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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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god. >> congratulations. >> and with that, muriel bowser became mayor of the district of columbia. hello. good afternoon. i'm andrea roane. it's been nine months since muriel bowser defeated vincent gray in the democratic primary and two months since she won the general election. as of today, she is mayor and can now get down to the business of the city. delia goncalves is live at the washington convention center where inauguration ceremonies wrapped up a short time ago. delia, mayor bowser called this the greatest honor of her life. >> reporter: absolutely. she is a native of washington. her father was the first commission foreward 5. many say she was -- for ward 5. main say she was groomed for this day. she was in political boot camp since she was a young child on the campaign trail for her dad. now she's forging her own path here beginning today. she calls this a new day. she says, quote, we inherit past successes, failures and
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overdue promises, but most of all, we inherit the great expectations of a deserving people. and you see it there. 11:37 was the official time thshat e completed the oath of office and 42-year-old muriel bowser became d.c.'s second african-american woman mayor and second youngest mayor. mayor bowser asking residents to hold her accountable. she pledges to protect the middle class by investing $100 million each year in affordable housing and improve middle schools by 2020 and homelessness by 2025 and grow marion barry's summer jobs program. >> i ran for mayor not for the kicks or to see my name in lights but because i understand the great responsibility of leading this city at this time, a time of both rich with prosperity and rife with inequality. it is my duty to focus on our men and boys of color and find
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hope where it is missing and the past to opportunity where it has been lost. >> reporter: the ceremony is not over just yet. d.c.'s first elected attorney general carl racine took the oath of office pledging to be fierce and unyielding defending the rights of d.c. citizens including statehood. also sworn in seven council members, including three new members of the city council. and we can also tell you that the ceremony will last into well this evening. 5:00 in fact as the city ushers in this new administration. we're expecting to hear from members of the state board of education who will be sworn in today. and our shadow representatives as we begin this new day, mayor muriel bowser says, here in d.c. annual dray ya, back to you in -- andrea, back to you
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in the studio. of course it's a long day but the inaugural festivelies do not end with -- festivities do not end with the owing. tonight the inaugural ball. sheila e takes over the convention center and tomorrow the kids party at the southeast tennis and learning center in southeast washington. in other news today, one person is dead after being hit bay train this morning. it happened at the marc train station in germantown. nikki burdine is there with details. >> reporter: montgomery county police detectives spentsz the morning here at the germantown commuter station investigating after a man was hit and killed right here on the tracks. the manual was hit by a cs -- man was hit by a csx train around 1:00 this morning. it's not clear why he was on the tracks in itself first place. during the investigation, four marc trains were held at the station causing delays on the brunswick line. this is typically a very busy station for morning commuters but today marc is still operating on a holiday
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schedule. trains started operating once again just after 7:00 this morning. the man's death is still under investigation. in germantown, i'm nikki burdine. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, nikki. a woodbridge, virginia man is being held without bond, charged in the murder of his wife. police say 22-year-old jon sherwood stab -- john sherwood stabbed his 21-year-old wife, erica, as she visited with friends. sherwood wanted to discuss an ongoing dispute but police say the argument got physical and ended with her death. the couple has one son who was in the home at the time of the argument. prince george's county police are still looking for the man who shot and killed another man new year's morning. 22-year-old stefan powell was found dead in a parking garage on milestone way. there was a bullet hole in the car at the scene. residents tell wusa9 there have been several break-ins at the garage, even though there is a gate. a traffic stop in west virginia ends with two officers shot and two bodies discovered in a truck. the driver of the truck shot
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the officers after they pulled over another vehicle on i-66 in greenbrier county. inside the truck of the driver who shot at the police were the bodies of a husband and wife from north carolina. their home had been set on fire. north carolina and federal officials are both investigating. in louisa county, virginia still no sign of the driver who struck and killed a man on new year's eve. 35-year-old jason king was walking on the side of a busy road when he was hit. that road is a busy cut through to a major highway and people often walk there. king lived at a nearby mobile home park. virginia state police are investigating. a leesburg, virginia man is missing in mexico. 25-year-old hari simran is missing after going for a short hike in the mountains. the family is wanting the cell
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phone companies to release data. they have refused because of privacy laws. he was last heard from afternoon on tuesday. turning now to the crash of airasia flight 8501, a total of 30 bodies have now been recovered from sunday's crash. five of those found today were still strapped in their seats. searchers are still looking for the black boxes in the fuselage which they hope contains the remains of many passengers and crew. cbs' craig boswell has more. >> reporter: search crews in the java sea had a productive day friday recovering as many as 21 bodies from airasia flight 8501, some still strapped in their seats. the american ship the u.s.s. sampson alone has recovered at least six victims. coffin after coffin was flown back to indonesia where the flight originated. military personnel worked into the night moving the bodies of the victims to centers where they can be identified. authorities used dental records and fingerprints to identify
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three more victims and turned over their remains to their families, including the body of an 11-year-old boy. debris from the plane has also been found, but the fuselage and the plane's flight recorders remain lost. search planes with sonar and metal detecting equipment are scouring the sea bed looking for the wreckage. it's hoped the airliner remained mostly intact and the bodies of most of the 162 people on board are still in the cabin. craig boswell, cbs news. >> bad weather has hampered the search for the plane and the rest of the victims and strong winds and heavy seas are forecast through sunday. the crippled italian ferry that caught fire sunday was towed back to port today. at least 11 people were killed, many more still not accounted for. a greek passenger took this video on board the ship. you can see the thick black smoke pouring out of the hole while passengers in life jackets wait on deck to be rescued. during the rescue this photographer was separated from his family because women and
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children were rescued first. the weekend is almost here. first, we have to get through the rest of today. meteorologist allyson rae has our first forecast and a yellow alert for the weekend, too, allyson? >> we just issued the yellow alert for saturday. we'll go through the timing for the rain for your saturday coming up a little later. we'll see a couple of areas of some sleet possible in the morning and then the rest of us just see rain. but it could be heavy at times. take a look outside. we're gearing up for tomorrow with the clouds headed your way. temperatures not too bad. 45 degrees right now, but those winds out of the north 3 miles an hour. notice the dew point has increased from yesterday from the dry air to a little bit more mild now. current temperatures across the area, 45 for baltimore. still chilly up through hagerstown. 41 manassas. tonight with the clouds in place still, we're still going to see a pretty chilly night, near freezing setting us up for the sleet possible first thing tomorrow morning. expect the clouds and a dry night tonight but here comes the rain. you can see it off to georgia
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and also through alabama. it's headed off to the northeast. first thing tomorrow morning. we'll time it out for you coming up a little bit later. >> thanks, allyson. still ahead this noon, why one of the world's most famous rock musicians says he may never play guitar again. >> plus, a look back at the remarkable career of former new york governor mario cuomo.
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former new york governor mario cuomo is being remembered as a champion of liberalism today. the three-term governor died yesterday of heart failure. he rose to national prominence following his keynote address of the 1984 democratic convention. in 1998 and 1992, he flirted with a run for the white house but both times he stayed out of the race. during bill clinton's administration, governor cuomo turned down a supreme court appointment opting to seek a
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fourth term in new york but he lost that. his son, andrew, is the current new york governor. mario cuomo was 82 years old. every 13 seconds an adult is rushed to an emergency department in the u.s. because of a fall and last night it was senate democratic leader harry reid. he had to be hospitalized after he broke several ribs and bones in his face while exercising in his nevada home. he apparently fell after a piece of equipment on the exercise apparatus broke. reid's office says lereturn to office -- he will return to office this weekend and will be in the senate when it convenience on tuesday. u2 guitarist says i may not play again. he required surgery for his eye socket, shoulder blade and elbow while bicycling. his band mates have reminded him that neither they nor western civilization are
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depending on this. he went home for the holidays too. now president obama and his family will be wrapping up their 16-day hawaiian vacation this weekend. the president played lots of golf, ate at some of ohau's best restaurants and relaxed in the tropical weather. when he returns to washington, he reportedly wants to work with the republican congress on issues like taxes, trade, and infrastructure. e-zpass drivers take note. your account could be suspended if you are doing something in particular. we'll tell you what that is. allyson rae is back with what's shaping to be a messy saturday. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste
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if you speed through the e- zpass lane, we have a warning for you. your e-zpass could be revoked. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report that five e-zpass states, including maryland, are watching for speeders. so if you drive 12 miles over the limit, they're looking for you. the maryland transportation authority will send you a warning. if you are a repeat offender, they'll like you suspend your e- zpass. college football will have a new national champion and for the first time since 2009, a team from the -- [ inaudible ] heisman trophy winner mariota outplayed last year's winner jaimis winston. in last night's super bowl, alabama took an early lead over ohio state just like they were expected to. but the buckeyes had some other ideas. they dominated the second half
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winning 42-35. so it will be the ducks and the bucks january 12 for the national championship. how exciting. we're both scc fans here. a big difference us for. we had a big storm over new year's eve in the southwest where they're not used to snow. dwe have a gorgeous picture if we could take it from the grand grand cannion. it's breathtaking. look at that. that's actually from the south rim. it's typical to get snow out there through the rim. swhat's not so common is when you get it all the way down into the canyon. what a breathtaking picture there. we'll see some rain tomorrow. even a little bit of sleet possible through the morning. then next week brace yourself. next week it's going to be uncomfortable to say it nicely.
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we have rain to the southwest. you can see the clouds into our area. temperatures not too bad. probably the best looking day of the next seven days so enjoy it for all that it's worth. temperatures are really going to take a plunge next week. highs mid- to upper 40s. a couple of degrees above average. but tonight it's still going to be cold. we're setting the stage for that yellow alert for tomorrow. a couple different reasons we have the yellow alerpt. reason one, we could see a little bit of sleet. watch the temperatures. we see them dropping to near freezing if not below first thing tomorrow morning. 5:00 we see a couple of showers farther south orange and over to interstate 64. but notice the temperature near freezing. once we see rain showers move in before the lunch time, this is 9:30. a couple of showers here for areas north and west of the district. west and north of the district, that's where we'll see a couple of areas with the sleet mixed in. yellow alert reason number one. there we go. also if you're traveling through west virginia or above the mason-dixon line, you could run into freezing rain, a
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little bit of ice and snow through philadelphia and the poconos. but we are going to see just rain for areas in the district and south and east of the district. so we'll see that. then as we head through the afternoon, the temperature warms up so we lose that chance for sleet. areas nor and west. but reason number two for yellow alert, we have some heavier pockets of rain. this is lunch time on saturday, 12:00. temperatures are above freezing. but it's a cold rage. it's going to be uncomfortable. watch how the yellow color indicating heavier rainfall continues by 3:00. it's not going to rain all day saturday but through the afternoon we have a chance to dry out. temperatures not warming up much. we'll head to the lower 40s for saturday afternoon. this is 7:30. we're dry a good portion of your saturday evening. we are going to see more rain head your way on sunday. winds are turning on sunday and they're going to be out of the southwest. keeping our temperatures as normally warm on sunday. here come the heavier pockets of rain sunday at 6:00 in the morning. we won't see as many showers but you can see them back here still kind of lining up.
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a couple of trailing showers sunday afternoon but most of your sunday afternoon will be dry. winds out of the southwest. temperatures are headed to near 60 degrees before they just drop off on monday and through the rest of the week. 45 to 50 today. we'll be -- it will be a mild day. good looking day. tonight chilly, 28 to 33. mostly cloudy and dry. tomorrow a little bit of sleet possible west and north of the district. yellow alert. then we have the heavier pockets of rain saturday night. we stay generally dry. more showers for sunday morning. it gets warm and breezy. now, take a close look at these temperatures. you're going to have to really find the heaviest jacket you can find in your closet for next week. monday 38. then we see the coldest air of the season not for one day but for four days. 32 by wednesday. i think wednesday could be the windiest day. thursday barely reaching 30 degrees. we might stay in the 20s. thanks so much for watching the
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yes? she'd like to speak at the conference. fresh thinking is kinda my thing. i designed this chaise at havertys. what are you presenting? my ideas on design and personal style. this is a conference for visionaries. that's her. innovators. that's me. oh. you'll fit right in with the nobel prize that's what i was saying. a new year deserves a new look with everything on sale at havertys. plus enjoy 36-month, no interest financing. havertys. discover something you. there are steps humans can
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take to make travel better for their human friends. dr. logan is here in northwest washington. we welcome you to channel 9. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> if you have to it's best to leave your pets at home but if you must travel, what are some of the key things we need to know first. they travel equally by car? >> i would say that cats are less of a fan of being in a car for obvious reasons. i think they're more comfortable if they're secure in a carrier. that's obviously safer for the cat and the drivers. dogs, sometimes they're keen on being the in -- being in the car and sometimes they're not. depends on the dog. >> a long drive versus a short drive, what should we keep in mind? >> it's good to take lots of stops to get them out and let them get some exercise and a little water but they do fine, especially if you're stopping periodically. they would much rather i think go with their owners and the owners much prefer to take
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them. i'm very excited that many, many people want to take their animals. they're part of the family. i think all in all they do quite well and are happier with their owners. >> are we seeing places that will accept animals when we're traveling by car, hotels that make accommodations? >> it's way different and there are many websites that have lists of all the hotels in an area and accommodations for boarding them for short periods of time, but many hotels take them. they realize that people that travel with their animals are generally really responsible and good people to have as their guests. >> the same things we consider for humans in the car, make sure you have enough food and snacks along the way and any medications if they need that. >> absolutely. prescriptions, prescription diets if needed, especially when traveling enter nationally. that would be especially important. >> let's talk about travel internationally because we've all errorred these horrible stories of animals being -- reported these horrible stories of animals being in cargo
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holds. what should we need to do if we take an animal by plane? do we talk to the airline first before we book the flight? >> a lot of that depends whether you're talking domestic versus international travel. domestic travel speak to your airlines. find out what health certificates may be required and specifications of the did mentions of a carrier that may be needed for the dog or cat. international travel, probably the first thing to do is figure out where you're going and when you're going and then speak to your veterinarian about proper documentation, serpt cats that may -- certificates that may be required, immunizations. some countries require extra disease testing, flea and tick pairp site control. some of that -- parasite control. some of that needs to take place up to six months before travel. i think the owners and animals are always more comfortable if in the cabin. the vast majority of these animals do quite well with travel and are excited to go.
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>> thank you for the good advice. thank you for watching. we'll be back at 5:00. have a great day and a great weekend.
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>> phyllis: billy. becoming a father again really agrees with you. you look exceptionally dashing. >> billy: what do you want phyllis? >> phyllis: and you are very very smart. >> billy: and busy, so... >> phyllis: okay. come on. >> billy: [ sighs ] okay. what's this all about? >> phyllis: i need some help. >> billy: fine. why'd you have to drag me in here to discuss business? >> phyllis: this has nothing to do with jabot. this is about something far more treacherous. >> stitch: from the looks of that picture, you didn't have such a great holiday. >> kelly: [ chuckles ] it wasn't so bad. >> sti


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