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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 19, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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respite before it rolls in. that said let me talk about these numbers again, record low dulles of 13, shattered the old low of 20, record low baltimore 19, 15 in martinsburg new record low and dulles had a new record low high temperature, only got to 34 today. the old record was 38. tonight a different story. not going to fall off as quickly, but the winds will increase, 37 downtown, low 30s elsewhere, manassas 32. factor in the winds. if you're going out, dress for the teens and 20s. it's a south wind, but it still registers on the wind chill. feels like it's 25 in manassas now, 23 in leesburg and downtown it feels like 28. lows tonight not as cold, although plenty cold by average standards. 30 downtown, 26 at rockville, 26 in fairfax for a low, 25 in sterling, 24 towards leesburg. we'll come back, talk about when the cold front rolls
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through, what that means for your thursday and friday and there is some good news. the early arrival of winter is increasing the demand for road salt up and down the east coast. >> scott broom tells us that is just one of the challenges the maryland state highway administration was talking about today. >> this steers more like a she than -- like a ship than an automobile. >> reporter: you'll see nine of these four axle monsters on the road this year at more than $200,000 a pop, a good investment because they stay on the road pushing snow twice as long before a pit stop. david coyne is sha's deputy administrator. >> we're not spending as much time going back to the facilities to replenish, more time on the road. >> reporter: there are laser and infrared devices installed around the beltway right now. >> in many cases the pavement temperature is warmer than the ambient air temperature. that goes into our decision making as far as when we treat.
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>> reporter: all this is about efficiency after a brutal season last year. it cost maryland nearly $150 million, three times the budget, so much salt spread after last year's polar vortex the markets are still tight. >> 25 to 50% we're seeing increases across the countries with regard to salt cost. >> reporter: and the sha let me drive one of its newest trucks to remind you to be safe out here. the plow blade alone weighs more than most cars. while it looks easy with automatic everything in the cab, oops, it's not. scott broom, wusa9. >> that's why they call them the heavy metal. if you didn't catch it, topper's winter season forecast has been out a few days now calling for an elevated risk of a colder snowier winter than usual. you can read the full prediction on the new wusa9 app. a look at the white house where all appears calm after another security concern today.
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a machine from iowa is in custody after -- a man from iowa is in custody after secret service officers found a rifle in his car. the 41-year-old r.j. kapheim approached an officer on the street and said someone in iowa told him to go to the white house. officers searched his car on constitution between 15th and 16th streets and found a 40 caliber rifle, knife and ammunition. this is video showing his car towed. he has been charged for having an unregistered firearm and more charges are pending. the acting director of the security service was telling the house the agency was severely damaged. joseph clancy said he found all kind of problems last month, breakdowns in security protocol, lack of training, officers and agents stretched too their -- thin and problems that allowed security problems like the fence jumper who got inside the white house. clancy said he is taking steps to fix the problems. a prince george's county
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man is in custody tonight after folks close to the investigation say he shot his own mother. it happened in an apartment complex close to the prince george's community college in largo. the woman is in serious but stable condition. she was speaking with first responders. two teens are charged after a videotaped beating at suitland high school in prince george's county last friday. the video showed a 16-year-old girl attacked and her boyfriend stepping in to protect her. he, too, was beaten and now stephanie ramirez tells us why parents argue the charges are not enough. >> reporter: the mother of the teenage girl first attacked in the brutal fight from friday at suitland high school is said sending her daughter back to school until she gets answers from administrators on how they will prevent this from happening again. the prince george's county state's attorney's office confirmed charges filed against two people, but the video from the attack last friday shows more than two people involved. there's a young woman who attacks another young girl. the victim then that victim's
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boyfriend steps in, but two boys are seen attacking him. 16-year-old drequan yates stepped in to help his girl friend. he is home from the hospital now with his jaw wired shut for the next 2 to 2 1/2 months. the family members of both victims are supposed to be meeting with school officials now but spoke to us beforehand on the matter. >> i want all responsible to be prosecuted. had drequan not stepped in when he did, my child could have been killed. it's really sad that anybody would jump on someone, attack someone that viciously with just sheer malice. >> reporter: those family members want greater security saying the two actually went to school officials before concerned that something like this could possibly happen. we'll continue to keep you updated on the very latest as this continues. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> the school is not saying whether any students have been expelled or suspended.
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a medical examiner needs more information about a missing alexandria man before determining his cause of death. shawn harris was seen last week and found dead in huntley meadows park yesterday afternoon. at this time detectives do not believe his death is suspicious or poses a threat to the public, but if anybody has any information on mr. harris, fairfax county police would love to hear from you about it. two weeks after a win in maryland and governor elect larry hogan is in florida mingling with some other republican governors. he is likely the most surprising attendee turning the tide in a mostly blue state. hogue an says he plans to get good advice from other governors. maryland's economic picture and a $900 million shortfall which is a lot bleaker than he was warned about during his campaign which focused on cutting taxes are his concerns. >> we need tax relief. 40 taxes in a row crushed maryland's economy. it took $10 billion out of the pockets of maryland small
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businesses and families and caused us to lose jobs and businesses. it's difficult to implement everything as rapidly as we would like. >> hogan remains committed to building across the aisle building bipartisan support. practice resumed for the redskins today as the teen prepares for their san francisco trip. >> was it the first time reporters got to talk to robert griffin, iii since his postgame comments. our dave owens is there and says today was not what anyone expected. >> reporter: i'm dave owens in ashburn a few days after more criticism of the way robert griffin, iii answered questions after sunday's loss to the bucs. today the tune gechand. he answered questions regassrdlee thtopic this way. >> focus on san francisco now. just preparing for san francisco. >> reporter: nine times during the interview. regardless the question the normally loquacious quarterback referred to that short phrase.
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questions of jay gruden's harsh criticism of him monday or whether he should have chosen his words more carefully sunday were sidestepped. >> i already said it via the power of social media, so there's no point me saying it again here. >> reporter: monday jay gruden said his team needs to be more careful about what they say to the media and the public. wednesday gruden blamed himself saying he should have kept criticism of griffin in-house. >> it was a mistake on my part and after a lot like this we're very disappointed the way we played. >> reporter: grew depp was asked whether his -- gruden was asked whether his quarterback was receptive to his harsh criticism and he said that he was. after all, he continued, we're professionals here. we have to be. >> dave says griffin also talked to his teammates monday about what he actually meant by those comments. linebacker ryan kerrigan says he didn't think griffin threw his teammates under the bus. he is there is solidarity in
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the locker room. >> reporter: the sheriff in calvert county doesn't want to talk anymore about his role in a controversial music video. >> if you want to pat me down, i will gladly turn around. >> sheriff mike evans and one of his deputies shake their heads as singer lindsey owens zips past them. the deputy even climbs in bed and pats her down in a suggestive way in another part of the video. the singer said it was all in fun and some agreed, but some thought it was inappropriate and improper use of county vehicles. >> that's embarrassing. ridiculous. >> reporter: you don't think he should have participated in it? >> no. >> definitely not. >> if you're going to do something like that, that's not right. >> the publicity, even bad publicity, has been great for her. the video just came out and it already has more than 13,000 views on youtube. while you're out shopping, see who is maybe scheming.
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up next the three scams you could encounter in a parking lot over the holiday season, not on your computer. >> i'm going to be announcing from the white house some steps i could take to start fixing our broken immigration system. >> what the president's immigration plan could include later on wusa9 and your only local news at 7:00.
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from reloadable debit cards to the irs, maryland attorney general says there are several holiday shopping scams to look out for this year and half of them take place in parking lots. be weary of people who offer to fix damage on your car. they'll quote you one price, ask for another one. if you notice a $100 bill under
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your windshield wiper, there might be a thief waiting near nearby to overtake you. while retailers are opening their doors earlier than ever for black friday deals, fewer americans are planning on actually making the trip. according to, 40% of americans plan to shop on black friday. only 28% plan to go to brick and mortar stores. the rest are surfing for sales from the sofa. sounds like a plan. >> it sure does.. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. hard to believe we're 7 degrees warmer now than this time yesterday. i'm also showing you this because cleveland is 20 degrees warmer, charleston 20 degrees warmer. we'll come back and take you through the weekend. we do have some good news. >> if there are two words,
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buffalo, new york, does not want to hear, it is more snow. how many feet are in the forecast after the break on wusa9 and your only local news at 7:00. there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree?
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. >> if you are just getting home, we've got a quick check on our national headlines. tomorrow night president obama will announce plans to take executive action on immigration. he shared the news from the white house today.
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>> everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken. unfortunately washington has allowed the problem to fester too long. so what i'm going to be laying out is the things that i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better even as i continue to work with congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem. >> and the administration is considering some steps that would provide work permits for up to 5 million immigrants currently living illegally in this country. the president's speech is planned for 8 p.m. tomorrow. we'll bring you details on the wusa9 app and tomorrow night on wusa9 news at 11:00. tonight more fallout from the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. nbc canceled plans for a cosby comedy under develop. just yesterday netflix postponed a standup special. in recent days several women have come forward to accuse cosby of assaulting them in the 1980s around the time of his sitcom the cosby show.
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he denied wrongdoing. more snow in the forecast for buffalo, new york, another 2 or 3 feet possible overnight and they've already got 6 feet on the ground. it just sounds crazy and what's worse, six people have died blamed on the weather. city officials say stay indoors until the storm clears out and come out and i hope you got a strong back, because a lot of shoveling to be done, speaking of it -- the buffalo bills are enlisting the snow shovelers to clear out the stadium for sunday's game with the jets. folks are paid 10 bucks an hour. it's not certain if the game will be played sunday in buffalo. the nfl is looking into a contingency plan. >> they'll probably see snow the rest of the winter? >> who is coming out for that? that's a lot of work. >> 10 bucks an hour? might have to up that a bit,
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12.50? we are looking at a cold night, no records, but winds are increasing and we're tracking yet another cold front for the end of the week. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and 38 was the high, 37 the current temperature now. it's still a pretty dry air mass. humidity 36%, dew point 12 which we'd be screaming about but remember last night it was 1 below 0. that's pretty impressive. wind south at 15. so not as cold tonight, but the winds will pick up, a south, southwest wind. that will drive wind chills in the teens and 20s. bus stop temperatures will be 24 to 34 tomorrow. so basically we've traded in a cold day for a breezy chilly day thursday and then we trade that in for a breezy cold day again on friday as the arctic air moves in. on the futurecast10:00 tonight temperature-wise not crazy, all relative compared to last night anyway, 30 in gaithersburg,
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leesburg, manassas, 35 downtown. by early in the morning looking at temperatures, some folks get into the 20s. we'll say 29 or so in leesburg, 29 in frederick, 32 in la plata and low 30s downtown. by 8:00 everybody is pretty much in the low to mid-30s and by lunchtime you can walk to lunch, but you still need a coat. 40s with a northwest wind as the front goes through. 5:00 in the 30s and 40s and essentially 24 hours from now temps fall quickly again, even 29 showing up in hagerstown, gaithersburg by 8:00 tomorrow, low 30s elsewhere. the winds, this is a bit overdone, but i want to show you how the winds start from the south, southwest tonight, 11:00, a 34 mile-per-hour wind gust possible. ain't going to happen, but it's possible, maybe a 25 mile-per- hour wind gust and by morning down to 13, so just breezy in
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the morning and by afternoon could see 15 to 20 mile-per- hour winds and that will make the 40s seem a little bit colder. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, windy, still very cold, lows 24 to 32, wind southwest 10 to 20 with higher gusts. by morning partly cloudy, breezy and cold, 2024 to 44 and by afternoon -- 24 to 44 and by afternoon partly cloudy, breezy, still need a coat. 38 by 9:00 on the day planner, 43 by 11:00 and 46 by 1:00. the next three days we take a step back on friday in the 30s, so arctic air again, but we take a couple steps forward and we're 50 on saturday. next seven days, 60 on sunday, some showers either late in the day or just around sunset, 68 on monday and then some showers possible tuesday and wednesday, not a huge deal at this point, upper 50s to mid-50s tuesday, upper 40s wednesday and right
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now wednesday looks to be a quiet travel day weatherwise. in sickness and now in health a dallas nurse cured of ebola but now a bit more blingy, the story behind this very fancy engagement ring next on wusa9 a
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texas nurse amber vinson lost something precious when she caught ebola, her diamond engagement ring. >> the contamination crew that wiped her apartment clean apparently tossed her ring at an incineration bin way lot of other personal items. she recovered from ebola but was so heartbroken about the ring and a texas jewelry store heard about the story and offered vinson the opportunity to pick out a brand-new ring free of charge. >> that is very nice. >> oh, my goodness. yes. i like this one. >> i like that one, too. >> i do, too. no word yet when vinson and her fiancee plan to walk down the aisle, but when they do, she'll have the ring. >> that is a very nice generous store. >> he's saying thank you. >> that's all for our
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broadcast. we'll be back at 11:00. have a great night, everybody. >> make it a great night, everybody!
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bill cosby's lawyer is firing back after janice dickinson came to "e.t." claiming cosby sexually assaulted her. >> janice is here again tonight and she is explaining how she feels her story was covered up. >> his attorney is saying it's a fabricated lie. >> it is not a lie. and i can back it up. i don't care. you will hear me. >> you okay? >> janice is emotional. >> we put her in touch with another accuser today. >> you were there, you know what happened to you. then our big picture, your first look at a new documentary exposing hollywood'sa dtrkes secrets. >> we'd ask to have sex with me. i said no. >> how old were you? >> 11. they would go to the auditions and pick the ones that they wanted. >> the same guy who abused me actually abused corey haim.
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also tonight, tina knowles. >> we have to ask her how solange got wedding hives. this chris is "people's" sexiest man alive. >> what about this man? >> chris pratt should have been the sexiest man alive. >> give it to him. now "entertainment tonight." we love entertaining people. >> chris hesworth is "people's" sexiest man alive. chris pratt fans are outraged. we thought that would be our lead story today. but the bill cosby story gets worse. there is new fallout, sources are saying that nbc pulled an upcoming cosby comedy project. netflix has indefinitely postponed a cosby special. >> meanwhile, janice dickinson's claims of sexual abuse at the hands of bill cosby have led to a fiery response from the comedian's lawyer. but dickinson and now one of the other accusers refuse to back down. today they areht figing ba


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