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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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worry about anything until after midnight on thursday. so what does that mean? we look at rain tomorrow and in fact by 11:00 tomorrow night we've got pretty steady rain across the metro area. cold air just to the north. what happens is the cold air moves south. by 4:00, could be snowing almost in dc. certainly gaithersburg and frederick. notice the surface temperatures above freezing. so the column of air will support snow before the surface temperatures catch up. that's why it's a tough one to talk about how much snow is going to end up falling. we get in to the 5:30 hour. now we have snow and it's going to get cold. temps are going to fall in to the 20s. roads will get worse not better. by 7:30, 32 in frederick and leesburg. 36 downtown and snowing. by 9:30, now we're in the 20s. this is going to be the bullseye of northern and western suburbs. even at 1:00, now we're 28 downtown. roads are going to do nothing but deteriorate on thursday. it snows at least through the early to
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midafternoon. so no refreezing tonight. milder just light rain and showers tomorrow. rain to snow thursday by dawn. significant snow possible. i would say in the metro area inside the beltway right now i'd say 1 to 4 more north and west. shots fired along the intercounty connecter sent police scrambling. it happened in the eastbound lanes of route 200 just before i-95 in laurel and police don't know who fired those shots. scott broom is near the scene for us tonight. he joins us live with more on the investigation. what do you know? >> we have breaking developments now also. we're hearing sources with the park police are telling us they're now about six miles from here investigating reports of shooting on the bw parkway and the reports that a building may have been struck somewhere around the nsa. that's developing right now but it raises the prospect that there may be some sort of serial
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shooter incident underway. there's no information to confirm that's what's going on but it's become a very anxious evening here. let's get back to the shooting on the icc in the eastbound lanes. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon. at least two bullet holes in a truck and two people injured. here is lieutenant of the maryland transportation authority police talking about this a few moments ago. >> yes the truck was in motion at the time. the glass striking one of the subjects in the vehicles. glass got in their face. and then the bullet penetrated the clothing of another subject in the vehicle. the bullet did not penetrate skin. both occupants were transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. right now they're looking in a wooded area along that roadway but they're canvassing the whole area of that part of the intercounty connecter off the road. right now we cannot confirm exactly how many shots were in the vehicle. they'll obviously take all of the
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evidence and see if there's bullets or shell casings around. they'll hopefully gather that information and be able to determine how many shots were fired. so all of this tonight disturbing and very mysterious. the investigation still underway along the shoulder of the icc. prince george's county police are now taking that over. they're looking in a wooded area beside the road. the breaking developments yet another report of shooting along a roadway. this way around the bw parkway and the nsa. a building may have been struck according to u.s. park police who are looking in to that breaking situation right now. reporting live at the icc maryland transportation authority police headquarters in laurel scott broom wusa 9. fairfax county attorneys could lose their jobs over their actions in the john greer investigation, the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man. peggy fox is at the fairfax
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county government center in fairfax where right now board members are meeting. any decision yet, peggy? >> yes there is a decision. after a three -and-a-half hour closed door meeting with supervisors on personnel matters, moments ago the county attorney announced he will retire and reorganize the office. this after a serious discussion with supervisors about problems with communication and information sharing. >> reporter: fairfax county chairman won the board's approval for a new commission to review police practices following missteps in the investigation of a fatal police shooting. three board members objected to the commission. >> we want to ensure that if criminal charges are appropriate that the commonwealth attorney can successfully prosecute. >> i have a very strong feeling that we are going to muddy the waters of transparency.
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>> reporter: there's been strong criticism over the handling of the investigation in to the police shooting of john gear and some are pointing the finger at the county attorney. it was his office that told police to withhold internal affairs files from county attorney ray morrogh unable to move forward with his investigation, he shipped the case to the justice department. >> we'll be asking for a certain county attorney, county attorneys to determine it. >> reporter: springfield supervisor pat herrity said he would call for the resignation of him and another attorney in his office. >> the issue of our motknowing -- not knowing that the commonwealth attorney wanted to talk with us, apparently it was on a different
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issue, different case, but we should have been told that. and we weren't and that's not okay. >> david bobsian announcing he'll retire june 30th of 2016 and also reorganizing his office. as you heard today there's this new commission appointed to review police practices for police involved incidents and a variety of people will be on this from police officers to academics and also people from the media. i'll be taking part in that process and of course report back on what the commission comes up with. reporting live in fairfax peggy fox wusa 9. if you thought the district's brand new marijuana law might allow you to get your buzz on at the local watering hole the dc council is saying slow your role. and today they moved to restrict marijuana use
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in bars and clubs. advocates of the new law say that's not what the voters wanted last november when they approved the legalization of pot. >> i'm calling order to this meeting. >> reporter: they voted to ban pot smoking in bars, private clubs and just about every place outside the home. >> this way we can make sure it's not popping up in neighborhoods, private clubs in a road house community where there's a lot of coming and going. >> the people of the district are voting to end marijuana prohibition. >> reporter: two of the seats are vacant but i did a poll of the remaining 11 council members and wanted to find out who actually has tried marijuana. nine of the 11 council members admit they've at least tried marijuana in the past. yvette alexander is the only one who said she's never ever smoked reefer. advocates last week applauded the law legalizing marijuana. today those same advocates were criticizing the
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bill that restricts where pot can be smoked indoors. >> this is unfortunately re-establishing some of those criminal penalties public consumption of marijuana will leave you with a misdemeanor. >> the irony is that the council and the mayor would like to have business selling marijuana that way the city could tax that revenue estimated at more than $130 million a year. bruce johnson from northwest washington, wusa 9. >> we should note mayor bowser is the one who asked for that emergency bill restricting pot smoking in bars and clubs. army general david petraeus pleaded guilty to sharing classified information with his former mistress paula bradwell while she was writing his bigography. the information included war strategy, intelligence capabilities and the names of covert officers. petraeus resigned from the cia in 2012 after the fbi started investigating and that
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investigation revealed his affair with broadwell. he's petraeus speaking in march of 2013. >> this has obviously been a very difficult episode for us. but perhaps my experience can be instructive to others who stumble or indeed fall as far as i did. >> under a plea agreement petraeus would serve two years' probation and pay a fine of $40,000. it might not seem like it quite yet but very soon. the fragrance of the cherry blossoms will permeate the tidal basin. find out when is the best time to check them out this year. >> first got to get ready for another round of snow.
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half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v a flight to recapture the city of tikrit. >> iraqi security jet fighters are carrying out air strikes supporting troops attack sudom sudomhussein's hometown. tikrit is one of the largest cities currently held by the islamic state. american ambassador was among thousands paying their respects today to slain kremmling critic boris nemtsov. he was gunned down on friday and so far no one has been arrested. many opposition supporters expect the kremlin ordered the hit. 20 members of a chinese
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opera troop were killed this morning when their bus literally fell off a cliff. 13 others were hurt when that bus plunged more than 300 feet. it's believed they were all heading to a performance to celebrate the start of the lunar new year and now the search is on to determine how the crash happened. a soggy ride home tonight but old man winter refuses to die. topper with more on the
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it surely does not look or feel like it outside but the countdown to spring started today with a news conference on this year's national cherry blossom festival. >> pretty soon we'll be pretty in pink. the national park service announced they're expecting the blossoms to be at their peak between april 14th and 11th. the festival goes from march 20th to april 12th. but not everybody is convinced we'll have spring weather by then. >> finally. the forecast i'm seeing still has snow a couple more times this week but i think this heralds the coming of spring. >> i don't know if it will happen by then it's so cold. it's march. we're still getting
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snow. so hopefully by april we'll be a lot warmer. >> keep the faith. it's going to be here at some point. this year the festival's director says there will be new things to look forward to like a floating stage and an ancostia river festival. our morning dream team will be hosting the cherry blossom parade this year. we'll carry it right here on wusa 9. >> i have now decided not to complain about winter anymore because you got to enjoy each day as it comes along. winter goes by too fast. you just keep losing time that you'll never get back. >> are you meditating now or what? >> i'm trying to take a more mindful approach to this. >> a couple of misno -- misnommers. the snow does not hurt the cherry blossoms. snow and 34 is fine. i think it's been the
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cold winter. they'll probably revise that. the average date is the 4th and 5th of april. spring wins tonight and tomorrow loses miserably on thursday. let's take a liveside. this is our live weather cam. what are they playing? is that the cross? soccer. it's a little wet whatever it is. it's 34 right now. a light rain at the airport. the south at 11. radar, we're picking up mixed precipitation but really the roads are fine and most of the mixed precipitation is north and east of dc up toward baltimore. that's where the coldest pool of air is right now. primarily once this rolls through see the back edge of the precip going to kind of taper off tonight. nothing really heavy. we'll zoom in a little bit. a little bit of light rain in sterling. a little bit of a mix as you get up to laurel past columbia. it's plain or rain and roads are wet. no refreezing tonight. just wet.
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we're okay. temps will either remain steady or go up a little bit. bus stop temperatures alive to 42. that's as warm as i can remember for the last few weeks. morning and evening commute tomorrow will be wet. so that will add a little extra time to your commute. nothing compared to thursday. we had to break out the impact meter on thursday. morning commute will be snowy and temperatures will fall throughout the day. roads will deteriorate as we go through the day. winter storm watch covers the entire metro area. late on wednesday night and during the day thursday. it does cover our friends in southern maryland. 10:00 tonight notice the temps. 36 in gaithersburg. 38 in frederick. 41 downtown. temps will go up a little bit tonight or at least remain steady. light rain or showers. by 6 a.m. temperatures in the 40s. a few outliers. mainly in the 40. and main ly you see clouds. a little bit of shower activity. nothing crazy heavy. enough to keep the roads wet though.
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by 6 p.m. tomorrow now we're seeing kind of steadier rain develop kind of lining up west of i-95 with temperatures in the 40s. then as colder air begins to move down, that rain is going to turn to snow. ms. again surface temperature 37 at national 6 a.m. thursday with blue. the column of air will support snow before the surface temperatures catch up. that's one reason accumulation is going to be very very tricky. that said, by 1:00, everybody is in the 20s with some pretty good snow still going on. roads will just go downhill so to speak as we go through the day. even by 3:00 on thursday we have snow pretty much across the metro area, all the way down to the northern neck. let's break this down. temperatures in the 40s, light rain and showers to start. 48 at 1:00. we're going to try to make 50 tomorrow, try to make 50. we'll say 50. light rain and showers milder. snow on
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thursday. temperatures falling. mostly sunny and cold on friday. highs only in the upper 30s. that's with full sun. it's a pretty cold day. next seven days at least we're dry over the weekend. we're getting there. temps upper 40s. still below average but better. move your clocks forward one hour. upper 40s monday and mid 50s on tuesday. i'd focus on that. >> we'll take what we can get right now. wizards in action tonight. >> bulls don't have jimmy butler but the wiz don't have kris humphries. so it will be exciting. wizards-bulls, always an intense game. nene flat out said he doesn't like them. can they
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the nba seasons is in its final stretch. just over 20 games left and tonight the washington wizards head out on the road to the windy city. they're not only looking to build on the momentum after snapping a six-game skid but they're looking ahead to had playoffs. right now the bulls have the series edge, but a win would tie it up for the wiz and have major implications in the eastern conference. >> getting to that point coming down 22 games last time we're going to play them in the regular season. so we win this, you win the tiebreaker.
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so yeah this is a big game. >> the washington capitals tonight also looking for their second straight win taking on the columbus blue jackets. it's an even bigger night for forward joel ward. tonight he'll play his 500th game. an incredible feat considering ward was originally passed over by every team in the nhl draft when he was 18. >> i always dreamed about just playing one game. then i got to the game and i wanted to play a full year. i never really dreamed -- i always dreamed of playing in the league but never really dreamed of playing 500 getting to that milestone. >> 500 games. wow. the maryland terrapins going dancing for the first time in four years. since they're now a top 10 team, they have a rather large target on their back. their opponents would love nothing more than to play spoiler. up first is rutgers. the team having quite the exact
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opposite kind of inaugural big 10 season than the it -- than the terps are. >> it's never easy on the road. it's never easy at home either but we find ways to win so that's been the story of this team. >> trying to do the best we can against rutgers. >> the georgetown hoyas have a good chance to get in but could really help themselves with a strong finish. tonight is a big east dogfight. coach is looking for more than just a win from his guys. it's also a way for him to get a good indicator of where his team stands right now. >> is it a big road game? yes. but i'm not sure if this game is essential to who we are. >> american eagles finished the season 15-15 not good enough to get them in to the ncaa tournament. if they want in, they have to win the league
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tournament. conference tournament that means winning three straight games starting with lehigh on thursday but shouldn't be too hard for the eagles, right? >> make it sound like winning three games is easy. honestly it's hard to think about it that way. we've got a tough test thursday. our mindset is completely focused on that. >> can they do it, derek? >> yes, they can. >> anything is possible. >> at least get to the dance. we're not expect ing you to go all the way. but get there. >> they have a good chance but they have to win the tournament. >> that's always tough. we're okay tonight. worry about thursday and we'll talk about that at 7:00. >> cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back at 7:00.
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>> rose: a damning report from the justice department. it finds a pattern of racial bhias in ferguson's police department and courts. also tonight the president and the prime minister debate a nuclear deal. >> it is the best way for us to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> rose: the new hillary clinton drama-- saving private e-mails. and when pandas part. >> this is the stage where the panda needs to go and be a big panda. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the police department and court system in ferg ferguson missouri engaged in racial bias against african americans routinely violating


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