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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking news right now, a high school teenager in grave condition. police say he was run over in this parking lot in montgomery county. we're there now. >> tonight the mother who turned her newborn over to police and told them it wasn't hers, what next for both mom and child. >> a richmond teen-ager burned, bleeding, reeking of gasoline and bleach and now the suspect in the philadelphia abduction is wanted for a vicious attack in virginia. >> this montgomery mom says she can lead police to her missing children, why a judge won't let her go. >> we're done tracking showers. now we'll be tracking strong winds on friday, talk about high school football weather and look ahead to the weekend. but first tonight breaking news, a teen-ager is in critical condition right now. he was run over in this parking lot earlier this evening near viers mill road and randolph road. that teen-ager 17 years old and
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attends wheaton high school and is treated at suburban high school. the driver drove off without stopping. police have located a suspect in a black avalanche. several folks police say were involved in some altercation in that parking lot have been found. here's montgomery county police captain paul starks. >> what we've learned is that there may have been some altercation between these two groups. there was two or three subjects in this black avalanche. there was three subjects on the parking lot as well. we're talking with the three people that were in the car and also the others who were walking with the victim, but what we really need is witnesses who may have seen an altercation here in the parking lot next to the unique thrift store or near the burger king here at viers mill and randolph. >> again the incident happened just after 7:00 tonight near the intersection of viers mill and randolph roads in wheaton.
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the teenager hit. he's in critical condition. police want to hear from you if you witnessed what happened in that parking lot, 301-279-8000. now to the search for the mother of an abandoned prince george's county baby taking a bizarre turn of events. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. remember this woman? we talked with her last night here on wusa9 where she claims she found this baby in a beltsville neighbor. now she admits she is the newborn's mom. >> our jim osman is outside prince george's county police headquarters tonight. what a crazy story. >> reporter: well, the mother told the same story over and over again and then police say she finally told the truth. on his off time jeff pontrelli works on his motorcycles out of his garage and keeps watch on his neighborhood. he said he witnessed as his
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neighbor this woman khiani jackson walk out of this home with a baby. you saw her walk out of the home with the baby she claims she found all wrapped up? >> when she came out and was carrying the baby, i thought there was a fire because the fire department showed up. >> reporter: the baby jackson claimed had been abandoned in her own backyard wednesday. >> it's a blessing for me to have found her. anything could have happened to her. >> reporter: the prince george's county police department said it got to the truth one day after the investigation. >> today we had an opportunity to interview the woman who called us and she admitted today actually she is, in fact, the birth mother of that child. at this time we believe there was no time where the child was in danger. our position here is not to vilify this woman. we just couldn't be more happy that both she and the child are doing well. >> reporter: here are some things you may be wondering about tonight. the mother and daughter are both at the hospital being evaluated. the mother will not face charges. we asked prince george's county police with a potential
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reunification between the mother and daughter and we're told they don't know about that at this time. reporting live in landover jim osman, wusa9. we're learning new details about the man accused of abducting a 22-year-old nursing student in philadelphia and the search. >> our mola lenghi has been looking into this story. >> devlen barnes is facing federal charges from that philadelphia abduction. he already faced six felony charges including attempt murder and rape from a kidnapping in virginia last month and police say he may be linked to more abduction cases. as police had devlen barnes' vehicle surrounded, at first they did not know who else was in the car. all they could tell, she was distraught. >> we said you're safe, you're safe. we're the police.
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what is your name? we said where are you from and she said philadelphia. >> reporter: police immediately made the connection with carlesha freeland gaither. agents showed up to this parking lot for another crime. >> we weren't able to develop a suspect. the victim had very traumatic injuries and her recollection of the events have been very vague. >> reporter: the 16-year-old victim told police barnes forced her to look at pictures he had taken of other women he had also abducted. >> my experience he has a thing about women or females. it's just hard for me to accept the viciousness of it. i'm not necessarily surprised. >> reporter: while authorities in virginia did not have much physical description, on october 28th dna results came back iding barnes. a week later freeland gaither
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was abducted in fill deaf. when virginia police saw -- philadelphia. when virginia police saw similarities between their case and the philly abduction, they tipped off the fbi. agents learned barnes' car seen in the surveillance video had a gps device placed in it by the car dealer because of barnes' poor credit. the dealer was ready to track and repo the car using the gps. >> it was a big part of it. >> reporter: a big part of a big discovery perhaps helping to save this young woman's life. >> that was an incredible moment for all of us. we knew we had the right guy. >> barnes who appeared in court via video conference today waived his right to extradition hearing. he will likely be transferred to virginia to face charges of attempted murder and rape against that 16-year-old from richmond. prince william county police tell us a person was wounded during a shooting outside a woodbridge wal-mart this afternoon. that man reportedly walked into the store and began smashing
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jewelry cases with a hammer and ran away. an off-duty cop followed the man into the parking lot. when the suspect ignored the officer's commands, the officer shot him. the suspect was taken to a nearby hospital, not sure about his condition. the montgomery county mom accused of abducting her two children said her kids are alive and she can lead them, but a judge won't allow it. today a judge denied a motion to allow catherine hoggle to be released to take police to 3- year-old say and 2-year-old jacob -- sarah and 2-year-old jacob. the problem? her psych evaluation has not come back, so the judge found her to be in the same state, not competent. family members see it as a setback. >> anything about it. they're putting the court case before finding my kids. >> we were hoping and praying she would have been taking to where she's saying the children are and if they aren't there, she returns either way. nothing would have been gained or lost. >> those children have been
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missing since september 7th. she is charged with two counts of child neglect and obstruction in their disappearance. tonight molly shattuck is free on 87,000-dollar bond, but the story of the 47 nfl ex- cheerleader and her assault of a 15-year-old boy is still generating discussion. experts tell wusa9 this is not a victimless crime and gender does not matter says john wilkinson, an attorney for a washington-based organization dedicated to defending the rights of sex abuse victims. >> the future harm to these individuals, their healthy development to have healthy relationships can really be impacted by this behavior. this isn't a locker room situation and a high five to a young 15-year-old boy who was preyed upon. grooming was used. alcohol might have been used. people do this to access this population and take advantage of them. >> shattuck who has three kids is charged in delaware for
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allegedly repeatedly performing e 15-year-old boy who was visiting her bethany beach home on labor day weekend. today she pled not guilty but could face many years in prison if convicted. she's the estranged wife of a fortune 500 ceo mayo shattuck. amber vinson is now sharing her ordeal of being infected with ebola. she was declared free of the virus after treatment in emory hospital in atlanta. she said it was excruciating and wasn't sure she'd make it through. amber said in an interview she still does not know how she contracted the disease. >> i have no idea. i go through it almost daily in my mind like what happened? what went wrong? because i was covered completely every time. i followed the cdc protocol for donning and offering every
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time. i never strayed. it is a mystery to me. >> even today amber says she is still weak and gets tired very easily. she said she gets breathless just walking short distances, but she says she is gaining more strength each day. house speaker john boehner and presumed senate majority leader mitch mcconnell laid out their vision for the new gop controlled congress. the pair are on the same page spelling out goals in a wall street journal op ed today approving the keystone excel pipeline is a priority, as is repealing obamacare. they claim it is hurting the job market and americans' healthcare. another hot topic? immigration. the speaker warned the president could kill any chance of immigration reform if he uses executive action. >> the president continues to act on his own, he is going to poison the well. when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself and he's going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> also on the agenda job creation, lower energy cost,
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education, terror threats, reforming the tax code and, of course, the national code. boehner and mcconnell say it is their mission to prove the skeptics wrong who say nothing will get done now in the next two years. a former navy seal named robert o'neill says he's the man who fired the shot that killed osama bin laden. osama bin laden was killed in pakistan in 2011. o'neill said he decided to go public with his identity after meeting with some people who lost loved ones on 9/11. the families told him that his story helped bring them some closure. politics makes for strange bedfellows and apparently so do wars. according to the wall street journal, president obama wrote to none other than the leader of iran about a shared interest in defeating isis. militias backed by iran have been fighting isis forces for months now and according to journal, president obama secretly wrote a letter to the leader ali khamenei and in the letter he said any fighting
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with isis was contingent on iran reaching a deal on it's nuclear program. today the white house said the united states forces are not coordinating any military efforts with iran. cbs news said the u.s. airstrike in syria has killed one of al-qaeda's top bombmakers. cnn says in recent weeks this french bombmaker might have been involved in a plot to use clothing dipped in explosives to try to get past security at international airports. the head of orbital science corporation says engine failure is likely to blame for last week's explosion of that unmanned rocket a minute after it was launched from wallops island, virginia. evidence strongly suggests one of the two main engines malfunctioned about 15 seconds after blastoff. the rocket was adheed to the international space station delivering supplies and experiments. tonight d.c. mayor elect
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muriel bowser is expected to make some announcements about her team moving forward. she's set to go into detail about her transition team as well as name the five people selected to lead that team. bowser now has less than 60 days until her administration takes over for the current mayor vincent gray. it's been touted as a revolutionary wearable tech device, but could google glasses be harmful to your health? >> some california researchers suggest it could potentially interfere with your vision and even everyday tasks, the root of the problem coming up. >> plus is weight loss one of your new year's resolutions? find out how you can sculpt, trim and literally melt the fat away with radio frequentlies. >> that sounds good, got -- frequencies. >> that sounds good, got my attention. we're the tracking showers anymore. we're tracking wind, might be surprised how strong
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in tonight's health alert do you ever wish you could just melt your excess fat away? >> as andrea roane shows us, there is a new technology using radiofrequency waves to do just that. >> i tried nutri system. i tried the high protein, the low carb, high carb, exercising. >> reporter: karen fritz of ocean city, maryland, does everything right.
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she exercises and eats well, but like a lot of us there are those last few pockets of fat she just can't get rid of. >> i just need that little extra thing to take away those extra few unwanted pounds and inches. >> reporter: because she's not excessively overweight and leads a healthy lifestyle, karen is a perfect candidate for a new technology called vanquish. she met with the term at d.c. derm docs to reach her goal. >> this is a totally new class of radiofrequency devices in which it targets the fat in a broad area over the abdomen and the flanks in a single session. >> reporter: the device is placed directly over the stomach and heat pulses go through the layers of skin causing changes to the fat cells. patients are asked to drink lots of water before treatments. >> karen drank 2 liters of water the day before today and she will drink 2 liters of water tomorrow.
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this hydrates all of the cells so that the radiofrequency can target the fat cells. >> reporter: four sessions are recommended for maximum results. >> look at there. i had muffin top. now i have that. same set of pants i wore at the beginning of the treatment. >> reporter: after the treatments karen lost 3 inches in her belly and waist. >> just feels like a heating pad on your abdomen, take a nap, wake up, drink a lot of water. four times later you're skinny again and it's awesome. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> wow. the four treatments combine cost an average of about $2,000. insurance does not cover it. also it's important to note the food and drug administration is allowing vanquish to be used off label as a fat reduction device. how long it lasts depends on your lifestyle and eating habits. >> what's the name of that again? in tonight's technology news home depot is out with more disturbing information
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about that data before he last april. remember this? it was even worse than we thought. after investigating home depot found hackers stole 53 million customer e-mail addresses and then plugged malware into the company's computer network. the hackers got in by using a username and password they stole from a company vendor, ouch. google glass promises a visual experience on the move. the catch? the new study out of the university of california san francisco sucks the structure of the glasses -- suggests the structure of the glasses, not the software, may hinder your peripheral vision creating blind spots. of the findings. always watching always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> would you wear those while driving? come on. why would you do that? >> if they're wrapped here, it would definitely take care of
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your peripheral vision. >> they want to put that disclaimer out there just in case. we are a very litigious society. we're not talking wind advisory, but 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts possible tomorrow and because temps aren't toasty, it will feel more like late november. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. you'll manage to get to 65 today, still 55 which isn't that bad either. winds haven't picked up yet northwest at 5, but they have turned and they're out of the northwest which signals the cold front is through us. okay. blustery tomorrow. will feel more like 40s. bus stop temperatures 44 to 50. at the surface that doesn't seem too terrible, but factor in the wind, will be chilly. sweatshirt weather for high school football. i would think in layers because temps will be in the 40s, feel like 30s.
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weekend cool to chilly and remain breezy but dry. 6 a.m. tomorrow on futurecast, 48 downtown, low to mid-40s in the suburbs, not crazy cold tonight. 8:00 still in the 40s. yes, rain and snow showers in the mountains west of the divide. the thundershowers will not make it east of it and by lunchtime 55 downtown, only low 50s in the burbs. by 4 4:00 -- 4:00 some high school football games will be chilly. by 8:00, if you're out late, it will be back in the 30s, 38 by 8:00 in gaithersburg. by 10:00 most everybody will be in the upper 30s, even downtown 43, even la plata 39 by almost 24 hours from now. by midnight we're in the mid- 30s now north and west and low 40s downtown. let's talk about winds. he'll number here is a wind
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gust. this is a forecast. -- each number here is a wind gust. this is a forecast. we could see a gust of 31 miles per hour up towards gaithersburg around lunchtime. by 6:00 winds blowing 25 to 30 miles per hour. that will add a chill to the night and could affect some of the high school games if you're trying to get a last minute field goal. next three days, oak tomorrow, windy and chilly, breezy and chilly saturday, 56, 50s on sunday. nice for the heart walk saturday, nice for the ravens game sunday. you can watch it here on channel 9. next week 65, milder monday. veterans day near 70 and another front comes through, rain and showers, 54. on thursday next week with sunshine we hold in the 40s. this is what you leave for. we got awards tonight. >> don't go to bed. major league baseball now, they're announcing some postseason awards. nats fans will be juiced and i'm in the spirit, too.
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the 9 sports bye week awards are being handed out to the burgundy and gold. stick around. merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos. and i'll do a half-fast
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity.
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>> nfl and ravens have a problem and it's big. the two organizations are lacking in the c department, credibility. now they'd like you to believe they didn't fully know what happened inside that elevator the night ray rice hit his then fiancee, but here's the problem. there are an increasing number of voices disputing that. a month ago sources claimed ray rice told the commissioner he hit his then fiancee. today according to sources ravens gm ozzie newsome told bobby jones he heard rice say he hit his fiancee. here's the timeline february 15th, the couple was arrested in an altercation in atlantic city. rice will be back. july 24th the nfl imposes a two game suspension and then tmz releases the tape and rice is
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suspended indefinitely. ian desmond won his third straight silver award. anthony slugger award. rendon won one now. it's the bye week, so we're giving out our burgundy and gold awards, but not your normal awards. for example, our first award to a man who hasn't been on the job very long, but he's displayed a myriad of skills like waxing poetically and saying absolutely nothing. two weeks ago we unearthed another skill. turns out jay gruden can work here at channel 9. check it out. >> testing one, two, three. >> that's right. jay gruden wins the broadcast guy, i want to be an audio guy award.
11:27 pm
who needs a production staff at burgundy and gold park, right? gruden taking care of it himself. remember, he's pretty good at quarterback. i heard washington needs one of those. speaking of quarterbacks we got this thing called the bubble wrap award and it goes to the current gunslinger, robert griffin, whose limbs hold up about as well as one ply toilet paper. jay gruden might want to stamp handle with care on griffin's shoulder pads. i've got another suggestion for griffin in a second. finally the human turnstile award goes to tyler polumbus because like a turnstile the offensive tackle just keeps letting them go right on in. this is a tape i think on how to back pedal. that's what this training tape is. tyler polumbus winning the infamous turnstile award. speaking of wrap, bubble wrap for robert griffin, iii. >> that will help. >> he's a pop star. >> we're back after this.
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. >> take heart. it's almost friday. that's our broadcast for the night. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next. make it a great night, everybody!
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