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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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west. these have within added -- have been added since around early afternoon. winter weather advisories for places like montgomery county, fairfax, prince william, and also southern fauquier back to culpeper. essentially just west of i-95. look at winter storm warnings go all the way through the northeast, all the way up into maine. it will be snow changing to rain in you a the major cities. it's not going to abpure snow event. -- to be a pure snow event. with everybody traveling, it's not a good thing. second call, a trace to an inch east of i-95 and points south. one to two inches through fairfax county. maybe clipping the northwest part of d.c. and up into montgomery county, including places like wheaton, rockville, silver spring. 2 to 4 inches leesburg to gaithersburg. north of that frederick points north and west 4 to 8 inches. if you have some elevation, hagerstown, cumberland, you'll be close to 6 to 8. closer to 4
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in frederick. winter weather advisory for north and western suburbs. rain goes to snow before noon. again 1 to 4 in the metro. >> a lot of people are trying to get a jump on the weather by hitting the roads and airports one day early for their holiday destinations. mola lenghi joins us live. folks are bracing for a huge influx of holiday travelers. >> reporter: this is one of the busiest travel weekends of the entire year. messy weather conditions can make for messy traveling conditions. here at reagan national airport, it was a relatively busy day. folks trying to get an early jump on the holiday weekend. airport officials are only expecting it to get busier here as well as at dulles airport tonight, tomorrow, and thanksgiving morning. right now they're saying they don't expect widespread delays
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and cancellations because of the incoming weather. still, they do advise you to try to get an early jump. also some airlines are already offering rebooking and changing fee waivers for travelers. how often does that happen for travelers leaving reagan as well as dulles airports. earlier you can get out of town, the better off you will likely be. same story on the roads. the earlier the better. virginia d.o.t. says they have about 400 trucks ready throughout loudoun, fairfax, prince william and arlington counties to begin treating roads as early as tomorrow morning. maryland didn't o. tfntle says they are -- d.o.t. says they are also ready to goal. if you're traveling you certainly want to check the airports, check the road conditions and check the weather forecast and get out early or delay your trip to work around the weather. that will likely be your best bet. >> mola, thank you. tonight the governor of missouri has ordered hundreds more national guard troops to ferguson hoping to avoid a repeat of the violence that tore the town apart in some
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places last night. some protests turned destructive after a grant jury announce -- grand jury announced it would not indict police officer darren wilson in the shooting of michael brown. while many demonstrations remained peaceful, some people set cars on fire and left more than a dozen businesses in ruins. here is the former mayor of ferguson. >> what's strange here, most of the businesses damaged the most were minority owned. it's really ironic that this would happen. >> attorneys for the brown family said the grand jury decision not to indict signaled that the justice system was broken. officer wilson released a statement restating that he followed lawful police procedures the night he shot michael brown and wilson also thanked those who stood by him. demonstrators took to the streets of washington, d.c. as well but the protests were proseful, even as they unfolded every few hours or so. andrea mccarren has been following the protests all day long. she's right now live at the
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most recent location near police headquarters in northwest. andrea? >> reporter: derek, four die- ins so far today. demonstrators lying on the ground for four minutes to symbolize the four hours michael brown's body was on the street in ferguson. with each demonstration, the crowds increased. >> we're going to -- the crowd increased. >> we're going to get our justice. we're going to get our justice. >> reporter: peacefully? >> peacefully, definitely. >> we had to represent because this is an issue that is very pertinent, especially for young black men like ourselves. >> reporter: each die-in became more diverse. >> this is an american issue. it needs to be taken seriously. >> the death of a child, you just think of your child in the place of that young man. >> reporter: it became clear this was not just a demonstration about the grand
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jury's decision in ferguson but about a culture of gun violence nationwide, including attacks on law enforcement. >> the children are dying. something is terribly wrong. >> reporter: you're taking a live look right now at the crowd at 4th andeanian northwest -- and indiana northwest. this crowd will be heading yet to another demonstration coming up at 7:00 in mount vernon square. that one is a show of solidarity for the people of ferguson we'll see you live at 7:00 p.m. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> thank you, andrea. some folks at howard university sent a strong message about the grand jury deciding not to indict the officer who shot and cildz michael brown. -- killed michael brown. somebody replaced the stars and stripes with the pan-african flag and tweeted about it. it has since been taken down. most of these protesters
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were outside the courthouse standing quietly. some folks did shout but no arrests in pittsburgh. university of virginia's governing body held an emergency meeting addressing sexual assault on campus. >> it all started after an article in rolling stone. peggy fox is live with more on this story. >> reporter: that's right. a new independent council has been hired to handle issues of sexual violence here on campus and today uva's board of visitors adopted a zero tolerance policy on sexual violence and pledged to make real changes in the coming months. >> reporter: a small number of protesters greeted the boards members as they arrived from all over the state for this emergency meeting of uva's governing board. >> i would like to see a change in culture. they talked a lot about
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changing the culture of students but i think it involves a cultural change of the university as a whole. >> these girls aren't going to get the justice they deserve and the problem isn't getting resolved so there needs to be changed. >> reporter: several members and uva's president discussed how they were appalled and shocked at the rolling stone account of a freshman student who described being gang raped at the phi kappa phi fraternity house. >> i want to make it clear and the watching word that nothing is more important to me than the safety of our students, not our reputation, not our success, and not our history or our tradition. >> reporter: the board heard from an organization that helps victims and it heard from charlottesville's police chief on how to hold people accountable for their actions. >> i deeply believe that sexual violence is a cultural problem in fraternities that necessitates deep attitudal shifts. >> reporter: some protesters
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what severe action against the fraternity. >> i want them to shuch down phi. they have a history of sexual violence against women that goes back to the '80s. >> whatever we do has to have implications decades from now for students for generations to follow [ inaudible ] proposed a ban for serving alcohol to students under 21. her proposal did not receive much support with some students in the meeting today saying that cracking down on underage drinking would send underage drinking underground. reporting live in charlottesville, peggy fox, wusa9. >> reporter: today supporters paid tribute to marion barry in a more private
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[ stand by for captions ] >> reporter: mayor for life marion barry, that's all this private message you'll get to
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see because it's just that, private. supporters got to pay tribute or say goodbye, whatever they wanted to say. they got an opportunity to write down in this book. >> it's almost like i'm sitting there and writing a short message to him. his picture is there. it's almost like i'm speaking to him. i actually have met him a couple of times here. >> reporter: many of the people who came today also met marion barry here or had a relationship with the former four--term mayor and ward 8 council member. others came to express their thanks. >> he's always been a great guy, very warm. >> he will be missed. he did a lot for the city. >> i'm so privileged to be able to walk in here and being able to sign something. he's known internationally. >> reporter: the d.c. city council secretary says this is something they did when nelson mandela passed away.
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>> this alone tells us how important he was and how great an impact he had, especially here in washington, d.c. >> although he wasn't a perfect manual, he did dedicate the jorpt of his life -- majority of his life to this position. i wanted to pay my respects to somebody who would do that. >> we appreciated our mayor for life. >> reporter: at the wilson building, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> if you would like to sign that condolence book, you still have time to do it. it will be at the wilson building tomorrow and friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. a nor'easter is headed our way. we'll tell when you it will hit and how it could affect your travel plans. topper is up next
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if you're driving this thanksgiving hole day week, experts say unfortunately -- holiday week, experts say unfortunately there is a bad time and a worst time to get on the road. >> reporter: i'm debrai'm debra alfarone. if you're home, you're one of the lucky ones. right now is the busiest travel time of the thanksgiving week, despite the cars moving like
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they're -- cars looking like they're moving just final. >> if you can, leave today. >> reporter: right now? >> this evening, right now. >> reporter: john towson of aaa mid-atlantic says there's proof behind his theory. right now is the busiest time to be driving. the second bestiest? >> tomorrow starting at 11:00. then it gets worse at 3:00. >> reporter: what makes tomorrow extra tricky is rain and snow making roads slippery. >> i want to avoid the rain and snow tomorrow if it comes. >> reporter: john isn't the only one thinking that way on this line to pick up honey baked hams in silver spring. >> we were in forestville. the mile must have been a mile -- line must have been a mile down the way. >> leave on thursday anyway. just wait it out and let the storm pass over, pass through, and then it's better to be safe than sorry. that's good advice. if you have to leave tomorrow
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action if you can leave at o dark 30 and get where you need to go by noon, you might be in better shape. otherwise wait till thursday. a live look outside, our michael complain son weather cam, temperature still 53. the dew point has gone up. that's one thing we're lacking with the storm is a source of cold air. we don't have high pressure to the north. otherwise we'd be much more aggressive with our accumulation map. reld alert wednesday for snow. -- red alert wednesday for snow. we have heavy rain, snow, missable day tomorrow. bus stop temperatures 38 to 44. it's not going to be below freezing in the morning. you'll have wet roads and a soggy trip at the bus stop with the kids. stay off the roads if you can between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. to about noon is when the transition is going to be if rain to snow in the immediate metro area and it may get heavy in the afternoon tapering off around 4:00, 5:00. one to four inches in the metro. four to eight inks in the mountains. -- inches in the mountains. thankfully most of the leaves are off the trees.
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otherwise we might be talking power outages. south and east of i-95, southern maryland, prince george's county, calvert county, st. mary's county, a trace to an inch. you'll see some snow flakes but probably not see any consume layings. west of i-95, 1 to 2 inches. that actually includes a portion of northwest d.c. i moved that down just a little bit. so 1 to 2 inches possible. north of that 2 to 4 inches in this band which includes leesburg, gaithersburg, wheatton, silver spring. north of that frederick northward up to hagerstown and points west in the mountains 4 to 8 inches. here's our futurecast. 5:30 in the morning rain is going to break out across the entire metro area but it's going to be rain. that's green. that's the rain. you see n. in is a moisture of some snow and some rain. so that's going to be moving south and east as we go through the morning and afternoon. by 9:00 still primarily rain inside the beltway. but by 11:30, now we see the mixture across the entire metro area just crossing over into
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prince george's county and all snow now frederick county north and west and out toward loudoun county west of route 15. by 2:00 now we've got still a lot of rain and snow mix which is moving further south into southern maryland. solid snow in the blue. eight now into upper montgomery county. by 5:00 still some snow and rain mixed all the way to the northern neck. and then by 8:00, maybe a few left oversnow showers or flurries and 2t quickly moves on out. as -- it quickly moves on out. as we begin to clear, temperatures in the low 30s. i am concerned about black ice and slick spots on your early thanksgiving. tonight colder, rain by daughter-in-law. roads just wet for the morning commute. temperatures only 40 to 45. winds north, northeast at 10 to 15. again tomorrow much like today. the high temperature will be deceiving. it will be a midnight temperature as temps fall throughout the day. day planner, 38, 9:00 rage.
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11:00 mixture. some -- rain. 11:00 a mixture. once we get through tomorrow, a cold turkey day, maybe a flurry, 41. 41 on friday. bright but brink with less wind. next seven days, nice for the terps on saturday, low 50s. we're looking at sunshine on sunday, upper 50s for the ravens. you can watch that game right here on channel 9. maybe a shower on monday and tuesday with temperatures back in the
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former washington redskin fred smoot was arrested over the weekend and charged with misdemeanor assault. cops were called to a home in ashburn where smoot was
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arrested, charged and released. in the report the victim claims he pushed her against a bathroom wall when she reached for the keys to his truck. the victim claims smoot also grabbed her shorts and ripped them. his lawyer said in a statement the charges come from the, quote, vindictive actions of a disgruntled ex-girlfriend. on sunday the first and second overall draft picks will clash on the football field. robert griffin iii head to indianapolis. griffin has played 33 regular season games, 13-20. in the time he's thrown 38 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, qb rating 90.8. andrew luck has played 43 games, 75 touchdowns but has thrown more interceptions. quarterback rating just slightly lower because of that. the colts are poised to take their second straight afc
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title. baltimore ravens took full advantage of their bye week to work out issues on offense. it was a balanced attack last night starring runningback justin forsett. he was on his way out of the league before signing with the ravens. he had a career night leading the ravens to a much needed victory over new orleans. >> obviously the way it was working, we had to keep -- justin, did an awesome job obviously all year but the work he's putting in and the results he's getting, what he's doing for this team, it was huge today. >> i put a lot of work in through my whole career, been in the shadows. tonight i showed what i can do. the ravens gave me a chance to show what i do it was a blessing. >> the division quite impressive this season. every time has seven wins. according to a sports bureau, the afc is the first division in n.f.l. history to have all of its teams at least three games over
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.500 at the same time. going to be a race till the very end. the maryland terrapins have exceeded all expectations with a 7-4 record. they have a chance to close out their strong year on a high note and do it against their former head coach. the terps host rutgers at bird stadium which means the return of ralph freed generally. the terp -- friedgen. thes former coach is under the scarlet knights. >> great to see him coaching again. it's something he's very passionate about. they've had a great year over there at rutgers. i'm looking forward to going against their team. any time you get to go and thsit and see people that were e reason why you got this opportunity in the first place is something special. >> terps basketball coach said this year's team is totally different. last night we saw one key reason why. it was the coming out party for
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freshman mellow trimble putting up 31 points. right now the terps are undefeated. it's going to be great. >> i like that a lot. imhappy the ravens won but perturbed to see the cleveland browns are that much better than the redskins. >> all right. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. see you then. have a great evening.
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>> pelley: tonight, more troops are ordered into serg son. >> last night was a disaster. >> pelley: violence erupts after the grand jury decision. >> this process is broken. >> pelley: but the prosecutor defends the jurors. >> they're the only people who have heard and examined every witness and every piece evidence. >> pelley: reports from michelle miller, mark strassmann, bob orr, and jeff pegues. major garrett on the president, again confronting a racial divide. >> the fact is in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. >> pelley: vicente arenas reports holiday travelers are getting an early start to beat a storm. and dr. jon lapook on the federal government's new mandatory calorie count coming to a restaurant near


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