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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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feet of square space. the asking price for the town in case you're interested, howard a big fan, $680,000. right now on 9news, delayed. an icy sunday is causing schools and businesses to open late this morning. and it's not erov yet. when another blast of winter weather could hit the region. also ahead, deadly confrontation. what cops say happened moments rebefoic offers opened fire on a homeless man on la skid row. the new man chosen to lead d.c.'s fire department. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. the federal government and a number of school systems or a two-hour delay this morning. >> i'm nick giovanni. we also have a couple of closures to pass your way. prince william, fairfax and montgomery county schools have all decided to close up shop. that's as a result of the conditions outside.
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larry miller, you'll be briefing us on the roadways. howard bernstein, allyson rae, what about the forecast? >> loudoun joined that list recently of closures. just heard that we're looking at ice for another hour or two. we just got to get a little warmer. sun will be out, too we have fog, ice. a much better afternoon. >> you look out the window right now, not good. give it a couple of hours. the afternoon is going to be nice. we'll see sunshine and the sun angle is between enough that we'll see things melt. yesterday afternoon what a mess. lots of ice out there. i know on my way to the car, it was a slow slide i guess you should say with that ice on the sidewalks. the roads are doing okay unless they are untreated but our visibility is low. we have fog out there on top of all of this ice. you can't get some good -- [indiscernible] the things will be better this afternoon. near freezing right now. we're headed to the 40s for
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this afternoon. here are your highs. areas north of 66 will stay in the up ir30s. coming up -- upper 30s. coming up we have an active weather week ahead. first let's go to larry with timesaver traffic. good morning to you at home. we've had a lot of issues this morning. one of the major issues we had was on 50 at whitehall road. this was on the eastbound side. that accident all cleared up now. so no problems there. we also had an earlier accident looks like in college park there between baltimore avenue and 95 interchange. that's all cleared up so no problems there either. if you're going to be traveling on the inner and outer loop of the beltway, no problems this morning. a live look at colesville road shows you volume is building but no major issues. back to nick and andrea. in the words of allyson rae, what a mess. she was talking about sunday and that's causing all of our problems this morning. >> our vanessa herring has been simulating your morning commute all morning long. where are you now on the roadways? >> reporter: good morning. we are on river road in
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bethesda, and it's pretty clearite now. we haven't run into too many problems. the road is a little wet but so far we haven't run into any icy spots. not seeing as much slush here. really the most slush we saw was in the area of beach drive. it was very icy and slushy. here it's kind of mimicking what we saw in much of the district. a little bit of moisture on the roads but not too tough of a commute. however, lots of cars were icy when we were driving around. if you don't have a garage, allow yourself extra time to scrape the car off. do be careful. we did see a lot of ice on the sidewalks. if you're walking or catching the metro, be aware of that. nick and andrea action back to you. a number of federal government agencies and several school districts are delaying their opening by two hours this
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morning. some even closures at this point. we have a list running at the bottom of the screen. you can also find the list on your phone as well as the latest traffic and weather conditions with our wusa9 app. it's free in the google play and apple itunes stores. after a nationwide search, today d.c. mayor muriel bowser will name a permanent fire chief for the district. >> agreeingry dean, the former fire chief in seattle, washington is expected to be named to that position. nikki burdine is at station 2 along f street northwest for the announcement -- where the announcement will take place. >> reporter: gregory dean is coming from little where he had been for 44 years. and he just retired in december. his last ten years there at the seattle fire department he was serving as chief. now, dean will take over an embattled department most recently with their response to the smoke-filled metro incident in january when a woman died. seattle's fire department is similar to d.c.'s.
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agreeingry dean we know is known for his work with emergency medicine, specifically the relationship it fire and ems. the seattle department is internationally known for its reputation in emergency medicine. he also testified in front of congress during the review of don't ask, don't tell. he talked about how he integrated women and lgbt firefighters into the department. dean has held several positions in his 44 years there, including fire marshal but that is not what he had in mind when he first started there in 1970. >> when i joined, i thought i was going to do this job until i found real work and i have never gone out and looked for another job since i got here. >> reporter: so after a long career like that 44 years, he was looking forward to retirement. he said he was looking to improve his golf game and spending time with his family. now that's not going to happen. the council will have to approve. i'll tell you what seattle's mayor had to say about chief
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gregory dean. that and more coming up. >> it will be a big change. he was born and raised in seattle, never worked on the east coast. so welcome. it is 6 after the hour. today the federal transit administration is scheduled to begin a safety inspection of metro transit. the fta safety inspection will assess the rails of the strain system. it will also look at bus safety. this is one of several investigations prompted by the l'enfant tunnel smoke incident that left one woman dead and dozens of others injured in january. several agencies are launching an investigation into a deadly shooting involving lapd officers and a homeless man. >> it happened in the cities' skid row section on sunday. it was caught on camera and happened in front of several witnesses. danielle nottingham has more from los angeles. >> reporter: a witness had their cell phone camera rolling as police and a homeless man got into a confrontation in the
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city's skid row section around noon on sunday. [ shots fired ] >> reporter: during the struggle, shots were fired and a man was killed. officers responded to the area to investigate a possible robbery. >> when they got to the soon, they made con-- scene, they made contact with the suspect. during the contact an altercation occurred. >> reporter: police say during the struggle officers tried to use a taser gun on the man. >> it is unknown if that taser struck the suspect but the altercation continued. and that altercation then resulted in an officer-involved shooting. >> reporter: this witness says the manual was fighting with another -- man was fighting with another person on the the sidewalk before officers arrived. >> when they got out the car, they ran up. they pulled their guns out and shot himle five times. >> reporter: police will review video from surveillance cameras in the area. >> it's going to be a long investigation. we will get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: so far police can't confirm the number of officers involved or how many shots were fired. danielle nottingham, cbs news,
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los angeles. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva this morning to address the united nations human rights council. kerry is scheduled to deliver a speech defending israel. the council has repeatedly called out israel for violating international treaties. the u.n. has also criticized the country for its interaction with palestinians and ethiopian immigrants. despite the rift it the u.s. and reyes over iran be -- israel over iran, the obama administration is confirming -- [ inaudible ] israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addresses the annual conference of the pro-israel lobby aipac in washington today. the address coming a day ahead of his historic but controversial speech to congress. it's expected to toe cuss on iran's nuclear ambitions and israel's security. netanyahu angered the white house and other democrats by accepting speaker john boehner's invitation. the invitation was issued without consulting the white house first. despite the call for democrats
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to boycott the speech, the demand for tickets has been high. one year agra elecia rudd went miss -- ago, relisha rudd went missing. they are still trying to figure out what happened. a new bill could change a right turn on red. >> we have a dense fog advisory till 10:00 up and down the i-95 corridor. i'm have a look at visibilities, temps and let you know when things will improve when we come back right people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces
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three-quarters at andrews across the bay to easton. higher visibilities are north and west where the winds are starting to kick up. our temps are running into the low 30s. most still below freezing. watch the icy spots. but sun returns later this morning. we're talking about highs upper 30s to low 40s so it will be a lot better here later this morning. let's check in with larry miller because things are still kind of dicey out there. >> dicey here and there. a lot of the earlier accidents we had clearing up. 295 northbound free and clear of any issues. southbound looking good as well. so you have no problems if you're traveling in the district. i-695 also free and clear of any problems. for those of you traveling on 66, however, we've had some slowdowns going on in centreville as you make your way toward the beltway. be mindful of the slowdowns aren't the result of any accidents. just congestion starting to build up as we get toward the height of the rush hour. 270 seeing slowdowns from frederick toward the beltway. make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes to get on the road and get to your destination. i would say about 10 minutes should do the trick. let's send it back to nick and andrea. this afternoon d.c. mayor
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muriel bowser will provide an update into the investigation of relisha rudd's disappearance. it was one year ago yesterday that relisha went missing from the homeless shelter where she was living. family and friends held a prayer service in the southeast washington church yesterday to make sure relisha's case is not forgotten. >> as a father you are a protector and there will be times i feel as though i failed to protect my own daughter. >> police believe the shelter's janitor kahlil tatum kidnapped the little girl. he was found dead with a self- inflicted gunshot. today is the last day for former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's attorney to file briefs in his conviction and sentence. he was sentenced to two years in prison, found guilty of corruption charges last summer. his wife, maureen, was sentenced ten days ago but did not receive prison time. the hearing on bob mcdonnell's appeal is scheduled for may 12.
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we all turn right on red in maryland, but most of us don't come to a complete stop before making that turn. and that's illegal. but that could soon change. the maryland subcommittee on transportation is considering a bill which would allow drivers to make rolling right turns on red lights. the bill faces heavy opposition, though. critics say it would put pedestrians at greater risk. apparently sunday was just the beginning of what's predicted to be an active week of winter weather. >> and we're back in two minutes with a new international report calling for stricter rules on weapons
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in the news right now, the united nations is calling for a more stringent arm embargo in libya. the u.s. and others worry any weapons provided to the fragile western-backed government would quickly fall into enemy hands. meanwhile isis is reportedly released 19 christian captives in syria. they were among more than 200 people taken by isis last week. the fate of the hundreds who are still held capital irwe're told is unknown -- captive we're told is unknown. there are reports the military has started operations to recapture saddam hussein's hometown from isis. it fell into the hands into isis last summer along with the country's second largest city
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mosul. the fire department in new orleans is trying to figure out what caused two train cars carrying crude oil to derail. it happened around 6:00 yesterday evening. fortunately there was no spill. but this is the second incident involving tank cars in the last month. the first happened in west virginia and that accident ended in an oil leak and evacuations in nearby towns. we are learning more about yet another train accident in california. it happened sunday when an amtrak train hit an empty vehicle. the 85 people on the train were not hurt we're told. this comes just days after a chuter train hit an empty truck injuring 30 people. the accidents happened just ten miles away from each other. more parents are choosing to delay giving vaccines to their kids. that according to a new survey from the the journal of pediatrics. the findings say doctors worry undervaccinated kids are becoming more vulnerable to preventible diseases. southern new england is
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entering march with another round of winter weather. boston is expecting another 6 inches of snow today which could well push the city overrity snowfall record of 107.6 inches. >> brutal. from coast to coast weather was the talk of the weekend in many places as march came in like a lion. >> reporter: winter is not ready to quit yet. black ice near raleigh, north carolina caused at least a dozen cars to spin out and pile up sunday. >> i didn't know how to control my car. i was swerving a lot. and i ran basically slid down that hill. your life flashes before your lives because you don't know if you're going to die. >> reporter: nobody was hurt. in new york city another weekend means another snowstorm. drivers are dealing with slick roads across much of the state. >> i haven't seen any since i came through. >> reporter: snow is in the forecast for boston which is less than 6 inches away from setting a new record for the snowiest winter ever. >> i think we're breaking the
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record unfortunately. >> reporter: winter storms across -- has cost massachusetts more than $100 million. march snow roared into the midwest. about 6 inches fell in independent ap liss sunday. that's more -- indianapolis sunday. that's more than the city averages the whole month of march. the good news? spring is just weeks away. kris van cleave, new york. a lack of snow is the problem in alaska. the starting line for the idatarod had to be moved more than 200 miles north because of the lack of snow. several places in the northeast, though, like new york city and portland, maine had their coldest februaries on record. 6:20. it's been an incredible winter for them and pretty much so us for. we had a slow start and then the new year. >> cold feck. coldest february since 1979 around here. we're still dealing with the cold to start march as you know with all the ice yesterday. we'll warm up mid week but potentially more of that white s word stuff. let's show you the day planner.
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we're starting to see a few breaks in the overcast and the fog is lifting. still quite dense in a few other spots. we'll see sunshine build in, especially later this morning and the afternoon pushing the thermometer into the low 40s. we'll do a lot of melting here even in the next few hours. right now it's slick. it's foggy, especially from dulles south. visibility still a quarter mile there. a quarter mile across southern maryland, across the bay and quantico out toward culpeper. the visibilities down to one quarter after mile. the front is coming. when we look at winds guing to 20 -- gusting to 20 miles an hour in martinsburg, this will come across toward the east the next few hours. clear out the low-level moisture and we'll be in far better shape. but ice still a problem. when you've got temperatures at freezing or below, yeah, it's still slick in many spots. the sidewalks, your driveway. this is why the schools were delayed and closed this morning. martinsburg got into the warm air. they're up to 42. the winds haven't kicked in yet in winchester, 32.
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still fog lingering in washington on our weather camera. 34 national. a light west wind at 3. that will start to kick out of the northwest the next couple of hours. talked about the threat of wintery weather thursday thanks to this guy coming into southern california. they need the rain. they need a lot more rain and mountain snows but that's going to head east and this first thing will get out of here but boy, it's going to get messy here by even tomorrow afternoon when we'll have enough cold air around that on tuesday afternoon, we're going to start out with some rain and sleet first before going to all rain. the yellow alert this morning. we'll drop it probably later this morning because it will be sunny and warmer, 42. tonight in the 20s. tomorrow 38 with the afternoon mix to rain. warming up to 55 on wednesday, but a wet day. then the cold air returns with the moisture so snow on thursday. not sure how much yet but we'll watch that and milder by the weekend. larry miller, bring it in. what's going on on the roads? looks like we have another accident that popped up taking place on 95 in virginia as you make your way up toward the beltway. taking place between lorton and
6:23 am
fairfax county, parkway. causing some slowdowns on the northbound side. the shoulder blocked. want to be mindful if you're heading in that area. we have a live camera to show you. volume starting to build. this is actually just a few stops south of that accident but once you get closer to where that accident is taking place, that's where we start to see the slowdowns. for those of you getting ready to head out the door, no major issues as you make your way from clara barton parkway. those heading from lee highway to fairfax drive, a 26-minute commute. and if you're traveling up 395 from edsall road toward 7th street southwest, you're looking at a ten-minute commute this morning. for those of you traveling in prince george's county, you're looking at a fair commute this morning as you make your way from 50 in toward the district. we do have a number of delays with metro bus. wasn't to check in with metro before you head out the door this morning. back to nick and andrea. coming up, a rift continues to widen over israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's visit to washington.
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>> tensions continue to mount in russia three days after the assassination of a proper incident opposition leader. wusa9 is
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make us stronger.
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when a girl connects with a science mentor... her confidence grows. when schools connect with technology... a 5th grader's world opens up. and when a worker connects to online degrees... his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. . at 6:26, here are some things you may have missed. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington to address aipac tonight but a speech tomorrow has started a political and diplomatic firestorm. >> an address before congress
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tomorrow, just two weeks before israeli elections is inappropriate, says the white house. susan mcginnis has more on the controversy. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington where he will address a joint session of congress tuesday. today he'll make his case against a deal on iran's nuclear program before the powerful pro-israel lobby group aipac. >> his message is that a nuclear armed iran, meaning nuclear weapons is a danger to israel and a danger to the rest of the world because it will provoke an arms race. >> reporter: the u.s. and five nations are working to seal an agreement by april that would severely cut iran's nuclear actives for at least ten years in return for an easing of economic sanctions. netanyahu says concerns over the deal prompted him to accept the invitation from house speaker john boehner. >> it has been frankly remarkable to me to the extent to which over the last five or six weeks the white house has
6:28 am
attacked the prime minister, attacked me for wanting to hear from one of our closest allies. >> reporter: speaker boehner never consulted the white house about the visit sparking tension between the administration and forcing congressional democrats into an uncomfortable choice. >> i'm going to listen quite respectfully. i'm not going to jump up and down which is likely to be the posture in that room. >> reporter: while democratic senator dianne feinstein plans to attend, dozens of democrats will boycott the address. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> we understand president obama has no plans to meet with netanyahu while he's in walk. john kerry said sunday despite the split on iran, the obama administration is committed to israel's defense. yesterday tens of thousands of russians flooded moscow streets to protest the assassination of a popular opposition leader. on friday boris nemstov was shot four times in the back as he was walking home from a
6:29 am
restaurant with his girlfriend. he was the leader of the opposition movement and former deputy prime minister. his assassination came just hours after he criticized russian president vladimir putin's war policy against ukraine during a radio interview. nemstov's supportsers claim he was killed for speaking out. some believe he was killed to destabilize the political situation in russia. speaker boehner says they will try to get house and senate negotiators to meet today with a goal working out their differences for the funding of the department of homeland security. late friday congress did pass a bill to extend dhs funding for one week. a number of republicans oppose the long-term bill unless it also bans enforcement of president obama's recent executive orders on immigration. on capitol hill, some republican senators are pledging to fight for health subsidies. on wednesday the supreme court is set to hear arguments in a case challenging a pillar of president owe boom ma's health
6:30 am
-- president obama's health care law t. could take away insurance subsidies for millions of americans. in a "washington post" opinion out yesterday, some republican senators said they would fight the decision if subsidies were taken away. we welcome you back to wusa9 at 6:30. i'm andrea roane. many of you like we did waking up to sidewalks and neighborhood streets covered with ice. both the federal government and a number of school districts are on a two-hour delay. gl we're talking fairfax, prince william, loudoun, montgomery county and anne arundel county schools all closed today. this could be a week full of winter weather. so with that let's welcome you back in here at 6:30. we're rolling five deep to tell you exactly what you will be looking at. that's how we do it here on wusa9. for those of you that haven't made it out this morning, basically what we saw -- ] multiple voices ] >> game time, my friend.
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>> a lot in terms of the sidewalks. they were a mess trying to get in this morning. >> some bobbing and weaving going on. >> add a little padding to your bum area. >> it is like a skating rink out there but gets a lot better. give it another to, three hours. this will be a decent afternoon. we're not out of the woods yet. >> oh, my goodness, you have to enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. we have a pretty active week. so you have to wait to see the seven-day forecast. it's a little up and down. a little bit of a roller coaster. let take a look how we're starting off on our michael & son camera. eight cloudy, dreary. kind of it's cloudy, dreary. kind of -- with everything iced over and the foggy start, 34 degrees, cloudy skies. we are going to see the ice go away but like we've been mentioning, those sidewalks are just a sheet of ice. anything left earn treated is going to be ice as well. once you do make it to the main
6:32 am
roads if you are getting out a little bit earlier, things seem to be okay on the treated roads. we are at 34 degrees. also note, we have some fog. just adding things up to your morning. we do have low visibility out through dulles and areas south and west of the district. things are improving as the winds pick up. we'll see that fog go away. temperatures near freezing. we're headed to the 40s today so that's something to look forward to and things will start to melt. good morning, larry. what's going on? right now a doubled tree on beach drive yet again. we had one earlier. a new one just reported to us. this one beach drive between joyce road northwest and wise road northwest. want to be mindful if you're headed out in that area this morning. metro having a number of delays. when we talk about the train as well as the buses, if you're going to be tramping on the -- traveling on the train, silver and orange to largo and new carrollton, delays there. 20 delays on buses. check with metro before heading out the door. most of us saw a
6:33 am
combination of snow, sleet, and freezing rain falling all day yesterday. >> familiar sight by now. if you are getting ready for work this morning, expect an icy coating on pretty much everything that didn't get treated. vanessa herring is on the road. where are you now? you've been making the move across the dmv. >> reporter: good morning. we are in spring valley on 48. this is another road, kind of like andrea described as crunchy. it's got snow on it with a little bit of ice. we're kind of crunching along here on 48th street in spring valley. but this is what we've been seeing all over this morning. some roads like this. some are a little worse. be care on the sidewalks. that's really one of the biggest problems we've seen. if you're walking to work, walking to the metro, just be aware that there are some slick sidewalks so make sure you take your time. also allow yourself the extra time to clear the ice off of your car. seeing lots of icy cars on the side of the road. if you have a garage, you're
6:34 am
lucky. you don't have to do it. if your car is outside, make sure you have the time to clear it off. nick and andrea, back to you. >> you're lucky. just within the last hour she had been traveling along beach drive near joyce where we now have a tree down. so keep safe. while the house has a number of schools opening two hours late, the federal government is opening on a two- hour delay. you can see the complete list of delays and closings at the bottom of your screen or on the wusa9 app. it's free in the google play and apple itunes stores. police are searching for a missing 15-year-old girl from greenbelt. kiera patrice richardson was last seen saturday in the 5700 block of cherry wood lane. richardson suffers from seizures. she contact add family member yesterday by text saying she was in danger. police say she's 5'9" and weighs 180 pounds with red hair and brown eyes. they ask if you do have any information, please pass that along. about four hours from now at 10:30 this morning, d.c. mayor muriel bowser is expected
6:35 am
to announce a permanent leader for the city's fire department. >> our own bruce johnson tells us it will not be the interim chief eugene jones. nikki, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're outside the fire station. they're doing some work out here. we are out here where they are getting ready to make that announcement later this morning. we expect to hear mayor bowser and she will be announcing that gregory dean from seattle's fire department will be the new chief here. he was with the department in seattle for 44 years. in the last ten of those years, he was the chief of that fire station. now, this is what else we know about gregory dean. he's known for his work cultivating relationships it fire departments and public safety organizations. he was part of the department that is internationally known for its reputation in emergency response. the mayor of seattle even asked chief dean to postpone his retirement before he made it official back in december. seattle's mayor said he will
6:36 am
miss his steady leadership and his wise counsel. the seattle department has 1100 members of which he rose through the ranks serving several leadership roles. once as fire marshal. over the years he dealt with lots of tragedies and among them was the four firefighters who died in a seattle warehouse fire back in 1994. >> i was very close he especially with lieutenant shoe maker and lieutenant kilgore. it continues to impact what we're thinking which you never forget. >> reporter: again, chief gregory dean coming to us from seattle, had planned on retiring back in december, said he was going to work on his golf game, spend time with his family and travel. that's not going to happen because he's going to be coming to d.c. to serve as d.c.'s new fire chief. we expect to hear the official announcement this morning at 10:30. we'll be there updating ow what happens. -- updating on what happens. >> give it a couple of months. check out hanes point. >> i'll see him on the driving range.
6:37 am
>> reporter: congratulations to our facebook fan of the day. today's winner is john brosnihan from manassas, virginia. he says jimmy buffett is great. >> well said. it's 5:00 somewhere. we're approaching 7:00 here. we want you to become our facebook fan of the day. this week's winners get two tickets to see jimmy buffett around the coral reef band over at jimmy lube -- jiffy lube live. go to our facebook page and fill out the entire form. >> visibilities north of 66 and 50 better than south of 66 and 50. give it a couple more hours. we'll be in a lot better shape later this morning as the sun will return. the wind will kick up. highs in the mid-30s well north and west, 40s south and east
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and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ ♪ it is 6:40. getting word that frederick maryland and prince george's county, maryland schools have both decided to close joining the growing list of closures. a change from a two-hour delay. temperatures still 32 from bowie, andrews and upper marlboro. we're looking at 31 in germantown. 33 in respectton. we're still -- reston. we're still hovering close and below freezing in many spots. it gets a lot better this afternoon. in the next two to three hours as we see some sun move in and temperatures will be climbing. we'll do a lot of melting by midday sunny and 39 with highs in the lower 40s. larry miller, happy monday. happy monday to you.
6:41 am
if you're heading outside, you'll be looking at some smooth drive times for the most part. one thing we want you to watch out for is of course the ice in some areas as well as because it's dense. if you're going to be making your way from clara barton parkway to i-95, a 16-minute commute. from sudley road to fairfax drive, a 32-minute commute. as you travel up 395 from edsall road toward 2nd street northwest, a 12-minute commute. to bladensburg road northeast, you're looking at a 14-minute commute. back to you. uber says its database containing the names and driver's licenses of 50,000 of its drivers was breached last may. drivers in multiple states are involved. uber says it's notified those drivers and hasn't received any reports of the information being misused. meanwhile fiat chrysler has expanded its world wild recall to fix a stolen problem on some of its models. this recall of nearly 470,000
6:42 am
vehicles is for 2012 and 2013 dodge durangos and 2011 jeep grand cherokees outside of north america. the dealers will install a new fuel pump on them. the automaker says so far there have been no reports of any crashes or injuries as a result of the problem. you better put a few more bucks on your e-zpass if you plan on traveling the toll road between dulles and leesburg. there's going to be an almost 3% toll increase meaning the toll will increase 10 cents from $4.20 to $4.30. this only affects the 14-mile stretch between dulles international airport and leesburg. this is billed as the largest event for the mobile telecommunications industry. the mobile world congress opens today in barcelona, spain, and runs through thursday. more than 1,000 companies will be represented, some like samsung are expected to unveil new products or services. speakers include facebook's ceo mark zucker berpg and wikipedia
6:43 am
co--- mark zuckerberg and wikipedia cofounder. a sky diver has a seizure during a free fall. the dramatic video coming up. >> and leaders in the house are expected to meet to try and hammer out a deal to fund homeland security. we're back in a few minutes with a look
6:44 am
in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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6:46. time to see what our friends over at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell is in new york with a preview. good morning, norah. >> hey, good morning you to, andrea and nick. ahead major garrett is going to take a look at the tense relationship between the u.s. and israel ahead of the israeli prime minister's speech to congress. plus, we've got an investigation. federal employees watching porn and sending threatening e-mails while at work. while cbs news investigates why these employees are still on the job. and then cal ripkin, jr. will be live in studio 57. we'll talk to him about a-rod,
6:47 am
efforts to shorten the baseball game and his new kids book. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00. i don't know about you but i'm a huge cal ripkin fan. >> he's a much loved individual here in the the washington area. we'll be looking forward to seeing that interview. >> a big deal as is one howard bernstein. thank you, norah. much appreciated. [ multiple voices ] >> you have a streak of your own you're working on. >> cal is fantastic. everybody says nothing but positive things about what he did as a player and even post- player. let's talk about the icing this morning. many temperatures still below freezing. your neighborhood perhaps, you have to scrape the car free from the ice. we'll be in the 40s in many areas later on. it will get better. already seeing a few breaks in the overcast as the fog is lifting here in washington this morning. more sun as we go throughout
6:48 am
the morning. in fact, this afternoon looks sunny. upper 30s to low 40s. even a few mid-40s in the warm spots. then tonight we're going to start clear. we're going to be in the 20s and the clouds will arrive by morning. right now the fog really a problem more south of 66 and south of route 50 in maryland where some of the visibilities are still down about a quarter mile from quantico over toward leonardtown and pax river naval air station. that's the dense fog here. notice dulles were a quarter. they're up to three miles. north and west of town still some dense fog advisories parts of fairfax, eastern loudoun. i think by 8:00 or so, it goes till 9:00 if not earlier we'll see that go away. let's see what's happening in with the temps. they're still in the low 30s. when they're below 2 or at 32 -- below 32, or at 32, southern maryland not allowing the ice to melt. we'll see improvement out of the west. in town cloudy skies, 36 with the west winds at 5 miles an
6:49 am
hour. a system on tuesday will bring a little bit of wintry weather tomorrow afternoon. should be in the form of sleet mostly changing to rain tomorrow night. so not anticipating widespread problems tomorrow. 42 today if not 44. with more sun developing. breezy, too. tonight we're in the 20s. tomorrow 38 degrees with the afternoon mix of sleet and rain to all rain tomorrow night as we warm up to 55 with more rain on wednesday. so we'll keep the yellow alert going. the cold, though, that's coming back thursday. with the moisture around, that rain will go back to snow. not sure if we get a little bit or problematic snow on thursday. it's likely we'll have to watch it. still cold friday before turning milder. here's larry million we are timesaver task. looks like the fog has proven to be an issue for drivers making the morning commute this morning. if you are going to be heading out on metro, all the trains running on time at this hour. but we do have 20 delays on the buses. so make sure to check in with metro before you head out the door. let's get a look at the beltway
6:50 am
and show you how things are shaping up. a lot of green on the map an indication that folks are able to drive at maximum speeds on the beltway. inner and outer loop, no issues there. the southeast-southwest freeway, no issue there is. 395 also looking good as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. a live look right now at the woodrow wilson bridge. you can see traffic starting to build up on both sides of the beltway there. but no problems to report. just the fog proving to be an issue for some of our friends that are driving to school and work this morning. if you're making your way from frederick on down toward the beltway here on 270, you can see we have a little bit after buildup here as you make -- of a buildup here as you make your way south. no major issues to report. a live look outsideshows that you traffic is -- outsideshows you that traffic is building. back you to. several news outlets challenge a gag order in the criminal case against the former ceo of massy energy -- massey energy. a nurse treated for ebola
6:51 am
in bethesda plans to file a lawsuit against her former employer. wusa9 is back people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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6:54 am
mayor bowser so announce her choice for d.c.'s new fire chief. his name is gregory dean coming from seattle where he was working as a firefighter for 44 years. the last ten of his years he was serving as chief. he retired just back in december and now he'll be moving to the east coast where he will head up d.c.'s fire department. israeli prime minister net net is in washington this morning. he's scheduled to speak tonight to the american israel public affairs committee. tomorrow night he'll speak to congress at the invitation of john boehner. that appearance was not run before the white house before nounced as is usually done. an aide to speaker boehner says they'll try to get house and senate negotiators to meet today to start working out their differences over funding for the department of homeland security. late friday congress passed a bill to extend dhs funding but only for one week. a number of republicans oppose a long-term bill unless it also bans enforcement of president obama's recent executive orders
6:55 am
on immigration. a hearing is scetdualed in the boston -- scheduled in the boston marathon bombing. suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused in the 2013 attack which killed three people and injured more than 260. opening statements are scheduled for wednesday. a federal appeals court in rich month will hear a dispute over the gag order in the criminal case of don blankenship, the ceo of massey energy in 2010 when the upper big branch mine exploded in west virginia killing 29. he's charged with conspiring to violate safety and health standards. several news outlets are appealing the gag order. in january the judge in the case said it was necessary to keeper expectative jurors unbiased. a texas nurse treated to ebola right here in bethesda at n.i.h. is planning to sue texas health resources for negligence. they own and operate text health presbyterian hospital. that's the hospital where 26- year-old nina pham contracted
6:56 am
the disease. pham says she's still suffering from body aches and insomnia nearly five months after getting sick. we're hearing that calvert and howard county schools have also decided to closed after being delayed initially. we will get into the 40s. later this morning as the sun comes up, the fog lifts and we start to do a lot of melting, it's going to get so much better than it is right now. still slick at the mommy. tomorrow rain and sleet in the afternoon to all rain tomorrow night into wednesday and back to snow thursday. finally milder this weekend and this weekend, by the way, sunday is when we move the clocks forward an hour. larry? >> sounds interesting. [ laughter ] the slowdowns we're seeing taking place in dale city and frederick. those are typical delays we would normally see during the height of rush hour. buckle up there. be saich. a live look outsideshows you the drivers are dealing with some fog. this is a live look right now on the woodrow wilson bridge. take it easy. give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. >> sounds interesting. cbs this morning is next. federal workers watching porn
6:57 am
and sending threatening e-mails while at work? why are they still on the job? cbs is investigating. the science of sleep, is chronic pain keeping americans awake? what you need to know about a new study. >> larry andly be back in 25 minutes with traffic and interesting weather. >> you can get your news, weather and traffic and a whole lot more 24/7 on the wusa9 app and don't forget >> join erica grow and me for the very layest news, weather -- latest news, weather and more
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is monday march 2nd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." coast-to-coast storms affect millions. new storms in the northeast while the midwest struggles to break free from the record cold. government workers watching porn and throwing wasteful parties. why are they still on the job? cbs news investigates. a skydiver rescued thousands of feet in the air. we'll hear from the man who saved him. but we begin this world with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the roads are terrible


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