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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 19, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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shielding 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. the president's executive action comes despite vocal opposition from republicans. andrea mccarren is live in our satellite center with the latest from the white house. >> president obama is expected to outline steps the administration will take to provide work permits for up to 5 million immigrants living illegally here in the united states. >> everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken. >> reporter: president obama took to facebook to launch a video preview of his immigration announcement. he pledged to make the system better while encouraging congretoss come up with a comprehensive bipartisan solution. >> unfortunately washington has allowed the problem to fester for too long. >> reporter: immigrants living illegally in this country are already calling their lawyers eager to learn if they'll qualify for protection from deportation.
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>> we know that these steps are going to strength be national security, strength security at the -- strengthen national security, strengthen security at the border and our economy. >> i think all of this inflammatory language is not helpful. >> reporter: republicans are exasperated. >> the american people chose divided government. that's what we have for the next two years. in fact, that's what we've had for the last four. >> reporter: on friday the president will travel to a high school in las vegas where two years ago he laid out his ideas for comprehensive immigration reform. another contentious battle is already brewing between the president and congress and that's about funding the federal government. it's set to run out of money december 11th. live from the satellite center andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> hope we don't cut it as close as we typically have in the past. we've been dealing with some dangerously cold weather the past few days. >> tonight things could get windy. top, where will folks need their long johns?
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>> i think pretty much north and west of town. temps aren't falling as low, but wind chills will be just as bad in the teens and 20s later tonight. temperatures now in the low 30s, 37 downtown, made it to 34 at dulles, a new record low high temperature for this date. lows tonight downtown nothing crazy, but 30, our average low downtown 42. 20s in the burbs, no teens tonight, 26 in fairfax, 25 in sterling, 24 in leesburg and out toward rockville and laytonsville and olney mid-20s, low 30s by the water. walking the dog tonight temperatures in the 30s. notice these arrows. it's a southerly wind that becomes increasingly strong overnight. by 10:00 we're now below freezing, manassas, leesburg, gaithersburg, 31 in la plata and by 11:00 we're looking at 29 in hagerstown, martinsburg, but because of these southerly
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winds and the few high clouds temps will not fall off the table like last night, but still plenty cold. remember to bring your pets in tonight. we'll talk about the cold front that goes through tomorrow morning when we come back, what that does to our friday and we have hope for a pattern change over the weekend. maryland state highway administration is getting ready to battle snow and the shocking high cost of road salt this season. today they rolled out nine new monster plows that carry so much salt and fuel they only need to make a pit stop half as many times. here's the deputy administrator david coyne. >> we're the spending as much time going back to those facilities to replenish, more time on the road. >> coyne explained last year's polar vortex and this season's prediction for a slightly elevated risk for a snowier than average year ruptured in those salt prices being 25 to
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50% higher. tonight a nurse is charged with sexually abusing patients at three area hospitals. 37-year-old jared kline of falls church is accused and the case goes back to may of 2013. authorities are still investigating because they believe there could be more alleged victims. the shooting happened around 12:30 in those apartment over there here on prince place close to prince george's community college. someone called 911. police arrived and found the suspect about 1/4-mile away near the college. even though prince george's county police have not confirmed that it was a son who allegedly shot his mother, people familiar with the investigation say that is exactly what happened. neighbors here say they have no idea what happened. they only say that the mother is a very friendly and talkative person. they don't see the son much. >> when they arrived on scene,
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they discovered a victim suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. that victim was transported to a local hospital in serious but stable condition. after a brief canvas of the area the suspect was apprehended, taken into custody. >> reporter: prince george's county police say the victim is in serious but stable condition and is expected to recover. in largo, maryland, peggy fox, wusa9. the state's attorney's office confirmed charges against two people in the brutal beating last friday at suitland high. family members are upset and say that's not enough. a video shows a young woman getting attacked on what her family says was her 16th birthday. when her boyfriend drequan yates stepped in, he's also attacked by the two boys in the video. the mother of the girl student attacked wants all involved to
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be disciplined. >> there were at least 20 children that knew about it because this child was walking through the hallways videotaping like commentary that this is what she was going to do because that was my child's 16th birthday and this is what she was going to do as a birthday gift to my child. >> the prince george's county school board would not provide any other information on the case except to say that the state's attorney filed charge. yates is home now. he suffered a broken jaw. ly mouth is wired shut for the next eight to 10 weeks. residents in one of the district's poorest areas have been asking, pleading for a manner sitdown restaurant in their neighborhood -- major sitdown restaurant in their neighborhood. today good news. busboys and poets is coming to anacostia. >> reporter: this was the first busboys and poets
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restaurant. it went up nearly 10 years ago, the sitdown eatery with its social and artistic agenda then helping to bring incredible new development and thousands of new residents to the area. >> it is more than just a restaurant. it is really a place to create community. >> reporter: today it was announced a new busboys and poets would be coming to southeast d.c., ward 8 even in the heart of the district's anacostia community. >> 44 years we've waited for something of this magnitude to come to the neighborhood. >> this will be an anchor for economic development. >> reporter: it's one of the city's poorest neighborhoods, unemployment as high as 50% at time. >> my idea was if i'm going to open a place that's going to offer maybe 100, 120 jobs, i want to make sure those jobs are geared for the people that live and work here. >> reporter: gentrification, is it here? >> it's already here, bruce.
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i don't think we should have any anxiety about that. the difference here is you have someone interested in making a difference in the community and not just to make money. >> we'll have increased foot traffic on the street, people looking to spend money. >> reporter: the building is owned by a group called the southeast family strengthening collaborative. translation, it's a group trying to hold families together and they say the new tenants can help. >> our intention is not to push people out but really try to bring them in and build up the whole community. >> reporter: somebody pointed out they won't just be training people inside this building to work at the new busboy and poets, there are some 15 hotels around the restaurant. all of them have restaurants. that's a lot of culinary jobs. >> and that anacostia restaurant with its culinary school will open in about a year. busboys and poets is opening two other new restaurants in town, one in brookland and one inning it the, in a few months.
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just think. you could be here. coming up how residents in buffalo are coping after getting a pounding from the snow. >> i wouldn't be there, but first the return to normalcy one day after four rabbis are murd
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security is tight around jerusalem and the israeli government pledges a strong
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response to tuesday's deadly attack at a synagogue. >> worshipers returned today just one day after four rabbis and a cop were killed. through an interpreter today the pope called on all the parties to take steps to end this violence. translator: from the bottom of my heart a peel to all parties involved to put -- i appeal to all the parties involved to put an end to this violence and make courageous decisions for reconciliation and peace. to build peace is difficult, but to live without it is torment. >> israeli said it -- israel said it will demolish the home of the two responsible for the attack. today the home was leveled of the man responsible for killing two israelis in jerusalem last month. two men tried to force their way into the city's legislator last night. police used pepper spray, batons and riot shields again the protesters who came in masks, goggles and hard hats. the student led democracy
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protesters are angry on restrictions imposed on unilateral elections for hong kong's top leaders. topper says now the weather is getting interesting tracking a cold front coming ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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a driver plowing through a california liquor store smashed into the place and hits a customer. police say he was already drunk. he got arrested on a dui. fortunately that poor customer was not badly hurt. buffalo is used to snow, right? but snow like this, this is the kind of snow you tell your grandkids about. >> it is piling up by the foot, about 6 feet so far, another 2 feet or so forecast overnight. >> there are some parts of our community that are going to receive the equivalent of a whole year's worth of snowfall in three days. >> some areas around buffalo could see 100 inches of snow before the snow clears out. at least six deaths are blamed on the weather and the mayor is urging people to stay indoors. you can't even get outdoors.
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the snowplows, dump trucks, front end loaders are working overtime to clear those roads. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> if this is lake effect snow, why would anyone live near the lake in buffalo? >> i don't know. here's the problem. it's snowing so hard. the water is still warm and this is like january arctic air, so you've got the best snow making machine on the planet. >> and it's just november. >> to put that in perspective, those folks have had a year's worth of snow in three days. we get that, too sometime, in fact, the blizzard of '09 in december. we had our year of snow in one storm. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam 38 at national the high. the average is 57. the high at dulles was only 34, a new record low high temperature at dulles. dew points are coming up, but i'd be pretty impressed with 12
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degrees at the dew point, humidity 36% except for the fact we saw dew points around 0 and minus 1 yesterday. so not as cold tonight, but the winds will pick up. that will drive a wind chill even though it's a southerly wind. bus stop temperatures 24 to 34 with a little breeze in the morning, so figure on teens for the kids early on in term of -- terms of wind chills. breezy and chilly thursday, not as cold, but you need a coat and breezy and cold again friday. we're back with the arctic air. 10:00 tonight 30s about everywhere, low 30s in the bushes and low to mid-30s inside the beltway. by early morning there will be some 20s, but because of the southerly winds and high clouds coming in temps are not going to plummet tonight which is good. they'll be plenty of cold and snow again for oakland and back down toward the canadian valley. the ski resorts are jumping for
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joy at timberline and wisp. 36 at 8:00, 31 at gaithersburg, around freezing at leesburg and manassas, but then look what happens. who would think we'd be so happy with 40s, but we are. 46 at 1:00 and low to mid-40s in the suburbs. 3:00, now looking at 30s. temps will fall quicker tomorrow night as arctic air moves in, but at 4:30 still 42 in manassas. by 6:30 we're looking at temperatures 40 downtown, primarily 30s across the board. winds 10:00 tonight, i think it's a little overdone, each number is a wind gust at that time in miles per hour. it's forecasting at 10:00 a 34 mile-per-hour wind gust downtown, a 31 mile-per-hour wind gust in gaithersburg. jump the divide, got winds almost 45 miles per hour oakland down to davis, w -- west virginia, but by 6:00
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winds are gusting to 22 miles per hour and by noon not much of a factor on the east side of the divide, 10 to 20 miles per hour gusts. it will drive wind chills down a bit. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, windy, still very cold, temperatures 24 to 32, no bargain, southwest wind 10 to 20, gusty. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, breezy and cold, 24 to 44 and winds southwest 10 to 15 and gusty and by afternoon partly cloudy skies, breezy, chilly, need a coat, 44 to 49, wind northwest 10 to 15. that's a cold day if we had to live through all these 30s. tomorrow 28 in oakland with snow flurries and snow showers, 36 in cumberland, 42 in winchester, 38 in hagerstown, 47 in culpeper tomorrow for a high. going in the right direction
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tomorrow. 38 at 9:00, 43 at 11:00 and 46 at 1 p.m. cold again friday, back in the 30s, but 50 on saturday, a little milder. looking at temperature of 60 sunday, showers before sunset, upper 60s monday, tuesday and wednesday okay, 50s and 40s with a few showers tuesday and wednesday, but a quiet travel day next wednesday. we went from a man of many words to a man of few today. >> robert griffin, iii speaking for the first time since we heard all the stuff he said on sunday after their loss, but what he said may not be what you were or really any of
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. >> now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> for the last couple days robert griffin, iii's comments after sunday's loss have been dissected, analyzed and chastised, many feeling like he threw his teammates under the bus after this loss to tampa bi. reporter were chomping at -- tampa bay. reporters were chomping at the bit to get a chance to talk to robert today, but what many expected is not what they got. coach jay gruden apologized for criziticing griffin on monday and as for griffin himself, he didn't say much. >> they just want me to focus on me. i'm going to do that the best of my ability. i'm a quarterback, man. i got to help this team win. >> we just want what's best for
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our football team moving forward, going to try to squash all the twitter and media and things that got twisted around. whatever happened happened. >> here's your chance to win a redskins jersey signed by linebacker ryan kerrigan. go to our facebook page and click sign kerrigan jersey give- away. you have until sunday, november 23rd to enter. the buffalo bills don't want to reschedule their game sunday against the jets, but the bills are offering folks $10 an hour and tickets to the game for anyone who wants to shovel that. the bills estimate they will have to clear 220,000 tons of snow. hey, a good workout. washington wizards are continuing their success from last season. now they're 7-0, their best start ever since 1974/'75 season. they are undefeated at home and look to extend that tonight when they host the mavericks at the verizon center. some good news, bradley beal is expected to make his season
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debut. he'll come off the bench and be limited in minutes. the team has done well in his absence, but his return will give the team a boost. coach randy wittman says this team is built to deal with a player's absence. >> over the last couple years next man up steps up. we talked about that last year with injuries coming down the stretch. we had guys step up and with brad being out and we got guys step up. that's been good. i think that's good for a team. finally tonight check out these numbers. usa today released a list of what college football coaches make, their salary. no surprise nick saban on top over 7 million, randy edsall the lowest of all the local schools at just over 2 million ranked 47th out of all the schools. >> wait a second. did jay gruden apologize for criticizing? >> pretty much. he wanted to stand up for the
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rest of the team, but in so many words he did apologize for being so openly critical of griffin and his performance. that's what we kind of like about gruden, his honesty and openness instead of all the clay shea answers, but robert knows he's going to filter what he says. >> we'll break him of that honesty stuff. the weather real quick? >> cold tonight, no record lows, chilly tomorrow in the 40s and arctic air on friday in the, but 50s and 60s on the way. >> we can hang in there. that's it for us now. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan for your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then.
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>> pelley: tonight, shut the front door. an historic snowfall has people stuck in their homes, stranded on the roads. >> keep going. we pulled over under this bridge and we've been sitting here ever since. >> pelley: jericka duncan tells us there's more on the way. nbc pulls the plug on bill cosby after another woman accuses him of sexual assault. don dahler reports. the president is about to roll out his go-it-alone plan for immigration reform. reports from major garrett and nancy cordes. jeff pegues on jetblue's plan to squeeze more passengers on to its planes. and vinita nair with some unlikely crime fighters, not "csi miami," usps east peoria. >>


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