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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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businessman jeffrey thompson. >> i know who i am. i am focused. i have stayed focused on my job. >> reporter: this is his lawyer. in an interview with wusa 9 back in march. >> i think based on the merits, he should not be charged. i think the u.s. attorney should walk away. >> reporter: by phone today, robert bennett told wusa 9 that after looking at all the evidence in this case u.s. attorneys should not forward. he added if the mayor is charged, they are prepared to fight. >> as the next mayor of the district of columbia. >> reporter: it's a four-year investigation that has seen other operatives in the grey campaign accept guilty pleas for their cooperation and lighter sentences. grey has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing and called his chief accusers jeff thompson a liar. our information is don't expect an indictment from the u.s. attorney in the next few days, but the question remains, if the u.s. attorney is determined to
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indict the mayor, will he do it now or wait until mayor vincent grey is out of office? >> it would make it more difficult, but it would not be destructive if it occurred a year ago, let's say. >> reporter: d.c. council -- counsel members on how an indictment might impact the government. >> the u.s. attorney is responsible for how this investigation proceeds. i just hope all parties come to the table to resolve it as soon as possible. >> he has been held in limbo and had this cloud over his head. maybe it's the opportunity for him to clear his name or for him to account for his actions. >> reporter: u.s. attorney has said in the past he will bring a case when it's ready. translation, it won't matter if the mayor is in or out of office. bruce johnson, wusa 9. >> now, the suppose man for u.s. attorney ron machen had nothing to say. a spokesman would only say the
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federal investigation goes on. well, the winds are expected to die down a little later. >> how will that help the temperatures, if not all. a quick look at the forecast. are we in for a record-breaking night? >> i think so. the record low at dulles tonight is 20. i think we are looking at teens in the suburbs. these are current temperatures. these are not windchills. it's 25 in gaithersburg. 27 in leesburg. 28 in culpepper. i got a call from hairy in wheaton. he never made it out of the 20s. that's unusual for november. 22 downtown. windchill right now but in the teens in the suburbs, if you aring going out, dress for teens. windchills below zero near oakland and davis. on the west side of the divide the windchill advisories have been posted. >> record low at dulles is 20. record low at national 18. that looks like that's going to be safe. the record low high tomorrow is only 38 at dulles. got a pretty good shot at that. national not so much. the lowest record high is -- lowest high temperature,
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rather, is 33. that will certainly be above 33 downtown. meantime, low temperatures tonight 23 downtown. look at all the teens. 19 in fairfax. 19 in rockville. 16 sterling and leesburg. even 19 in college park. we will come back and talk about another cold front that's going to reinforce this cold air. but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. we'll explain. well, d.c. has declared a cold emergency. montgomery county is on hypothermia alert. it is suddenly and dangerously cold out there. >> i am bruce leshan in largo and prince georges county. the winds are easing a little bit but the temperature seems to be dropping and the windchill is now showing in the low 20s. >> we are not enjoying this weather at all. >> reporter: downtown d.c. the wind whipping through the concrete canyons. and a group of g.w. students caught totally off guard. >> i clearly was not prepared for this because i am not even
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wearing socks. >> >> reporter: 54-year-old lance bell johnson insists he is prepared with layers of bags and blankets. he is sleeping on a bench in front of the world bank with lots of other homeless. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: he has no plans to take the mayor up on his offer of additional shelt shelter. >> i got other people's stuff in here while they are trying to find jobs or hospitals. >> the 5-year-old, the youngest out of the group, came in and all he had on was a vest. >> reporter: prince georges county police are hoping to keep anyone from having to go out in the cold without a coat. officer jessica mercer is asking for donations to the one warm coat campaign. she has collected hundreds so far. >> each citizen has an opportunity to help out their neighbor. >> that was bruce leshan reporting. catholic their charities has added 300 extra beds because of tonight's hypothermia alert. extra staff also on hand to
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drive homeless people to the shelters. staff is handed out blankets, gloves and jackets so anybody in need of help should call the hypothermia shelter hotline. (800)535-7252. ready for snow this winter? well, today the virginia department of transportation outlined the plans for keeping the roads clear this season. v dot is responsible for more than 17,000 miles of road in northern virginia and it is armed with more than 4,000 trucks, plows, and other street-clearing women for the clearing equipment for the area. >> if it's 2-4 inches. and six or more, within 48. i think we have the resources to do that. >> and vdot wants to encourage you to use their website this winter. a violent home invasion in
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mcclain. today the judge denied bond to andrew schmuhl. his wife is charged, too. authorities say andrew stabbed his wife's stormer boss and that man's wife and left them for dead nearly two weeks ago. it's believed it's in retaliation for alicia being fired from a large northern virginia law firm. officials say she drove the getaway car. to another horrific attack. this happened in jerusalem when terrorists stormed the synagogue. three of the victims in this morning's attack were israeli americans. the fourth a british israeli citizen an israeli police officer also died in the gunfire. officers shot and killed the attackers. president obama is urging leaders on both size to work -- sides to work together to ease the tension. >> obviously, we condemn in the strongest terms these attacks. a number of people were wounded and four people were killed,
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including three american citizens. so this is -- israel, as well as the united states and our hearts go out to the families who are obviously undergoing enormous grove. >> benjamin netanyahu has vowed to respond with a heavy hand. a multi-million dollar streetcar project that would have connected south jefferson street in leesburg pike to crystal city and potomac yards got the ax today after years in the work. arlington county board chair jay facet made the surprise announcement saying there is too much opposition to the project to move forward. that was expected to cost $550 million in arlington county and millions more in fairfax county, which now also has to cut its portions of the joint venture. >> very upset. you know, it's the right thing to do for our community, recognizing that the community con census that is so often the
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hol mark of our big achievements and successes is not there. >> we need to slow down our pace in general. i think it would add a lot of charm to the neighborhood. >> i know the idea they want to be like exotic looking like san francisco. but there is no room. >> and the board voted 4-1 to end that streetcar project. well, the 8 inches that made all the difference between life and death. that story and a lot more ahead. seven patients came back to g.w. hospital today against all odds. doctors say they shouldn't be alive. hear their inspiring stories of survival and what made the difference coming up. and here's your chance to get $500 worth of groceries from giants food. to win the giveaway go to our wusa 9 facebook page. like our page and then fill out
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an elderly couple narrowly escaped death after a plane crashed through their home in chicago. >> authorities say the plane missed them by just eight inches. just eight. the couple's neighbor and a cop pulled them from the home. investigators searched through that wreckage trying to find the pilot, but he died. and they say the aircraft went down about a quarter mile from the runway at chicago's midway airport. neighbors say they will remember that sound for the rest of their
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lives. >> i heard the plane going by and then all of a sudden like it was a loud bang and i thought closer to the airport. i didn't know it was right down the street. >> we are told the pilot took off from midway and then crashed after he was given the okay to return to make an emergency landing. dangerously cold temperatures heading our way. topper is up next. he has the frigid facts
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people wonder what happened to some of the people at the center of some incredible news stories we brought to you. >> one year ago we told you about the zookeeper attacked by a zebra at the national zoo. today the story of his incredible recovery and what made the difference between life and death. >> the first indication i had of anything wrong was the zebra bit my ear off. >> reporter: dr. shea now retired zookeeper wayne milner wasn't supposed to live. i remember saying i don't think i can do this. >> reporter: it was november 2013. milner had worked at the national zoo for more than two decades. one day at work a gate was open. a zebra like this one weighing 850 pounds mauled him. >> he is now enjoying a very well earned retirement.
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>> reporter: exactly one year later, milner and six other george washington university trauma patients were given the opportunity to say thank you. >> you know, they take care of you when you need it. >> reporter: he says that these seven patients who are here are here alive against all odds. he says it's partly due to the medical services provided by the entire hospital team, but he says there is just one more thing. >> number one, will power. everything starts with the patient. so their desire to live. their fortitude and persevering through that suffering and pain. >> reporter: the national zoo released a safety report following milner's tragic injury blaming it on human error. >> there was a door that should have been locked or tied off, and somehow he got out of it. >> reporter: the last year has been one of healing, reflection, and now retirement. it helps crystallize valuable insight like this. >> it's a shame to see so many have life and treat it so
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cheaply and hen you have people that are begging to stay alive and, you know, fighting cancer and whatever. these people don't realize what it's worth. >> profound statements. now the hospital gave us a sneak peek at their brand-new trauma icu as well. that's set to open in a few weeks. milner had more to say. if you want to see the unket interview go to our brand-new app. very cool. >> very cool. speaking of very cool, it is very cool outside. >> you know, we should probably mention, we did at 5:00, that as cold as it is here, we don't have 40 inches of snow on the ground like buffalo. >> it could always be worse. >> exactly. dave owens' kind of spin on the redskins. could always be worse. we are not so sure we agree with that. a live look outside. we talked about this. high temperature 42 today. this evening with the midnight temp, we talked about that, right now 31. dewpoint, the goose egg,
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relative humidity very low. only 27%. and winds out of the west now at 12. they are going to calm down tonight and that's going to allow the temp to fall. 27 right now in chevy chase and arlington. 25 in german town. 26 in fairfax. everybody is in the 20s. these are not windchills. we will factor in the winds now. there is still a little bit of a windchill. feels like in the teens. 18 in frederick. 17 leesburg. 17 manassas. feels like 722 downtown. kind of double-edged sword. the winds die down but the terms plummet because of that. how much is it than this time yesterday? 21 degrees colder in d.c. 24 degrees colder in charlottesville and 28 degrees colder. the winds will diminish tonight. that's going to allow the temperatures to fall into the mid-teens in the burbs. still very cold on wednesday despite the fact we turn around and get a southwest wind. highs are still in the 30s. and then still chilly on
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thursday with temperatures in the 40s. cold front moves through late wednesday night, early on thursday. 10:00 tonight temps in the 20s. 24 gaithersburg. 24 leesburg. upper 20s downtown. we will advance it now. by morning low 50s. i think we will see plenty of teens tomorrow, too. downtown 25. but upper teens to low 20s lease berth -- leesburg, gaithersburg. 20s tomorrow. again just like today bundle the kids up at the bus stop. and you, too. if you are outside any length of time it's going to get cold. 35 downtown at 1:00. this is pretty much peak heating of the day here. so 32 gaithersburg. 34 in leesburg. and 35 in manassas. a few high clouds will come through tomorrow ahead of the cold front but it will move through dry. by 7:00 tomorrow night low-to-mid 30s across the board. just with some high clouds. so tonight clear skies. very cold. i think the coldest so far this
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season. coldest since last march anyway. 14 to 24 for lows. the record low is 20 at dulles. i think we will break that. the record low at national is 18. that is a safe one. 23 downtown. 20 in bethesda. 19 in fairfax. 16 sterling. 19 rock victim. 19 in college park. 20 in buie. your day planner. 20s through 9:00. 33 at 11:00. 35 at 1 p.m. remember those are downtown temps. next three days still chilly on thursday. 46. a little bit colder on friday. temperature about 43. and then we get into the weekend. here's the light at the end of the tunnel. 55 on saturday. mid 60s on sunday with some showers late. upper 60s monday with showers late. even tuesday some morning clouds. temperatures in the upper 50s. >> all right. good. >> well, you know. burgandy and gold. that's about it. you know. that's a good segue because it's, ah, you know.
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>> a chance to turn it around this weekend? >> that's what i say. >> glass half full. >> just what the burgandy and gold needed. another story, gang, about robert griffin. hall of famer with a scathing analyses of rgiii. we will talk about ♪
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now wusa 9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> poor performance leading to petty drama leading to questions about your quarterback and now everybody seems to have a story about robert griffin. steve young is a hall of fame quarterback, so he knows the position, and he apparently knows coaches who know rgiii.
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now, young, who now works at espn, says the problem with driven isn't acumen. it's work ethic. he was on a radio show this morning and said, quote, i have talked to his previous coaches, people i really trust and admire. he doesn't put the time in. end quote. wow. young didn't mention any of those coaches by name. >> all right. here's some positive news about the burgandy and gold. how about that? is that what you want? players out in the community today at the play 60 event which, of course, stresses the importance of daily exercise for kids. darrelle young there, niles paul among the participants. good to see those guys out there. here is your chance to win a redskins jersey signed by ryan kerrigan. all you got to do is go to our facebook page and click sign kerrigan jersey giveaway to enter. you have to sunday, november 23. back to the nfl. adrian peterson suspended by the league for the rest of the year for violating the league's personal conduct policy. the minnesota vikings running back charged with felony injuring a child.
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he eventually pled no contest to a lesser charge. peterson's suspension extends into april of next year. commissioner's ruling not sitting well with peterson's teammates and coaches. >> i think it's a tough decision for him to have to deal with. i know he served his time. he missed half the season. but that's between him and the nfl. but my personal opinion, i think he got a raw deal. >> it's unfortunate for adrian. you know, the legal process is so convoluted between the league and the p.a. so that whole thing has to play itself out. >> all right. you are not going to find a more likable guy around the college park campus than c.j. brown. he is a gamer. that's what they always say. his passing skills, eh, could use a little work. seems like every week his coaching staff is fighting off questions about the status of the quarterback. now, brown, of course, he is in his sixth year. never quite been the passing threat randy edsall needed to
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keep the defense 100% honest. that and his bruising running style puts him on the injury report about every week. questions surfacing today. is brown going to be the starter for the next game? >> you know, i really don't want to do that. but if a situation would call for that, you know, then you have to be able to make that decision. >> i understand that. that comes with the tradition. if you are not going to produce, they are going to bring someone else that will. they have done it in other positions. i am just another guy on the team. i have to produce and get the job done. >> all right. he is manning up. caps and arizona taking on the coyotes. mired in the middle of the pack. the early season returns on the caps. they start well. they don't always finish the deal. barry says that's got to change. >> a lot of the games we have been either tied or up, and we've tended to, lately, get on our heels and try to manage the game rather than just get on
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our toes and keep pushing forward or push north. i think that has been a little bit more problematic than most things. >> all right. breaking news for you out of capitol hill. the senate has just vote today reject a bill that would allow construction of the controversial keystone excel pipeline. that fell one vote shy of passage. the house had passed its version of the bill last friday. so there you go. >> all right. and if it had passed, the president was threatening to vote owe it. a lot more to talk about. that's it for us. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> i will be back with jan at 11:00. see you then.
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erdman stephanie erdman elise stefanik erdman >> pelley: tonight, the government urges a massive recall. millions of vehicles and defective airbags linked to at least five deaths. allen pizo deadly terror in the holy city. three americans are among the dead. israel's retaliation comes swiftly. jericka duncan on a buffalo stampede. the city is trampled by a white wall of winter, on the coldest november morning in the continental united states this century. ♪ feed the world >> pelley: and mark phillips with a blast from the past. 30 years after this, rock stars band together again to fight a new crisis in africa.


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