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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  February 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a career high. >> [crowd noise]. >> kevin: 6.5 to go. >> bill: this hasn't hand in a while, right? the dribble hand off. well defended. >> kevin: defended well by arkansas. they have not given up. >> bill: there is a lot of character in this team and this program. there always has been. >> kevin: off to their best start is arkansas. since the mid-90s. >> bill: pi met their radio announcer. and the player enhancement coach. >> kevin: a good tradition in arkansas. they went to the national championship. here comes harrison. cauley-stein. >> bill: that was an armpit
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swipe. that's how long he is. goodness! terrific concentration. early in the game, he put his stamp on this. >> kevin: towns puts it up. 1100 points in his career at 2 schools. >> bill: drive it. make some noise. >> kevin: sec winning streak by arkansas the longest since the '94 season. the most wins in conference. >> bill: trying to go backside there. qualls. going around town. >> kevin: here is qualls. his second foul. cal will have nothing of
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trapping in the corner. >> bill: the way they inbounds it now. >> kevin: a run by the razorbacks. >> bill: lyles is really coming around. nice fake. nice give. >> kevin: andrew harrison. tap in try by trey lyles. picked up by qualls. running in this brisk game speed from the get go. >> [crowd noise]. >> kevin: a foul called. >> [buzzer]. >> kevin: coach, if you come here for a game it may take a couple of years to get a ticket.
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>> bill: it is a special arena. >> kevin: the last time arkansas beat a number 1, 1984 in pine bluff arkansas. charles valentine. who do you think will be beat this team in '84? >> bill: kentucky? >> kevin: nope. but not a bad guess. think blue. >> bill: you got me. >> kevin: carolina. >> [crowd noise]. >> [whistle]. >> bill: that's his guy, too. he is right. we were looking down at the ball. that would have been an easy one to call really. >> [booing]. >> bill: looking at the monitor.
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i wanted to see if it was dirty. >> kevin: off his shoulder. >> bill: they are looking to see if there was any movement of that arm. i think it was just a missed call. you just have to go with it. nothing vicious at all. this is a safe call. but doctor! this is when you hope you have insurance. >> kevin: the good news is he is up and okay. >> bill: play on! >> [crowd noise]. >> bill: the toughness of beard.
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back ready to go. >> kevin: equals their highest ranking in the country. >> bill: kentucky they don't get flustered with the press. they attackeded it and ran their stuff. >> [crowd noise]. >> [buzzer]. >> [cheers and applause]. >> kevin: oh my goodness! >> [cheers and applause]. >> kevin: he puts it through. he averages over 17. >> bill: his concentration is special tompmake that shot. nobody reacted defensively. >> kevin: tyler ulis is 5 foot 9. when they want to close an opponent out he is in there. >> bill: quickness too. good balance. nice hesiontati. >> kevin: andrew harrison.
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>> bill: any time you dribble-drive, just a terrific effort. know the shot clock as well. 12 and 9 for the little guy with the big ticker. stick him with it. >> kevin: high school basketball in chicago for tyler ulis. >> bill: drive and get in the lane. when kent needs help the bigs sniff it out and get to the rim. >> kevin: jacorey williams. >> [buzzer]. >> bill: how about the expression by cal? kevin he knows the lever to pull and the buttons to push. john calipari has a number 1 team going for their 29th consecutive win. in people. but the m-class scans for danger... ...corrects for lane drifting... ...and if necessary, it
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>> kevin: a look at the at&t fast analysis. >> bill: there was speed out on the floor. the ability to read screens. devin booker the head fake. the run out. gets it to the free throw line. and if you don't trail him properly he knows how to reverse and set up and losing the confidence to know where he is. delivers the knock down. he certain can. >> kevin: kentucky led from the get go. their 12th wire to wire win. 3:59 to go here in the contest. missouri is up in the stands
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watching. qualls. qualls. >> [crowd noise]. >> kevin: trey lyles. the put back by willie cauley-stein. tyler ulis. making a point to slow down. portis getting his hands in there. saved guy lyles. cauley-stein. >> bill: tough to handle for a big guy. >> kevin: good steal. >> bill: i love this. they don't stop. a lot of guys would have their heads down. this speaks well for the whole program. kevin yes. qualls has led his team in
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scoring all season long. >> [crowd noise]. >> bill: they are just using the clock as you know. >> [crowd noise]. >> kevin: this conference has improved this year. towns bouncing it off. >> bill: i agree with you. 6 maybe? >> kevin: qualls. rims it out. comes the other way. that was inside. and, bill you will see it right now. he is in the top 60 rpi. >> bill: what a change.
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just great. lsu played this kentucky team great. we talked about that earlier in the game. they changed the look. made them work harder. >> kevin: cauley-stein puts up his fourth. qualls. we talked about an injury wildcats who is rehabbing from - acl surgery. poythress. >> bill: oh my gosh. >> kevin: they just plug in somebody else. poythress is coming back. >> bill: what is nice about the guys are mature. they understand cal. >> [crowd noise]. >> kevin: shot clock at 4.
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cauley-stein. >> [cheers and applause]. >> kevin: step back. >> bill: oh i like that. >> kevin: and attacking. that's what arkansas will do. a minute and a half to play. >> bill: nice spin. >> kevin: and alandise harris with the 2. >> bill: a quick timeout. why not? take it to the top. aggressive. what a ballgame high's had. strong, solid effort.
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tonight on cbs. back-to-back editions of 48 hours. kentucky always everybody's biggest game. for calipari that would keep your team up and never get bored. you always know you will get the best shot. >> bill: right. you have to do so many things well. their competitiveness, the talent and the size. and the scope of players on a regular basis. >> kevin: a player just checks
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in. beard knocks it in schulte. the current sec freshman of the week. >> bill: they just don't stop. that's what i love. >> kevin: the third consecutive game that kentucky has led fire to wire. >> bill: this kid is impressive. just breaks you down. under-stated control. >> kevin: anton beard picks it up. he is out for arkansas. the 46th title for kentucky. they win this outright with the win today over the 18th ranked razorbacks. >> bill: and 100 more wins
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right? >> kevin: yes. 29 consecutive wins after today. 2 regular season games left. they will play at georgia on tuesday. florida back here next week. they bring in other players now for the kentucky wildcats. a chance for all of these kids to see some time. dominique hawkins set to check in the game. e.j. floreal will check in. >> bill: we talked earlier today. >> [buzzer]. >> bill: [inaudible]. they love their game. they demand excellence and get
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it. they won it in 1978 in saint louis. >> kevin: he is always here. >> bill: yes. jimmy sparnarkle one of our associates. joe-b. we spent a few evenings together. [laughing]. >> kevin: that catches no one by surprise. keaton miles is in. the junior from dallas. transfer from west virginia. out of bounds it goes. kentucky. they have not trailed for the last 143 minutes going back to their february 17th game against tennessee. >> bill: you have it all! >> [cheers and applause]. >> kevin: 8.3.
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>> bill: he calls a timeout. >> kevin: bill we are 2 weeks and a day away from selection sunday. >> bill: unbelievable. what a great evening that is. some cases absolute joy. >> kevin: we want to thank all of the people in our truck for a terrific day here in
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lexington. that's a shot outside. >> [buzzer]. >> kevin: that will do it. kentucky has won its 29th consecutive game. they go to 16 and 0 in the conference. they win the conference championship upright. leading by 16.5. kept the margin in double digits for the final 22 minutes. tonight on cbs, ncis with back-to-back episodes of 48 hours. for bill raftery, kevin ollie. -- kevin harlan. a presentation of cbs sports home of the men's national championship. now to greg gumbel in new york after these messages. pass
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pass and give you the strong signal you deserve. that's awesome! isn't is awesome?! so ya'll optimizied it? we optimized it! people of earth... oh boy... ...america's strongest lte signal is here! >> hi. welcome to the "road to the final 4." i am greg gumbel in new york joined by clark kellogg and seth davis. let's remind you tonight on cbs. begins with ncis los angeles
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followed by 48 hours all coming up tonight only on cbs. the game you just saw. kentucky beating arkansas 84-67. the wildcats mutualove to 29 and 0. perfection. bill raftery with kentucky coach john calipari. >> they responded pretty well? >> we are a young team, but they stand up and play. we had a bunch of guys play well today. this was a physical game. they want to know how you score more points. just call a lot of fouls. >> bill: [laughing]. >> i know. this is a veteran team. >> bill: defensively i am so impressed with your kids. how do you get them to perform at this high level?
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>> when you can block shots, you can stretch your defense. can you get guys off the 3 point line and make them drive. they made a bunch of threes in the second half. but i was really proud of how hard and smart we played in the halfcourt. >> bill: your kids competed well today. >> well, they beat us 3 times in a row. it was physical. we could not stay up with it. today i had more people. you are bringing in wave after wave. >> bill: congratulations. thanks for stopping by. >> other scores. virginia tech at virginia. >> cavaliers were tested. gill with the move and the hoop. and adam smith from virginia tech. nice runner off the window. cutted lead to only 2 for virginia. nolte the long 3 pointer.
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virginia starting to pull away. atkins underneath. the 2 man throw down and the cavaliers continue to chalk up wins. >> virginia 8 in a row. over tech. in wichita, the shockers hosting northern iowa. >> missouri valley conference regular season title. came down to this game. the last of the regular season. wichita state was outstanding from behind the arc. they were 11 for 24. looked like they were going to blow it open. northern iowa came back. fred van vleet and 14 assists and cotton and the shockers are the missouri valley conference champions. >> xavier hosted villanova. >> xavier up by 9 in the early going. early in the second half. villanova. jenkins finds ochefu inside for
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the layup. here come the villanova wildcats. 10 straight wins now. arcidiacono from downtown. and the outright big east regular season champs for the villanova wildcats. my partner thinks they could be a number 1 seed. >> could be. >> 14 and 2 in the big east. at phog allen, under way in the second half. 5 minutes in. 42-38 the texas longhorns with the lead over 8th rated kansas. jayhawks trailing. 2 manhattan, kansas. iowa state paid a visit to the kansas state wildcats. >> this game was crazy. iowa state led by train points in the first half. the wildcats came storming back. monte morris for iowa state. the hoop and the harm. put them up by 1. the steal. wesley iwundu. iowa state on the next possession. georges niang. not going to happen.
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kansas state surstrived. -- survived. they doesn't storm the court. the kansas state wildcats are alive. if they win at texas they are definitely in. >> 70-69 the final score. baylor hosting west virginia. >> and juwan staten one of the outstanding guards. out due to a knee injury. the mountaineers in transition. that's daxter miles finishing on the play. taurean prince. and rico gathers. gathers that one up and down. and taurean prince knocking it down if 3. that's what he does. the baylor bears plus 14. they go on to win by 12. >> baylor has won 4 straight and shot 51%. led throughout this game. the baylor bears win over west virginia. now the "road to the final 4" continues tomorrow here on cbs. double header action beginning
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at 2 eastern time with smu taking on u-conn. that is followed by 5th ranked wisconsin hosting the michigan state spartans. ncaa basketball action continues tonight on cbs sports network. do you think anything about that seth? >> yes, i am headed there. >> only on the 24 hour home of cbs sports. tonight begins with ncis and 48 hours. only coming up on cbs. >> just getting started. >> enjoy it. >> for all of us here at cbs sports i am greg gumbel. see you tomorrow. have a good evening.
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. she was just waiting for the bus when a car jumped a curb and crashed into the woman. hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. we'll get to the bus stop crash in a moment, but first, it might look okay now, but plans for the rest of the weekend might hinge on the rest of the weekend forecast. we're bracing for freezing rain and sleet. let's begin with erica grow. >> that's right. we might even see some snow early in the day. this is what you need to know for tomorrow's forecast. snow and sleet start in the morning hours for most of us around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. this will move toward us from south to north, so obviously locations to the south of the beltway will see


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