in virginia the loser can ask for a recount if the margin is less than 1% of the total number of votes. however, the state will only pay for the recount if the
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margin falls below 1/2 of 1% of the votes. if a recount happens, it will not go underway until the votes are certified which could take until the end of november. virginia's u.s. senate seat is one of three still up for grabs tonight, but the balance of power has shifted officially giving republicans full control of the u.s. congress. the gop wins in iowa, colorado, arkansas, south dakota, montana, west virginia and north carolina, upends the balance of power between the white house and capitol hill. right now there are 45 democratic held seats and 52 republican held seats. the shift in power could make president obama's les two years in office a challenge. the president said today he is looking forward to working with the republicans in office and that the american people have spoken and clearly not happy with the way things are going here in washington. >> what stands out to me, though, is that the american people sent a message, one that
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they've sent for several elections now. they expect the people they elect to work as hard as they do. >> the president repeated his call for congress to act on comprehensive immigration reform. he says again he is willing to work with republicans but already threatened to use his executive power. d.c. voters said yes to a ballot initiative that allows people over age 21 to grow and use their own marijuana, but the whole thing could go up in smoke if some lawmakers get their way. maryland congressman andy harris is threatening to ask congress to use its oversight authority to block the initiative. meantime mayor elect muriel bowser says she not only voted for the marijuana initiative, she's hoping to sign a bill that lets the city tax the sale of it. a lot more on last night's election results on our wusa9 mobile app. download it now free or upgrade on your apple or android devices. an arlington woman raped at gunpoint 22 years ago.
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>> her attacker finally behind bars. find out why it took detectives so long to get this guy. >> matthew mcconaughey, anne hathaway and jessica chastain all in d.c. tonight, why they're here in just a minute. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. you'll need one of these tomorrow. a yellow alert thursday, what that means to your morning commute, evening commute and look ahead to the weekend forecast. now the wusa9 restaurant alert app. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek. to track inspections text food to 25543 for a link to the restaurant alert. 11th and m corner market has 18 violations including poultrying that at room temperature, refrigeration unit molded and numerous flies. it passed reinspection and is back in business. click suspended restaurants to see hundreds of others we've
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11:13 pm lling your car, truck or suv? inova. join the future oftinge is-that's prhealth.e medicine. takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at earlier this year we exposed the problem of untested rape kits just sitting on shelves at police departments across the country, 4-thousand of them, and that -- 400,000 of them, and that means 400,000 women never having the rapist caught and convicted. >> but as debra alfarone reports in one such police
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department no such backlog exists thanks to a new grant, dna advances in technology and the hard work of detectives. justice may finally be served. >> i never expected to receive a call. >> reporter: january, 1992, an arlington apartment, a 25-year- old female grad student answers. a man dressed as a maintenance worker armed with a gun rapes her. >> i was devastated. i couldn't stay in my house because he raped me there. i couldn't leave the house because i was terrified of everything. >> reporter: she asked us not to show her face or use her name. >> this kind of unnerves people. >> reporter: enter detectives rosa ortiz and bob nicalari of the arlington police department one by one solving rape cases gone cold. the pair resent dna from the victim's rape kit to the state crime lab paid for by a new grant from the commonwealth. new technology means they can get a hit with a lot less material. they got a match.
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>> this individual was actually at large. >> reporter: 50-year-old stevie brinson admitted to the crime. >> he got life. >> reporter: after 21 years she got a shred of closure. >> it was very freeing to be able to tell my story and be able to have people say i'm really sorry that that happened to you. >> reporter: that victim says she worked hard to move on. she now has a loving family and runs a successful business, but she says when she got that phone call, it shook her to her core, yet she never hesitated to prosecute. >> it's a lot easier when you're actually looking at what you have in a case. >> reporter: with 20 cases 15 have enough dna to try and solve. the duo have closed seven. >> these are long cases, but we don't forget about them. >> reporter: because the victims don't forget either, even after 21 years. >> it was good to go back and look at it and figure out how far i had come and that i really did get over it and my life was what i wanted and that he didn't take that away from me. >> reporter: in arlington,
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debra alfarone, wusa9. police in port orchard, washington, say murder suspect david kalac is on the run after killing his 30-year-old girl friend and posting graphic photos of her dead body online. police found her body yesterday and early this morning police in portland, oregon, spotted kalac driving her stolen car. officers gave chase, but he got away. in pennsylvania cop killer eric frein had been hiding out in an abandoned airplane hangar and had stockpiled guns, ammo, a laptop, solar power converter, contact lenses and a bible. frein is accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another in a surprise attack on a police barracks in september. president obama is asking congress for more than $6 billion in emergency funds to fight ebola. the money would be split three ways, 2 billion to fight ebola
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overseas and 2.5 billion to keep ebola in check here in the u.s. the rest would be put in a contingency fund. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> our alert tonight is the shade of yellow tomorrow. >> yes, it is, showers, probably a slow morning commute, perhaps a slow evening commute. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature 68 today. it's still mild. it's still 58. that's pretty good for early november. light showers, relative humidity up to 81%, winds light north at 3. they'll become southwesterly overnight. here's the big radar the past couple hours. you can see everybody is getting at least light showers from dunkirk to d.c. to leesburg up to frederick out to winchester and points to the north and west. we'll zoom in a little bit. see the darker green? that's just the heaviest
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activity we could find, not crazy heavy around reston, tyson, across the river to potomac out river road up 355 and 270 toward rockville. headlines, yellow alert for rain and showers. bus stop temperatures 50 to 60, might want to take an umbrella if you're walking the kids to the bus stop in the morning and prepare for wet commutes, certainly the morning and probably the afternoon for some. we will dry out quickly thursday night and become on the chilly side, but there's no arctic air pouring in behind this system. 6 a.m. tomorrow on futurecast, notice it's green. it's light activity, but other good news, it's still mild, low to mid-50s. by 8:00 showers essentially fairfax, montgomery and across 95 into southern maryland, prince george's county, down into fredericksburg. we get a little break and 1:00 still leftover showers and temps in the low 60s, pretty nice. we get a break at 4:00. then notice more showers back in the mountains.
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some of those will move through late in tomorrow evening's commute. we say not everybody will have a wet commute going home. some of you will. by 8:00 maybe a few straggler showers, but light, 52 in gaithersburg at 8:00 tomorrow night, 57 downtown. then we clear out, temperatures fall to the upper 40s to low 50s in the burbs and low to mid- 50s downtown. tonight overnight mostly cloudy, mild, rain and showers, temperatures 50 to 55, winds turning southeast at 10:00. next three days nice tomorrow, nicer friday, passing showers possible. we think high school football will be dry. bunds up, temps in the 40s late -- bundle up, temps in the 40s late in the 2nd half and breezy and cold saturday, temperatures in the upper 50s. we clean up sunday, nice for the heart walk on saturday, nice for the ravens game on sunday. you can watch that here on channel 9, 59 and 66 monday. veterans day possibly 70 with
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sunshine and a shot of cold air next wednesday. potentially habitable world right within our reach. >> could save us from extinction. >> the stars of the highly anticipated space themed drama interstellar spent the evening at the smithsonian air and space museum. oscar winners matthew mcconaughey, anne hathaway play astronauts in search of a new planet and our bruce leshan got to meet up with the stars there. >> the further out there we get, the more personal the story becomes. chris put that in the script and i feel like we pulled it off. >> i couldn't tell anyone i was playing an astronaut, so i wasn't able to do any of the cool nerd stuff. being here kind of feels like the reward at the end of the journey. at the heart of the space exploration film it's about a father and daughter and the powerful bonds of love. that's the most exciting part for me.
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>> the movie opened today in select theaters ahead of its nationwide release friday. >> i'll be there. tonight vice president biden and dr. jill biden his wife honored some stars here on earth. dozens of breast cancer survivors and their unsung heroes gathered at the vice president's residence for a special reception in their honor. our lesli foster was there joined by kim -- kimberly higgenbossom. >> and our own kristen berset cancer free for five years now. and i have good news, a winning team. we also tried talking to fans about the redskins. they didn't really want to, can't blame them. the wizards got revenge as the pacers came to town. this team is off to their best start in nine years. some of that ♪
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hey, jennar fuzz mike trooawwwwww scram!g... i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington wizards were road warriors last season, but
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at home they were just 23-23, not much advantage. that's been a focus this season. as much as they would love revenge against the pacers tonight it was more about starting strong at home. tonight a postseason rematch. these guys displayed great teamwork, marcin gortat. wizards stayed even today with the pacers, but this would mean extra time after david sloan tie the game with time running out and in o.t. check out the steal. wizards win 96-94. >> they gave us all we could handle. we knew they were going to come in like a wounded animal so many of their top players hurt. we gave it our best shot. we were able to withstand it. we're not happy with the way we played, but a win is a win in this league.
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>> john wall 31 points, picked up his fourth double double in five games. the wiz had four starters in double digits tonight. they improved to 2-0 at home, 4- 1 on the season. day two of the ray rice appeal hearing is tomorrow, but it could be days or weeks before a decision is made. day 1 consisted of nfl commissioner roger goodell testifying over two hours. both ray and his wife janay were in attendance at the hearing in new york city. ray is appealing the league's indefinite suspension. both rice and janay are expected to testify tomorrow as well as ravens president dick cass. alex rodriguez a liar? a report published by the miami herald claims so. the yankees third baseman always denied he used peds from the south florida clinic biogenesis, but according to the report rodriguez admitted back in january he did use peds from 2010 to 2012 paying the owner anthony bosh $12,000 a month and got advice on how to
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beat the drug test. nelson cruz spoke today regarding his future. the former oriole said he would love nothing more than returning to charm city for a win. a man with front row seats at the hornets/heat game last night as the gentleman was hit in the chest with a foul ball and everybody was okay. i don't know how that happens. even just walking today you forget how close those seats are. i'm walking through the arena today and they're literally right up next to it. >> you're just grateful if the player used his arrid extra dry. >> 4th quarter of the game i seriously doubt it matters.
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that is wusa9 news for tonight. thanks for sticking around for us. >> letterman is next, everybody. make it a great night. >> bye bye.
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