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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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[ bugle playing ] >> that was mark phillips reporting. a quick lift lesson. poppies had -- history lesson. poppies had a special meaning during world war i because they were the first plants to sprout up on the scarred battlefields of france and belgium. that is it for wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. a big twist in the story of that abed baby in beltsville that turns -- that abandoned baby in beltsville that turns out it wasn't abandoned at all. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in fairfax. did senator mark warner learn anything from that unexpectedly close race in his apparent victory? see what he says coming up. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in alexandria, why an entire elementary school came to thank this one woman, why she's touched so many lives coming up. we begin with the breaking news out of prince george's county.
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investigators have identified the mother of this little newborn girl. we thought she'd been abandoned in a beltsville yard on wednesday. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> the story has changed a bit. i'm lesli foster. debra alfarone is live at police headquarters with the latest developments. what do we know about the mother? >> reporter: we know the mother told police she was overwhelmed, but i want to be clear that baby was never abandoned. that baby was never in danger. the mom simply said to police that she was overwhelmed and told them that she basically lied and found the baby in the backyard when in all reality apparently she gave birth to that baby inside that beltsville home. the good news, of course, is the baby is okay. the baby is still in child protective custody. police say the woman who called 911 is actually the little girl's mom. she questioned her yesterday. today she came clean and told them the little girl is hers. they say she's getting the help
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she needs. she will not face charges and here's why. >> in maryland there's a safe haven law where essentially any parent can relinquish their child or responsible adult within the first 10 days of the ion or hospital. so again in this case she sort of surreptitiously gets to that point and obviously we wish she was more forth coming in the initial call, but our position here is not to vilify this woman. we just couldn't be more happy that both she and the child are doing well and we figured out who the birth mother is and we search warrant still searching and happy the child is not in a home with someone who doesn't want her. >> reporter: the story resonated with so many people it was the most shared story on facebook and many people came out saying she wanted to possibly foster this baby or adopt her. at this point that baby is still in custody and police say at this point the department of social services will take it
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from here. what that means still remains to be unseen. we'll keep following this. for now live at prince george's county police headquarters, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> if there's any good news, it's that that baby is okay. a bizarre twist in court today in the case involving a mother accused of abducting her two children. catherine hoggle told her family that she could lead investigators to the children. her family contacted police who attempted to get an emergency custody of hoggle so she could do that, but the judge said no. police and volunteers have spent weeks searching for 3- year-old sarah and 2-year-old jacob with no luck. an update now on the breaking news we first brought you on wusa9 news at 5:00. prince william county police tell us one person was wounded in a shooting outside the wal- mart in woodbridge. a man was smashing jewelry cases with a hammer. then he ran off. an off-duty cop followed him into the parking lot. when the suspect ignored the
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officer's command, that officer opened fire, not sure of that man's condition. the victim of that caught on tape abduction in philly is safe at home tonight, but the guy accused of abducting her has a rap sheet that's pretty horrific. police in charles city county near richmond say delven barnes was accused of assaulting another girl. >> he brought my baby home. >> thank you. >> brought her right home. >> good job. [ applause ] >> now barnes told a judge in towson, maryland, today he would not fight extradition on that attack on the teen-ager. the judge gave authorities five days to show up and take him back, but the feds are looking
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at charging him soon in that abduction in philly. tonight a gunman is on the run after shooting two people in an attempted robbery in gaithersburg, this the scene at sweeney building services on premier court around 1:00 this afternoon. the suspect tried to rob the place. the man and woman were shot and are in the hospital, injuries described as nonlife threatening. in virginia the senate race is still up in the air. ed gillespie has not conceded to mark warner even though warner has about a 17,000 vote lead. >> that's because the margin is less than 1% which means gillespie could ask for a recount, but as peggy fox reports, warner says a recount could be unprecedented. >> reporter: senator mark warner makes the rounds at a fairfax leadership event two days after a stunning close call. >> i feel very good at this point. it's 16,000ish, somewhere in that range. >> reporter: he said he hasn't talked to his challenger who was not made available for
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interviews today. do you have any comment if he does request a recount? >> that will be up to him. it would be unprecedented in virginia history. >> reporter: warner said the narrow win taught him to never take anything for granted. george mason political analyst jeremy mayer says warner distanced himself too much from the president. >> warner acted like being accused of being close to obama was a crime and he looked very guilty. >> i'm going to stay focused on getting our balance sheet right, not leaving our kids with $17 trillion in debt. >> reporter: while senator mark warner pledges to reach across the aisle to get things done, some conflicts in congress may be beyond his reach. >> if the key divide in the senate is between democrats and republicans, mark warner will be a key player, but i think the key confide is going to be between mcconnell and ted cruz, that it's going to be a
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republican civil war about whether we do anything or nothing. >> reporter: mayer says the memory of eric cantor's primary loss after he opened the door of immigration reform will keep republicans from working together. warner vows to get things done by being a disrupter. >> do we end up with a full budget solution that would have avoided the stupidity of sequestration? no. if we don't act, that's going to meco rushing back and have a devastating effect on virginia next year. >> reporter: in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa9. >> vote canvassing continues through friday. the state board of elections will certify the results by notice of 24th and only after that can gillespie request a recount. we're looking at some showers pushing off to the east. we'll show you radar. they're ending pretty quickly now, got some showers in between baltimore and d.c. up 95, a couple showers headed toward anne arundel county.
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we'll also look ahead to the weekend forecast. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in alexandria, why an entire elementary school came to thank
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entertainer bill cosby spent years collecting african american art. >> now he and his wife camille are loaning their collection to the smithsonian's national museum of african art and the
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works are going on display in an exhibit that juxtaposes african american art with african art. at today's press preview cosby joked about loaning his prized possessions. >> i want all of you to know that i knew nothing about this. some white and black people came in my house and they're walking around looking at my paintings and they said mrs. cosby said it's all right to see this. >> and now we will all be able to see it. the exhibit opens this sunday and it runs through all of next year into early 2016. you may want to swap your umbrella for some long underwear. topper says the chilly weather is comi
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check this out. we finally found a place in washington d.c. where gas prices are under three bucks. we are finding the cheapest spot to fill up with the help of aa. if you stop by the capitol hill citgo on pennsylvania avenue, regular unleaded is just 2.94 a
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gallon. while many of us are hitting the road off the holidays, travel experts estimate more than 24 million passengers will take to the skies for thanksgiving. that's a bit of an uptick from last year. if you notice the plane is a little more crowded, it probably is. a lot of airlines used some profits to add more seats. you would think that means less crowded. >> and take more room away from you. >> how nice. i guess crowded in one way, but tighter but not more crowded if you understand. >> i get it. a crossing guard hanging up her vest after nearly 50 years on the job, polk elementary school gave her a huge sendoff, charlotte ross saying good-bye. >> surae chinn was there for the big celebration and the surprise. [ cheering and applause ] >> oh, my goodness. hello, everybody. >> reporter: 89 years young, charlotte ross is finally retiring. >> i have a hard time not to cry. >> reporter: the children
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stood guard this time as ross walked the hallways. >> i know him. i know you. hello. i know him. >> reporter: charlotte ross has been a crossing guard at james polk elementary school since the school has been around and all of these children couldn't wait to say thank you. >> because she served our school for almost 50 years and we all love her. >> reporter: she says she never even had a close call. everyone seemed to listen to miss ross. >> i don't use a whistle. you don't have to. i just walk out in the street and they all stop. >> reporter: in five decades she recalls only one bit of trouble. >> 1 time i had this little boy that crossed and he wasn't supposed to and i asked him to come back. he had to come and apologize to me, which i thought was very nice. doctor >> reporter: rain or shine for -- nice. >> reporter: rain or shine for 50 years miss ross made sure the kids made it safely across. >> because i enjoyed my job. it was my therapy. every morning i had to get up and get dress and go to the
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corner and i would see different people and regardless of what kind of mood i was in by the time i got home i felt so good. because i got to see people. >> children, not only across the street she'd guide them but through their life. >> reporter: in alexandria. >> good-bye, good-bye. >> reporter: surae chinn, wusa9. >> good-bye. >> the school is placing an honorary plaque on a bench in her honor. miss ross is moving to greensboro, north carolina, to be closer to her daughter. we wish her well. >> got to love that lady. that's one of those ones where they break the mold. >> and the kids come back when they are asked to. >> she's probably seen the kids that she helped and their kids and their grandkids. >> yeah. >> almost 50 years, probably has. okay. showers are moving out and winds moving in, not a bad end to the week, a little blustery. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high
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temperature 65 today, actually pretty nice. it's still in the upper 50s in the burbs and low 60s downtown, still mild. wind s -- winds are west, northwest at 6. the front is clearing out and usher in some drier colder air tonight. we'll notice a chill tonight and tomorrow night is the cold night. last couple hours focus on this stuff here, a pretty good storm cell, maybe the rumble of thunder there and this activity is about to move into the bay. it's moving out of anne arundel county and calvert county. we'll zoom in. it's essentially south of 50 in terms of the heavy activity. it's raining in annapolis, but it's light, heavy activity between annapolis and shadyside headed toward dunkirk and north beach. it will be out of there in 20 minutes. this activity is now over toward laurel pushing into howard county and up into the baltimore area, just some light showers behind that. we're in pretty good shape, showers ending early tonight, dry air moving in quickly.
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bus stop temperatures 44 to 50, a little chilly. remember we add wind to that tomorrow is the key. grab your sunglasses and a coat. winds will make it feel much colder than 55 degrees tomorrow. in fact, here's futurecast. 10:00 tonight you can walk the dog. i think these showers are way overdone into southern maryland, dry put -- but mostly cloudy, temps in the 50s. by morning we fall to the 40s, clear skies. by 8:00 everybody is still in the 40s and we'll add some wind to the forecast. dress like it's going to be in the 40s tomorrow. by 1:00 it's 54, 53 in manassas, 51 north and west of town and by 4:00 high school football games will be chilly, 40s, low 50s downtown, upper 40s north of town by 4:00 tomorrow and by 6:00 tomorrow evening about 24 hours om now everybody will be in the 40s under clear to partly cloudy skies and by 7:30, 8:00 right around 40 d then if you're
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out late tomorrow night, upper 30s, 37 by 11:30 in leesburg and manassas and culpeper and 36 into downtown area. the winds, 8:00 tomorrow we'll have winds gusting. this is the tracker of potential winds gusting to 22 miles per hour downtown, by 11:00 we could see wind 30 miles per hour in leesburg and 27 downtown and by 4:00 winds are still gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. that's why we say kind of dress more for the 40s tomorrow than the 50s. tonight partial clearing, showers ending early, breezy and colder, low temps in the 40s, wind tonight northwest 10 to 20. by morning partly cloudy, windy and chilly, 44 to 52, wind northwest 10 to 20 and gusty. by afternoon winds gusting over 25 to 30 miles an hour, highs around 55, sunshine but blustery. 52 at 9:00, 54 at 11:00 and 1:00. temps don't go up a bunch.
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next three days breezy and chilly saturday, 56, nice for the heart walk and then breezy and cool sunday, 60, nice for the ravens game which you can watch here on channel 9. looking at warmer air next week, 65 on monday, near 70 for veterans day, more rain and showers wednesday and sharply colder next thursday, talking about highs with sunshine in the upper 40s. we thought the ray rice situation couldn't get any worse for the nfl. >> you got some new details today that suggest otherwise. >> it's one of those days that makes the nfl office go oh, no. the ray rice appeal ended today. let's just say some of the things that were said not good for the league. the nfl office is taking cover after ozzie newsome speaks
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> days like this make the top brass at the nfl offices go oh, boy. for months roger goodell and the ravens for that matter were hoping ray rice and the stain of his elevator incident with his then fiancee would just go away. doesn't work that way and it isn't. ray rice's appeal of his indefinite suspension ended today and ravens general manager ozzie newsome testified. multiple sources say newsom told judge barbara jones he heard rice tell the commissioner that he hit his wife in the elevator. goodell has continually said the video that eventually surfaced was a surprise to him. rice is appealing his indefinite suspension. it's unclear when judge jones will give her ruling. ravens will be shorthanded on the field this weekend and the rest of the season for that
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matter. corner jimmy smith is done with a foot injury that needs surgery. he was injured against the bengals a few weeks ago, so the news not good for baltimore. i got some good news. they lost two straight, but dreadful tennessee coming to town. that will do good for you. playing tennessee can solve a lot of problems if baltimore stops coughing it up, that is. >> it's been like the last three games we've had a lot of turnovers and we are going to be very tough to beat if we don't turn the ball oh, something we got to stop. we've got to stay aggressive at the same time. >> we've been doing some things that's been shooting ourselves in the foot. i think when we're on our a game and doing the little things right, no one can stop us. we just got to get better. here's a question. is chris cooley drinking the kool-aid or cooley aid or is he correct? the former washington tight end and radio announcer says desean jackson might be the best
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receiver in football. d jacks has been scorching defenses, six catches for 40 plus yards in season. he was critical of him earlier this year. here's a list of things that happen every year, daylight savings, the migration of the wildebeest and brooks laich already injured. here's a good sign, laich back on the ice battling an injured shoulder out since late october. the hope is laich will like the way his shoulder feels and get back on the ice this weekend. >> we're starting to fall back from the pack a little bit. it's time to win some hockey games. i'm only looking at tomorrow's game but yes, certainly i feel good enough to keep going. >> i thought he was playing really well before he got hurt. any time you get a veteran player of brooks' caliber back in the lineup, you want to get that going. game of the week is out in
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fairfax, jeb stewart versus falls church. the bell is actually from a u.s. navy warship. it will lead our coverage tomorrow night and cheerleaders will be in the house as well. >> you know something about those warships. >> i office a couple in my day. >> i have one important question. do you know for sure wildebeests actually migrate? >> i do. animal planet. that's what it sounds like. wooowooo. that's what it sounds like. >> we won't think about that the same anymore. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. we will no
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>> pelley: tonight, invasion from the north. a blast of polar air is about to send temperatures plunging in the heart of america. wind chills could reach deep into the 20s deep into the south. dean reynolds has the forecast. american missiles take aim at terrorists in syria, and bob orr reports it appears they took out a top bomb maker. chip reid on the military changing a regulation that many consider racially offensive, but why did it take so long? and a medal of honor today for a hero of the civil war. david martin on the man who stood up to pickett's charge. >> he was going to show those rebels that all the cannon in the world was not going to drive him off this ridge. captioning sponsored by cbs


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