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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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from the sky wednesday. suffice to say it starts as rain, kicks to snow, all snow in the mountains, not any accumulation in the metro area, just conversational, but it will slow you down if you can travel tomorrow if you're driving. try to do so. maryland's highway administration is issuing a remarkable warning. they are literally asking you to change your plans right now to avoid wednesday afternoon and the evening on the road or be prepared for some extremely slow going. scott broom is monitoring this unfolding weather travel situation from the driver's seat of his mobile newsroom where he joins you now to get you ready. >> reporter: i got to tell you it was absolutely weird to be standing beside the beltway a couple hours ago interviewing the sha spokesman about a winter weather advisory that topper just talked about for wednesday, just flat out weird, but we had to react today to what sha's dave buck had to
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say. generally speaking, if you travel the wednesday before thanksgiving between noon and 9:00 you'll have traffic and a lot of it. if we throw in rain and snow, you do not want to be out there. >> reporter: thus the appeal from maryland's sha today to consider hitting the road tomorrow or perhaps early in the day thanksgiving, but not during nasty weather on wednesday. >> you need to start thinking about that today. you can't wait until wednesday morning to decide i need to change my plans. if it's that bad and our crews need room to travel, it's going to be a tough wednesday. >> reporter: the sha is worried about the possibility of another weather enhanced gridlock wednesday afternoon and evening that their salt trucks and plows will simply be sitting still with the rest of the traffic not doing much good at all. >> i can't do a thing about it. >> reporter: gassing up in shirtsleeves today motorists reacted. >> any kind of moisture to the beltway it will turn into a parking lot. >> drive slow. >> see how it works out and
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just go. >> folks watching need to modify and have a good secondary and even tertiary third plan because it's going to be a messy wednesday whether it's rain or snow. they're not talking about this completely missing us. wednesday will be a tough day whether you have to drive to the airport or you're trying to get up and down the east coast. >> reporter: of course, dave is not just worried about the snow in the forecast. they are worried about simply a wet day on the roadways with that much traffic on wednesday. you know what kind of traffic impacts that causes around the beltway. if you travel tomorrow, that doesn't mean things will go. >> thely for go smoothly. a sign -- will go smoothly. a scientific study came out and said tuesday has higher volume, but at least the weather is better as reported.
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>> good advice. let's see how many can listen. meantime we are standing by to take you live to missouri where a grand jury reached a decision on whether or not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. we're monitoring the situation there. the attorney for the brown family says that decision will come sometime tonight. the family is calling for peaceful protests no matter what happens, but they do have barricades in place out there. security has been boosted at the courthouse in clayton and ferguson where that shooting took place back in august. president obama today announced the resignation of defense secretary chuck hagel. >> the president called his work exemplary and praised his steady hand in meeting long term threats and short term challenges like isis and ebola. andrea mccarren joins us live from the white house with more on this story. >> reporter: tonight the only republic in president obama's cabinet is on his way out and the search for a successor is
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underway. >> it's been the greatest privilege of my high of, greatest privilege of my life to lead and most important to everybody is. >> reporter: secretary hagel's rocky tenure spanned nearly two years and multiple foreign -- to serve. >> reporter: secretary hagel's rocky retenu spanned nearly two years and multiple foreign policy crises including afghanistan and ebola. >> chuck hagel has been no ordinary secretary of defense. he understands our men and women like few others. >> reporter: white house officials deny hagel is being forked out. they say it was a mutual decision -- forced out. they say it was a mutual decision based on conversations between the president and defense secretary that began a month ago. >> we've bolstered enduring alliances, strengthened emerging partnerships while successfully respond ing to crises around the world. >> reporter: but sources tell
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cbs news the white house was unhappy the defense secretary wasn't a more vocal advocate of the president's policies anding a until turn was said -- and hagel in turn was said to be fed up with micromanagement from the white house. now secretary hagel has pledged to stay at the pentagon and as he says work hard every day every moment until a successor is confirmed by the senate. live from the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9. a cyclist is dead after a washington suburban sanitary commission truck ran into him. 60-year-old andrew malesio of gaithersburg was killed. this is the scene around 10:00 this morning around darnestown road near quince orchard road in north potomac. first responders tried to save him, but he died at the seven. montgomery county police are still trying to figure out how it happened. plans are underway for a series of tributes for former d.c. mayor marion barry after
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the thanksgiving holiday, but next tuesday barry's body will lie instate at the john wilson building. that day there is a legislative session scheduled. at the wilson building today preparations are underway for the public to visit and sign condolence books. that could start as early as tomorrow. marion barry's first floor office was closed to the public and reporters. his spokesperson says staffers are grieving, but they're keeping on with the work including tomorrow's turkey give-away in southeast. >> the turkey give-away is going on as planned tomorrow. in addition to the 3,600 turkeys, 45,000 pounds of fresh vegetables will be given away as well. volunteers stuffed bags and reminisced about the man who did so much for their community. >> he meant a lot to me.
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i'm trying hard to keep my composure today because of the love i shared for him and his legacy will forever go on forever and ever and a day. >> the event starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. at union temple baptist church in southeast and the food will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. while all the work is underway to figure out a public service that befits someone like marion barry, a new mural has gone up to pay tribute to the councilman and the mayor for life. >> stephanie ramirez with the story. >> the empowerment of the black youth, that's my mayor. do you understand me? >> reporter: shawn dee evans couldn't help but become emotional about this new mural in northwest d.c. it's a graffiti mural of marion barry that went up yesterday, not in barry's ward 8, but plenty of supporters stopped by today to say they're proud to have it here. >> i would vote for him again.
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i think he cannots with the people of the city because the -- connects with the people in the step because the people in the city connects with him. he was one of us. >> he was there for the community, don't matter any ethnicity, don't matter black, spanish, chinese or anything like that. >> he loves washington d.c., whether they like the part of the story where it got bumpy and then turned into the victory again. everybody loves an underdog story. why do you even watch rocky? >> there's the goodness around things that you know, things that you understand. >> reporter: the mural sparking so much emotion isn't supposed to be here, but the artist said once he learned about barry's passing it was a no brainer. >> his accomplishments and achievements for the people in d.c., not only black people but especially and very appreciate
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-- appreciative of him and what he did. >> reporter: he's happy he can have it up now so that folks can stop and take a look. he says he's not done yet. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> for updates on funeral plans, reaction from the folks who knew barry the best and an extensive photo gallery, check out the wusa9 news app. the city of buffalo just can't seem to catch a break. they are now bracing for another bout of bad weather. last week it was snow. now see how they may cope with flooding. >> but first gas prices on the decline in time for the holiday we
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we just learned that the grand jury in the michael brown shooting will announce that it will -- or i should say let me go back and make this an accurate statement here. apparently the grand jury in the michael brown shooting will make some sort of announcement about whether officer darren wilson will be indicted or not and that announcement will come tonight at 9 p.m. eastern standard time. i think that makes sense. now here's some other news to tell you about. some k-mart employees are pushing back against having to work on thanksgiving. the retail chain plans to open at 6 a.m. thursday and stay open for 42 straight hours. so far more than 600 employees have signed a petition asking the chain to at least allow them to request to have the holiday off.
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k-mart does not normally let its workers take the day off on what it calls blackout days. those dates include thanksgiving and black friday. the employees do earn time and a half for working on thanksgiving. here's the reason to be thankful if you're traveling this holiday. the national survey shows the average price of regular gas has plunged another 10 cents a gallon in the last two weeks down to $2.84. that decline continues to trend seeing the prices in this country fall by 88 sense since may. right now the average price for a gallon of regular gas in d.c., $3.01. that's down 82 cents from six months ago. checking out the local gas prices on using the aaa buddy check, the kensington getty on connecticut avenue in kensington has gas for 2.89 a gallon. coming up say it ain't snow! topper is up next with that dreaded s word in
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hundreds of national guard members have been ordered to head to buffalo to help with flood prevention. >> after 7 feet of snow temperatures are hitting the 60s up there. that snow is melting quickly. officials are telling folks in
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low lying neighborhoods be ready. you might have to evacuate and the rising water is not the only problem. the forecast calls for wind gusts of 60 miles an hour. >> the waterlogged ground, it wouldn't be surprising if trees plea over, branches topple down which can take down power lines. >> tomorrow's forecast includes the possibility of, yup, even more snow. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> boy, one thing after another. you feel for them. >> tomorrow will be fine, 38 and snow flurries, but there's more arctic air on the way and it will snow again before the week is out. speaking of snow, you don't have to shuffle off to buffalo. >> as long as there's not 7 feet of it. >> no, no. it's perfect snow my dad used to like, conversational, falls and melts. 74 today tied our old record high. it is still 63 downtown, dew
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point comfortable, humidity 63%, wind out of the south at 8. headlines, no worries tomorrow. in fact, seasonable tomorrow. we won't hit the 70s and really if you can travel tomorrow if you're driving. i understand if you're locked into a flight wednesday, but even if you are, i called my mother-in-law today and said you can get on an earlier flight wednesday. that would help matters a lot. if you have an afternoon flight, try to be the first plane out wednesday morning. bus stop temperatures 46 to 54. rain develops overnight tuesday. by dawn wednesday it will be raining. then that rain turns to snow on the afternoon wednesday. it will melt. the atmosphere can support snow. the question is what's the surface temperature? it's warm, so it will melt on contact in the metro. futurecast, 6 a.m. on wednesday. we have the rain already in place and the rain all the way up the coast. this is going to affect the entire i-95 corridor, which is millions of people.
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get into the 9:00 hour, rain and snow mixed west of i-95 and also in the mountains, cumberland, hagerstown and essentially along i-81 predominantly in the form of snow. you two will have a hard time accumulating. the heaviest precipitation may be east of you, a little lift, dynamics more to the east of you, so a little accumulation in the mountains. by noon now they got rain and snow in the entire metro area, by 5:00 rain and snow employee southern maryland by 5:00. everything lifts out by 9, goes up into new england. late wednesday night kind of concerned about slick spots. what appears wet could beblack isolate wednesday night or thursday morning. here's our winter storm watch, first of the season, always exciting. it does include loudoun county. essentially it should be west of 15. it does include frederick county points north and west as well. tonight no worries, partly to mostly cloudy, breezy, mild, lows only 46 to 52. that wouldn't be bad for high temperatures actually, winds
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southwest 10 to 20. by morning partly sunny, breezy and pleasant, temperatures 46 to 54. they don't move a bunch. by afternoon still pretty nice day, a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy, seasonable, 55 to 60 with light wind. that's okay. a little cool in the mountains tomorrow, a little shower activity in oakland, 42, 49 in cumberland, 50 hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester hitting at least 50, almost 60 in culpeper, upper 50s in warrenton and manassas, 56 in leesburg, but 57 in reston, fairfax and also mclean, 58 downtown, 57 in gaithersburg and rockville and 55 by annapolis. there's not a small craft advisory. these are temperatures on the day planner, downtown temps, 53 at 9:00, 56 at 11:00 and 57 at 1:00. so we're looking at a lot of clouds, a little sun but a pretty good day, a tranquil tuesday because a wild wednesday is on the way. there's your yellow alert, 41 and looking at a cold turkey day, flurries possible,
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temperatures around 40. still cold on friday, mostly sunny, low 40s and temps go up, low 50s in time for the terps game and upper 50s in time for the ravens game and near 60s on monday, perhaps a shower. yet another game the redskins would rather forget. >> yeah. a little better obviously than against tampa bay but still an l, not getting that w. the washington redskins had some positives to take from yesterday's game against san francisco. there really were some, but in the end it was another loss, more questions surrounding robert griffin, iii. today coach gruden addresses whether
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to
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you by xfinity. >> well, redskins fans, look at it this way. sunday's loss to san francisco wasn't a total debacle, right? the defense played extremely well and the skins actually went toe to toe with the 49ers for most of the game. of course, much was left to be desired on the offensive side. there's still plenty of work to do and in today's tell conference jay gruden addressed some changes could be coming. he's got a lot of evaluating to do and he wouldn't name griffin as next week's starter quite yet. >> we're evaluating all our guys right now. our starting lineup is not etched in stone for sunday's game at indianapolis. we'll have a plan moving forward wednesday. right now today at 3:15 we feel like robert is that guy right now. >> he sounds so excited about that. here are griffin's numbers the last three weeks, 188 yards passing a game, two touchdowns, three interceptions. griffin has been sacked 16 times in the last three games. ouch. the baltimore ravens return
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from their bye week to take the national stage tonight in new orleans. they face drew brees and the saints on monday night football. ravens are 6-4 but last in their division. they need this win tonight to stay in the thick of things in the afc north. >> every game is important and in game against new orleans is the most important game this year. >> we'd probably like to be in a little bit better position, but that's the name of the national football league. we've got to keep it going. before the terrapins hit the court this week they got a chance to witness history. former coach garry williams was inducted into the collegiate hall of fame last night in kansas city. perhaps they can drop him that inspiration while playing in this week's hall of fame classic. the terps play four games this week starting tonight with arizona state. that means less traditional practice time, the real thing and where they're going to have to learn. >> if we approach it the right way, we can really improve in each of these games. that's really what you want.
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we don't need practice to get better, which we all do, but if we can e usthese games to get better, we'll be that much further along. the first lady of the united states decided to take in some basketball last night. michelle obama went with her daughters and mom to watch her alma mater princeton play at american. saturday the whole princeton team actually got a private tour of the white house and even got to play some basketball on the obama's court at the white house. princeton did win that game. >> boo, boo. incredible story from yesterday's nfl action, indianapolis receiver t.y. hilton steveed a call in his hotel room in the wee hours of the morning. he thought it was a prank and hung up twice. finally someone knocked on his door to tell him his wife was in labor. hilton rushed to the hospital in time to welcome his daughter three weeks premature, but she's healthy and good. he had little sleep and then put on an incredible performance putting on this 73- yard touchdown after which he cradled it like a baby.
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after the game all the emotions and that little sleep caught up with him. >> very emotional game for me. little bit of rest. i've been up since 4:00 or 5:00 and gave my all for her. i ain't got no pulse in my body today. i love my baby girl the whole time. i want her in my arms and play this game for her. >> i've seen this a million times and i still tear up. you don't get to see that side of those guys too often. >> playing for his baby girl. >> what a way to honor her. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back
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>> pelley: tonight the grand jury reaches a decision. will ferguson, missouri, police officer darren wilson be charged in the fatal shooting of michael brown? officials urge calm. reports from mark strassmann and michelle miller. remember this? it's turning into this. after the record snowfall, jericka duncan shows us the preparations for the meltdown and flooding. juliana goldman reports the university of virginia is banning fraternities temporarily after a student says she was gang raped. and jeff glor reports a driver's homicide conviction in a fatal crash is thrown out. >> i never thought this moment would come. >> pelley: after gm admits the car was defective.


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