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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 20, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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the president explains why he's ignoring republican warnings and allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay. major garrett has that. ben tracy with a family divided. >> reporter: so when you go to visit your mom what, do you tell her? >> i just tell her i love her. >> pelley: after a record snowfall, a they take to the rof to save their homes. jericka duncan is there. a shooting at a florida college. anna werner on what may have driven the gunman to open fire. who's watching the baby? charlie d'agata tells us russian hackers. and jim axelrod with the director who said he was just trying to make a nice little movie. >> mrs. robinson, you're trying to seduce me. >> pelley: here's to you, mike nichols.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. president obama will address the nation this evening to lay out his plan for reforming the immigration system on his own terms in defiance of congressional republicans. senate g.o.p. leader mitch mcconnell said the president will come to regret it. the president's plan will spare as many as five million people who are in the united states illegally from being deported, and major garrett has more for us now from the white house. major. >> reporter: scott, in excerpts just released by the white house, the president will say in his prime-time address to the country taking on the challenge republicans have exceeding his own presidential powers. one excerpt reads as follows: ( applause ) >> reporter: the president's actions will shield parents of children here legally from
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deportation and expand protection for young adults brought to the u.s. illegally as kids. the white house is framing president obama's unilateral actions in terms of security, accountability and efficiency. accountability, the white house said, because applicants must pass a criminal background check, pay a fee, and taxes on all future wages. security refers to continued efforts to catch border crossers and an intensified focus on deporting those with ties to terrorism or criminal activity. efficiency is about streamlining the visa process and providing longer stays for high-skilled foreign workers and foreign students studying science and technology, something the president referred to today. >> part of staying competitive in a global economy is making sure that we have an immigration system that doesn't send away talent but attracts it. so that's what i'll be talking about a little bit tonight. ( laughter ) >> reporter: scott, the president will not sign any executive orders.
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he will merely send memos to the relevant federal agencies on new procedures deal with either deportation or work permits. of course, all this is temporary, only lasting as long as the obama administration. and, of course, if congress passes a comprehensive immigration bill, all this will go away. >> pelley: cbs news will bring you live coverage of the president's address at 8:00, you'll find it at niews speaker boehner is not waiting for the speech. he posted his reaction online. >> the president says he's acting onaise own. that's just not how a democracy works. the president had said before that he's not king and he's not an emperor but he's sure acting like one. >> pelley: nearly two million illegal immigrants are awaiting deportation, including norma bernal. ben tracy has the story of a divided family. >> we were actually crossing
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about right there when the police had pulled up. >> reporter: last december, julisa avila was walking near these train traction outside of phoenix with her mom. she says they did not see this no trespassing sign. her mosms arrested. >> they said she got picked up by the police and we don't know what's going to happen with her. >> reporter: 36-year-old norma bernal is an undocumented immigrant so she was deported back to mexico. she tried to cross the border again in april to get back to her family exphf family and was. she's now in this arizona detention center waiting for a deportation ruling. her son christopher is 10 years old. when you go to visit your mom what, do you tell her? >> i just tell her i love hoar. >> reporter: how do you feel when you leave? >> pretty sad because i see her just through the door saying bye, and it's really hard for me. >> reporter: julis achristopher, and their brother alexis were all born in the united states and are american citizens.
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there are an estimated four million undocumented immigrants now living in this country with their u.s.-born children. the president's executive action would shield most of them from being deported. the avilas are being shuffled between family members in the phoenix area. julisa is 16 and wants to finish high school. christopher just wants his mom to see him play soccer. he wrote about it in a letter to immigration officials asking them to free her. >> "because i see other kids hugging and kissing their moms, and i feel sad because i don't have my mom to be there and to hug and kiss me." >> reporter: what happens to the three of you if your mom gets sent back? >> we'll probably end up going to mexico. >> reporter: do you know anything about mexico? >> no, i just know a lot of bad things happen over there. >> reporter: if it's the only way to be with your mom, will you all go there? >> >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah, we would. >> reporter: but for now, this is a family divided and headed in very different directions. ben tracy, cbs news, phoenix. >> pelley: well, another big story tonight is the the no that
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just keeps falling around buffalo, new york. six feet and counting. at least 10 deaths are linked to this historic storm. the new york throughway is still closed with more than 100 vehicles stuck. by the time the snow ends tomorrow, south cheektoewaga could have 75 inches or more. jericka duncan says that homeowners are worried. >> reporter: hundreds of people in the buffalo suburbs still buried are now scrambling to clear their roofs of heavy snow. the ceiling beams started to buckle under roughly 100 tons of snow at the garden gate health care facilities, so firefighters vawked 145 residents. >> removing them from any potential hazard that's inside the billion. >> reporter: some were left to fend for themselves. we found 51-year-old janice anzalone clearing off the roof of her trailer home. >> this part of the house is weak. the roof is weaker here than
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anywhere else and i decided i should start doing as much as i could possibly do. >> reporter: firefighter here's have been working since tuesday morning around the clock. they've rescued hundreds from their cars and homes. jennette is a volunteer. >> we are very overwhelmed right now and we're trying to keep up the best we can. it's taking some time to get to some people. >> reporter: county leaders say due to the amount of snow they have to clean up and because of concerns for the public, they will not be able to host the buffalo bills game this sunday. scott, late tonight, the nfl announced it will move the game to a new location that has yet to be determined. >> pelley: jericka duncan in cheektoewaga, new york, thank you very much. we now know more tonight about the troubled mind of the gunman who wounded three people at florida state university before police shot him dead. anna werner tells us the man attacked after midnight without warning. >> there has been a shooting in the library. >> reporter: cell phone video shows students at florida
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state's moments after the gunman started shooting. he shot two students outside, then a library employee, madeline scotto, inside. ryan hennessey was on the second floor. >> i heard 10 really fast gunshots go off and i started sprinting. >> reporter: sphers responded with within two minute. police chief michael deleo. >> he refused to surrender. as a result of this encounter mr. mays is shot and killed. >> reporter: police identified him as 31-year-old myron may, an attorney and 2005 florida state graduate who most recently worked in a new mexico district attorney's office. police reports out of new mexico show last month a former girlfriend complained to police he was harassing her. she told them he had recently developed a severe mental disorder. >> we have not found any information at this time to indicate why he chose this morning to act. >> reporter: and tonight, one
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of his victims, a student, remains in critical condition. scott, tomorrow, classes will resume here on campus, and the library will reopen. >> pelley: anna werner in tallahassee tonight. anna, thank you. today for the first time japan's takata corporation faced questions from congress about its defective airbags. at least six deaths are link to the air bags which can explode sending metal shards flying. jeff glor is following this. >> reporter: air force lieutenant stephanie erdman was today's opening witness. she first told us her story in september and came to washington, she said, to be a voice for those who have been silenced. erdman barely survived an airbag explosion inside a honda civic last year. >> since that day, i have endured multiple surgeries and therapies. i have more to go still. my vision will never be the same. i will never be the same. >> reporter: takata executive hiroshi shimizu said the company was deeply sorry that airbags did not perform as they should.
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senator dean heller of nevada. >> i think there was something that was amiss in your testimony, and that was nowhere does it say takata takes full responsibility. does takata take full responsibility for this tragic defect? >> the-- our products in this accident worked anomalies, so that's caused accident. from that sense, yes. >> reporter: takata was pressed by senator ed markey of massachusetts to fix cars in all 50 stase. >> do you agree or disagree with n.h.t.s.a.'s call for a nationwide recall, mr. shimizu. >> senator it is hard for me to answer yes or no. so if you allow me-- >> it is not hard for to you answer yes or no. >> reporter: lawmakers say it could be two or three years before all air bags are fixed now because not enough parts are ready. and, scott, takata acknowledged today it is still using ammonium nitrate in air bags, the
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compound that makes them so unstable. >> pelley: jeff, thank you very much. tonight, tens of thousands are marching in mexico city to protest the government's mishandling of an apparent massacre. 43 students were kidnapped in september and all are feared dead. manuel bojorquez went to their hometown. >> reporter: nowhere are the protests more impassioned than at the school the 43 missing students attended. we spotted a young man wiping away tears. he told us he had survived that terrible day, one of 14 who got away. "we ran and hid for six hours," he said. the students were on a bus going to iguala to raise money for a federal rights march. federal officials said the mayor feared the group would disrupt an event for his wife and had them stopped. the officers open fire.
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he played dead but knew he had to escape when another group of men arrived. "they were dressed all in black," he said "wearing hoodz and carrying large guns. they started shooting, too." authorities claim corrupt police handed the remaining student over to a drug gang, which killed them and burned their bodies. "at first, we were afraid to speak out," he said. but now, even though i'm alive, i feel dead. i don't fear death anymore." the attack and the government's lack of a strong response has emboldened thousands of mexicans. while the 43 students have become a symbol for change in mexico, this school has become a launching point for demonstrations like this one which have spread throughout this country. vel's son, 19-year-old jorge, is one of the missing. "it's such an awful pain, "she
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said. "i wouldn't wish this on anyone." like most parents here, she doesn't trust the mexican government or their version of what happened. "lies, lies, and more lies, that's all we're hearing," she told us as thee joined other parents headed to the capital. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, mexico. >> pelley: is someone watching you on your private web cam? russian hackers might be. and... ( static ). >> when the microphone went dead, something remarkable happened and we'll show you when the cbs evening news continues. . they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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don't wait until someone you love develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. >> pelley: we learned today russian hackers are g0jetting io private web cams and closed circuit cameras all over the world, and posting what they see live on the web. here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: the web site broadcast picture pictures fromf thousands of private web cameras, peering into the lives of unsuspecting victims across the, like inside a little shot in amarillo, a laundromat in salt lake city, hospitals and schools, like this university in iowa. they even hacked into built-in cameras on baby monitors. these were live video feeds from children's bedrooms in the u.s. today. a baby-sitting up in virginia. another one fast asleep in utah.
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snuggled up in the corner of the cot in florida. we blurred their faces. the web site did not. we also concealed what the russian web site claimed were the exact g.p.s. coordinates of each camera, complete with a map. the web site claimed it's legal because they've hacked into cameras where the owners didn't change the default password. it lists more than 4500 cameras in the u.s. alone. from a beach parking lot in australia, to a tokyo skied line, to a street not far from us in london. but former f.b.i. assistant director shawn henry told us there isn't much the u.s. government can do about a russian web site. >> you know, if somebody was pearing in your windows, you can't expect police officers to be walking up and down the street. you've got to draw your curtains. this really is a case where citizens have to be aware of what the threat is, what the risks are and they're going to have to take measures to protect themselves. >> reporter: he said about the
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only thing u.s. officials can do is hope for cooperation from russian authorities to try to shut it down, scott, an unlikely scenario, considering the country's relationship at the moment. >> pelley: charlie d'agata in our london newsroom tonight, charlie, thank you. for so, moms and others, new safety ratings are out for minivans. we'll have them next. can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ] aleve. all day pain relief with just 2 pills. get back to being you. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs.
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rating. the full list is at the highlight of tuesday's tuess hockey game in toronto came before the face-off. the mic cut out during america's national anthem. watch how the canadian audience responded. ♪ gave proof ( static ) ♪ oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ >> pelley: thank you, canada. in a moment, remembering a man who sometimes made us cry and often made us laugh. >> how did you break your arm? >> a car ran over it. ( laughter ) coverage... are ends december 7th. so now is the time... to call unitedhealthcare and let us help find the right plan for you.
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>> pelley: finally tonight, this is albert einstein, the noted genius. if you doubt genius is hereritary, this is einstein's third cousin twice removed, mike nichols, who died last night at 83. the cause was cardiac arrest. jim axelrod looks at his genius as a director, writer, and comedian. >> the winner is mike nichols. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: if there was an honor for honors, mike nichols would have won it hands down, one of only 12 people ever to have won at least one tony, emmy, oscar, and grammy. born michael peschkowsky in germany, nichols fled the nazis and came to new york when he was seven. aise teenager he watched brando do "streetcar named desire" on broadway and was hooked. >> the big difference in the theater is that you're actually in front of living people. you are connected. you are communicating with them.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: he connected like few ever did. in late 1966, he had four hit shows on broadway at once help his first tony for best director, 1964, "barefoot in the park." his last, 48 years later, for "death of a salesman." >> a salesman has got to dream. it goes with the territory. thank you. >> it's really okay. >> reporter: before he was a great director, he was a great performer, teaming with elaine may to satirize the conventions of american culture. ( laughter ) >> you can stand it! you married me for it! >> reporter: but directing was where his genius could take its full sweep. >> mrs. robinson, you're trying to seduce me. ( laughter ) >> reporter: his hollywood hits were sprinkled through five decades from "the graduate" to which he won best director in 1988 "to carnal knowledge" in 1971 weapon "working girl" in
6:58 pm
1998. "the birdcage in" in 1996. and "charlie wilson's war" in 2007. >> that's the nice thing about make a movie, you're lucky if it's any good. and at a certain point it jumps in your hand and is alive and pretty much begins to tell you what it wants. >> reporter: he was married four times, last to abc's diane sawyer for 26 years. theater may have sustained mike nichols. >> it does feed you. it does give you something back. >> reporter: but he leaves behind a world much better nourished for his work. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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president obama is poised to take action on immigration even without the support of congress. >> reporter: local reaction from both sides to the president's executive order on immigration, we'll have anger and tears. i'm bruce leshan. that's coming up. >> guess what's moving in overnight, yum, more arctic air. we'll talk about -- yup, more arctic air. we'll talk about how cold it's going to be on friday and there are some changes over the weekend. >> what's fueling a surge in thanksgiving travel, the two busiest days for hitting the road. but first tonight just one hour from now president obama will address the nation and outline his steps on immigration reform. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. you'll hear his plans here on wusa9. the president is using his executive authority and acting alone. >> that is a move aggravating
7:00 pm
congressional republicans. andrea mccarren is at the white house now with a preview. >> reporter: the senate majority leader elect has already vowed to undo any unilateral action the president takes on immigration just a soon as republicans take over congress in january. exasperated republicans made it clear they disagree with the president's executive action. >> it seems to be about what a president thinks would be good for his legacy. those are not the motivations that should be driving such sweeping action. i think the president will come to regret the chapter history writes if he does move forward. >> reporter: white house officials say president obama is taking a first step to fixing a broken system with a plan that will emphasize border security. >> once you prioritize going after felons rather than families, it really frees up the resources


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