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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> pelley: tonight, america's crumbling nuclear arsenal. david martin on broken equipment, ancient phones and crews forced to share a single wrench to service 450 missiles. >> reporter: how do the air crews manage with just one wrench? >> pelley: thunder snow and record cold, meteorologist eric fisher says part two of the arctic blast could be even worse. a major university suspends all fraternity andçó sorority activities afterñrçó an incident leads to a student's death. juliana goldman reports. and steve hartman on the road with jason brown, who quit the n.f.l. t tackle a new field. so you learned how captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: goodñi evening. we learned today that the most powerful weapons in the world are suffering from years of neglect and mismanagement. some of what we heard today might seemxd comical if the stas weren't so high. months ago defense secretary chuck hagel launched two investigations after a series of surprises including a scandalñi over personnel cheating on qualification tests. well, it turns out it gets worse. today, hagel said he needs $10 billion to fix the force. here's david martin. >> reporter: the pentagon has long proclaimed nuclear forces, land-based and submarine-launched missiles as well as long-rangeñiçóçó bomber, itsñr highest priority. but this review commissioned by the paght made that claim sound farcical. consider this exchange with
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defense secretary hagel about a ludicrous shortage of añi specialized wrench used to attach nuclear war heads to miss also spread across bases in north dakota, montana and wyoming. one wrench, 450ñi missiles at threeñr bases. is that true? and if so, how did the air crews manage with just one wrench? p it is true. it'sñi reflectivexd andñr indice of a system that's been allowed to kind ofçó slowlyçó back down. how did they do it? they did it by federal expressing the oneñi wrenchçó ad to each base. >> reporter: the report documents procedures that are so cumbersome and inefficient that overall risk to the mission increases. units are undermanned, overworked and undertrained. a submarine base in the state of washington underwent five straight weeks of inspections. we spend moreñr time proving we are doing our job right than actually doing our job, one crew member is quoted as saying.ñi
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deputy defense secretary robert work says the report punches us between the em >> inspections became the reason why you were inspecting. they weren't helping the force, they were a burden on the force. >> reporter: missile crews cite equipment that remains broken for monthsñi or years and workñi orders that are five yeas or more old. when 60 minutes visited a launch control center, this is what one of the crew members told leslie stahl about the telephones. >> we can't hear the other person on the other end of the 4q makes it dilts to do your job. >> reporter: it willñi take years and billions to fix all the problems, but you will be glad to know, scott, each missile base now has its own wrench, so no more fedexing. >> pelley: david martin at the fght for us, thank you. the deep freeze that seesled over much of the country will be with us for a while. it caused a rare event in ohio.
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hear that? it's thunder snow. it only happensñi in extreme storms. and have a look at guile, wisconsin. a back deck is buried under 50 inches of snow that has fallen dh eric fisher is the chiefñi meteorologist at wbz, our station in boston. eric, what are you seeing out there? >> scott, this has been a tremendous week for cold. a lot of places facing frigid temperatures they haven't seen in over 100 years this early in the season. this morning was the coldest yet. 75% of the lower 48 was below freezing to kick off their friday. it was warmer in barrow, alaska this afternoon. the place only sees two hours of sunlight this year, than in (indiscernible). 30 for a high temp. in boseman, their high is 46. more snow this weekend. not too heavy across the midwest. 2-4-inch totals. the lake effect machine keeps
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chugging. the next big blast is coming down starting sunday. highs in the teens in the upper midwest. monday, the cold continues to dig farther south. thisñi willer south than the lat cold outbreak we're>ok in.çó tuesday, teens in theñiñi upper midwest, 20s in kentucky and highs in the mid 40s to the florida panhandle. >> pelley: and not even winter yet. thank you very much. the next enrollment period begins tomorrow for americans seeking health insurance for obamacare. the federal government expects between 9t million and 9.9 million americans will be in the program by the end of this enrollment, about 30% below previous estimates. wyatt andrews met the new man in charge of the obamacare eweb site and says signing up will be a lot smoother this time around. >> reporter: last year, despite the promises it would work, crashed on takeoff. >> it's down. for heavens sakes.
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>> reporter: this year, the web site has been rebuilt and once again officials insist it's ready. >> we're confident it's going to work. >> reporter: kevin counihan is the man in charge of tell about your confidence that it will work. >> we have multiple ways both internally and externally to see that it works and is stable. >> reporter: counihan says this year's web site is more streamland. shoppers will see clear quotes quotes on premiums and a running estimate of tax credit or sounds difor those who qualify. >> it's different, warmer, more accessible. >> reporter: one major challenge is security. in july, one of the sites' extent servers was hacked. officials say nothing was taken and the server did not contain consumer personal information. counihan says the site is now fully protected. >> my belief is it conforms with the highest levels of cybersecurity protection in the private sector.
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>> reporter: the web site failure was so extensive last year, officials had to push up the signing period -- sign-up period into late december, creating mass confusion about who was actually covered on january 1. this time, scott, with this being november, they wouldn't have time to fix a web site broken that badly and, so, the pressure is on. >> pelley: wyatt, thank you. republicans who want to blow holes in the healthcare law got more ammunition today from new videosñr featuring jonathan consultant who helped write the law. last night we showed you the clip in which he said the law passed thanks to "the stupidity of the american voter." well, nancy cordes now on what else he said. >> reporter: the latest clip to surface is from 2011, in it gruber describes how obamacare's authors use deception the describe a new tax on high-end insurance plans to go into effect in 2018. >> the only way we could take it down was first by mislabeling
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it, calling it a tax on insurance plan rather than people and we all know it's a tax on the people who own the plans. >> reporter: in 2012 he boasted about similar tactics in a bill he helped craft in massachusetts a precursor to obamacare. >> the dirty secret in massachusetts is the feds pay for our bill. in massachusetts, tedñr kennedyo rip off the feds for $400 million a year. >> reporter: gruber wants the stories told to congress.ñi darrell issa says he'll call gruber before the house government oversight committee as soon as early december. >> have you reached out to him yet? and is he being responsive? >> what do you think? >> reporter: i'm guessing that's a no. democrats say gruber doesn't speak forxdñr him and that his e writing the law has been exaggerated though he was paid $400,000 in consulting fees by the administration. his comments add fuel to the
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all-out assault on obamacare republicans are planning for january, when they control both houses of congress. marcia blackburn of tennessee. >> it gives us an opportunity to dig a little deeper, ask a few more questions and push a little harder to get provisions of this law enacted. >> reporter: two of the provisions they like leastñiq the employer mandate to cover employees and the individual mandate whichñi requires most americans to have insurance. both are at the heart of the law and, scott, any bills that attempted to do away with them would likely be met with a presidential veto. >> reporter: nancy cordesçó on capitol hill. thank you. >> pelley: in a rare interview, america's top intelligence official told bob orbobschieffer ability his recet trip to free two americans. he was asked about whether
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i.s.i.s. and al quaida have joined forces in syria. bob? >> scott, it is the first time i senior intelligence official comm@ and al quaida terrorists in syria were combining forces. clapper does not think so. can i get your take on what's happening in iraq and syria where we hear of this alliance between al quaida and syria and i.s.i.s.? >> we don't see that. there have been tactical accommodations on the battl battlefield on occasion where local groups have united in the interest of the tactical objective, but broadly i don't see those two uniting at least yet. >> reporter: i also asked clapper about recent trip to north korea to bring home kenneth bae and matthew todd miller, two americans held captive. he remembers flying in after dark and not knowing what to expect. you must have been at least a little bit apprehensive about what was going to happen. >> well, yes, i was, quite
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apprehensive because we weren't sure how this was going to play out. i personally was not completely confident that we would actually -- that they would actually release our two citizens. >> reporter: do you think this has changed anything? >> i think that remains to be seen as to where do we go from here. will this perhaps serve as a catalyst or stimulus for more dialogue? i hopeñi so, but i don'tu >> pelley: and we will have a lot -- >> reporter: and we will have more interview sunday on "face the nation." >> pelley: bob, thanks veryñr much. in missouri, a grand jury may decide in weeksok whether to indict darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. there were riots after the shooting in august and fear it could happen again. mark strassmann is in ferguson. >> reporter: antonio henley's barbershopñi is a snapshot of
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anxiety building in ferguson. business is down 50% since the protest last august. awe long west florissant avenue, people worry more trouble is coming. >> either we bored up or our insurance companies won't cover us. >> reporter: a nervous community. >> most definitely. if people don't get answers they're looking for or justice, they're going to mcy down. >> reporter: there are concernsxd the grand jury might not charge darren wilson and the potential reaction. the decision is expected in the next two weeks. missouri governor jay nixon has put the national guard on standby. >> violence will not be tolerated. the residents and businesses of this region will be protected. >> reporter: someñi ferk business ooat%5ñ and clergy met again todayñ%ú]% with the mayort providing peaceful optionsñi foó protesters. pastor robert white. >> they can have creativei] wayd
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to express anger withoutñi violence. >> reporter: local communities put out flyers urging residents to stockpile water and food just in case. various groups have been practicing peaceful protests while 1,000 area police officers have gone through extra training in crowd control. when the grand jury decides the county prosecutor's offices promises to alert local school districts worried about getting kids home safely. they'llçó learn 24 hours ahead f the decision comes in the week and 24 hours ahead if it comes on a weekend. >> pelley: a university has taken añr drastic step afterxd n incident that led to a student's death. and two fishermen got an unexpected close encounter when the "cbs evening news" continues.ñr it's more than the driver. it's more than the car.
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6:47 pm
fraternity house. it said it's about to be a very eventful night to say the lesion. midnight morgantown found burch knot breathing and are investigating whether alcohol and drugs were involved. this was the police dispatching relay ago report from officers at the scene. >> intoxicated, lips blew, purple color, attempted c.p.r. >> reporter: the charter has been revoked by the national office two days before the party for unrelated code of conduct violations. corey farris is the dean of students. >> they had no privileges on our campus and the national organization has already said you're not in good standing with us, and you don't exist as an organization at w.v.u. >> reporter: last week three members of another fraternity at the university were arrested and 16 cited on alcohol-related charges. in october there was a riot after a football game. freshman coal sadler reacted to thursday's suspension of all fraternities and sororities.
6:48 pm
>> they're just trying to make an example out of us ever since the riot. we don't deserve to be suspended. >> reporter: a recent study found four out of five students drink alcohol and half binge drink. since 2005, there have been 65 fraternity-related deaths, five in the last year alone. there was a vigil here on campus earlier tonight. parents who came here to be with their son this week are now making funeral arrangements. morgantown police are investigating whether to bring criminal charges in the case. >> pelley: juliana goldman for us tonight, thank you. some thought a video from the war in syria seemed suspicious. we'll have the real story when we come back. what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13 ® vaccine can help protect you ...
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his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. >> pelley: a surgeon infected with ebola in west africa will arrive in omaha, nebraska tomorrow for treatment. dr. martin salia was born in sierra leone but lives in maryland. we also have an update on a young victim of the epidemic, 3-year-ol3-year-old pearilna. she saw her mother die in an ambulance. she was taken in by the driver. quarantined, she has been tested negative for ebola twice and reunited with her gromenter. maybe you saw this internet video that appeared to show a young boy rescuing a young girl
6:52 pm
caught in the crossfire of syria's civil war. we never showed it because we we couldn't verify it and today we learned it was a hoax. it was filmed in malta using actors. it is the creation of a norwegian director who claims he wanted to generate a discussion about children in conflict zones. a pair of norwegian fishermen apparently did not fake this video. they were catching herring when they spotted a pod of hump backed whales doing the same thing. after slipping under the water, the whales surfaced much to the surprise of the fishermen, barely avoiding their boat. jason brown ones played ball before thousands. now he's feeding thousands. on the road with steve hartman is next. introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until...
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health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable, with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. >> pelley: finally tonight, once you've made it to the big time, why would you ever want to go back down to the farm? steve hartman found the answer "on the road." >> reporter: at one point number 60, jason brown was one of the best centers in the n.f.l. at one point he had a five-year, $37 million contract with the st. louis rams.
6:56 pm
at one point, he decided it was all meaningless. and just walked away from football. >> my agent, what he told me, he said you're making the biggest mistake of your life. i looked right back at him, i said, no, i'm not. no, i'm not. >> reporter: so what could possible tump the n.f.l.? you wouldn't believe. jason brown quit football to be a plain old farmer. even though he'd never farmed a day in his life. how did you learn to do what you're doing? >> get on the internet. watch youtube videos. >> reporter: you learned how to farm from youtube? >> yeah. >> reporter: thanks to youtube and good advice from other farmers in louisburg, north carolina, jason finished harvesting his first five-acre plot of sweet potatoes. >> when you see them pop up out of the ground, it's the most
6:57 pm
beautiful thing you could ever see. >> reporter: he says he has never felt more successful. >> not in man's standards, but in god's eyes. >> reporter: god cares about the n.f.l. i see people praying to him on the field all the time. >> yeah, there's a lot of people praying out there. (laughter) but when i think of a life of greatness, i think of a life of service. >> reporter: we leads us here. which leads us here, yes. >> reporter: see, his plan for this farm which he calls "first fruits farm" is to donate the first fruits of every harvest to food pantries. today, it's all five acres, 100,000 pounds of sweet potatoes. >> that's unusual for a grower to grow a crop just to give away. >> reporter: rebecca page organizes food collection for the needy. >> that's what jason has done and he's planning to do more next year. >> reporter: jason has 1,000 acres here which could go a long way toward eliminating hunger in this neck of
6:58 pm
north carolina. >> love is the most wonderful currency that you can give anyone. >> reporter: you sure you played in the n.f.l.? >> yes. >> reporter: because i feel like cuddling you right now. >> don't do that. (laughter) >> reporter: jason may have left the n.f.l. but apparently holding is still a penalty. steve hartman, "on the road," in louisburg, north carolina. >> pelley: there's a hall of famer. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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i'm worried for him. >> reporter: a new carrollton, maryland surgeon working in his native west africa is sick with ebola. i'm scott broom in new carrollton. coming up reactions from his family here and plans to bring him back to the u.s. >> reporter: for the first time the suspect in uva student hannah graham's abduction and murder appeared in person in a fairfax county court. >> reporter: angry parents want to know why it has been taking montgomery county schools so long to let them know about suspected cases of child sex abuse. >> arctic air in place over the weekend. we'll be tracking clouds sunday. we'll tell you what that means for the game at fedex and look ahead to monday, colder air on the way. first tonight an exclusive interview with the family of a maryland man now diagnosed with
7:00 pm
ebola. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. dr. martin salia is expected to arrive back in the u.s. tomorrow to undergo treatment in nebraska. today his wife and sons in new carrollton were still raw with emotions trying to deal with that news. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in new carrollton, maryland, where the family of ebola victim dr. martin salia has been told by u.s. officials he'll be flown from west africa to nebraska early tomorrow. >> i know he's sick. >> reporter: his wife too shattered with worry to appear on camera spoke in the new carrollton apartment today. >> i'm worried for him. >> so far he's responding very well to treatment. >> reporter: 20-year-old son mada says his father's work in sierra leone is nothing short of heroic. >> so he knew what he was going in for. he said it's because this was a calling, that he had this as a calling from god this is what he


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