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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 18, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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there in d.c. looks like it's 31 degrees. but it's going to get a lot colder before the night is over. the alert into effect beginning at 7:00 tonight and going through the early morning hours tomorrow. >> this allows the district to take this additional measures needed to keep the homeless warm and safe. meteorologist, topper shutt is tracking the winds and how cold it's going to get tonight. top. >> that 31 degrees is an anomaly, because everybody else is in the 20s. 23 right now in gaithersburg. 27 in leesburg and 27 in manassas. even in part pes of the district, it's already in the upper 20s tonight. you factor in what wind we have left, winds are diminishing. there's a windchill. feels like it's 18 in leesburg. the winds are going to die down. windchills o go up. that will allow the temperatures to plummet. in fact, low temperatures, 23 downtown. but 20 for a low in bethesda and plenty of teens, 19 in rockville. 19 in fairfax. maybe 16 or 17 in sterling and
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16 in leesburg. even down toward woodbridge, we're talking 20. 19 in college park and 20 in bowie. i got to tell you again, i hate to sound like a broken records, but these are cold for late december, let alone mid november. we'll talk about if we'll get warmer tomorrow and tracking another cold front that is going to affect us for the rest of the week. >> we are getting cold talking about it. d.c. is already declared a cold emergency. prince georges has doubled its available beds for the homeless. >> it is dangerously cold out there right now. >> the winds are easing, but the temperature seems to be dropping and the windchill is now showing in the low 20s. >> we are not enjoying this weather at all. >> downtown d.c., the wind whipping through the concrete canyons, and a group of gw students caught totally off guard. >> i was not prepared for this. i'm not wearing socks.
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>> gave me a tarp. >> 54-year-old, lance bell johnson insists he is prepared with layers of bags and blankets. he is sleeping on a bench in front of the world bank with lots of other homeless. >> can you believe it? >> he has no plans to take the mayor up on his offer of additional shelter. >> and i have other people stuck in here while they are trying to find jobs, a hospital. >> the five-year-old youngest out of the group came in and all he had on was a vest. >> prince georges county police are hoping to keep anyone from having to go out in the cold without a coat. officer jessica mercer is asking for donations to the one warm coat campaign. and she has collected hundreds so far. >> each citizen has an opportunity to help out their neighbor. >> you can bring a new or gently used coat to any prince georges county police station now through monday. and at least around here, we are dealing with brutal cold
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temperatures. in new york, they already have several feet of snow. take a look at this video from buffalo. some snow drifts are so deep, they are burying cars. the winter storm dumped more than 3 feet and you know what? it's not over yet. >> the highest snow bands, there was a potential through 5:00 tomorrow, that up to 74 inches of snow could be received. >> 74 inches. that's the height of a grown man. not that drivers could get around very well, but a travel ban is in effect for buffalo, new york. snowplows are on the roads and the national guard will be helping with the effort soon. >> and if we're getting the brutal cold, can snow be far behind? v-dot are ready for whatever happens. the virginia department of transportation outlining its plans for keeping the roads clear in the coming season. and it aims to keep you informed by way of its website. vdot you'll be able to monitor the status in neighborhoods. >> basically where the public
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can see where a truck is in the neighborhood. again, what i found what people want to know is, when are you going to do my neighborhood and the roads that i travel? >> that is indeed what we want to know. v-dot is responsible more than 17,000 miles of roads across northern virginia and working with its contractors, it is armed with 4,000 trucks, plows, and other pieces of equipment for this area. >> and you can get the latest wintery forecast in your neighborhood with the brand-new wusa9 app. it is free. down load it now. >> police in virginia say hanah graham's death was a homicide, specific details on how the uva student died will not be released at this time. police released the update today. the cause of death is in fact homicidal violence. police say they will not go into specifics, though, while the investigation continues. the 18-year-old body was found more than a month after she disappeared from downtown charlottesville. jesse matthew is charged with
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abducting graham and more charges are possible. the man accused of torturing and stabbing a mcclane attorney and his wife will be staying in jail for now. today, a judge denied bond for 31-year-old, andrew small, while trying to keep him locked up. small pressed his victim, leo fisher, for personal information. bean kinney and coreman, that's a firm had fired his wife. andrew and alicia accused of seeking revenge on fisher and his wife last week. prosecutors say andrew small was covered in blood and wearing only a diaper when they finally caught up with him. montgomery county police say they will not back off efforts to stop underage drinking in private homes. the comments come as all charges have now been dropped against the family accused of hosting an under age party and then assaulting the cops when they tried to break it up last january. a judge ruled police completely mishandled the bust and went on private property after getting a tip from the pizza delivery
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man. >> leadership within the department is reviewing the judge's ruling to see if we have to modify any of our protocalls. officers in this department will continue to enforce laws within the law. >> a lawyer for the couple, george and kathy, said they are relieved the police are being held accountable for violating their rights. mayor vince gray refuses to discuss reports that he turned down a felony plea deal. but while he's not talking, his lawyer is. bob bennett thinks the u.s. attorney should stop his investigation. bruce johnson talked to him. >> you all have questions about this continuing investigation, talk to bob bennett. >> d.c. mayor, vincent gray, surrounded by cameras in southeast today, he refuses to confirm that he turned down a felony plea deal from federal prosecutors who are investigating the illegal campaign contributions from convicted businessman, jeffrey thompson. and this is mayor gray's
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lawyer. in an interview with wusa9 back in march -- >> i think based on the merits, he should not be charged. i think the u.s. attorney should walk away. >> by phone today, robert bennett told wusa9 that after looking at all the evidence in this case, u.s. attorney, ron, should not go forward. bennett added that if the mayor is charged, they are prepared to fight for his vindication. >> our information is don't expect an indictment from the u.s. attorney in the next few days, but the question remains, if the u.s. attorney is determined to indict the mayor, will he do it now or wait until mayor vincent gray is out of office? >> held in limbo and he said this cloud over his head. so maybe it's finally the opportunity for him to clear his name or for him to account for his actions. >> u.s. attorney, ron, said in the past he'll bring a case when it's ready. translation, it won't matter if the mayor is in or out of office.
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bruce johnson, wusa9. >> the spokesman for u.s. attorney today had no comment on the plea deal and only said the federal investigation continues. president obama says there are reasons to be optimistic in the fight against ebola. but there's a lot of work to be done. >> getting the numbers are lower than in liberia, but they are often in remote areas that are hard to reach and some of the international need to improve. >> president obama says military and civilian efforts are starting to pay off in liberia. meantime, here at home, we have made some progress in preparing our healthcare system to deal with any possible threat and scientists are making headway on vaccines and treatments. they weren't supposed to survive, but today, seven death defying george washington university hospital patients said thank you to the trauma unit staff who helped keep them here. among the survivors, wayne milner, who was mauled by a zebra at the national zoo one year ago today.
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milner is retired. the six other patients are in different stages of recovery thanks to the range of medical care they received, plus one more important other thing. >> number one, will power. everything that starts with the patient, so, their desire to live. their fortitude and perseverance through all of that suffering and pain. that's the most important. >> the hospital also gave us a sneak peek of their brand-new trauma set up to open in weeks. debra alfarone interviewed zebra attack survivor today. for the entire interview, go to our new news app. trolleys won't be trolling arlington county. up next, the reason officials axed the project. and it is looking to be the coldest night since march. topper is tracking how chilly it's going to be and when we can expect a warmup. you're watching wusa9 and your only local news at 7:00.
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the plan to bring streetcars to the roads of arlington county won't happen afterall. >> stephanie ramirez reports the 7 1/2 mile streetcar route would have connected several communities. >> the multimillion dollar arlington streetcar project that has been in the works for years got the ax today, especially here on columbia pike. >> the corridors were the first portion of the project was supposed to begin, connecting all the way to fairfax county. the arlington county board chair made the announcement today saying they had no choice but to ax the estimated $550 million project due to the mounting opposition of those in the area. the project has been in the works for almost a decade and there has been money spent. fairfax county has to ax their project since there was a joint venture. everyone was shocked. >> we need to slow down our pace in general.
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i think it would add a lot of charm to the neighborhood. >> there are so many people coming and going all the time. i used to live on h street and the cars slowed down traffic so much. >> some people may move to the area in anticipation of this streetcar project. the board chair says the best thing they can do now is to continue to support these corridors. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> gas prices are driving americans less crazy over the past month, which is good news for the economy. according to a senior analyst at wells fargo, for every dime, prices go down, americans spend $3 billion on something else. in the past month, the price at the pump dropped 26 cents. that's freeing up nearly $8 billion for people to buy stuff or pay down debt. and if you are in the alexandria area, you can fill up for $2.73 a gallon at the king street. that is is the cheapest we found in town according to aaa. >> i'm meteorologist, topper
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shutt. let's take a look at how cold it was this time yesterday. explain what is going on. it's 21 degrees colder downtown than it was this time yesterday. it is 35 degrees colder down in norfolk. we'll come back and talk about the prospect for record lows and another cold front is on the map later in the week. >> and what sort of a lady would be interested in marrying charlie manson? turns out he has a much younger bride-to-be. the reason he wants to tie the knott with him. you're watching
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the senate has rejected a bill that would have allowed the construction of the keystone xl oil pipeline. the measure was one vote shy of passage. the house passed its version last week. white house has signaled that president obama was ready to veto the legislation had it made its way through congress. >> there are five people dead. the fifth victim is a police officer. also killed were three americans and a britain. two palestinians armed with meat cleavers and a gun -- police then killed the suspects in a shootout. prime minister has ordered their homes destroyed along with the homes palestinians who carried out similar attacks recently. >> nfl football star will not be back on the field this season and he's not getting paid either. the league suspended the minnesota vikings runningback for violating its personal conduct policy.
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peterson pled no contest to wreckless assault of a child and he admitted using a tree branch to discipline his four- year-old son, which left the boy with cuts and bruises on his body. the nfl will discuss letting him back into the league next april. the nfl player's association does plan to appeal. convicted killer, charles manson, will soon be a newlywed. the cult leader and his 26-year- old bride-to-be has a marriage license in hand. she ran away from home nine years ago and has been trying to get manson out of prison ever since. marrying her -- manson is serving a life sentence for the 1969 murders of actress, sharon tate and six others. >> that maze of metal is now complete. crews finished setting up the last bit of scaffolding and now the real work gets started. 14 layers of paint and they
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will repaint the whole thing. the project manager says everything is on budget and on time to be wrapped up by the president's inauguration in 2017. >> always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> all right, get ready for the coldest night since march. topper is tracking just how low these temperatures will go. >> we're talking real temperatures, not the windchill temperatures. teens and the suburbs and low 20s even downtown. so, the coldest so far and the coldest since last march. let's start with a live look outside. the forecasting contest, the high today is 42. it occurred at midnight. daytime high in the 20s and 30s. it's a very dry air mass. we said this -- hopefully you deplugged your dehumidifier. now you want to put moisture back into the air.
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temperatures, 27 college park. 30 in d.c., 26 in arlington. 26 in chevy chase. 25 in ashburn and 25 in fairfax. temperatures. there's enough of a breeze to generate a small windchill. gaithersburg, feels like it's 17 in leesburg and manassas. so, if you're going out tonight, wear your hat and gloves. winds will slowly diminish. that's going to allow the temperatures to fall. that will work against us. bus stop temperatures 14 to 30. that's 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. still very cold tomorrow. even though winds go southwest, only in the 30s. argue that is cold, but because it's been so bitterly cold, we'll call thursday chilly with temperatures highs in the 40s. okay, 10:00 tonight. temperatures low to mid 20s across the board. clear skies. by morning, now we are seeing some teens. we'll see more show up. culpeper, you are destined to be in the teens.
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mid 20s downtown and then by 7:30, we're still low 20s and mid 20s, 1:00, a few high clouds roll in. another cold front rolls in late tomorrow night, early thursday. going to move through dry. and it's a good thing, because the atmosphere could support snow. low 30s, mid 30s downtown and by this time tomorrow night, just some clouds and temperatures still low to mid 30s across the board. again, the cold front will not usher in super arctic air, but it will reenforce the cold air. clear and cold, coldest so far. 14 to 24 winds west, northwest at 10. day planner, 29 at 9:00. these are downtown temperatures. 33 at 11:00 and 35 at 1:00. a few high clouds start coming in by 1:00 or 2:00. still chilly on thursday. 46. we're going to call friday cold again. low 40s. so we take a step back. but then, good news. 55 on saturday. 64 on sunday. some showers late. 68 on monday. some showers late.
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and even tuesday, we're still seasonal with highs in the upper 50s. >> thank you, top. just three days lift to enter the wusa9 grocery give away. head over to our facebook page. sweep stakes ends friday. fighting the flu with a piece of fabric? next, we're going to tell you how this scar can filter out the nasty germs. you're watching wusa9 in your only local news at 7:00.
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call it a fashionable way to fight the flu. a company in brooklyn is selling what it claims is a scarf that can help you avoid getting sick. is. >> yeah, this is the scouff. block the germs, you can think of it as a water filter for your face. each replaceable filter lasts three months and hopefully that's enough to get you past the flu season because this can set you back $70. that's a lot of money. >> why not just get a flu shot? or just take your scarf and put a mask on underneath it. but it wouldn't be the scauf
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then. >> all right, that's our broadcast. we'll see you at 11:00. >> make it a great night, everybody.
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now a celebrity is coming forward claiming she was sexually assaulted by bill cosby. >> we're with the former supermodel, the latest woman to lel allegations against the legendary comedian. >> he'd given me wine and a pill. i remember being raped. i'm sorry. >> janice dickinson is emotional and has a message for bill cosby tonight. >> you will hear that, and then we talk to brooke shields about her new tell-all on her men and her mom. >> people are going to not understand how she struggled with drinking. sort of just like roommates, sisters. >> and this woman who would have killed for me. >> plus, we have more from paul walker's dad one year after his son's death. >> i loved teaching him how to shoot a bow and arrow. >> are you ready for me to shoot? >> i'm glad i'm man who did it.
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>> and also our "mockingjay" madness with j. law. >> i completely walk it out. >> so why did she flip the bird? >> just kidding. >> now, "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. hi, everybody and welcome to "entertainment tonight." well, the circle of women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault now widens. >> meanwhile, cosby remains silentt his camp thus far has declined our invitation to tell his side of the story, but there are others who continue to come forward and tell theirs. >> '80s supermodel janice dickinson is one of them and is speaking only to us for the first time claiming that she was sexually assaulted by bill cosby. >> her story is our top story tonight as another alleged cosby victim tells all. >> stuffing feelings of rape and my unresolved issue from this incident has drove me into a life of trying to hurt myself. >> janice claims it happened in 1982. she says cosby had called her


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