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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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fo a woman is carjacked inside the car at a metro station. >> celebration of light ceremony held to remember hanna. as if it is not cold enough an artic blaze is on the way. hello i'm bruce johnson and the search is on for a man that lead a woman on a terrifying ordeal from one metro station to another. metro police released the details. the man carjacked the victim at gunpoint wednesday night and ended in maryland. we have more on the man that police are looking for. bruce, this was a two-and-a- half hour ordeal sitting next to a gunman. police say he wanted cash and forced her to an atm before
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letting her go. >> most people did mot know about the frightening experience that happened here. the woman gotten off the train and gotten in her car and about to drive out of the parking lot when a man jump inside. >> you don't hear about it too often. this is pretty safe. pretty scary. >> the gunman forced her to drive to several atms at gas stations and 7-elevens to withdraw money and police made her stop at a liquor store to buy alcohol. >> this is surprising. >> it is frightening and concern for anyone's safety. >> i hud probably carry mace or something around since i am by myself on the metro. i should think more about that. >> police want you to take a good look at their person of interest. metro says he walks with a limp and the scary ride finally would end in prince george's
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county at the other end of the orange line at the new metro stop. >> i don't walk by myself. i'm always making sure that somebody is around. i always try to keep an eye on my surroundings. >> definitely to be more cautious and look around and go in groups more. >> reporter: the woman was not injured and trying to list any possible evidence. by the way the vienna stop last year was raided and the 10th most dangerous stop. but they say crime is down from last year. we were curious and wanted to know why word of the reduction was released when it begin on wednesday night. dan said we seek the court's possession when it is wasn'ted.
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a woman shot in northeast dc. there has been an arrest tonight. 25-yard line terrell brinnenger of maryland has been charged with assault with intent to kill. it happened after noon in the five hundred block of 58th street. police found the wounded woman in the hallway of the building and transport to a local hospital. mpd spokeswoman confirmed that the woman is five months pregnant. police searching for the driver of an accident last night. it happened in silver springs. maryland state police say 27- year-old michael crawford, jr. got out of a car on the interloop of the beltway and struck by the first car and struck several lanes in the barrier to the outer loop and hit by a second vehicle. drivers did not remain on the scene and kaufman is in serious condition. the beltway was shut down for hours after this accident.
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alexandria police investigating the death of a baby girl in old town. officers in maddox called to the home in the 3000 block of pendelton street. the unconscious infant was taken to the hospital and she died today. no apparent signs of trauma. an autopsy will be performed. hanna graham was given a final farewell, her family, her potomac classmates and the virginia community came together to eulogize this teen. stephanie ramirez celebrated the woman's life and not her violent death. >> to see them lose a friend like that and under the circumstances, her life has
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been devastating. >> kyrie has known hanna since the third grade. kyrie says her memory is ... >> how good of a friend she was and such a great teammate. even if it was the first time you met her. she always made you feel welcome. >> it is that spirit her parents remembered and a celebration of life gathering at west potomac high school. cameras were not allowed but i listened to what was shared as hanna's father and teachers talked about how she kept up with her academies even while playing in the band and sports team. hundreds packed the auditorium and the community showed its support. when we saw the giant boulder, it was blue to bring hanna home and today it is orange. >> seeing everybody come out it shows how she touched everybody and the community coming
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together. when i looked at hanna i just looked at her and i said she is going to change the world. she is going to do something. and that's the hardest thing she was so intelligent i am hoping to spring board this, that it is going on right now in our backyard and we have to do something about it. >> stephanie rameriz. the suspect in hanna's murder will stand trial in march for 2005 sexual assault of yet another young woman and this one in fairfax county and he has pleaded not guilty in this case. >> tomorrow law enforcement officers will search the barbersville virginia property where a convicted killer lives. randy tayler is serving two life sentences for the murder of alex sis may. the girl's body was never found. taylor had contacts with 19- year-old samantha clark. she disappeared in 2010.
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her body also has never been found. >> missing maryland girl has been found. the f.b.i. says that 12-year-old jasmine baker of white marsh was located unharmed in raleigh last night. the north carolina man with her is being questioned by authorities. police had said that baker has been known to communicate with several men on social media. as cold as it was today might have been the brightest day we will see for quite sometime. first alert meteorologist erica grove is here. >> the clouds moved in as we head through the day on sunday. and that is going to help to keep our temperatures from rising too far. today we got up to 47 and our low temperature was 32. well below the seasonal average for the high and low. even more of that cold air is on the way. today's low temperature was 32 and that's the first time we had a freezing temperature at reagan international and the
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high temperature today was more typical for mid december our forecast has temperatures that have been the coldest since march 26th. very cold air coming towards us and here is a look at your wakeup weather forecast. tomorrow pretty similar to this morning except there will be more clouds in place and it will be a little bit less cold. that's probably the best way to put it. less cold as you are waking up. temperatures around 30 degrees for many of us. but we do have even colder temperatures. the first alert seven-day forecast. you will want to find out when the worse will be. bruce, back to you. erica. thanks a lot. open enrollment time for affordable health care. enrollment centers in the district of columbia and virginia opened for applicants. health and human services secretary sylvia burwell visited today and there
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volunteers were helping residents sign up. the mlk library took on a festive atmosphere. >> we have 31 different choices for individuals and families from care first and from kizer and from etna and at all price points so you can find a plain that meets your budget and fits your needs. >> maryland's health exchange network available online for browsing only and maryland residents won't be able to enroll in plans until next wednesday. consumers have until february 15th to sign up and those that want health coverage effective january 1st, they must sign up no longer than december 15th. a doctor from new carrollton maryland is back in the u.s. to receive treatment for ebola. surgeon martin malia arrived from the west african nation of
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sara delon. danielle nottingham reports. >> the doctor arrived saturday afternoon and went from ambulance to nebraska medical center undergoing treatment. the 44-year-old surgeon working at a hospital in the ebola zone in the capital of free town but
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not with ebola patients but started to show symptoms last week and a mel team in sara de lone says he was critical when he left for the u.s. so far he is responding well. his son said he was aware of the risk going to west africa. >> the fact that he left here to go back to his country, that made me worried a little bit especially when they said doctor and he treats patients. >> he explained why returned to help his countrymen. >> i took this job because i believe that it was a calling and i go. >> nebraska medical center is one of four u.s. hospitals with special units to treat people with highly infectious diseases. sa leah is the 3rd ebola patient to undergo treatment. 8 of the 9 patients treated in the u.s. have survived. danielle nottingham, cbs news los angeles.
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the state department is saying that sa leah's wife requested his evacuation to the u.s. she will reimburse the u.s. government for any expenses associated with bringing her pus band back. sara de leon has been hit hard by the ebola virus this year. the chief of staff is in iraq to assess a mission against isis. general martin
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>> tensions remain high in ferguson, missouri as everyone braces for violence. residence are waiting on the grand jury's word as to whether
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police officer darren wilson will face criminal charges for the shooting death of an up armed teenager michael brown. new released video show the white police officer leaving a hospital shortly after the teen was fatally shot. shop owners are boarding up their businesses. >> the property owners say either we board up or the insurance companies won't cover us. >> are you nervous. >> yes. if the people don't get justice, i don't think they will lay down. >> local community leaders have sent out flyers urging residents to stock up on food and there is hopes of a peaceful protest to avoid violence. bill crosby has canceled an appearance on the late show
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with dave letterman amid records of old rape violations. he went silent when hos scott simon asked about accusations that crosby drugged her when she was 1985 and raped her. >> this question gives me no pleasure mr. crosby but there's serious allegations raised against you. you are shaking your head no. >> i am in the news business and i have to ask the questions. do you have any response to this? you are shaking your head no. >> big cosbey has denied the allegations as other women have come forward in the last nine years claiming that cosbey sexually assaulted them. he has never been criminally charged with any cases. european space agency has shut down because the batteries have died and not before they received data. the probe's solar panels have
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been repositioned in order to recharge the batteries and even if scientists pull the panels out of the shade it may take weeks or possibly months to send out new signals. hundreds of preholiday shoppers made their way to maryland today for the unveiling of the new laural town center. the new 130 million-dollar shopping mecca the site of the old mall on route 1 will have 400,000 square feet of store. several stores are still under construction but today's ribbon cutting ceremonies included food samples from the town's new restaurant. >> and there was a tree lighting ceremony celebration tonight. the event featured a holiday market and choir and music performances and photos with santa and a holiday movie screen. the tree lighting ceremony was topped off with a fireworks display over the potomac river. >> the only station with weather alert days. wusa first alert weather.
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a bit nippy but the sun was out. >> yes and that's not going to be the case tomorrow but it will get milder. we are getting in the pattern that is much more typical for winter where it is sunny and cold and wet ter and that is what we will see. let's start off with the look at the weather cam. we have a wide view for you here of northwest dc and with the corridor. 38 degrees and the dew point is 24 and the winds are calm and it is that cloud cover that will prevent temperatures from dipping too far tonight. the clouds preventing us from seeing temperatures that the temperatures were down in the teens in theout lying suburbs. if you live in colpepper or thereabouts you know what i'm talking about. it will be another cold start on sunday and a little bit milder and i did mention the clouds, they will come with showers and probably after sunset for everybody. but it does look like there is a possibility of maybe a spring
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8 before the sun sets and especially southwest of the beltway. yellow alert on monday because more rain and showers will be arriving with the cold front as it makes its approach but the clouds are going to arrive first and this precipitation in west virginia is not reaching the ground. so we will keep it dry for the next almost 24 hours and that rain will start to move in on 9 future cast. the clouds come first and the rain starts to push in around midnight on sunday for most of us and monday morning commute could be dry but the tail end of the commute starting to see the showers move in. wetter and we will see the showers continuing to push through and you will need the umbrella and you will need the windshield wipers heading back home and the windy and cold weather moves back in and it is going to be brutal on tuesday and wednesday. i hate to be the bearer of bad news but not a lot of good news in the forecast. 24 to 36 and winds out of the south at ten miles per hour and helping to prevent the temperature from dipping too far. lots of clouds but getting milder and cold for this time of year. we should reach in the upper 50s and get up to 45 to 50 degrees tomorrow and mostly cloudy and the isolate the shower possible and winds out of the southeast at five to ten. monday is yellow alert day on
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and off showers espeally after the monday morning commute and then continuing through the evening drive home. and as that storm system moves out. colder air moves in and a potential for a wet snowflake and tuesday is cold with a high temperature of 37 degrees and that's where we will be on wednesday as well. just really cold stuff. especially for this time of year. and in the first alert seven- day forecast we don't really have any relief. temperatures remaining in the 40s for the individual work week into next week. it is going to stay very cold for this time of year. another elite team in the big ten. >> they are in town and a good look for maryland and the fans out there. burt stadium got a business from ganggreen. we will go to burt stadium
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there is a decent amount of
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spartan fans in the house which is okay. maryland athletics, they will take their money and that is what it is all about which is why the turps made it to the big ten. let's take a look. the fans all bundled up at michigan state and maryland fans. everybody getting along and what can brown do for you? that's going to pass and nice touch by cj and maryland hanging around in the game and michigan state starting to impose their will in the half and a michigan state sized crater. jeremy langford and michigan state up 9 and close in the third and working with what brown can do? throw pick sixes like that. rj williamson to the house and spartans leading 23-7 in the 4th quarter and maryland hanging in there. >> hockey?
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maybe. a tomb couple of years. ducka to the play call and josh sneeze down to the 4-yard line and blue devils punch it in and there is the game winner. 21 duke, 17-16. my boy, leading two victories for bowl eligibilityity. keyen reynolds, i don't know what he thinks he is doing passing the football. navy never throws but they did it well today. reynolds had 7 touchdowns rushing today.
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yeah. >> wow. >> and maybe gets the win five and five. that's the local picture at the national level and this became shakeup saturday. only a couple of weeks left in the regular season but every year they get interesting and today number one ranked mississippi state at alabama and a tough day for prescott and he finds fred ross and mississippi state within six and alabama puts together a drive, cat on a hat football and 15 plays and helton and alabama knocks off mississippi state 25-20 and florida state holding on to dare life. and shakeup saturday. wizards to a good start and feasted on bad teams but again that is okay. washington used to be one of those bad teams and now they are an improved team who wins games against bad teams. this is what they are supposed to do. so another one of those games. mike rizzo. makes gm in the house looking for his next closure. nene closed the door. the flush. six wizards in double figures
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and john wall saw him throw that bad pitch out and cast throw a baseball but he can throw a basketball. wizards trail once in the game when it was 2-0 and win 98-93. capitals in st. louis. and take on the blues. and joe ward making the blues feel blue sneaks this shot through the midst of brian elliot for the score, his 8th of the season but that was about it. look at the caps go with justin peters, what is he doing. not even christmas but giving out gifts. the capitals lose 4-1. again, 23-7 and maryland holding on up there or hanging in there against michigan state. >> the winners will be tested next week. >>
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the seven-day forecast, 49 degrees. cloudy and a slight chance for a shower before the day is down and monday is a yellow alert day with scattered showers. got it. thanks for watching and we will see you back
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i believe in this football team. no question in my mind this team is destined for some very special things. >> every time we go we have to earn the right to win this logo. the baltimore ravens get to enjoy their victory over tennessee a few extra days as the players get away from the game. hello, everybody. welcome to ravens report. i'm kristen burset. we have finally hit the buy week ravens at six and four this is the latest buy week for this team since 2001 but coaches and players both say it comes at a perfect time. this team just wrapped up a very physically demanding stretch of the season. let's take a lock at where the ravensnd


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