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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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you're doing. >> i'm scared a little bit. >> reporter: despite fearing for her life the woman was back behind the register helping customer as soon as they reopened this afternoon. >> these people are strong, man. whatever happens they're going to pull through. >> reporter: amazing. that 29-year-old clerk behind the register tonight working as the store continues to stay open. police are not saying if any of these robberies are connected. you can see some of the descriptions are different, but we'll stay on top of it. back to you. >> thank you. we have new photos of a chevy avalanche suv that was involved in a bizarre hit and run incident in a wheaton parking lot last night. a 17-year-old wheaton high school student is in critical condition. scott broom reports today investigators said there is a lot more to this story. >> reporter: the student was run down by an suv in this parking lot after police say a group of as many as 10 people attacked the car and the people in it with rocks. these are the just released
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photos of the 2002 chevy avalanche involved in last night's bizarre incident and today in the parking lot behind a burger king next to the unique thrift store off viers mill road the ground is still strewn with rocks and a place where a 17-year-old was run down still marked with white paint. >> a short time thereafter three individuals showed up at our fourth district station. they said that they were at the burger king eating. when they were leaving, they were approached by a group of five to 10 males. these individuals started throwing rocks at their vehicle and tried to get in their vehicle and for fear for their personal safety they left the area. >> reporter: police say the boy was critically injured but that the 21-year-old driver of the suv claims he had no idea he'd hit anyone. police say it's unclear if the teen w struck by the vehicle was one of the rock throwing attackers and it is unclear how or why the confrontation happened. investigators are reviewing as yet unreleased video.
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bottom line? a 17-year-old is still in life threatening condition in a hospital and investigators are asking witnesses to come forward to help them piece together what happened. in wheaton scott broom, wusa9. >> scott tells us that no criminal charges have been filed. we are learning more about the young mother who prince george's county police says told them a tale of finding an abandoned baby on wednesday and then reversed course on thursday actually admitting that baby was hers. >> this is a story that's touched the hearts of so many of you. you had questions. our debra alfarone went to get some answers for you. what did you find out? >> there were a lot of people who had lots of questions. just today family members of 23- year-old khiani jackson of beltsville told me jackson attended a hearing where it was determined she's going to be able to he could the five children she had prior to giving birth to that baby this week, but there are questions about what's going to -- able
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to keep the five children she had prior toughie going birth to that baby this week, but there are questions about what's going to happen to the newborn. >> reporter: 23-year-old khiani jackson's stepmom confirms khiani had children previously and after a hearing today will be allowed to keep custody of those children. the question so many have right now, what will become of this little baby girl? prince george's county police spokesperson julie parker was on hln tv today along with wusa9's video. >> of course, the department of social services right now is in charge of the baby. they ultimately will decide with the court system who will get custody of that newborn girl. >> reporter: it was a bizarre twist to find out the woman who gave interviews on tv saying she found the baby in her backyard was actually the mom. so many of you reaching out on social media, some with judgment, many with compassion, even a few offering to foster or adopt that newborn and many asking if jackson will face
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charges. she will not. this is why. >> in maryland there's a safe haven law where essentially any parent can relinquish their child, responsible adult, can relinquish their child within the first 10 days of the birth to any police station or hospital. again in this case she sort of surreptitiously gets to that point and obviously we wish she had been more forthcoming in the initial call, but our position here is not to vilify this woman. >> we also learned khiani lives with her aunt and uncle and does have family support, but her family says she just didn't know what resources were out there to help her. my heart goes out to this woman really. a lot of people are judging, but i just have some compassion for her. >> she has five other children. you could imagine how overwhelmed she might be. any word if she actually wants to keep this baby? >> that's an answer we don't have tonight. department of social services are looking into this and talking to her, but at this
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point they have not called us back. that's the one part we're reallied something to find out. lots of people would like -- really interested to find out. lots of people would like that baby. >> we always cover safe haven law. thankfully this little girl will have a shot at life, but most people need to know you can drop off a child within 10 days at a police station, a fire station, a hospital just to make sure that child is safe. >> and no charges, no fear of prosecution. >> that is important to note. we'll pivot now and send things over to our first alert meteorologist topper shutt. he's going to tell us how the weekend gets started. >> we have to keep telling ourselves it's early november. at 5:00 we had wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour in gaithersburg, a 31 mile-per- hour wind gust downtown and a
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22 mile-per-hour wind gust in manassas. by 8:00 tonight if you're going to a high school football game, bundle up, wind 25 to 30 miles per hour even by 9:00, 10:00. we begin to see the wind push off to the north, see the contours lift out and the numbers are lower. so a 24 mile-per-hour wind gust perhaps at 10:00 tonight and a 22 mile-per-hour wind gust in gaithersburg. it will die out completely after midnight and allow for temps to fall. look for lows in the low 30s in the suburbs. we'll come back and talk about the polar vortex, what that means to your weather next week. we've got breaking news on the death of actor and comedian robin williams. a just released autopsy report reveals that william was sober when he committed suicide in his northern california home back in august. there were no alcohol or illegal drugs in his system when he died and hill death has been officially ruled -- his death has been officially ruled as a suicide that resulted from asphyxia due to hanging.
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the man accused of abducting a woman off the streets of philadelphia and kidnapping a teen in richmond is back in charles city county, virginia. devlen barnes arrived in fairfax last night. the mother of the philadelphia nursing camera whose abduction was caught on camera has high praise for the city's police department. >> they tell me i'm bringing your daughter home. he brought my baby home. >> police were able to catch barnes in part due to a gps device installed on his car by a dealership often used to keep track of buyers with bad credit. he is charged with kidnapping, rape and attempted murder and based on his behavior barnes is also on suicide watch. coming up at 6:00 our andrea mccarren speaks exclusively with an atf agent who helped bring barnes to justice. police are out at a prince george's county neighborhood where they say a man tried to abduct a young high school
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student. police are talking to people right now on robert lewis avenue in upper marlboro. that's where a teenager says she was walking last night when somebody tried to grab her and drag her into the woods. that incident has neighbors on guard tonight. >> it's very scary and the community as a whole has to get together. we have to do something to protect our kids because it's getting worse. >> the girl managed to break away from the man and run to safety. police say the suspect is a black male, about 130 pounds wearing a gray beanie and gray and yellowjacket at the time of the attempted abduction. a man who escaped from a d.c. psychiatric institute monday has been found. this afternoon the capitol area regional task force arrested kenneth clayton in manassas. clayton was locked up on a host of charges including assaulting an officer. investigators aren't sure how
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he escaped. the supreme court agreed to hear a new challenge today to president obama's healthcare law. the justices say they will decide whether the law authorizes subsidies that help millions of low and middle income people afford their healthcare insurance premium. opponents argue most of the subsidies are illegal. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. can president obama and congress find a way to get along for the next two years? craig boswell has that information coming up at 5:30. >> reporter: ed gillespie concealeds defeat, but his supporters say it's the beginning of -- concedes defeat, but his supporters say it's the beginning of a bright political future. >> find out how you can sculpt, trim and li
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the u.s. senate race in virginia is finally over and today republican challenger ed
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gillespie conceded to mark warner, but the democratic incumbent's narrow victory surprised everyone. it has raised gillespie's status for his political future. >> reporter: ed gillespie told his supporters that with a 16,700 vote deficit it did not make sense to ask for a recount. >> and so i've called mark warner this morning to congratulate him on his reelection to thank him for his public service to our commonwealth and to wish him and his family it was a nice conversation. >> reporter: he told the crowd it was a hard fought campaign and that he loved every minute of it. >> well, maybe not this one so much. >> reporter: the former chairman of the republican national committee surprised many by coming so close to defeating senator mark warner who started the race with a 29 point lead. george mason's law school dean rich kelsey says it's the 53,000 people who voted for libertarian robert sarvis who have buyers remorse.
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>> if you're sarvis himself, you've got to believe he's got an invitation to thanksgiving with warner because without sarvis warner would no longer be in the u.s. senate. >> reporter: while gillespie supporters are disappointed, they are energized at his strong performance and say it paves the way for his next campaign. gillespie for governor has a nice ring to it. >> it does. >> reporter: linda bartlett, the president of the republican federation of women says she'd tell him to go for it. >> he would provide the leadership that this state needs. >> ed gillespie is almost certainly going to take this remarkable performance, put it in his back pocket and we'll see him again for the next race which is going to be for the governor's race. i have to assume he's the frontrunner. >> reporter: gillespie wouldn't take any questions today. >> you could not have come this close without the tireless efforts and countless hours of the mighty, mighty g force. >> reporter: in springfield peggy fox, wusa9. >> gillespie told his supporters it would have been nice to have been called senator, but the best thing
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he's of been called is dad. it is official -- ever been called is dad. it is official. john delaney is the winner of the sixth congressional race in maryland. he was declared winner last night after ab accept tee ballots were count -- absentee ballots were counted in five counties. muriel bowser says former mayors marion barry, sharon pratt kelly, anthony williams and adrian fenty have agreed to help with the transition. >> this wonderful building which i understand is going to deliver at the end of the year and agencies will begin to move in this building in the first quarter of next year and the mayor's office will be located in this building as well. so that is why we're here today. [ applause ] >> as you heard, the mayor
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elect said the construction on the building should be completed by the end of the year. it is located at 2235 shannon place southeast. new information on two loudoun county football players accused of inappropriately touching other player. the two 17-year-old students at briarwood high school have been charged with assault and battery. their names are not released due to their ages. the teen allegedly assault an underclassman after school hours inside a locker room. a second victim has been identified but does not want to press charges. right now there's not much investigators are able to tell us about the assault itself. >> there was not a charge of sexual assault in this case, just assault and battery. so all the details will come out in the hearings. >> the sheriff's office tells us after a thorough investigation the incident does not qualify as hazing under virginia law. sentencing was handed down today for a man who pleaded
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guilty to reckless endangerment for leaving a school bus unattended. four children were in the vehicle when 61-year-old arturo harris went into high point high school to use the bathroom and while he was gone that bus drifted across powder mill road in beltsville and struck an elementary school student. it was a 6-year-old child. luckily that child was not seriously hurt. harris was ordered to spend 30 days in home detention beginning next month. d.c. police are on the lookout for a guy who robbed a woman on the metro branch trail wednesday just after 6:00 when the victim was riding her bike. the crook only got $5. the woman refused medical treatment and now investigators only have a vague description. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> topper joins us now. i keep hearing about in polar vortex coming next week. >> what is that? >> i'd like to know. >> it actually happens from time to time.
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it's always up there. it's not like the polar vortex just appears. the position changes and our weather can change. let's start with what we were talking about. remember the super typhoon that missed japan, nuri? it's going to head into the aleutians and cause a little ripple or trough in the jet stream which eventually wednesday into thursday will cause a bigger trough or ripple in the jet stream into the lower 48. that's going to provide just what we need, the jet stream is far enough south. the cold air can sink south, really in some ways our first bout of arctic air and it's going to be cold from the rockies into the great lakes to the east coast with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average. we did the same story a little while ago with another typhoon. so it happens from time to time. it will make it cold next wednesday and thursday. in the meantime let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, pretty nice, winds still a
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factor. it's 51, blustery day, winds northwest at 20 and the dew point 23, relative humidity 33%. winds are going to die down after midnight. now we think we'll hold in the 30s, but that dew point in the 20s makes me a little suspect. bundle up for high school football. think layers. temperatures are in the 40s, wind chills in the 30s. 42 to 50 tomorrow, chilly but dry for the heart walk. you need your sunglasses and a coat all day tomorrow and sunshine sunday and almost seasonable, a little bit warmer, not quite 60. our futurecast 8:00 tonight we have upper 30s to 40 in the burbs and 45 downtown. it falls quickly. by 10:00 if you're walking the dog, upper 30s in leesburg and manassas, still low 40s downtown and then by tomorrow morning we're in the low 40s across the board, a lot of sunshine starting tomorrow and clouds work their way in from the mountains. by 2:00 you see clouds off in
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winchester and luray and off to the west clouds as close as leesburg and manassas, not going to produce anything tomorrow. by 5:00 upper 40s to low 50s downtown, sort of blustery again tomorrow and by 6:30 still in the upper 40s to low 50s and clear out tomorrow night. so the winds, here's what's going to happen, 8:00 tonight on our wind gust tracker, winds are 25 to 35 miles per hour in gust and by 11:00 down to 23 and by daybreak tomorrow negligible. the temps fall quickly between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. with no wind. some areas could dip to 29 degrees or so. we'll keep it in the 30s, clearing skies, breezy, colder, wind diminishing after midnight, low temperatures in the 30s, winds northwest 10 to 13. by morning partly cloudy, chilly, 30 to 52. clouds come back in in the afternoon, chilly, high temperatures near 55, winds
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turn southwest 10 to 15. the day planner, 38 at 7:00, city temps, low 30s in the burbs, low 40s at 9:00, almost 50 at 11:00 and low 50s by 1:00 with clouds coming back in. so breezy and cool sunday, the ravens in baltimore, looks nice, just dress appropriately. it will be chilly if you're tailgating and also monday warmer, 65, much warmer. look what happens. i put 70 back on veterans day and 56 wednesday. here comes the cold front and colder air, upper 40s on thursday and friday a cold rain. snow could be as close to us as hagerstown on friday, high temps here in the mid-40s. in tonight's health alert do you ever wish you could just melt your excess fat away? as andrea roane shows us, there is a new technology using radiofrequency waves to do just that. >> i tried nutri system. i tried the high protein, the low carb, the high carb,
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exercising. >> reporter: karen fritz of ocean city, maryland, everything right. they exercises and eats well, but like a lot of us there are those last few pockets of fat she just can't get rid of. >> i just need that little extra thing to take away those extra few unwanted pounds and inches. >> reporter: because she's not excessively overweight and leads a healthy lifestyle, karen is a perfect candidate for a new technology called vanquish. she met with the team called d.c. derm docs to reach her goal. >> this is a totally new class of radiofrequency devices in which it targets the fat in a broad area over the abdomen and the flanks in a single session. >> reporter: the device is placed directly over the stomach and heat pulses go through the layers of skin causing changes to the fat cells. patients are asked to drink lots of water before treatments.
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>> karen drank 2 liters of water the day before today and she will tomorrow. this hydrates all of the cells so that the radiofrequency can target the fat cells. >> reporter: four sessions are recommended for maximum results. >> look at this. i had muffin top. now i have that. same set of pants i wore the very beginning of the treatment. >> reporter: after the treatments karen lost 3 inches in her belly and waist. >> just feels like a heating pad on your abdomen, take a nap, wake up, drink a lot of water. four times later you're skinny again and it's awesome. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> the four treatments combined cost on average about $2,000. insurance does not cover it. it's important to note the fda is allowing vanquish to be used off label as a fat reduction device. as for how long it lasts? that just depends on your lifestyle and your eating habits. still ahead a d.c. football alleged who broke racial
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barriers is back in the area inspiring kids. dave owens has that story coming up. >> plus an air bag manufacturer under fire accused of hiding information about its defective products. >> taking a look at some of these gas price not driving us so crazy anymore. in silver spring you can fill up for 2.88 a gallon
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in tonight's consumer alert more good news for the economy and the job market, the labor department reports employers added 214,000 jobs in october. that pushed the unemployment rate to 5.8%. that is its lowest level in six years. the improved job market follows a huge hiring surge in september. there is word today that a japanese company behind defective air bags knew about the problem for decades but covered it up. the air bags already linked to four deaths are manufactured by the japanese parts supplier takata. a new york times report says the company had tests that show those air bags could deploy with deadly force but ordered its employees to destroy all evidence of the tests. 10 automakers including honda are recalling nearly 8 million vehicles with those takata air
5:27 pm
bags. your commute could drive you a little less crazy monday because beginning tonight road crews will begin opening the final section of the intercounty connector. the 1.5-mile segment from i-95 to u.s. 1 in laurel and a new i- 95 interchange between the icc and route 198. the last segment of the icc and new interchange will be open for monday morning's rush hour. the concert for valor is fast approaching on veterans day. a long list of a listers will perform a free concert on the national mall. we have a complete list of road closures on our wusa9 app. you can scroll down until you find the category you heard it on wusa9. you can download the app for free on your android or apple devices. there's no crying in football, but this brave little girl story is sure to warm your heart. >> plus why an '80s exercise
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video is going viral in 2014. >> reporter: president obama meets with congressional leaders for the first time since big gop gains in the midterm elections. i'm craig boswell at
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reliability, is now an american thing. introducing the all new chrysler 200. america's import.
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now that voters have given republicans control of congress, president obama invited congressional leaders from both sides to the white house to talk about how to move forward in the lame duck session and what priorities gop leaders have for the new
5:31 pm
congress. craig pods well -- boswell has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama sat down with congressional leaders over lunch to talk about how they might work together. >> the american people just want to see work done here in washington. they're frustrated by the gridlock. they'd like to see more cooperation. >> reporter: but the president and the republicans have different priorities and the voters gave gop full control of congress in tuesday's midterm elections. >> i've told the president before. he needs to put politics aside and rebuild trust. >> reporter: both sides talk about creating jobs, but there are real differences over healthcare, the keystone excel oil pipeline and immigration reform. immigration advocates say they've waited long enough and rallied around the white house to press the president to act now. >> he needs to step up his game. we're tired of waiting. >> reporter: president obama says he will use his executive authority to stop deportations. republicans say that will kill any chance of congress passing reform. >> if the president continues to act on his own, he is going
5:32 pm
to poison the well. >> reporter: the current congress comes back next week and the president is asking for emergency funding to fight ebola and new authorization for use of military force against isis. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the current campaign against isis is now being fought using the authorization for military forces used to grant to president bush since 2001. friday the pentagon announced it will send an additional 1,500 troops to iraq in an advisory role. widespread reports today say president obama will nominate the top federal prosecutor in brooklyn to be the next attorney general. if confirmed, loretta lynch would be the first african american woman to hold that say a formal announcement could come soon but probably not before president obama returns from asia later this month. lynch is thought to be a noncontroversial candidate who would be easily confirmed to replace outgoing attorney general eric holder.
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taking a look at some stories trending right now, fans at last night's game between the bengals and browns were cheering for much more than touchdowns. >> 4-year-old leah still presented a check for more than $1.3 million to help fight pediatric cancer. she is the daughter of bengals defensive tackle devon still. the game marked the first time leah lab healthy enough to see her -- has been healthy enough to see her father play since she was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer. >> i'm ready for to day. you ready for today? the courage that she showed me is nothing short of inspirational. i haven't seen my daughter smile this much in a long time. >> fans held signs and wore his jersey. the money donated thursday was raised by sales of his jersey and doctors say leah's of beating the cancer are 50/50, such a great dad. >> got an incredible village
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pulling for him. new zealand authorities have dropped a murder charge against ac/dc drummer phil rudd, a murder for hire charge. rudd still faces the serious charge of threatening to kill somebody as well as drug charges. the band says the situation does not change plans to release an album next month or the world tour. from the why did it take so long for this to happen file we present you with this. >> about spreadable chocolate and peanut butter from reese's. finally. the grocery stores were carrying the spread after the announcement was made earlier this week. 85 feet and 13 tons of norway spruce is on its way. itwas chopped down wednesday in new york's columbia county a couple hours north of
5:35 pm
manhattan. astronauts aboard the international space station submerged a go pro inside a floating bowl of water, all part of a series of experiments conducted over the summer. we don't have time to get into all the science behind this, but a lot of you are sharing this video on facebook tonight. >> we call it cool. and then there's this viral video mashup with taylor swift's shake it offset to an '80 s exercise video. watch. ♪[ music ] ♪ >> profoundly funny. more than a million hits on this video since it was posted on tuesday. you know, we were kind of listening to the song. i love the cheesy smiles. they are really into this. topper they look about as excited as you do when you do the weather. >> i have not seen this.
5:36 pm
that is hilarious actually. i'll share something i saw today on the internet, a tweet i read. this woman ran a mile in six minutes and 28 seconds and drank four beers. that's impressive. i don't recommend that, but it was impressive. 4:00 temperatures in the 50s, but by 6:00 we're 51 and by 8:00 it's going to be chilly and dry , the good news, but still breezy. dress for the 30s if you're going to a game because temperatures are already 44 in white oak, 48 in old town, temps falling quickly tonight. winds keep temps up a bit and after midnight they plummet. last couple hours or so we still see winds 20, 25 miles per hour with the winning gust 31 mile-per-hour gust downtown. we'll come back, talk about another system coming our way tomorrow afternoon and look ahead to next week, big roller coaster next week. after the break is this the end of ebola in the u.s.?
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>> plus an alternative for some people with unwanted body art.
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5:39 pm
an ebola milestone today in texas, the last hospital worker will be cleared from twice a day monitoring finally today.
5:40 pm
that's because the 21 day incubation period has safely passed. still doctors in texas say they'll remain vigilant in protecting residents. the issue of same sex marriage could be heading back to the supreme court. yesterday the sixth u.s. court of appeal upheld laws against same sex marriage in four states. we spoke with rich kelsey who is the dean of the gmu law school earlier today who says he is not surprised by that ruling. >> the constitution is a pretty simple document. it's only six pages long. it doesn't give a constitutional right to marriage for anyone, let alone gay marriage. so the issue there is if you don't have a constitutional right, then you go to the 10th amendment which is part of our bill of rights and it says all these other rights belong to the people through the states. >> just a month ago the high court declined to rule on that, but now attorneys for gay plaintiffs will ask the supreme court to hear their arguments. coming up in sports he was a trailblazer on and off the
5:41 pm
field, dave owens has the story of a d.c. football legend. >> forgetfulness and loss of concentration are common side effects of chemotherapy. up next what experts are doing about chemo brain.
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5:44 pm
copying with breast cancer is never easy and recovering from the treatment can also be very hard on the body. >> as andrea roane shows us, new tests are underway to relieve the effects of a condition cancer experts call chemo brain. >> reporter: helping cancer patients through their diagnosis and free. is -- and treatment is a passion for sandra willer. there are programs like yoga and counseling and therapies to help relieve the stress of cancer treatment, a condition commonly seen after treatment being a change in brain function called chemo brain. >> they've heard of chemo brain, but they really don't know if it's if it's just a myth about chemo. >> reporter: it is real. the decline can start six
5:45 pm
months after chemotherapy treatments. >> they're saying i can't think. i'm getting lost. i can't process things, word retravel. >> we're seeing that it's a -- retrieval. >> we're seeing that it's a decline and it doesn't really recover. >> reporter: there is research to help those who suffer from chemo brain. there's a clinical trial in collaboration with stanford university to understand the genetics of this chemotherapy side effect. >> if we can figure out what women might be at risk for early this on, perhaps we can help them early in their treatments. >> reporter: the trial will utilize cognitive training to try to improve mental function over a three month period which is welcome news as the bond for their patients goes far beyond the clinic. >> i think it's going to give patients more hope and the more hope we can give patients, the better they will heal. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> for more information about the cancer clinical trial at
5:46 pm
inova, you can visit for many who thought forward stretched earlobes were a good look are now changing their mind because a lot of them are having a hard time finding jobs. leon palmer is determined to become a soldier with the british army, but the military will not take him because of those gaping holes in his earlobes for years of wearing plugs to stretch them. doctors say once an earlobe is stretched beyond 1/2-inch in diameter, they just won't shrunk back. >> we -- shrink back. >> we use a wedge and also two installer wedges up on this natural fold of the ear to lift the ear up. >> so the procedure takes about 40 minutes. it costs upwards of $3,000. the u.s. army also cracked down on body piercings earlier this year banning soldiers from having holes larger than a standard earring. are schools dishing out healthier meals than the ones at home?
5:47 pm
researcher at virginia tech say school lunches offer better nutritional value than most packed lunches. the study looked at 1,300 lumps and found the meals schools -- lunches and found the meals schools provided were higher in nutrition and protein. researchers at the fda center for tobacco products found the level of toxic substances and cancer causing agents is about the same in cigars as cigarettes. cigar smoking more than doubled in the last decade. cities across the country are already preparing for the holiday season. we've told you about the christmas trees making their way to the nation's capital and the big apple. [ chainsaws ] >> this 57-footer is on its way to chicago, colorado blue spruce located in a neighborhood in donna atkinson's yard. she's been trying to get rid of it because it overshadows her house. after nominating it the past
5:48 pm
three years it finally got picked. >> it's gorgeous. it doesn't look it now, but it's really a gorgeous tree. so when they bring it down and get it all ready, it's going to be gorgeous again. so why not have some people enjoy it? >> chicago's official tree lighting ceremony is the tuesday before thanksgiving. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> i don't do any live trees for christmas, that clean-up. >> it's tough. >> me either. >> we're looking at kind of a decent weekend. remember it's early november. keep that in mind. we've been spoiled. looking at temperatures a little below average, but we're dry. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature officially 58 today looking at the kennedy center, right now down to 51, humidity very low, 33% and winds still northwest at 20. the winds will kind of go from windy to breezy tonight and
5:49 pm
then after midnight they'll pretty much diminish. that's going to allow temps to plummet before dawn tomorrow. so bundle up for high school football. think in layers tonight. chilly for the heart walk tomorrow, 42 to 50. mr. bernstein will be there. you need your sunglasses and a coat tomorrow. a coat is not overkill. sunday some sunshine, in fact, a little more sunshine sunday than tomorrow and almost seasonable. we'll claw our way almost to 60 on sunday. futurecast 8:00 tonight some areas in the 30s, maybe 39 in leesburg and winchester, 40 in manassas, 45 downtown. even with breezes temps fall quickly. 37 in gaithersburg, 38 in leesburg and manassas. this is now at 10:00 tonight and low 40s downtown. if you're headed out, a winter coat is not overkill tonight. by morning we have temperatures in the low 30s to start and by 9:00 they go back into the low 0s. we get into the afternoon hours and see some clouds, just a very weak system.
5:50 pm
the moisture passes to our north. the clouds will roll through during the afternoon, still not a bad day, temperatures low to mid-50s. by 7:00 we're back in the 40s in the suburbs, 50 downtown and we fall into the mid-30s and mid-40s tomorrow night. clearing tonight, breezy, colder, wind northwest 10 to 15 and after midnight they will subside. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, chilly to 52 and by afternoon breezy, warmer, winds southwest 10 to 15, some increase in cloudiness and chilly, 55. 46 in oakland, clouds come in early there, 54 in cumberland, still breezy, low 50s in hagerstown, martinsburg, maybe 54 in winchester, 56 in culpeper and 54 in warrenton and manassas and leesburg, maybe 54, 55 in reston, fairfax and mclean, 54 downtown and also in rockville and gaithersburg. so on the day planner we've got 30s to start. these are city temps and then
5:51 pm
43 by 9:00. we're not even 50 by 11:00 and 52 by 1:00. so you're taking your kids to the soccer games tomorrow, bundle up, parents. sunday we're okay, breezy and cool, 59, very nice for the game in baltimore, ravens in town. you can watch it right here wusa9 and milder monday, 65. next seven days even warmer still on veterans day, 70 for a high. we talked to you about that polar vortex and the colder air, here we go. mid-wednesday with a few showers, upper 40s thursday with showers and rain south of us and then friday right now models are trying to develop a little storm for us, very cold, temperatures mid-40s with a cold rain. this week's high school profile is a history lesson. now 45 years ago dunbar's cornelius green electrified the city with his dazzling style. what he did after he graduated is even more impressive and there's more, a fascinating
5:52 pm
journey has brought a d.c. legend back to the dmv. >> well, friday afternoon was magical. >> reporter: hearken back to an era when pictures were black and white and polaroids popped. i'm looking at one of the most electrifying athletes the dmv has ever known. >> we cut class 7th period, last period of the day friday to go see green play. >> reporter: what a show they saw. >> he was in the mold of rg3. >> reporter: fast and flamboyant. his nickname? flint. check out that jerry curl, nice. >> cornelius green talking to woody hayes. >> reporter: he became a trailblazer. it was 1973. green left dunbar and became the first african american quarterback ever to play at ohio state. >> i'm learning this new way of life because i have white
5:53 pm
teammates who love me and th i'm getting these racial letters. it was in you're dead. we don't want people like you running ohio state. >> reporter: thank goodness legendary coach woody hayes didn't feel that way. >> woody was everything to me. he made me grow up. he made me be tough. >> reporter: green is back in d.c. as a coach and staff member at st. albans. the former rose bowl mvp has come full circle. >> i feel like i'm in heaven every day, dave. >> reporter: letters from former players prove his impact still today. >> i'm inspired by his story to do my best. >> reporter: is enormous. >> just to give you an idea how talented this guy was, you heard me say he was mvp of that rose bowl and the team. he shared the backfield with archie griffin, two time heisman trophy winner. so that tells you how beloved this guy was and how much
5:54 pm
respected he was on the field. >> to think he's here now at st. albans. >> right down the street doing some great things. >> inspiring legions of young people along the way. a family member of a man accused in that philadelphia kidnapping case is speaking out and what he has to say may surprise you. >> also coming up why more than a dozen drug defendants are back on the streets tonight.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
there is an uneasy calm these days in ferguson, missouri. >> three months after police officer darren wilson gunned down an unarmed teen the city is waiting for a grand jury to decide whether to charge the officer. as omar villafranca reports, that decision is expected soon. >> reporter: the streets of ferguson, missouri, are decorated for the holidays, but these are not festive times for this city. business owners are boarding up windows as the area braces for a grand jury decision whether to indict officer darren wilson in the august shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. >> we are going to take precautions. we will precut our boards this weekend and when there's a notice, we will board up. >> reporter: former ferguson mayor bryan fletcher runs a charity for business owners who have tape a big hit since the brown shooting -- taken a big hit since the brown shooting. fletcher says he's received threats and is not sure what will happen when the decision
5:58 pm
is announced. >> i know our state and county and local police are doing the best they can to prepare for it, but no one really quite knows. >> reporter: ferguson officials and business owners are asking for a 48 hour notice before prosecutors go public with the grand jury's decision, but some fear that could be enough time for people from out of state to come here and cause trouble which happened in august. >> if they don't do anything to darren wilson, it's going to be a big problem. >> reporter: regardless of the grand jury's decision, beauty salon owner trianda sleet is hoping for peaceful demonstrations. she says her business is suffering and all local merchants can do is protect themselves. >> you expect the police to do their part, but we don't know. they haven't in the past, so i'm not sure. >> reporter: the grand jury's decision could come very soon. omar villafranca, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. just glad it's over with. >> reporter: feel good to be
5:59 pm
free? the defendants were looking at as much as life in prison on drug conspiracy charges, but today they walked out of this courthouse free men. >> reporter: you're tampering with the evidence if you're snorting it. >> reporter: amidst allegations that an fbi agent snorted up some of the evidence against them. >> reporter: an exclusive interview with the atf agent who helped crack the case of that abducted philadelphia woman. i'm andrea mccarren. i'll tell you how she did it coming up. but first a shocking sight today at the federal courthouse in d.c. more than a dozen defendants in a drug conspiracy money laundering case walked out as free men, some after they had already pleaded guilty and been sentenced. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. word is the prosecutors dropped the charges because of allegations an fbi agent had used the heroin that they were allegedly selling and by used we mean got high on. here's bruce leshan. >> reporter: can you talk to
6:00 pm
us for two seconds? >> no, no. >> reporter: what was that? what's your name, sir? >> we're having trouble with that story. all today the agents alleged mis-- agent's alleged misconduct is likely to lead to the charges dropped against a total of 28 drug defendants. the u.s. attorney is reviewing the cases. we hope to bring you the story at some point this evening. only on 9 tonight an exclusive interview with the atf special agent whose work was critical to the recovery of that


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