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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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aloft that isn't reaching the ground. it's melting before it gets there. we're starting to cool. we've seen the reports. even though we're showing snow west of cumberland, i have reports near rocky gap. we'd love to hear from you folks in western maryland, west virginia. this goes toward romney and moorefield. i snow it's snowing there from one of my twitter friends. this is going to be tracking toward northern virginia over the next little while so we'll watch that. you can see one of the ski areas there in west virginia, south of garrett county, snowing to beat the band right now. allison, we're talking about temperatures which are just starting to cool down this morning out west. >> one thing to note is we are seeing that snow fall. look at the temperatures. we have snow reports. we're not at freezing. we may be able to support snow even though the temperature is at 40 degrees for martinsburg and petersburg. so we'll see the snow continue to fall for areas around 81. once you head east of 81 right along in between just west of
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95, we're continuing to see the temperature drop significantly. gaithersburg is now at 39 degrees. so that rain is going to quickly turn to snow. once you head east of 95, even if you see some mix, it's going to be hard to see any accumulations. we're watching the accumulations for areas west of 95. we'll show you that accumulation map coming up in just a bit. but first, we're going to get to beverly farmer with your timesaver traffic. >> reporter: already around town light volume on wet pavement. folks are having some problems maybe going a little too fast for the conditions. the eastbound freeway coming across from the 14th street bridge and over toward the 3rd street tunnel, a crash did initially block all the lanes by the response right near the exits for the 3rd street tunnel heading into southeast. now one lane of travel is able to squeeze by we're told but it's already backing things out of virginia on 395 north heading in on the 14th street bridge to exit on to the freeway and make your way east toward the tunnel. 66 corridor, trying to make your way into centreville, volume has been light. a brand new crash right before the beltway after nutley
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street. that's tying up the right half of the roadway eastbound on 66 before the beltway. southbound 81 out of winchester, actually just before south of win winchester and near middletown, virginia, crash activity now on the shoulder from the vehicle that had rolled over there. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. howard just told you our western communities will receive the most snow today. >> delia goncalves is live in purcelville, virginia with more where she has the umbrella. so just rain so far, delia? >> reporter: yeah, just rain so far. i guess we're lucky this very early morning but ifyou pay close attention to our weather scene, snow is on the -- weather teams, know is on the way. we're on route 7 in purcelville. it's fairly quiet. we've only seen a few cars. take a look at the roads. just wet pavement at this point. however, beverly farmer was talking about some issues that were already affecting the roadways so certainly drivers should slow down because the rain is picking up and expected to change over to snow a little
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later this morning just in time for the morning commute and just in time for all the folks who are heading home or heading to their destinations for thanksgiving. we saw a couple of plow trucks on standby. i've got to say even though i prepared, i even wore my snow boots today, i was still stunned when i saw the plow trucks. it was a harsh reality check that winter is here and the storm is heading our way. so aaa says drive safely, drive slowly. make sure you have the proper equipment and tread on your tires before you head out on the roads. >> thanks a lot, deal ya. you can also track -- delia. you can also track the storm by going to our wusa9 app. it will help you track closings and delays. you can see traffic. post your pictures of falling snow your community. we'd love that. we're just getting this? from st. louis county, missouri. cbs news is reporting two f.b.i. agents have been shot but it's unclear right now whether this
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is related to the protests in and around ferguson, missouri. the scene in ferguson has been much calmer this morning than it was yesterday when crowds looted businesses and set buildings on fire. >> last night the clashes eebetwn demonstrators and police were relatively minor compared to the night before. one police cruiser was set on fire. police did release some tear gas. the protests come after the grand jury decision not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. officer wilson has opened up and publicly discussed his views on the case. >> during an interview with abc news, he said there is no way brown had his hands in the air. nikki burdine is live in our satellite center with more on that story. nikki? >> reporter: darren wilson himself is talking about what he says happened that day when he shot and killed michael brown. this all came out in an interview yesterday with abc news where he spoke in detail about what he says happened that day. he says he's sorry for the brown family but he wouldn't go
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and do it any differently. he talks about what led up to the shooting and says he remembers thinking, can i legally shoot this guy. he said he answered that question yes and this is what happened next. >> he ignored all the commands and just kept running. so after he kept running again, i shot another series of shots. at least one of those hit him because i saw the flinch. this time he's about 15 feet away. i start back peddling because he's getting too close and still not stopping. he gets 8 to 10 feet and starts to lean forward like he's going to tackle me. i looked down at the barrel of my gun and i fired at what i saw was his head and that's where it went. >> reporter: officer darren wilson says he has a clear conscience because he knows what he did was right. we'll talk about how people are still hitting the streets in d.c. protesting. >> thank you very much. a judge says a lawsuit involving the redskins team trademark can go forward.
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>> a private law firm is going to investigate the yufer of virginia's -- university of virginia's handling of the ec pleasive rape case that happened recently. >> the firm will investigate how the school handled an alleged gang rape in 2012. the school's governing board adopted a resolution affirming a zero tolerance stance on sexual violence on campus. now to this other story i was telling you about. a judge says a lawsuit involving the redskins team trademark can go forward. >> the team filed a lawsuit after a ruling saying the trademark should be canceled because it could be disparaging to native americans. now the team wants that ruling overturned. the legal challenge over the team name has been winding its way through the legal system since 1992. a plan to build a new soccer stadium in the district is one step closer to reality this morning. two d.c. council committees
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have approved a revised plan. >> the original proposal called for a land swap. under that plan the developer would give up property at buzzard point for the stadium in exchange for control of the reeves center at 14th and u. there would be no land swap under the revised plan but the obstacles still remain. mayor-elect muriel bowser says there's a chance the developer won't sell its property willingly. it's 7 after the hour. today is getaway wednesday. it's expected to be the travel -- to be the busiest travel day of the week. >> we hear it every year. we'll talk to a travel expert about what you should expect if you should decide to fly to your destination this holiday season. it's 6:07. you're watching wusa9 this thanksgiving wednesday.
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it is 6:10 on this wednesday morning, this very wet wednesday morning. notice the whiteout west western maryland into al game any -- allegheny county approaching the panhandle, even the shenandoah valley over the next hour. allyson rae joins me coming up in five minutes talking about how much snow you're going to see, who is going to get it and who isn't going to get it. that's coming up in a few minutes. right now beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: we're having trouble negotiating things with the wet pavement. crash getting into southeast out of virginia heading toward the 3 ready street tunnel. for a time nobody was getting by. now one lane is able to get by along the left side and the delays are back to the pentagon 395 out of virginia. 66 eastbound crash right before the beltway right after nutley street. that's tying up the right half of the roadway with a delay out of vienna. back to you.
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>> thank you, bev. 6:10. today your chute may drive you -- commute may drive you crazy. it's getaway wednesday. one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> it's an especially travel day at airports. that paired with today's winter weather could make it a very challenging commute. chris chaimes is at national airport. good morning, chris. i'm ready to leave my house headed for the airport. what should i do to make sure i have a smooth, safe trip? >> one, i would leave early. i would be keeping things handy as far as checking your flight status, checking with the airline. right now operations are running pretty smoothly here at reagan. through the course of the day, it's probably going to get worse. the storms -- you're reporting about are ing to hit washington northward so if you're going west or you're going south, those airports are not going to be impacted but if
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you're going up to new york or boston or anywhere along the i- 95 corridor, there are going to be delays and cancellations and that's going to ripple through the system during the course of the day. >> one of the things that are different, they're starting to waive change fees. why do you think they're doing that? just fewer flights in the air now? >> they're looking to accommodate as many people as possible and easiest way possible. so if you have a flight later this afternoon, and it's starting to show a delay, if you're willing to change till tomorrow morning and still get to where you want to be for thanksgiving, the airlines want to accommodate that pretty quickly. it's all about inconveniencing the fewest number of people and helping people get on to open flights. right now if you're flying this afternoon, airplanes will be 95% full. so there aren't a lot of options. you need to be flexible and work with your airline especially when they're waiving the change fee. >> security is a hangup when we
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have more weapons being confiscated than anything before. some other quick tips getting through the security line quickly and getting to your gate. >> you'd be surprised if you stood by a tsa gate. almost 13 years after the fact, there's still people trying to bring bottles of shampoo and large water bomghts through. you need -- bottles through. you need to understand the rules for carry-on bags and one small plastic container with small toiletries, that's the first rule. you need to carefully look at your ticket. they're routing more passengers on a voluntary basis or a trial basis through the tsa precheck line. so if your boarding pass does tsa precheck, get in the right line and you don't have to take off your shoes or take out your laptop. pay attention to what your boarding pass says and follow the lines accordingly. >> chris chaimes from orbi
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welcome back. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm nick giovanni in the newsroom. here's a look at what is in the news right now. gay marriage bans in both arkansas and mississippi have officially been overturned. however, there wopts be a rush to the a -- won't be a rush to the altar any time soon. the first marriages will have to wait for the end of the appeals process. arkansas has had a law on the books banning same-sex marriage since 2004. mississippi's law dates back to
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1997. meanwhile the first openly gay player drafted by the n.f.l. says he fumbled his coming out. michael sam tells gw magazine if he could do it again he never would have come out before the draft. the former defensive player of the year reveeldz his sexual -- revealed his sexuality in february a few months before he was picked by the st. loy us rams. -- st. louis rams. former redskin fred smoot is facing misdemeanor domestic assault charges. his girlfriend claims smoot grabbed her during an all kerr indication -- an altercation sunday morning. shoot shoot's lawyer said in a statement the charges come from the vin dickive actions of a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, quote, unquote. rgiii out, colt mccoy in. jay gruden making that very announcement sometime today, according to reports.
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this comes just days after gruden said he intended to go with robert griffin iii but was quick to mention his starting lineup wasn't set in stone. griffin posted a qbr79.9. he's wet to win a game he's finished this season. colt mccoy has led the skins to a pair of wins with an upset over the cowboys. jay gruden has a press conference conference scheduled after practice this afternoon. we'll see if he confirms this move of benching rgiii in favor of colt mccoy. >> nick, thank you. everybody is excited about hearing that, the real mccoy maybe. >> the real mccoy. the weather now. winter is a real mccoy for parts of our area. some people getting some snow. some people getting mostly rain good some people already seeing a couple of flakes. for most people it's just rain right now. >> the storm is behaving like
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we anticipated with the higher elevations west would see it first. we'll get to allison in a moment. i do want to start with doppler 9000. there's a lot of moisture out there. most of it is in the form of rain. the white area keeps expanding from the mountains. it's getting over and closer to the shenandoah valley now. some of the ridgetops on skyline drive maybe seeing the changeover. we're seeing cold, moderate rain. what you're seeing with the oranges and reds, it's called bright banding. we have sleet and snow mixing in upstairs that isn't reaching the ground yet but it gets a higher reflectivity to the radar signal. do want to take you out west. while it's showing snow to cup we areland, i have -- cumberland, when i see this yellow from hancock down east of romney, i'm thinking here west is actually where it's snowing. if you see area in western maryland, west virginia, tweet it to me. we'd love to know. that snow continues to develop and move toward the east. cross junction, could be 30 to 60 minutes you'll see the
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changeover there. off to the south we're looking at the snow starting to move into areas along 81. there's our winter storm warnings in our western suburbs from frederick and loudoun. we've got winter weather advisories in washington -- not washington, just north and west of i-95. here's allyson to tell us more. >> we are seeing those winter storm warnings really on hold for areas that are seeing that snow starting to fall, maybe not sticking just yet but we'll be watching. when you send us those pictures, we'll be able to see how much is falling across areas. we have the winter weather advisories just west of 95. how fast will the rain turn to snow? >> a lot faster the further west you go. we'll see the temperature drop enough -- it doesn't have to get to 32 -- we'll see it drop enough for snow. off to the west around lunch time we'll start to see the rain-snow mix. once you head off to the south, not very likely you'll see a lot of snow today. i'll keep you up to date.
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coming up a little the later, we'll show you the seven-day forecast but we'll be right back to wusa9 news. >> reporter: checking timesaver traffic, sky 9 out and about despite the wet weather we have near the beltway on 66 with that crash. eastbound getting into vienna. the issue has been the crash right before the beltway. it was tying up the right half of the roadway initially and it's creating delays now that come out of fake oaks and vienna. eastbound on 66 with that crash. that snag heading toward the beltway. sky 9 has been tracking it. we've been looking at the delays back in the vdot cameras leaving fair oaks and 123. better news 395 north you're lined up across the 14th street bridge. the crash east on the freeway cleared from the roadway near the 3rd street tunnel. got the lanes reopened there. we still have volume delays on 95 as you make your way up through stafford into quantico, getting into dale city. some folks heading into work but you know they won't stay there all day. it will be an early rush hour, too, with the wet weather and maybe the snow later on. thanks for watching wusa9 this
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thanksgiving eve. we'll be right back with more news,
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welcome back to wusa9. it is 6:24. here's a look at some news you may have missed. an obama care consultant whose remarks have caused an outcry has agreed to testify before congress. >> his name jonathan gruber. he made headlines for saying the stupidity of voters got the affordable care act passed.
6:25 am
he's an mit economist and helped craft the affordable care act. he's slated to testify before a house committee coming up on december 9. premiums for the most popular obama care plans are going up next year, but you could still save money if you shop around. >> the rates are slated to rise an average of about 5% but many more insurers are offering plans for next year. that means there's a wider selection and most likely some cheaper plans might be in the mix. americans are divided when it comes to president obama's new immigration plan. a new poll finds 48% of americans are opposed to the president issuing an executive order on immigration. >> the quinnipiac poll finds 45% support him acting alone. the survey also finds that americans have become less sympathetic to immigrants who are here illegally. black friday shopping begins our latest your money segment of the morning. >> we're not talking about gift cards here, nick giovanni. real gifts here, buddy. >> reporter: real rookie mistakes, mike, andrea.
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that's what we'll be talking about here. we're going straight to the many man matt granite to talk about some of the rookie mistakes that could end up being very costly to sharpers. >> reporter: absolutely, nick. we have you covered in a big way this morning. again, nick, this is information you know and this may be information some of you know. but a reminder that there are a few mistakes we all make that cost us big. at the time of the year we could otherwise be saving. take a look because we watch out for your wallet every day right here. there really is no need to destroy your precious time with your family this thanksgiving. don't let the weather hold you back either. there are in most cases better deals online black friday versus what some folks are lined up all night for in the store. even bigger and better than take, this year for the first time ever, cybermonday is going to be better for savings in most major categories. also, don't base your shopping plans on those ad scans. on right now, we have
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season. >> reporter: all right. great. so timing is everything. that's the lesson ever the day along with sow today. much appreciated. back to you. >> very good. it is 6:28. let's take a look outside. it's dark outside. precipitation has begun. rain is covering much of our area right now. >> in a few hours, this is going to switch over to snow in some communities. howard and allyson join us with a look at the forecast and how things are moving along for travel day. >> i drew the short stick. allyson is inside. temps in the low 40s here in washington. we're looking at snow out west starting with doppler 9000 and areas in western maryland and west virginia. not too far west of 81 now and even parts of skyline drive looks like they're switching over a little bit to higher elevations. we have light to moderate rain across the region. see all that stuff in the orangey category? there's snow and sleet upstairs mixing in, rain a the surface. that's why it looks worse than it is. there's the snow and it's snowing not just in cumberland but even over in hancock.
6:29 am
i believe romney is also all snow. got a report parts of hardy county, west virginia, an inch and a half on the ground. west of 81 now but within the hour it will be out toward i- 81. with a look at how much we'll get and the current temps, here's allyson rae. >> thanks, howard. good morning. we are looking at that temperature begin to fall across the area. it's really all about the temperatures today. 47 degrees in the d.c. area. notice off to the west we are where we're seeing temperatures already into the 30s. that's where we're starting to see the snow fall. once we head down to 39 degrees just east of 81, that's where we're going to start to see the snow fall and it's all about accumulations. if you are going to be traveling south and east of 95, not going to have too many problems. what we will watch out for are slick roadways later on tonight as the temperature falls and the rain heads on out. as far as consume layings, 4 to 8 inches along 81 and through the blue ridge. once you head east of the blue ridge, those accumulations
6:30 am
really start to fall off. we're going to have more coming up with the seven-day forecast. first let's go to timesaver traffic. >> reporter: checking out the ride around town. eastbound lanes of 66 trying to make it to the beltway, you've got some big jamups you weren't expected. that's because of the crash. sky 9 has been up there showing us that crash right before you reach the beltway. right half of the roadway has been tied up with the incident. he's watching the delays now for us in the chopper. eastbound from fair oaks and 123, a squeeze by for a couple lanes to the left right before the beltway on 66. impacted out of virginia across the inbound 14th street bridge. southbound on the gw parkway to make it past 395 because of the earlier crash on the freeway eastbound at the 3rd street tunnel, that's been cleared from the roadway on the upside. outer loop check out the volume heading out of college park into silver spring. it's just been volume on the wet pavement. but we do have at least a bit after morning rush hour here on the beltway at colesville road. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thanks, beverly. our western communities will receive the most snow.
6:31 am
we're already seeing some school closings because they're anticipating the precip. >> let's check in with delia goncalves once again. she's live in purcelville, virginia. last time we talked to her it was rain. still sort of looks that way. i see puddles behind you, delia. >> reporter: yes, still raining here. rain has picked up in the last half-hour, though. so has the traffic, even though right here on main street route 7 in purcelville, we are having some slow moments when they're obviously right now is very little traffic. but you can see that there is a lot more wetness on the ground. we have just wet pavement right now. we are expecting the wet weather to change over to snow. i am wearing my snow boots and loudoun county prepared as well. i've seen about two plow trucks so far and this general area as we were traveling up earlier this morning on route 7, saw two other plow trucks.
6:32 am
and that was really the sign for me this storm is headed our way. when you see the plow trucks on the roads, that's not a good sign for a lot of us. drive slowly as you're heading out this morning and as you're heading to your thanksgiving travel destination. this weather likely to pick up a little later during the day. back to you in the studio. >> all right, delia, thank you. of course, you can track the storm live by visiting the wusa9 app. the app willle allow you to check on snow-related closings and delays. you can also post pictures of snow falling in your community and you can keep up with traffic on the mobile app as well. across the country demonstrators hit the streets for a second night. protesting a missouri grand jury's decision not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. >> in ferguson where national guard members are helping local authorities there, there were more clashes, violence and arrests, not nearly as bad as
6:33 am
two nights ago. president obama understands many people are angry but there is no excuse for property destruction. protesters also marched here in the district. more than a thousand people walked to chinatown. >> they called for police to be held accountable for their actions. nikki burdine is live in our satellite center with more on that. nikki? >> reporter: that's right. protests that we've seen here in d.c. the past couple of days have been extremely different from the ones we've seen coming out of ferguson, missouri. take a look. these are for the protests that started last night at mount vernon square. it began with a vigil. hundreds of people were there and many held up signs to show their anger that officer darren wilson will not face charges in the shooting death of michael brown. the protesters marched out of mount vernon square and down streets. d.c. police drove ahead to make sure the roads were clear. not only are protesters angry over this particular case, they're wondering what needs to be done to prevent similar shootings. >> how many times does it have
6:34 am
to happen you where stay on the sideline and not do anything. something needs to be double. we have to let those in power know we're not going to take this anymore. >> reporter: that really was the reaction across the board with most people we spoke to at the protests last night and yesterday. they were peaceful and passionate. organizers hope they will continue to be without violence today. there is one more protest by that group that will be today at 12:30. they're calling it an education session. it will be at the naacp offices here in d.c. back to you. >> nikki, thank you. 6:34. wusa9 and dc jobs are trying to get you hired. keystone human services is hiring direct support professionals. it's a full-time job. you need more than a year of experience for this. if you'd like to find out more, go to we want to congratulate our fan of the day. today is terry comes grove
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6:38. i want to talk about the changeover to snow. it's imminent in the shenandoah valley. snowing in augusta, west virginia between winchester and romney. 4 inches on the ground somebody has tweeted me. by the way it's coming down, that's believable. by 10:00 i'm thinking it's rosing the blue ridge getting into our northwestern suburbs and lunch time will switch over along and west of the 95 corridor. not much expected along and east of i-95. back with your snow fall total map, how much we're going to get and a look at the extended forecast coming up. it certainly looks like a messy day for much of the region. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving eve. eastbound lanes of 66, some of us going into work and found troubles, unfortunately. sky 9 has been tracking the crash right before the beltway on 66 eastbound. tied up the right half of the
6:39 am
roadway before you reach the exits for the beltway. that as a result has -- has resulted in delays coming in from fair oaks to 1123 trying to get to the belt -- get to 123 trying to get to the beltway. the beltway across the region bridge, kenilworth avenue, eastern avenue coming from cheverly to make your way south on kenilworth avenue, lanes are open head toward the 11 rght street bridge. -- headed toward the 11th street bridge. still volume on 95 across the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. the final your money report of the morning begins with a look at the u.s. economy and a growing trend among college students. >> nick giovanni is live in the newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: let's start with the good news. it appears the economy did grow at a faster pace in the third quarter than originally reported. the broadest measure of the country's economic health, the agrees domestic product was revised up to 3.9% during the
6:40 am
period of july through september. when you look at the combined growth in the second and third quarters that represents the best six months for the economy since 2003. the healthy growth does not appear to be carrying over to college campuses. a new report finds a growing number of students are turning to food pantries for meals in the past six years, at least a hundred of these food banks have opened up on college campuses. the report finds at one school in fact, the university of california, nearly half of the student body said they skipped meals to save money at least a few times a month. 23% skipped meals every -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: one ohio law maker is pushing a plan to have triple ot over thanksgiving. macy's has made it optional for its employees to work over thanksgiving. that is one company that has adjusted accordingly. how about a heads up for shoppers getting their game faces on to shop till they
6:41 am
drop. retailers are watching what you're doing both online and in the stores. take this for example. what could happen if you put an item in your online shopping cart and decide not to buy t. if you go to the store later on, the sales clerk may potentially know what you're looking for and even the size. kind of creepy but the good news is, you can always opt out of sharing your information on the company's app. you can take that for some comfort. >> we will. thank you, nick. >> creepy. sorry. 6:41. time to answer the question of the morning. according to a survey, one in five people say this is their favorite secret spot to hide money. is it a, their shoes, b, their mattress, or c, their freezer? >> and wusa9 facebook friend terry says well, i think it's a. most people know about the mattress and freezer. >> you're right, the answer is a, hide the money in the shoes.
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give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. 6:45. time to see what our partners at cbthis morning are covering. >> that's why gayle king is standing by, one of our favorite partners in new york this morning. >> good morning, part near. >> i just happened to be in the neighborhood, partner, waiting for you guys to call me. hello mike and andrea. good to see you both. ahead we're in ferguson with a second night of violent protests following the decision not to indict officer darren
6:46 am
wilson. and from peppermint pot to special green friday deals, we find out how the colorado marijuana industry is trying to cash in on the holidaze, that's d-a-z-e. get it? that was a joke from jerry. >> he enjoy the show and happy thanksgiving to you, gayle. >> happy thanksgiving to you too, guys. see you next week. >> bye-bye. snow is moving in toward i- 81. snow in harrisonburg, blacksburg and areas along the shenandoah valley the next 15 minutes, 30 minutes. blue ridge give it an hour or two and d.c. 10 to maybe noon we'll switch over here but the accumulation by i-95 will be little if any. out that way have a report of 4 inches between romney and win chester. let's show you what's happening. winter storm warnings and advisories. we have the advisories in montgomery county and fairfax and prince william and southern
6:47 am
fauquier and howard counties. north and west of that winter storm warnings where we're going to have higher accumulation totals. there will be some folks 6, 8, maybe locally 10isms in the highest elevations. over the last three hours, look at the area of snow. it is expanding as the cold air is growing in the atmosphere. and it is moving in toward western virginia now, over toward areas, some of the higher elevations in skyline drive, for example, the shenandoah forest. we're seeing that in west virginia. lots of moderate rain here. there's potentially a little sleet starting to mix in. there's snow and sleet aloft that isn't making it to the ground because temperatures are still in the 40s. i've been checking some of the roadway temperatures. west of hancock i got a surface temperature of 30. we snow it's snowing looks like hancock west. maybe farther east than that. a little sparse out here trying to get in areas like cross junction. the mountains are seeing the snow. some i'm thinking 5:22 probably snowing right now down in toward areas in extreme northern frederick county and
6:48 am
pockets of snow mixing in now out toward the higher elevations out toward virginia from sperryville out toward luray and woodstock. when this winds down late afternoon, early evening, these areas in blue from frederick, western loudoun, western fauquier, 4, 6, maybe 8, 10 inches in the higher elevations. these will come down quickly. if we got a slushy inch in d.c., that would probably be maxing it. upper montgomery 2 to 4. 6 to 8 on the other side of the blue ridge in western loudoun toward berryville, up toward westminster. 4, 5, 6 inches not out of the question. even baltimore a big difference from south of town up in northern baltimore county. temps are dropping. they're below freezing in garrett county, davis. petersburg has the snow at 33. leesburg and gaithersburg 39. it's coming. just give it a little time. we're down to 46, our cold epps of the morning. its -- coldest of the morning. it's an ugly morning. a lot of rain.
6:49 am
we're red alert not just for the snow west but even the rain with all the traveling going on going to have a high impack. 46 with a windchill of 44. futurecast shows the snow working its way toward us by 11:00 or so. but it does make a lot of progress east of i-95. if you're south and east of town, don't count on t. even if you have to switch over, don't count on anything sticking. temperatures slowly dropping off today. rain and snow. a lot of snow northwest by 30, 40, 50 miles. 42 tomorrow. slick spots early with temps in the 20s and 30s. by saturday back to 50 and sunday looks nice, around 60. beverly farmer, it's got to be ugly on the roads. >> it is ugly. the wet pavement around our capital beltway area, around our region playing havoc with folks eastbound 66 where we had the crash in very enthat. eastbound as you make your way from nutley street toward the beltway, the crash for better part of an hour tying up the right half of the roadway. backup 66 east leaving fair oaks making your way in toward the beltway.
6:50 am
that's the tieup for folks who thought the volume would be light. i'll go into the office for a couple of hours and they're stuck in these backups. the inner loop headed for the wilson bridge, folks headed to work there. st. barnabas road for those delays heading to the local lanes and across the bridge. the outer loop has seen volume heading into silver spring. downtown anacostia routes with more volume. the crash near the 3rd street tunnel is gone. areas north and west, the snowfall, we're already seeing that hancock and areas west toward cumberland. out to the eastern shore, 95 to the north, harford county and points north toward delaware, lanes are open for you along that corridor. thanks for watching wusa9. we'll be right back with news and traffic, weather and all of that for
6:51 am
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6:53 am
remember when black friday used to be the kickoff to the holiday shopping season? >> used to be. retailers may for the be entirely to blame for this, though. we look at the shifting shopping timetable now and what trends mean for your wish list. >> reporter: black friday will be a big deal at best buy stores. >> we go through some rigorous training with our employees. we practice, make sure they understand where the line is going to go for the customers. >> reporter: but after a 5:00 p.m. opening on thanksgiving night, it will be more of a mid point than the big kickoff it used to
6:54 am
be. macy's, target, toys 'r' us are among those who will open doors before black friday morning. it's become great thursday and the retail federation estimate abouts 25.6 million americans will shop on the holiday. it's still small compared to the 95 million expected on black friday but still mark as shift with millennials leading the way. >> millennials love the idea of shopping on thanksgiving day night. they can leave their parents, escape doing the dishes and head out with their friends to see what kinds of deals retailers are offering. >> reporter: it's not been without a share of backlash. some retailers will stick with black friday deals or spread them out. >> definitely have a lot of good door busters going on for this holiday season starting thanksgiving and then friday and then saturday. so we have a few rounds of door busters going on. >> reporter: regardless of which day consumers come out, a blockbuster first weekend may not be on retailers' wish lists. >> we've learned that in a down
6:55 am
economy, a bigger black friday weekend is a lot more likely, meaning that consumers are simply very driven by that deal and that promotion and that extreme discount. >> reporter: and it could determine who has the advantage for the rest of the holiday calendar. retailer or consumer. the winter weather we've been telling you about has already led people to rush to area grocery stores there. was a rush to pick up honey baked happens in sches. one -- silver spring. one person told us it was worst in forestville. >> it's well worth the wait. if you're driving out for thanksgiving today, aaa says you might want to reconsider. >> leave on thursday anyway. so just wait it out. let the storm pass over, pass through, and then it's better to be safe than to be sorry. >> it is indeed. even without rain or snow, normal thanksgiving rush would hit later this morning and then get worse by mid afternoon as people who have to work today get out early and hit the road.
6:56 am
>> i was looking at some of the traffic cameras, i-68 as you get west of hancock, it's snowing to beat the band. snow covered roads in spots. watch out for that north and west. rain and snow, little if any in d.c. highs holding in the 30s. tomorrow cold, slick spots early, 42. cold through friday and milder as we go through the weekend. beverly? >> reporter: the beltway traffic, volume. some folks are going to work. the wet pavement hasn't helped things close to home either. 66 eastbound crash trying to get to the beltway. the hangup has been the crash between nutley street and the beltway blocking the right half of the roadway for about an hour. living up out of fair observes, 95 virginia volume delays out of stafford and woodbridge across the occoquan again into newington towards springfield. slowing out of college park west towards colesville road and georgia avenue with lanes open. going to be a half day work for a lot of these folks. >> glad we're here. cbs this morning is next. high hopes for the holidays. >> from pot pies to special
6:57 am
holiday -- [indiscernible] they're planning to make it a big black friday. >> i'll have the latest on the rain-snow line. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, there is the app wusa9. >> anything to say? >> have a great day and be safe out there. >> howard and i will see you at noon. >> and topper, too. >> topper, too.
6:58 am
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good morning. its wednesday, november 26th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." from coast to coast protesters flood the streets demanding justice for michael brown. his parents are here in studio 40 million americans in the path of ice and owsn. we are tracking the holiday travel disruption. plus green is the new black friday in colorado. why marijuana sellers are banking on a different kind of stocking stuffer this holiday season. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> they think it's a


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