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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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expect a sunny breezy day today. temperatures will be into the low to mid-40s it's only going to feel like it's in the 30s. this evening we'll have clear skies and 30s for the high school football games. so you better bundle up for that and then we're talking about overnight lows get ready guys, 25 to 30 by saturday morning. let's check in with beverly farmer and beverly, could be an isolated slick spot but not hearing much about that. not hearing too much agent that right now. babbitt -- about that right now. but how bad that? word of caution and always also the deer that hop out in front of you. heading east into manassas, getting past the visitors center and it's getting into centreville we've been below speed and looking out the trip at 66 getting into fair oaks. those lanes open. beltway into the beltway in falls church. just going to the report of a crash on burk center parkway or burk lake road at lee chapel road. police and fire rescue aare headed there.
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301, 5 corridor, volume, signal light delays, a new dollar on the outer loop near route 5 branch avenue. we'll update you on that coming up. mike, nick back to you. we begin with broking news from overnight. another ebola patient is heading to the united states for treatment. and there's a local connection. >> yeah, he's a surgeon who's been working in sierra leone. delia goncalves is live in the satellite center and delia, you found a maryland connection is that right? >> reporter: that's right. dr. martin salia lives in new carrollton, maryland with his wife. who no doubt is really anxious and waiting tilery from her sick husband -- to hear from her sick husband. he's a native of sierra leone and he was treating ebola patients in sierra leone. right now he's in the country awaiting for a long trip back here to the u.s.. the doctor is 44 years old and he got sick about a week ago. and initial tests came back negative. but then he was tested again monday and results were positive. salia is heading to the
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biocontainment unit at the nebraska medical center. that's in omaha. he is expected to arrive tomorrow. and he'll be the third ebola patient treated there and that hospital has been successful in treating two of the other ebola patients. in fact, there have been ten patients who contracted ebola overseas and they were all treated here in the u.s.. only one person has die. that was thomas eric duncan who died when he was being treated in dallas. coming up at 6:30. more on the doctor's trip back here to the u.s. and the physicians who are waiting for him here. mac the you in the studio. -- back to you in the studio. >> it is worth noting that clinical trials of experimental ebola treatments begin next month in west africa. doctors without borders announced there will be three centers in guinea and liberia. the recent outbreak affected more than 14,000 people and killed more than 5,000. that again according to the world health organization. right now, there is no cure or vaccine known for the disease. some montgomery county parents are in shock this morning after getting a letter
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from the school system. it turns out a substitute teacher is charged with sexual abuse of a middle school student also worked at a total of 20 schools in the country. >> ho say pineda is charged in the case at roberto clement toe middle school and now some students are raising questions about pineda's conduct. so far no new charges have been filed against pineda. today is sentencing day for an area deacon who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a minor. >> murray blanchard was arrested for raping a 15-year- old when he was a deacon in southeast. the abuse reportedly started back in 2003. investigators say blanchard's wife coerced the victim to stay silent about her husband's rape for years. here's a look at other things happening today. jesse matthew is due to appear in a fairfax county courtroom today. >> matthew is facing charges connect today a separate sexual assault case. nikki burdine is live outside
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the fairfax county courthouse with more. nikki good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right jesse matthew is already here in fairfax and he will appear in person in a courtroom for the first time in fairfax at 9:00 this morning. we will be in the courtroom. matthew was brought here from another jail in just a minute but just to give you a little bit of background on how matthew got here. it is completely separate from the hannah gram case. today's hearing comes from a sexual assault in 2005 in fairfax. he faces three felony charges. police say matthew approached that woman from behind and grabbed her. now matthew also tied to the 2009 disappearance and murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. matthew is also of course facing an abduction charge and intent to defile charge in the disappearance of hannah graham. today though completely separate charges. we expect to hear from the judge to set a trial date which we expect to happen in the next six months or so.
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also told that matthew's attorney says he will not actually be requesting a psychiatric evaluation. we'll have updates as they come in. in fairfax, i'm nikki burdine, back to you. thank you. this morning police are searching for a fourth suspect now in the murder of a woodbridge high school student. >> 17-year-old dion nathaniel moses is wanted in the murder of broken den wilson. he is wanted for conspiracy to commit a felony. we have asleeped a stolen gun was used in the shooting. missay the suspects gunman was out on bond and wearing a monitoring bracelet at the time of the shooting. he's among three suspects now in custody. d.c. area residents have been clamoring for this for years. and it looks like it's going to happen. pepco going underground. the utility and d.c. transportation department now have the go ahead to start moving those power lines underground across the city. >> it is expects to take ten years and phase one starts next spring and expected to run over
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the next three years. three snow plow trucks will take center stage at d.c. council hearing today. council member mary hay is holding a hearing about the city's snow removal flan. >> the national weather service molts is among those expected to receive. the hearing starts at 11:00 a.m. and we'll certainly continue to follow that. communities in missouri are preparing themselves for the grand jury's decision on the michael brown case. >> more than four years after a deadly explosion in west virginia. the former owner of the upper big branch mine is face charges. -- facing charges, we're back after this. ♪
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on 6:0. we're clearing out, hey that's jupiter beta way right by the
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noon, if you look up you can see that really close this morning. out the door we have sunshine with the back edge of the clouds to the south and nest. in spite of the sun the breeze is going to make it feel like it's in the 30s with actual highs only 40, 45 degrees, i'll the back with your weekend forecast around 6:15. now over to beverly farmer. when the 6:00 hour, ooh that's never good. no it means we have a few more problems out there. vehicles broken down eastbound on 66 in centerville. with the help on the scene it's become the focal appointment and delays out of manassas here eastbound on 66. fairfax county accident, lee chapel road has police and fire on the scene and also went to check in maryland on the inner loop of the beltway close to route 5 branch avenue for the report of a crash. so far not a tremendous ability of impact. nick, mike back to you. all right thanks a lot. all eye tonight city of ferguson, missouri this morning. as the doctor hired by michael brown's family is going to perform an independent autopsy and did perform the independent autopsy and is going to testify
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in front of a grand jury today. >> and a grand jury cease decision could come down at any moment from there. attorneys and family members are stressing they want protesters to remain peaceful at any demonstrations that might follow. >> the anticipation is mounting. the grand jury heard from one of the final witnesses. the forensic pathologist who performed the private autopsy on michael brown's body. the grand jury has been huddling since august 20th. and they're nearing a decision whether to bring criminal ysw charges against officer darren wilson for fatally shooting unarmed teenager michael brown. >> we hope that will not happen. but like everyone else, we're waiting for that decision. we think the grand jury's looking at this thoroughly. >> a decisi may come within the next two weeks. [ people chanting ] michael brown's parents have taken their plea abroad. to geneva appealing to the united faces committee against torture. they're expected to return to the u.s. friday.
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meanwhile, in ferguson, an anxious city waits and braces. >> i hate the boards. i don't like them here. but -- i don't want my windows smashed out again. >> the governor as well as the brown family are calling for calm. >> violence, looting and rioting is not a responsible way of expressing those feelings. it severely diminishing the opportunity for healing and positive dialogue going forward. >> cities near ferguson are warning residents to be prepared for the grand jury decision. >> in fact they've handed out flyers to residents telling them to be sure they have enough supplies to last for several days, this morning eric frein is now facing some new >>arges related to terrorism. the 31-year-old survivalist is also charged with first degree murder and other crimes after an ambush that left a state trooper dead and another wounded. frein was captured at an abandoned pennsylvania airport hangar after weeks on the run. the former ceo of a west
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virginia mine is now under indictment on federal charges. four years after an explosion killed 29 miners. back in april 2010, an explosion at the upper big branch mine trapped those miners and that entrapment eventually killed them. >> former masse energy ceo don blankenship is accused of conspiring to violate safety standards. a grand jury handed down the indictment yesterday. the director of the va hospital in pittsburgh has been fired. investigators say terry wolf knew that an outbreak of legionnaire's disease was a problem at the medical facility. and kept it secret for almost a year. >> yeah total of six people died from this outbreak as a result. 21 people were diagnosed the disease at that pittsburgh va in total. leaders of about half a dozen traditionally black colleges including bowie state are meeting today in richmond. >> the main subject is diversity in higher education and challenges facing
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historically black colleges and universities. it's mark, virginia union university's 150th anniversary. the university of virginia says it has received a record number of admission applications but 16,000 came in before the november 1st early action deadline. >> that's a 7.5% increase over last year. the deadline for regular applications there, regulation there, is january 1st. quick bit of breaking news, laurel elementary school is closed this morning because of a water main break. laurel elementary school in laurel, maryland closed because of a water main break. just wanted to pass that along to you. another look at the facebook question of the morning -- >> our facebook friend lynn wrote -- she knows you too well mike. >> amen to. that more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. lynn thanks for waking up with us. ♪
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welcome back. happy friday. to our 6:00 a.m. newscast. it is 6:17. here's the top stories we have for you today. the man charged in the disappearance of university of virginia student hannah graham is due in court today. 32-year-old jesse matthew is facing charges in fairfax county on an unrelated rape case. and today the house is slated to vote on a bill to approve the keystone xl pipeline. if approved it would transport oil from canada to the gulf coast. the plans have been stalled for six years over environmental concerns. vote in the senate is presidented next week. by a maryland state commission, the regulations will establish some rules for licensing growers and dispensaries. final approval must come from a legislative panel and the state's health secretary. and a special good morning to andrea roane. last night she emceed the knockout abuse against women charity gala in the past 20 years the event raised more than $6 million. for local charities, there she is doing her thing there.
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that's what the organization has done, virginia governor terry mcauliffe won the first ever break the silence award recognizing his advocacy for well's rights including keeping women's centers open in virginia. >> hopefully andrea is sleeping and relaxing. so good to see her out there. >> 1:00 she was talking -- yesterday. >> i believe it. >> she would have got like that much sleep. so if you wake up some places you could see a little bit of snow dusting or maybe a smidge -- >> that was in the form of rain and temperatures really dropped off a little bit too late. it's gone. the sun is going to be out shortly and good just cold friday. a look outside right now. light on the eastern horizon ahead of the 6:50 sunrise and a great deal of sun today. 42 by lunchtime and only about 44, 45. it's going to teal even cold we are the northwesterly winds. in fact right now we're down in
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the upper 20 end zone gaithersburg at 28 degrees -- 20s in gaithersburg and teens in the mountains and most areas in the 30s right now. even down south no 40s on the board. right now we're talking most windchills are in the 20s. that's an 18 in montgomery county at the park. sunshine will be with us in the next 35 minutes or so. 36 now at mainly clear skies. feels like 27 with that northwest wind at 14 miles an hour. we have a front off to the east. the cold air is coming in behind it. lots of late snows and this were parts of the u. p. i saw a 40ism -- 42-inch snow total. unbelievable. our futurecast pretty quiet today and tonight and really for the weekend. a few more clouds sunday and by monday, a chilly rain arrives. 44 today. breezy can cold. 30 tonight. with mid 20s north and west. winds will relax now but looks like it will be in the 30s with windchills in the 20s for high school football. tomorrow, mid 40s. sunday increase in clouds and upper 40s. so dry weather at least for the terps and skins this weekend.
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on monday rain 47. and even colder only in the 30s tuesday and wednesday. it's 6:20. here's bev, timesaver traffic. howard couple of problems out is there now in the 6:00 hour. one accident sky 9 has been showing us is the intersection of burke center parkway burke lake road lee chapel road. motorcycle down in this accident. i'm told there were injuries to the motorcyclist but that individual has been transported to the hospital. still with the clean-up and you'll find that police direction lee chapel road is able to get by this scene but looks like burke center parkway are pretty much tied up at the intersection. 66 tie-up with a broken down vehicle in centerville. it became the focal point of delays lining up out of manassas. they went to look on the beltway near route 5 inner loop for the report a crash. but not too much of an impact there. choking near 258 bay front road for the report of a crash trying to get into wayson's. otherwise north into landover into silver spring in pretty
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good shape. we'll be right back after this good friday morning. thanks for watching wusa9. ♪ ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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thank you for joining us. earlier this morning president obama continues his visit to myanmar. he will meet today with the country's opposition icon aung san suu kyi. >> the president is gearing up for a fight over immigration. smugs as susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: president obama and myanmar opposition leader aung san suu kyi met today to talk about democratic reform in the country and the challenges keeping her from running for president next year. >> it's time for the voice of the people of the people of burma to be heard in a fair, free transparent election. >> reporter: they met at the home where the opposition leader spent 15 years under house arrest for challenging the country's rulers. she has since risen through parliament and fighting for reform for the nation formerly known as burma. >> the end is the people of burma who will decide where this country is going to -- and in which way and how. >> reporter: but even halfway across the globe, president obama was forced to address challenges he faces here in washington on a range of
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issues. including his plans to reform the immigration system with or without the help of congress. >> if in fact congress failed to act i would use all the lawful authority that i possess to try to make the system work better. and that's going to happen. >> reporter: the president plans to use his executive powers to shield five million undocumented immigrants working in the u.s. from deportation. republicans say they'll fight him. >> our goal here is to stop the president from violating his own oath ooffice and violating the constitution. >> reporter: a senior white house official says the president could announce his action as early as next week. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. on the keystone oil pipeline the president says proposal should be based on whether it helps american people with energy costs and gas prices and whether or not it accelerates climate change. the house plans to vote on a measure authorizing the expansion of the pipeline today. the senate has planned to vote for next week. some are calling for the
6:26 am
secret service's response to the latest white house jumping of the fence a comedy of e ors, the department says the series of fumbles in security allowed omar gonzalez to enter the front door of the white house and get deep inside. >> we're talking about a long list here. new report cites communication problems, muted alarms, unlocked doors and inadequate training with the secret service officers, all playing a role in this. in one case an agent who could have stopped the intrude every was taking on his personal cell phone and didn't have his radio ear piece in. meanwhile is bill is in the works which could ban the controversial bulk collection of phone records by the nsa. it used the patriot act's anti- terrorism law as the basis to collect the phone records of millions of americans. the mass surveillance program was exposed last year by former nsa contractor edward snowden. who leaked agency records. you are now looking outside
6:27 am
the cold air has arrived in the region. some communities to the north and west even though flurries -- saw flurries overnight. >> you cannot beat the sunrises around here in d.c. this morning. absolutely beautiful. temperatures mt. nid 30s in -- in the mid 30s in d.c. area this morning. first though to traffic and beverly farmer take it away. and we've got a crash sky 9 has been showing us right at the intersection of burke lake road andburg center parkway and lee chapel road and motorcycle itself was injured in this crash. so police and fire rescue have been on the scene. traffic on burke lake road pretty much shut to down east and west. north and south there's some direction there to get through the intersection. that will cost you some extra time this morning. northbound virginia 95 the heaviest volume is still getting out of prince william county across the occoquan heading into lorton. newington and towards springfield. just volume lanes have been open to get to the beltway and on to 395. outer loop of the beltway the crash at silver spring should be out of traffic but that's the focal point of delays as you head west of college park right now. howard has a looked the weekend
6:28 am
forecast. -- at the weekend forecast. yeah coats i got the ear muffs on too. by the way if you look up under the clear skies, that's jupiter by the moon still up for a little while until it's too bright to see. it is going to be bright today. just cold. temperatures this morning are down in the 20s in a few spots like gaithersburg. but lots of 30s out there experience in the mountains -- and teens in the mountains. winds are gusty in a few spots, 20 gusts in gaithersburg and we will have a wind generally northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. so in spite of fact it's a pretty looking morning and it's going to be a sunny day it's going to be brisk. 43 at 1:00 and the high 44 maybe 45. but with those winds it will feel like it's in the 30s. and then the evening, we're 38 by 7:00. got some high school football games? i think windchills could still be in the 20s and you might want to take a couple of blankets with you. andrea -- excuse me nick and mike back inside to you. i got to warm up. it's getting cold. 6:29 now. we begin the half hour with breaking news from overnight.
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another ebola patient is heading to the united states for treatment and he has a local tie. >> he's a surgeon who's been work income sierra leone. -- working in sierra leone. delia goncalves is live. >> reporter: the doctor's name is martin salia. he lived in new carrollton. maryland with his life and also the state department has already been in contact with his wife in new carrollton to help coordinate her husband's trip back to the u.s. for treatment. the doctors who are expecting him in nebraska are quote in a state of readiness to treat ebola patients. the doctor is 44 years old and lives in maryland. he was working at united methodist hospital in free town, sierra leone. the plan is to fly the doctor to the nebraska medical center in omaha. he would arrive there tomorrow afternoon. doctors salia would be the third ebola patient treated there and the tenth patient to be treated in the u.s.. the nebraska hospital is one of
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four hospitals in the nation including nih in bethesda that specialize in the treatment of ebola. nebraska hospital has already been successful in treating two other ebola patients. and so have many of those other specialized hospitals. in fact, out of the ten ebola patients treated here in the u.s., all of them except for one have been deemed ebola free. you may remember that one person who died of ebola was thomas eric duncan. he died some timing a earlier in summer -- timing a earlier this summer in dallas. right now goodiness, dr. salia is in stable condition. back to you. >> all right delia goncalves thank you. and talking about returning hem. more than 80 u.s. troops who have returned from the pentagon's mission in west africa are serving a 21 day quarantine at langley. pentagon reports that none of the service members are showing any symptoms of that virus thus far. here's a look at the other things the high pressuring today. -- happening today.
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jesse matthew the man accused of the disappearance of hannah graham will appear in a courtroom today in fairfax county. >> matthew is facing charges connect today a separate -- connected to a separate sexual assault case. nikki burdine is live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: good morning, that's right matthew will appear in court this morning. he's preparing right now for his first incourt appearance at about 9:00. now today we expect to have a trial date set which we expect to be in the next six months or so. we also expect to hear a plea from jesse matthew. a little bit of background on how we got here. he was brought here in different to be -- from a different jail. it stems from a 2005 sexual assault in fairfax. he faces three felony charges of attempted capital murder, abduction, and sexual penetration with an object. a crime police say happened in fairfax in 2005 as i said. when he grabbed a woman allegedly from behind and drug her into the woods. no you that crime is also tied to the 2009 disappearance and
6:32 am
murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. matthew is also facing an abduction charge and intent to defile in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham whose remains were found in virginia. charges in that case are still pending but today again a completely separate case. we will hear the judge set a trial date this morning at 9:00 matthew will be appearing in person in court for the first time. the last time he had a hearing he appeared via video arraignment and we will be in the courtroom and bring updates as they come in. in fairfax, i'm nikki burdine, back to you. thank you. an attorney charged in a home invasion and a stabbing in mclean is due in court this morning. >> asiapolice say the man who was attacked is a managing partner at the arlington law firm. they say the firm recently fired small. meanwhile former cop convicted of shooting a handcuffed suspect will spend
6:33 am
five years in prison. that's the minimum sentence former district heights officer johnny rye hee could have received. he'll then serve five years supervised probation and more than 2,000 hours of community service. in september of 2012, riley pulled over calvin kyle for driving a stolen motorcycle. riley han cuffed the man and he somehow managed to get out. riley went after kyle and shot him in the back while still handcuffed. a man is in jail charged can with murder in the at the time of his baby son. two weeks ago police responded to a call of the unresponsive infant at a home in southeast. baby ray shaun sung was pronounced dead at the hospital. there were 92 reported cases of sexual assault on maryland college campuses last year alone. that's according to a new report from state's attorney general doug gansler. >> he has issued a series of recommendations to provide better training for university
6:34 am
employees about trauma and victim behavior. it's also ebb creased efforts to raise public awareness about sexual assault and misconduct. gansler says sex acute on maryland -- assault on maryland college campuses are up a staggering 113% in 14 years. anyone who tried to sign up for health insurance through the obamacare website last year remembers how bad the roll out was. >> now president obama is promising it won't happen again though as the second season begins tomorrow of >> there's no indenyg it. right now the website is too slow and too many people have gotten stuck and i'm not happy about it. >> that said president obama is promising this year's signup will be easier. since the application process has been simplify. still the administration expects the 2015 open roll. to be lower than 10 million people. a meeting of the minds today about defense contracting in maryland. >> yeah senator ben cardin and
6:35 am
congressman john delaney along with other officials there plan a meeting today. the group will be discussing procurement forecasts at a meeting in frederick. 6:35. congratulations to the facebook fan of the day. today's winner -- >> and we want you to become our next fan of the day. next week's winners get a pair of tickets to see donnie and marie at the national theater. what was that song there again. >> not going there again. >> all you have to do is enter and go to the wusa9 facebook page and fill out the spire form -- entire form.
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this friday morning and the weekend is taking off. on a code note. it is chilly. in the 20s in a few spots and most windchills are in the 20s. a sunny breezy cold day today and you need the heavier coats for sure and highs 40 to 45. but morning chills in the 20s and afternoon chills in the 30s. more on the chilly weekend forecast coming up at about 6:45. now beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. howard, we're checking out the ride for you this friday morning. we've had a couple of issues, one of them being the accident with the motorcycle in fairfax county. impacting burke center parkway and lake road right at lee chapel road. sky 9 has been looking al the
6:39 am
activity and traffic can get through the intersection certainly on lee chapel road. under police direction. also burke center parkway they're mostly making the turns not able to go all the way through the intersection. now north on 95 the volume getting into woodbridge past the prince william parkway and across the occoquan more slowdowns newington to springfield and 395 to get up past landmark. lanes have been open no to the 14th street bridge. heading west outer loop of the capital beltway. college park into silver spring. early morning crash between colesville and georgia has been out of the way but the slow go westbound on the intercounty connector coming out of laurel and headed to route 29, they're checking for a vehicle on fire between exit 429 on the westbound intercounty connector. nick back to you. all right thank you. time now for the full-time your money report. -- final your money report. a deal brokered between president obama and china's president. which would reign in greenhouse gas emications with the goal of slowing down climate change across the world. under the agreement the u.s.
6:40 am
cut carbon emissions by 26% to 28% by 2025. the chinese will begin reducing their carbon footprint by 2030. they are crossing its fingers. if the two superpowers lead the way other countries will hopefully follow suit. republican lawmakers on capitol hill believe the move will lead to skyrocketing energy costs. in the auto world meanwhile honda is recalling an additional 170,000 vehicles because the air bags might explode wean deployed. five models are affected in the latest recall. none of the affected models were sold in the u.s.. thank goodness. this is honda's at the point recall related -- tenth recall related to the air bag tissue affecting more than -- issue affecting more than six million carrs worldwide in total. takata made air bags for at least nine other automakers as well. caesar's is letting go of 700 employees worldwide. bloomberg news reports the company could move into
6:41 am
bankruptcy protection early next year. after the height to have i session, they have lost money since 2009. about 200 of the lay loafs will be in las vegas alone. they own sigh czar cease palace and the flamingo. could be new protections soon for prepaid debit cards. the consumer financial protection bureau is from posing a new set of rules which will give prepaid card users many of the same safeguards they would get with a bank account or credit card. that means protection for lost cards, free account statements, and clear fees. and terms. all those included there. they are open for public comment for 90 days on the cfpb's website. after that the agency will craft a final version of the rules. consumers are expected to load nearly $100 billion on to pro pit cards this year. it is time now to answer the question of the morning --
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>> good morning, sue mcgray, she wrote -- a -- she says the car. >> oh. the answer though officially is the mike hydeck rule there. b.. >> not giving up that coffee. >> no way baby. cup number ten coming your way. >> all right here's also a chance for you to win $500 worth of groceries from giant food. just two to wusa9's thanksgiving goes grocery card giveway hey and hit the like button on the wusa9 facebook page and fill out the information on the entry form. coming up on 6:43. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. time now see what the partners at cbs are covering. >> look what it is. the norah o'donnell live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: the norah o'donnell? okay mike. thank you very much. or is that snick? >> close enough. >> good morning to you guys and happy friday. we have a lot ahead here open "cbs this morning" including the cbs insider. he'll join us with the potential impact of isis teaming one the al-qaeda affiliate? area. plus rehe reveals the moment he fired the deadly shots and high he's breaking his silence now. and outrage after a school district erases religious holidays from the calendar. the news is back in the morning. as we say and we'll see you at 7:00 and are you guys going to be watching cbs tonight for the hollywood film awards? >> i have a feeling we will.
6:47 am
yes. why? should we? >> referee: yes. well -- well. gail and i are going to be hosting it. >> i'm just teasing we knew that. >> we were just teasing. >> i virginia a great show. >> taking care of business there. howard bernstein in the weather center taking care of business today. off look to -- you have a lot to look at as far as the comforts. >> between now and tuesday and wednesday and then by thursday of next week we start to moderate a little bit. it's a chilly stretch for us. buckling up. this morning we're down in the 30s in most spots with windchills in the 20s. but it's a pretty looking morning. with sunrise just a few minutes from now coming up at 6:50. we've got clearing skies this morning. and we're going to stay sunny all day lodge just chilly. highs 40 to 45. we'll keep the windchills in the 20s. now this evening for high school football. you know early 42. butly 6:00, 39. and 37 by 8:00. with those windchills likely in the tos for the games. right -- 20s for the games. right now it's 28 in gaithersburg. to 38 in culpeper and la plata.
6:48 am
most areas the roads dry due to the winds before things got cold enough to freeze. burr windchills look at them. they're generally in the 20s. our michael & son weather camera. it's pretty this morning. 36 feels like 27 though with a northwest wind at 14 and down over pax river had a gust over 30 the past hour. futurecast clouds will leave and very quiet today looks pretty quiet -- in fact looks pretty quiet for week. next monday with a cold rain around. 44 breezy can told today. -- and cold today. 30 tonight and mid 20s north and west. tomorrow less wind and 45 degrees. not a bad saturday just chilly. sunday increasing clouds 48. terps and skins both have home games just bundle up for them. monday, rain, 47 and a look at the cold moving in tuesday and wednesday. highs in the 30s lows in the 20s. maybe even some teens in the outer suburbs and milder by thursday. we're back to 50. it's 6:48. beverly farmer, we've had our share of problems this morning. yeah, you know as far as the interstates are concerned and around the beltway kind of
6:49 am
been friday light. but we have the accident still in fairfax county at the intersection ofburg lake road and the parkway and lee chapel rod. motorcycle was involved in the crash and we know that the person on the motorcycle was transported to the hospital and police continue to lock portion of burke center parkway and lee chapel road here at the intersection they'll direct you around this problem. # 6 just been involve. 95 in virginia like wise heading out of cheverly out of 50 on to kenilworth. slow getting past eastern avenue. most of the way to east capital and pennsylvania and on to the 11th street bridge with lanes reported open 270 southbound. the delays heavy traffic off and gone getting through germantown and down into rockville but no solid delays. inner loop near branch after for a crash and it may be between allentown and branch avenue. given the delays that we're seeing. that's a look at the ride. back to you mike, nick. ♪ ♪
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
i'm delia goncalves live in the satellite center and i've been foe hoeing break -- following breaking news this morning. utterable pate -- ebola patient heading to the u.s. for for care. his name dr. martin salia.
6:53 am
he was working with ebola patients in native sierra leone. he's heading to the u.s. tomorrow in stable condition. nikki? and i'm nikki burdine in fairfax, where jesse matthew the man accused inform disappearance of hannah graham will be in person in court for the first time. this is from unrelated charges stemming from a 2005 sexual assault of a fairfax woman. matthew allegedly grabbed if woman from behind near a grocery store from behind and took her to the woods. back to you in the studio. thanks nikki. u.s. postal workers will rally this morning outside the service's l'enfant plaza headquarters, they're protesting plans for cutbacks on service and job lossesful they will damage the -- losses. they will damage the postal service forever. the protest is planned for 9:30 this morning. facebook has tweaked the privacy settings, they're now spelled out in an easy toured
6:54 am
online guide. it's called privacy basics and it shows users how the limit what others can see about you. it's open for public comment for a week. after that a final version will be rolled out. the part of the $2 billion revitalization plan along the mall. also called for expanded citizen veries to haves and a -- visitor services and a new mall facing entrance. the project will be paid for with a mix of federal and private money. and if you're hopping on metro's red or orange lines this weekend, be prepared for well some delays. that's because of maintenance work. red line trains will run every 16 minutes between shady grove and glenmont. on the orange line every 20 minutes at the minnesota. deanwood, chevrolet, landover and new carrollton stations. still from christmas and the reindeer aren't quite ready
6:55 am
to leave the north pole just yet. >> santa showing up today at tysons on the silver line instead of a sleigh. then welcome a group of disadvantaged children and help them pick out gifts. also announce the silver saturdays a promotion to offer special discounts to special people who ride -- people who ride metro to tysons on saturday in the holiday shopping center. in a prince george's county officials will unveil a historic marker in recognition of the woodville school. >> it was constructed in 1934 to serve black students. it's considered a symbol of the progress made since its construction. a special event to help feed the needy families kicks off tonight at reagan national airport. it is the 11th can instruction competition. they will build eight structures entirely out of cans. >> it will take seven hours
6:56 am
from 5:00 p.m. to midnight and then stay on display at the airport until november 22nd. after they will be donated to the arlington food assistance center. >> howard. windchills in the areas in the 20s. our chilly but not bad saturday a few more clouds sunday and monday is going to be wet and even colder believe it or not only in the 30s tuesday and wednesday next week. a couple of trouble spots northbound on the baltimore washington parkway. head to the airport? use i-95. a crash northbound on the parkway right between 32 and 175 getting up to fort meade and nsa. early crash between colesville and georgia has been out of the way. but westbound on the intercounty connector still cleaning up the vehicle fire between briggs chaney and 329. the slowdowns still leaving edsall road to take you up to landmark. back to you guys. thanks bev. two school closings to bring to you this morning. before we leave, laurel elementary is closed because of a water main break.
6:57 am
another school bladessensburg high school an issue with the heating there. both of those are closed. >> all right, "cbs this morning" is next. how one man is making millions by guaranteeing high school students adds mission into ivy league and other top ranking schools. >> guaranteed. john blackstone has the story college admissions officers don't want you to. >> we'll have your latest traffic and weather in 25 minutes. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, there's always wusa9 the app. have a great day. >> join howard and
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good morning. it is friday, november 14, 2014. welcome to "cbs thoris mning." overnight president obama sets up a showdown with republicans over immigration. >> we talked to man who claims he kill osama bin laden. did he step into the public spotlight for public good or personal gain. >> plus one town wipes the christmas holiday off the calendar. but we begin this morning with y'todas "eye opener." >> are the roads worse than you think. >> get used to it. >> on top of the


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