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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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good as it's going to get. i'm debra alfarone with how you feel about the upcoming chill. a witness describes the fatal shooting after 19-year- old in woodbridge as a gun battle that erupted over what you might call a bit of a family feud. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. i'm lesli foster. christopher nathaniel weaver also called woody was killed. the witness tells peggy fox who pulled his gun first. >> reporter: we talked to a teenager who says he was one of several people who witnessed this fatal shooting. he said he saw four guns and that the person who drew his gun first was the person who was killed. this teenager who we are not identifying witnessed the fatal shooting of his friend's big brother 16-year-old chris weaver [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it happened just after midnight early sunday morning at weaver's home on keating drive which is shared by two families. the witness says two men came
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to the door upset over a decision by parents of a little girl to not let her spend the night at their home with their child. then the witness says chris weaver pulled a gun [ inaudible ] >> reporter: how many guns did you see? >> three. >> reporter: you saw four guns? chris, the person who died had one of the guns? mm-hmm. >> reporter: who pulled it first? >> chris. >> reporter: chris pulled out the gun first and you didn't know he owned a gun? a 15-year-old was also hit and injured in the shooting. neighbors have been concerned for some time about all the activity at the home where the shooting happened. >> it's so scary that there's a lot of straipgers that come over here. before it wasn't like that. >> reporter: the 15-year-old who was shot is expected to make a full recovery. police have made no arrests yet
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in this case. in woodbridge, peggy fox, wusa9. topper is tracking the rain that is leaving the area. >> sadly that's just a sign things are about to get a lot worse as arctic temperatures are coming in to replace the raindrops. topper joins us now with a look at the photograph. what are we in for -- at the forecast. what are we in for? >> you want rain or a bright, cold day? the rain exiting parts of southern maryland and across parts of the bay into anne arundel county and also northern calvert county and some hours into prince george's county -- showers into prince george's county. we're pretty much done with the showers. i think the roads will dry out tonight. i don't anticipate any black ice. temps are not falling crazy just yet. it's still 52 downtown. 46 in arlington. 47 in springfield and 46 in rockville. whether we put the high temperature up tomorrow, it's going to be a midnight temperature. just trust me on that because you have to dress for the 30s, not the midnight high. 8:00 tonight we're still upper
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30s. well above freezing in the burbs. 44 downtown. by 10:00 we're still mid-30s to upper 30s. about 40 downtown. then by midnight, now we're below freezing gaithersburg, rockville, leesburg, gainesville, great falls and manassas, you're on the cusp about 33. by 1:00 in the morning, everybody is below freezing except for extreme downtown which means national airport. looking ahead, we have fresh arctic air here. coldest air of the season tomorrow. windchills tomorrow in the teens. keep that in mind as you send the kids to the bus stop. high temperatures tomorrow over 20 degrees below average. lows tomorrow night are going to be in the teens in the burbs and some cases in the low teens. when we come back, we'll talk about how long it's going to stay cold and look ahead to another pattern change next week. mourners are gathered at this hour in lanham, maryland remembering dr. martin salia who died this morning from ebola after being evacuated to a nebraska hospital over the weekend. he was a permanent u.s. resident but he spent most of his time performing surgery if
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his native seer leion. he leaves behind a wife and two sons still living here in maryland. here's how mourners remembered him today. >> this manual was such a good doctor. when that happened to people in that country, leaving his family here just to head back home and only to fall down with a sickness. we are so sad. >> the family release add statement today asking for privacy and calling for prayers to send more resources to the west african countries that are affected by ebola. president owe bottom ma remembered salia for answering a calling to help others. he died 36 hours after being evacuated to this country. he got critically ill after an early negative test for ebola turned out to be wrong. police want university of maryland students to be extra cautious. a suspect is still out there, someone who tried to abduct a female student with a knife. this all happened off campus around 6:00 a.m. on sunday near block of hartwick road in college park. police say a man grabbed a
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woman student by the neck. he had a knife in his hand. that student was trying to get into her parked vehicle and she was able to get away. police are asking people in the area to report anyone or anything that seems out of order. >> it's sad. every time i get the alerts or the e-mails since i am off campus, me and my roommate sit there and we're like -- it's ashame. i guess people are more bold or have figured out certain areas where people are just naive about safety. >> police are looking for someone described as a white man approximately 6 feet tall wearing a red flannel shirt or coat and they are reminding students about a 24-hour escort service on campus. we will have links to that service on our wusa9 news app. police are trying to determine how a badly injured man was found inside of a car and how he died. it was discovered this morning
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on williamstown drive in millersville, maryland. we do not know his name. burgundy and gold fans are not just sad about what happened yesterday, they are angry at the home team. bruce johnson chatted with some d.c. firefighters who feel our team may be on life support with no immediate remedy. >> reporter: it was that bad? >> yeah, it was terrible. i mean, i feel like nobody showed up to play. >> reporter: the emergency, how to get some help to a team clearly on life support after yesterday's pounding by the tampa bay buccaneers. we don't seem to have a pass rush. >> unless we're blitzing, exactly. we have no secondary. i don't know. >> reporter: if there's an emergency at the white house or the u.s. capitol, this is the team of first responders to get the call. they point out there apparently is no help for the 3-7 home team most here have grown up with. what's wrong with this team? >> it surprised me that they lost. they had a week off.
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it was tampa bay. >> for rgiii, i don't think the team is rallying behind him at this point. it doesn't seem like the line is blocking. as a matter of fact, they didn't have a line yesterday. >> reporter: most fans here would be able with just another division -- would be happy with just another division title like in 2012 when rgiii was a rookie. it was brought up today he hasn't won a game since then. would you have colt mccoy at this point? >> no. >> reporter: we don't have a solution at quarterback right now. >> not yet. >> reporter: bruce johnson, wusa9. the obama administration calling it an act of pure evil. up next, the family of abbull kassig breaks its silence. it was rainy and dreary. i hate to tell you but it's as good as it's going to get. >> here's something to get excited about. a chance to get $500 worth of
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groceries from giant food. to win the thanksgiving grocery card givea
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the patients of murdered american peter kassig say their son made a difference in this world. >> he was beheaded by isis militants who then release add
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video over the weekend on to the internet today. in indiana, kassig's parent says they will need their time to grieve, to heal and to forgive. he was a retired army ranger who became a u.s. aid worker in syria and taken captive one year ago at a check point. he was out on a relief mission. the white house calls the latest beheading an act of pure evil. coming to america, today pope francis confirmed he will visit the united states next year. he's planning to go to the world meeting of families in philadelphia. and he's expected to participate in the conference's closing events and an outdoor mass there. the meeting is held every three years to celebrate the fortune of family. i sure do hope your furnace is up to snuff. topper says we're in for a blast of arctic temperatures. the fo
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you know that cuddling thing is not going away. >> the plutonic cuddles were offered for a price. she would go to your house, meet somebody in a park but business is good, so good in fact, she's opened up a cuddling studio. this professional scud letter
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says she -- scud letter says -- cuddler says she's just fulfilling a need. >> people don't have much experience with plutonic cuddling. you hug your friends or your hop but outside of that, you're not hugging strangers. we get to guide people and teach them the whole new world they may not have seen before. >> we think there's a reason we don't hug strangers. but to make sure things never get out of control or unplutonic action each cuddle room is closely monitored and they even have cameras. >> cuddle camera. we could get down below 40 degrees. >> there will be some cuddling for sure. how do you like the cold? >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone where we took a tour of the dmv asking people that one burning question. fan of the cold or hater? >> i hate the cold. >> reporter: when windchills plum me, sales at ben's chili
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bowl skyrocket. the cold stinks? >> i don't like freezing to death. >> i like the summertime. >> reporter: now a different take. >> being hot is being miserable. you can't get away frbing hot. you can get away from being cold by putting on jackets and jeans and things but you can't get away from heat. >> reporter: last stop rosslyn, virginia where i met two fair weather friends. fan of the cold or a hater of the cold? >> i'm definitely a hater of the cold. >> hater isn't a strong enough word. >> reporter: what word would describe it for you? >> i don't know. miserable. >> reporter: is there a word you ask put on tv that you can describe it? >> i don't know. not really. >> reporter: but the windchill is coming down to the teens tonight. >> it is? thank you for breaking the bad news to us. that's horrible and the
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redskins lost yesterday. youant blame the messenger. you can't be mad at debra for asking the question. >> what a tough day to get out of bed. it was raining. chilly. the skins lost. we're here. >> now you're here. >> and it's going to be cold. >>it's going to get cold. i don't know what you prefer. let's start with a live look outside with our weather cam. got to 52 at national. everybody else held in the 40s. the winds have switched northwesterly at 8. the dew point is falling so the cold front has just moved through the immediate metro area. we're pretty much done with the showers. a couple of sprinkles into southern maryland, northern section of charles county and prince george's county. nothing heavy. just enough to kind of wet the roads. most of the moderate activity is across the bay into easton
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and that area. as far as we're concerned, roads are not going to become slick tonight. i think it's going it evaporate and the temperatures will fall slow enough so it won't flash flees on the roads -- freeze on the roads. bus stop temperature 20s to 30 wind chills in the teens. wind chills in the afternoon still only the 20s. at the very least you have to dress for at least the 20s. clearing tonight. still leftover clouds in southern maryland. by morning everybody is in -- this isn't even a cold morning. 24 in gaithersburg. 25 leesburg and manassas. 26 in la plata and even 28 downtown. how about that. by lunch time we're still struggling to get above freezing. this is really cold stuff for november. our average high is still 58. and with full sun, it's tough to keep temperatures below freezing. of course the triangle is
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pretty low. temperatures back in the 20s across the board. then by 7:00. 7:30 we're in the mid-20s in leesburg, rockville and gaithersburg and frederick. that's pretty darn cold and we're headed for the teens tomorrow night in the burbs. i don't mean way out burbs. i mean pretty close in burbs. we get to the lunch time hour, winds are still gusting over 20 miles per hour so you factor that in with the temps, that's idea wind chills are going to hold in the 20s. remember, that's the temperature you feel on your skin as you go outside. that's what you want to dress for tomorrow, dress for the 20s. by 9:00 winds begin to subside somewhat but still howling back into oakland and davis. eight going to abbrutal day tomorrow and -- to be a brutal day tomorrow in places like oakland and the valley. for tonight showers ending early. they're just about out of here. partial clearing, windy and cold, temperatures 24 to 30. winds west, northwest at 10 to 20 and becoming gusty. by morning partly cloudy, windy
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and very cold. dress for the 20s. temperatures 24 to 32. then by afternoon, doesn't get much better. partly cloudy, breezy, very cold. windchills hold in the 20s. high temperatures near 35. winds west, northwest 10 to 15 with gusts still up to 20. so 30 at 9:00. pretty much full sun. 32 at 11:00 and 33 by 1:00 with sun. the next three days we're looking at still cold weather on wednesday. upper 30s. then on thursday still chilly. temperatures go back in the upper 40s. going in the right direction at least. the next seven days, well, 44 on friday and then finally temps start going up. low as on saturday. 660 on sunday. our average high is 58. going to take till sunday to get close to that and 68 on monday. even warmer, but with a bigger threat of showers. >> i went out before the game yesterday and i left my tv on. so when i came back home, i wouldn't have to waste any time warming it up. i wouldn't miss anything.
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>> you didn't even have to watch the game. you knew what happened. >> if you had missed it, you wouldn't have missed much. it was ugly out there yesterday. >> what does it mean for monday? how does a team that's never been good at reducing the noise reduce the noise? jay gruden has a solution for us and it's going to be interesting to hear. we head out to the park to hear fr
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get. question really should get dr. phil to visit ash burn.
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a sound bite, a tweet, an instagram post. you can imagine. he would be saying, what are you guys doing? that's what he would say. this week's drama around robert griffin's comments. when things are bad, this kind of stuff starts to happen. deshawn jackson had an instagram rant that some think is a shot back at robert. it's jay gruden's job. >> if wasn't to look at the good teams in this league or the great quarterbacks, the peytons and aaron rogers. they don't play well if their guys don't play well. they don't. we need everybody. i need every one of those guys in the locker room. >> it's our job in house as players and coaches to make sure we say the right things and not let that -- not let your words get twisted by the media or anybody. >> it's cold out there. that's why he had that hat on.
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>> i like the hat. >> fashion. good news trent williams doesn't need surgery. he only has an ncl sprain and doesn't need surgery. he got his leg epstped on yesterday. it was feared it might be worse but it's day to day. here's a chance to win a redskins jersey sign by linebacker ryan kerrigan. all you have to do is go to our facebook page and click on the giveaway. you have until sunday, november 23. while the burgundy and gold stock is falling, d.c. basketball is rising. the washington wizards have bolted out of the blocks and they don't even have a full squad yet. that's about to change. diane roberts has more from the the verizon center. >> reporter: today was bradley beal's first practice back after his wrist injury. he said he's knocking off the rust and while he's in shape, he still has to get back into basketball shape. >> i was kind of winded just -- [indiscernible]
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being able to get back out there and slide and cut and move and everything like that, it's definitely a big difference. the biggest thing for me is making contact and how i deal with it and just being able, like you said, see how my body responds the next day, my wrist any ai. just me being able to get back out there and take some bumps and bruises here and see how i feel. >> reporter: coach, when do you realistically think you can see bradley out on the floor? >> we'll have to wait the next few days. it's about sorriness, if there is any, how he's feeling, if his legs are heavy. obviously you don't want to put him in a situation, you know, where, you know, he's not ready to go out there and play, you know, pull a muscle or something because of that. >> reporter: neither beal or the head coach want to talk about exactly when he'll be back out on the court. the next game for the wizardses is right here against the dallas mavericks on wednesday. there aren't many -- [
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inaudible ] he's been selected as one to watch on the wooden watch list. wells is -- he averaged 14 points per game last season. opened with 18 points. he's one to watch. >> the big question of course the redskins fans, have the fans turned the corner like given up on the team? >> well, they were leaving pretty early yesterday, i can tell you that, about the half of the 3rd quarter, they were out of there. i think they had enough. it was not pretty. >> they can turn this around. >> can they? >> with some wins. [ laughter raft ] the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan with your only local news at 7:00. we'll
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>> pelley: tonight, a state of emergency in missouri. >> i believe that we will win. >> pelley: the governor actty interest rates a national guard as a grand jury decides whether to indict a white police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. vicente arenas on a new invasion of arctic air. temperatures plunge deep into the south, snow falls across the north. dr. jon lapook with major new study about heart health. how alternatives to statins can lower the risk of heart attack. and elaine quijano on an honor at the capitol for a teenager whose murder helped inspire the civil rights movement. >> what goes through your mind when you see that? >> it doesn't go through my mind. it goes through my heart. captioning sponsored by cbs


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