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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 14, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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ebola. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. dr. martin salia is expected to arrive back in the u.s. tomorrow to undergo treatment in nebraska. today his wife and sons in new carrollton were still raw with emotions trying to deal with that news. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in new carrollton, maryland, where the family of ebola victim dr. martin salia has been told by u.s. officials he'll be flown from west africa to nebraska early tomorrow. >> i know he's sick. >> reporter: his wife too shattered with worry to appear on camera spoke in the new carrollton apartment today. >> i'm worried for him. >> so far he's responding very well to treatment. >> reporter: 20-year-old son mada says his father's work in sierra leone is nothing short of heroic. >> so he knew what he was going in for. he said it's because this was a calling, that he had this as a calling from god this is what he of meant to do. >> reporter: the family says
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he's alert and oriented and in stable condition and know his best shot at survival is to get back to the u.s. as soon as possible. they plan to go to omaha to try to be near him once he arrives here. in new carrollton, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. here's a look inside that biocontainment unit that dr. martin salia will receive treatment in. the nebraska medical center has already successfully treat two patients and doctors say salia will receive the same supportive care and it's possible he'll receive an experimental drug as well. >> there are some other medications, however, that seem to have direct effect against the virus. with our last patient we tried one and that would potentially be available for this patient. >> nebraska medical center, one of four locations in the u.s. fully equipped ready to care for ebola patients. no snow, but temps are downright chilly and unfortunately meteorologist topper shutt is tracking more
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of the same heading into the weekend. >> at least we'll have a sunny day tomorrow and the winds will subside tomorrow. that's about all the spin i have in terms of silver linings. it only got to 45 downtown of the 59 is our average high. it's 39 at national. the suburbs have been in the 30s. it's 34 in gaithersburg already, 32 in leesburg. martinsburg 34 and 31 in hagerstown. so this is way below average and you jump the divide it's another planet. it's 12 in davis. 21 in oakland. futurecast, 9:00 tonight if you're going out, we said this over and over again, winter coat, hat and gloves. no one will make fun of you. it's 30 in leesburg and gaithersburg at 9:00, 31 in manassas. if you're out late tonight, 29 in manassas by 11:00, upper 20s by culpeper and teetering on 29 in the northern and western suburbs.
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we'll come back, look ahead to the rest of the weekend and talk about a storm system monday. believe it or not, more cold air lies in the wake of that next week. a followup on the murder of a woodbridge teen-ager, the fourth man wanted for questioning turned himself in. deion moses walked into the prince william county police department today. the 17-year-old does not face charges yet. he is one of four suspects, though, in the shooting death of 16-year-old brenden wilson. one of those suspects is too young to name or show you. police say the men lured wilson into the woods behind woodbridge senior high monday. they thought they were going to just rob him of marijuana. jesse matthew, the suspect in hannah graham's murder, maintains he's not guilty to an attempted murder and sexual assault case nine years ago in fairfax. he entered that plea today. >> reporter: for the first time the suspect in uva student hannah graham's abduction and murder appeared in person in a
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fairfax county court. he is accused of a brutal attack on a young woman in the city of fairfax. the charges? attempted murder, abduction and sexual assault. >> an abduction with the intent to defile, how do you plead? >> not guilty. >> reporter: commonwealth attorney ray morrogh says the victim will come back to fairfax from her home country of india to testify in the trial. >> i am grateful with her for her continued cooperation. >> reporter: it was september 24th in 2005. the victim was grabbed from behind and carried to a field where she was beaten and sexually assaulted. she fought back scratching her attacker. it is dna collected from her fingernails that led to matthew's arrest. that dna is also linked to morgan harrington's abduction and death in 2009. in virginia dna can only be collected after a quick. if dna were collected after arrests, some law enforcement officials say jesse matthew would have been apprehended
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years ago. >> it's no different to me than a fung print. if you can take someone -- fingerprint. you can take someone's fingerprint when you arrest them, why can't you take their dna? it's a genetic fingerprint. >> reporter: the defense waived its right to a speedy trial. a march 9th date was set for trial. in fairfax peggy fox, wusa9. >> matthew faces a charge of abduction with intent to defile in hannah graham's disappearance. more charges are pending. tomorrow friends and loved ones in alexandria will gather to remember hannah graham. the celebration of life starts at 11 a.m. in the spring bank auditorium at west potomac high school. graham graduated from the school last year. the 18-year-old was a sophomore at university of virginia. she was last seen alive in september. her remains were found last month. tonight in morgan town, west virginia, a vigil was held for 18-year-old nolan burch who stopped breathing wednesday at a west virginia university frat house.
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the school confirms burch was a pledge at the kappa sigma fraternity which had its charter revoked monday, two days before the incident, for violating the frat's code of conduct. tonight we are learning last sunday's home invasion in mclean, virginia, allegedly involved a torture session that went on for hours with a husband and wife stabbing and tasering the homeowners. andrew and alecia schmuhl attacked her former boss leo fisher and his wife and left them for dead. the motive? payback. fisher is a managing partner at a law firm that recently fired alecia schmuhl. prosecutors say the schmuhls finally left fisher's home, but only after his wife pulled a panic alarm. >> thank god they're alive. i'm going to go over and see the male victim this afternoon and we're just glad they're alive. >> prosecutors say andrew schmuhl fired a gun toward fisher's wife but missed her. the schmuhls were finally arrested after a 4-mile police
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chase. investigators say andrew was found naked in the vehicle dressed only in a blood covered diaper. both schmuhls are held without bond. for the 2nd time in a month montgomery school leaders are trying to explain how come principal were slow to warn parents about a suspected sex abuse case. this time the suspect is a substitute teacher who worked at scores of different schools. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in germantown where parents are reacting angrily again to a new case where it took school administrators weeks to let them know about a case of suspected child sex abuse. school officials are asking parents to talk to their children about any inappropriate behavior by substitute teacher jose pineda who prosecutors have charged with sex abuse of a minor and a third degree sex offense in an alleged incident involving a student at roberto which he men
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take -- clemente school in jermantown in late september. parents are outraged for it taking them a month to be alerted and the pineda incidents follow an incident in damascus in upper montgomery county. >> this is how the administration is dealing with it? be quiet don't say anything? >> reporter: montgomery county school officials are out with a statement saying pineda has worked at 20 of their schools. >> a school spokeswoman says the superintendent is calling all principals in for a mandatory review of communications protocols and the expectations when they are allegations of abuse. loudoun county public schools could be the first in the commonwealth to charge students to ride the bus if the state legislators get the okay. last year a $38 million shortfall caused the school board total after school activities and this year may be no different. >> all we're asking them to do is to sort of untie our hands
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to give us additional tools to assist us in dealing with budget issues. >> i don't like that at all. i think that's a terrible idea. i think we pay enough as it is. >> i don't know. too many parents would be okay with paying for it. >> the school board would look for a debit system or annual fee. $180 would be the low end per student. that comes out to about 50 cents a ride. d.c. will get a dose of royalty next month. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge will be heading our way for a quick trick. the pair will spend most of their time in new york. prince william will be at a conference in new york regarding illegal trading. there will be a nets versus cavaliers game they will also attend. >> king james, lot of royals there. >> as of right now it's just the two of them. a spokesman tells usa today
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baby george not making the trip. the secret service is promising to make big changes after a man jumped that white house fence and made it inside the building carrying a knife. that's next on wusa9 and your only local ♪
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the u.s. secret service is promising changes in training, staffing and communications after this incident two months ago when omar gonzalez scaled the white house fence and made his way deep inside the executive mansion. the department of homeland security report details what did not happen that day and what went wrong. alarm systems and radios didn't work the way they should. the secret service agent with an attack dog did not have his earpiece in and was talking on his private cell phone in a van during the incident. investigators also found members of the emergency response team hesitant to enter the white house because they did not know the layout. once inside gonzalez was also able to overpower a female officer twice. only on 9 tonight a wounded
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warrior who sacrificed so much for this country may need our help. army sergeant frans walkup was severely wounded while deployed in afghanistan, but apparently he is not considered injured enough to qualify for the help he needs. >> september 29th, 2012, i was shot five times. >> reporter: frans walkup was inexplicably ambushed by the very afghan army member he and his unit were training. >> four in the stomach, one in the back. >> reporter: frans spent six months at walter reed and endured 78 surgeries. he was awarded the purple heart for his bravery. >> it's hard because it kind of feels like my sacrifice wasn't great enough. >> reporter: when frans and his wife shannon applied for financial help to build a handicapped accessible home, the couple was rejected by at least five organizations. >> they act like getting shot
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five times wasn't enough because you didn't step on an iud. you didn't lose extremities. >> at 11:00 andrea gets answers on why this couple seems to have fallen through the cracks and what perhaps you and i could do to help. holding up signs, what prompted postal workers to picket in d.c. today. >> i'm just happy to be alive. >> and now safely on firm ground, two window washers describe what it was like to be stuck 68 stories up. that story is after the break. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we're on the weather terrace. i can smell everybody having some fires now, a good clean crisp smell. look at the lows tonight, 31 downtown, but everybody else the 20s, 27 rockville and fairfax, 25 in leesburg and haymarket, even 29 at waldorf. we'll come back, talk about the weekend forecast and look ahead to another storm and more arctic air next week. >> there's just one week left to enter the wusa9 $500 grocery
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. just getting in? here's a quick look at some of the national headlines. president obama says he will take action by the end of the year to address the broken immigration system and he's ready to do it with or without help from congress. the president could use his executive authorities to shield as many as 5 million
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undocumented immigrants from deportation including the parents and spouses of citizens and permanent residents. republicans say all options are on the table to stop president obama even if it means another government shutdown. after 39 years with the u.s. postal service the postmaster general is calling it quits. today patrick donahoe announced he will retire february 1st. donahoe served as postmaster general four years overseeing the agency's restructuring during a major financial crisis. some angry postal workers held protests against those plans outside the agency's headquarters in d.c. and cities across the country. they say the cuts with relaxed standards on mail delivery times will make it tough on customers and will not solve the underlying problems of the agency. those two window washer rescued from the -- washers rescued from the side of the world trade center are just happy to be alive. they were trapped on their scaffolding 68 stories up after
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a cable malfunction. the men were harnessed in and stuck for 90 minutes before firefighters could get through the glass on the inside to pull them safely through a window. >> one mistake, no story here, a lot of ground floor jobs we might want to take. >> safety no. 1. yup, a ground floor job, not a bad idea. the scaffolding company says they're still trying to figure out how it all went wrong. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> it's kind of deceiving right now when you see the sunshine because it doesn't feel like it looks, right? >> it will look nice tomorrow, too until you step outside. >> and the wind hits you. >> we're looking at temperatures another 15 degrees below average, a little better sunday but less sunshine on sunday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it was 45 today, remember average high 59 and we're finally in the 30s even into national. burbs have been in the 30s for
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hours. relative humidity very low at 36%. we have a pretty good recipe for a very cold night. we have clear skies, very low humidity and winds calming down. in fact, temperature-wise it's 33 in white oak, 35 in rockville, 34 in fairfax and springfield. again finally 39 at national. so it's going to be probably the coldest night so far. hat, gloves, winter coat, it's not overkill tonight nor tomorrow, still cold saturday but thankfully not windy. very cold for the terps game, temperatures in the 30s but dry and not windy. that's all i got in terms of good news. the other bad news is michigan state's coming to town. clouds, dry and chilly sunday. so it will be dry at fedex. i think we'll see some sun, too, sunday, but more cloud than sun certainly. 10:00 tonight on futurecast 30 gaithersburg, leesburg and manassas, but look at this, 29 in culpeper by 10:00 tonight and by midnight if you're out
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late, upper 20s gaithersburg, leesburg and manassas and culpeper, even 30 in la plata. this will be the coldest night in term of across the board cold compared to what we've had the past couple weeks. 8:00 tomorrow morning we're still 29 in gaithersburg and low 30s elsewhere, lots of sunshine, yes. it's going to look plenty bright, but it will hit you outside. 9:30 low to mid-30s. some of the soccer games are starting then, so parents, bundle up. by 1:00 low to mid-40s, sunshine, 3:30, 4:00 still low to mid-40s. by 6:00, it will fall quickly top night. by 8:00 back in the -- tomorrow night, by 8:00 back in the low 30s. then we see high clouds stream in by 11:00 tomorrow night and keep us in the low 30s generally. tonight clear skies, very cold, 24 to 32. even some of the southern and eastern suburbs will be in the upper 20s. 32 tomorrow at 7:00 downtown
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temps, 36 at 9:00, 41 at 11:00, 43 at 1 p.m. sunday mostly cloudy, 49, dry. then a cold rain monday, only in the upper 40s and behind that system even colder on tuesday and wednesday, only in the upper 30s. we'll be back right after this.
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well, today santa gave rudolph and the gang the day off and he rode the silver line metro out to tysons corner. >> the jolly old man joined more than a dozen needy kids for a special trip to tysons to promote the use of the new silver line during the holiday season. the kids had their pictures taken with santa. they know joyed some lunch and -- they enjoyed some lunch and they had the opportunity to pick out some holiday gives as well. >> very cool stuff. speaking of cool, it's going to be a very cold weekend, right? >> it is. again no wind and dry, so that's good, but cold for the terps tomorrow night, too teaches in the 30s. for the game at fed -- temps in the. for the game at fedex, more clouds than sun but dry, upper 40s and in the wake of that storm i do have a flake, just a flurry before the moisture
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leaves. it get cold and coldest so far next week, upper 30s. >> 26 is the low already. >> that's it for our broadcast. we'll be back merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos. and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog? don't settle for half fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. get a fios triple play online for this great price and a $400 visa prepaid card with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> king: welcome to the starting line of the award season! angelina jolie, ben affleck, jennifer lopez, robert downey jr., chris rock, shailene woodley, julianne moore, channing tatum, kristen stewart, steve carell and robert duvall are just a few of the hollywood royalty assembled here with us tonight at the 18th annual "hollywood film awards." what was once hollywood's most exclusive and private event celebrating cinematic achievements and honoring its stars is now live, right here on cbs! this is "countdown to the ll


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