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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. we're under a red alert because after snowstorm that's pounding some parts of our viewing area. here in d.c. moderately snowing so far. bern ben and topper shutt are
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tracking the winter weather -- howard bernstein and topper shutt are tracking the winter weather. >> i've been watching the storm since early this morning when it started as rain. but the cold air has moved in. all the white here, that is snowing. some areas in southern maryland not showing up have reported snow in la plata and waldorf. we've had heavier bands. it's been cold enough to bring the cold air to the surface and we have turned over to snow. i wouldn't be surprise if sleet is nexting in across charles and calvert. harding county, we've had some areas with over a foot of snow. really incredible in the higher elevations. locally the snow is on top of us. you see how it's brighter here? this is a heavier band of snow. we even had reports of thunder in places like baltimore and cecil county toward philly. this will be lasting throughout the afternoon. north and west has been a real headache. we have the problems on how much we're going to get and
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here's chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> thanks, hb. a temperature of 32 in damascus. it's accumulating on the roads a little bit. slushy, yes. just outside the weather terrace, the heavy band howard has been talking about has moved away and now starting to melt as we're still 33, 34 degrees. it's a very critical temperature at the surface. upstairs it's cold enough to support snow for most everybody around i-95 and points west. 37 at national. 34 gaithersburg. 34 leesburg and even 34 winchester and martinsburg. our snowfall potential, final call. trace to an inch for you folks into southern maryland, waldorf. 1 to 2 inches southern montgomery county, wheaton, places like silver spring. maybe touching northwest d.c. back into manassas and culpeper. a band of 2 to 4 inches possible leesburg, poolesville, gaithersburg. north of that where you've had more snow and less rain and temps were a little colder frederick north, hagerstown, winchester. cumberland 4 to 8. a little band right around south of
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romney through petersburg 8 to 12. some folks already have 10 inches on the ground at this hour. we're not done with the storm. i don't think the storm is going to leave us till 7:00 or 7:00 tonight -- 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. the question is what is it doing on the roads downtown in northwest. for that we send it out to meteorologist allyson rae on wisconsin avenue. >> reporter: thanks, topper. we are seeing wet roadways into the metro area. we see a lot of snow on the ground. we did see accumulations start to pick up after 11:00. it really started to come down. it wasn't have a chance to melt before it started to accumulate. about half an inch and up to maybe about an inch in some higher elevations. you can see on top of the cars starting to add up. now the snow has changed over to more after wet snow and it's melting immediately and making some of the accumulations on the grass starting to melt as well. so for now, the temperature out here is about 35 degrees and we're seeing anything that does fall on the roadways start to melt. but as we head through the rest of the afternoon, if it
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continues to pick up as snow and it's not going to melt -- if it starts to melt before -- if it doesn't have a chance to melt before it starts to add up, we could see some of those roadways that are less traveled and maybe have some problems and also later on as the temperature continues to drop. of course, we'll be watching for any of those slick spots and any of the icing. for now the roadways are just wet into the metro area and south and east and of course those areas off to the northwest are having a little bit of a higher accumulation. howard, back to you. >> thanks, allyson. >> great to see the roads are just yet. by the way, allyson rae, the newest member of the weather team. we're glad to have her. we go out to leesburg and surae chinn is there. you have bigger problems, a lot bigger than here in washington. >> reporter: you bet. you told us to come to this location and here we are. we surely are seeing snow. we're right at 15 north which intersects route 7. the leesburg outlets down below. we're in the hobby lobby
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parking lot. the snow is coming down. it is sticking. i was driving from herndon into sterling, ashburn, leesburg, and it started off with big fat flakes and then as you started going west, it was deteriorating. harder to change lanes, harder to stop. i drive a front wheel, not a four-wheel drive making it harder. the reason being it's difficult to drive right now is because vdot did not pretreat the roads because of all the rain. they're just now starting to do the sand-salt mixture and they're going to put down the plows once we get 2 to 3 inches of snow. i want to take you to some of the sticking part of this accumulation here on the bushes. you can see just all that snow coming there. as you're driving, you see all the snow on the trees, here on the ground. slushy here. then you've got snow pack right here. so these are some of the issues that we're dealing with. vdot has 400 trucks in northern virginia. 130 devoted here in loudoun
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county. they say they're really concerned about the heavy traffic this holiday and also as temperatures cool down even further. that's the situation here. we're going to continue to monitor what's out here and how drivers are dealing with all this snow. >> thank you. in western loudoun there's a little elevation, that's where it really gets bad. scott broom is up in frederick county. things got bad pretty quickly once the rain did change to snow. >> reporter: howard, i'm speaking to you from the dashboard cameras of my mobile newsroom here. this is 270 just where 15 comes out of frederick headed south. you're looking at snow on the shoulder. there is significant accumulation starting to happen on blacktop here. as i move out into the road, you can see there is a thin line of slush on the roadway moving out through montgomery county, places like damascus and germantown. and then of course out here in frederick, there is enough of
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this thin slush layer on the roadway right now. it is enough to grab your wheels and push you around a little bit. there is nothing good going on out here right now. it's extremely heavy snow. there have been periods of time i've seen snow flakes the size of ping-pong balls. visibility is affected. it is foggy. here's a big tractor-trailer pulling in front of me with a big spray screen behind him. and my windshield wipers because of the heavy, wet nature of this are icing up as well. it is headlight and windshield wiper time and with heavy traffic, this is going to be tough to clear and keep clear as the day goes on this afternoon. reporting live from the mobile newsroom, scott broom. howard and the weather team, back to you. >> thanks a lot, scott. on the less traveled roads look worse than scott on the interstate. we'll be back and give you the rest of the timetable of the storm and the weekend forecast in a few minutes. over to you. >> thank you. the fallout from the grand jury decision in the michael brown shooting, demonstrators
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returned to the streets of ferguson, missouri for a second straight night. they attacked an auto repair shop and destroyed a police cruiser. in california demonstrators stormed the 101 freeway in los angeles and backed up traffic for miles. protesters broke windows and lotted downtown businesses in oakland. the demonstration turned kay jot nick minneapolis when someone drove through a group of protesters and injured a woman. officer darren wilson, the policeman who so the and killed michael brown is opening up about what he says happened that day in august. he sat down with george stephanopoulos yesterday for an interview. nikki burdine has more. >> the reason i have a clean conscience is i know i did my job right. >> reporter: darren wilson speaking for the first time since a grand jury decided not to charge him with a crime in the shooting death of michael brown in an interview with abc news. wilson tells his side of what happened that day. first, the struggle and then the punch he says he took from brown. >> the way i described it, it was like a 5-year-old looking
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at hulk hogan. that's how big this man was. >> reporter: then the first series of shots he fired. >> i said get back or i'll shoot. and then -- [ no audio ] >> sorry for the mixup there. the parents ever the shooting victim michael brown appeared on cbs this morning. they said officer wilson was just out for blood. >> he didn't what i had to do. he did what i wanted to do. i don't think he wanted to kill my son but he wanted to kill someone. >> officer wilson remains on administrative leave. it's official. redskins coach jay gruden has told rgiii he's out and colt mccoy is in. the change comes just days after gruden said he intended to go with robert griffin. gruden was quick to mention his starting lineup wasn't set in stone. griffin is yet to win a game he
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finishes this season. colt mccoy has led the skins to a pair of victory, including one over dallas. griffin's future with the skins is uncertain now following his benching. a series of memorial events have been set for marion barry. vincent gray and other officials plan to announce details of the services at a news conference this afternoon. a public viewing at the wilson building is expected to be among the plans. barry known to many as washington's mayor for life died sunday at age 78. he served four terms as mayor and three terms as a city council member. today's big snowstorm is expected to have a huge impact on holiday travel. craig boswell is at union station with more. >> reporter: airports are seeing long lines of holiday travelers watching the weather and the flight status board. a winter storm is hitting the northeast with rain turning to snow. >> 1 to 2-inch snowfall rates per hour. the rain-snow line hugging the coast of 'massachusetts. >> reporter: the large crowds
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and bad weather are already having an impact. so far today, more than a thousand flights have been delayed and more than 400 have been canceled. >> we're ready just in case there are stranded passengers. we're ready to accommodate them to ensure they're comfortable. >> reporter: some travelers decided to skip the lines at the airport and take the train instead. amtrak expects today to be a record setting day for passenger travel. >> sometimes i fly but not today. this is not the day. >> reporter: with the average price for a gallon of gas at $2.81, the lowest holiday week price in years, the roads are busy as well. aaa estimates there will be 40 million drivers on the highways this week. >> we're earning motorists to drive with additional care and allow more time to reach their destinations due to the winter weather that's out there today. >> reporter: by air, train or car, aaa says there will be 46 million americans traveling 50 miles or more for the thanksgiving holiday. the most since 2007. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. they might be socially
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marginalized but for timothy shriver, share of the special olympics, some of the world's most powerless people can be inspirational. his book is called "fully alive." good afternoon. thank you for being here. i thought we were talking about the book but you brought a ball with you. what's that all about? >> it's funny. the red ball, the symbol that the special olympics is using around the world is very much the theme of the book. this is a book about discovering your interior strength, your compassion, your openness, your trust. i think we're all searching for ways to feel more fully alive, that we find the strength inside us to live the life we especially want to live. the lessons i think are lessons of teachers. >> the book talks about your family and their influence. it talks about your wife and your children and you talk
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about the people who are part of special olympics and how much they've taught you. you said first in order to be fully alive, you have to learn to see the inside of things. what does that mean? >> well, i think, you know, we judge books by their covers. we tend to judge your selves by how we look, our bodies, our grades at school, whatever. i think there's another side of life. finding the strength within you, seeing others for who they are regardless of what they might appear to be, their credentials. i think the hunt for feeling fully alive, for being thankful in a season like this is really the hunt to trust the world, to not be afraid of who you are, to reveal yourself, all of your strengths and weaknesses with kind of a sense of reckless trust in the world. so this is a book by journey but i hope it has teachers -- you know, we come to thanksgiving. we're always thinking what should we bring to someone. is it a bottle of this or a bottle of that, should we be watching football on television, those kinds of
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things. i hope people will see a chance to bring a gift that's a little different. >> because it doesn't always have to be a thing. >> it doesn't always have to be a thing. most of the time things don't deliver fully alive. it's people. it's connection. it's trust. it's confidence. >> some of the people you've met that you talk about in the book are really inspirational. daniel's mother, very poor, very terrible situation as far as his physical disabilities in africa. you learned unconditional love for meeting them. >> she looked at me and said -- sitting next to her son, 20 years old with significant disabilitieses scratching his neck. she said he's taught me the most important lesson in life. he's taught me unconditional love. she said most parents never learn. >> we think we know but there's so much at a time like this when our children come home or when our uncles or aunts, causes sins, some people are looking forward to that. others aren't. i'm happy looking forward to it. i think when we see one another
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toe have some sense we're unconditionally connected to one another, even those we don't know. >> the gifts aren't always about things and they're not always expensive. "fully alive" by timothy shriver. >> thank you for having me. >> great story by loretta. you want to read that one as well. let's go to topper for an update on our winter storm. we'll start with radar. we're looking at the white is the snow. there's all the heavy rain. as howard mentioned, it's such a dynamic system. we've had reports of thunder snow from baltimore up to philadelphia. that will lay down fast accumulations, even though temps are critical, right around freezing. we talked about this, too it simply snows faster than it can melt. we see most of the snow now crossing over i-95. we talked about that, the changeover between about 10:00 a.m. and noon to the i-95 corridor. we'll zoom in here.
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a heavier band of snow now out toward fairfax county and back into northern prince william county, the southern part of loudoun county and streaking right on through montgomery county. so you folks could pick up another quick half an inch as that system kind of begins to roll off to the north. this is some lightning been reported as well in this area. so sort of keep that in mind. when you get thunder and lightning in snow, you usually get that when you have blizzards. it's a very dynamic system and allows to pull some of the colder air down which is why some folks have been close to 32, 33 degrees. paw paw 14 inches. that's the winner so far. cascade about 4 inches. some is accumulating on the roads. cumberland 4. rileyville 2.8 inches. >> we've had quite a snow in hampshire and hardy counties. really, really dumped up here in the higher elevations. this has been an elevation storm. when you look at the
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temperatures, you're seeing even though we had a burst of snow in d.c., the roads are still wet. it's 37 at reagan national. annapolis 35. still low 40s there. we've had a little snow mix in as well in some of the heavier -- it's almost like a convective band. it's strong enough, the snow is hard enough to bring some cold air down to the surface. that's why we dropped to 32 at andrews. we're 34 in winchester. martinsburg only aboutage inch of snow there. it has been hit and miss in spots. we're talking how much? this is going to be 4 to 8. it's really elevation dependent. there are the areas even in this general 4 to 8 area that don't make the 4 inches. but that was about that foot plus that we were talking about here just a moment ago. in d.c. we might squeeze an inch out on the grassy areas. we've had the trace across charles unty. calvert had some sleet earlier also. not freezing rain. and we're 2 to possibly 4 in upper montgomery, when you get into eastern loudoun, extreme western fairfax. we have that band going, you
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might make the 4. i'm thinking probably closer to the 2. west of the blue ridge, this is where we're really seeing that. again in the mountains. there's a lot of snow up here and it was a heavy, wet snow. temperatures never really got below freezing. winter storm warnings in white along and west of the blue ridge till 6:00. you head over to i-95 now for baltimore, southern baltimore that is, howard, montgomery, fair tax, not d.c. prince william and southern fauquier, the winter weather advisories are in effect as well till 6:00 p.m. we do have some slick spots on the side streets especially. the interstates seem to be okay. as we're looking at reagan national, there's a couple of snow flakes there. about an hour ago, it was really coming down to beat the band. looks like temperatures for the afternoon mid 30s. might even pop a couple of degrees here and there depending on how heavily the precip is coming down. things will shut down this evening, by the way. then we'll start to see potentially refreezing. here's leaseburg. you see some slush on the roads, snow covered areas. there's been about an inch, inch and a half of accumulation out that way.
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and we're just watching the rest of loudoun county because parts of it, the western part of the county, the higher elevations getting a lot worse than the lower parts. 39 today and still slowly falling. 42 tomorrow. slick spots possible tonight, upper 20s and low 30s. 38 on friday. it's going to be a cold day but the weekend promises milder temperatures. saturday around 50 for the terps. for the ravens, 60. still looking mild on monday, around 60. andrea? howard, we haven't even put the turkey in the oven and we're already talking leftovers. some great things we can do to turn it into a second holiday feast. executive chef liian laroche is the new -- ryan laroche is the new chef at the hyatt in northwest. we're starting off with brussel sprouts. >> absolutely. thank you very much for having me. this stuff is all meant to be very quick. you spend all this time the day before preparing all this wonderful thanksgiving fare. you have all this leftover food n. is something you can do
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quickly afterwards. i'm going to put you to work. i'm start off with the roast the brussel sprouts we did the day before. >> part of our dinner on thursday. >> you already know how it's going to taste. >> it's basically already seasoned as well, too. >> it's ready to go. just a reheated dish. we're going to add a little bit of the turkey in that we chopped up that we pulled from the day before. we'll add in a little bit of shaved apple. just like that. >> all of these recipes are on our website at we promise you can do them yourself. >> absolutely. we have a little bit of bacon vinegarette because bacon makes erything better, especially the day after. >> yes, it does. >> you want to give this a quick stir. it's double. a little salt -- it's done. a little salt, fresh pepper. this is a simple salad. >> can we put it in a bowl? >> we'll put it in our casserole. >> we want to make it look presentable. >> last but not least we have our poached egg n. is a little
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bit of a fancier way of making a poached egg. we cooked it at 62 degrees. >> do you call this a brussel sprout salad? >> brussel sprout salad, browsele sprout apple salad. call it whatever you want. >> it's delicious is what we'll call it. tell me about these desserts. >> we have a pumpkin croissant bread pudding. this is left over croissant and pumpkin pie we made into this fancy, beautiful, elegant bread pudding. we have next to ithere, we have the turkey noodle soup. >> not bad at all. chef, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving you to. he has to work. we'll be here and he'll be
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it want be the endray or leftovers. two lucky turkeys will be spared from the dinner table tomorrow. president obama will issue his turkey pardon at the white house today. president reagan was the first president on record to pardon a turkey. it was 1987 when charlie was sent to a petting zoo. once the honored turkeys get to washington, they get the royal treatment. they're put up in their own room at the willard hotel before their trip to the white house and meeting president owe bam madam president we'll
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just got a call from buddy who lives three miles west of paw paw. he's had 14 inches. incredible. get the wusa app and follow us there. >> we're with you wherever you go. that's it for us at noon.
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we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day. howard and i and allyson will see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. happy thanks
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>> victor: well, doesn't this look beautiful? my goodness. >> nikki: yes, doesn't it? bonnie really outdid herself. >> victor: i'm sure you had something to do with it, yeah? >> nikki: well, i did do a lot of supervising. >> victor: did you? >> nikki: i love thanksgiving. i mean, how often do we devote a whole day to being grateful for everything that we have? >> victor: not often enough, sweetheart. but i'm kind of sad that our children and most of our grandchildren won't be here. >> nikki: i know. i know that's not how you had hoped it would be. >> victor: mnh-mnh. i'd hoped that at least noah and summer would have showed up. >> nikki: noah has a lot to sort


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