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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. i'm mike hydeck. this is lesli foster. we had agent bit after hiccup there -- had a little bit of a hiccup there. it's been snowing and is going to be snowing for a long time. >> our snow help desk is standing by to answer any of your weather-related questions. before we head over to them, let's talk to howard bernstein. of course everybody wants to
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know where is the storm now and when is it going to probably have three or four more hours in d.c. the snow has really been coming down like gang busters. an 8-inch snow total in smithsburg. 7 in cascades, maryland. topper shutt is joining me now. this storm did not fail to impress especially given we're in march. >> we're in march and daytime and the angle of the sun is fairly high so this is impressive. we've widened it out here. still plenty of moisture toward i hlg 81, the -- i-81, the roanoke area. it goes all the way up into new york. this storm is not going be for boston per say. we're looking mainly at a mid- atlantic storm. we had this heavy band move through montgomery, just north of town now. you see this dark blue extends back into manassas and south of
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i-66 in fairfax county. we'll zoom in agent hor. look at all the -- in a little more. look at all the activity. fairfax, still moderate snow. this is the real heavy band as it pushes off to the north and east toward bowie. again about an inch per hour. how much snow we've had? what is headed our way? howard bernstein? >> we've been getting impressive snow totals. middletown 6. winchester 7. about half a foot in martins burning and purcelville four plus the last time we heard from them. southern maryland, i know you haven't had that much. i still think with the the snow that's coming. you can get four inches, maybe even eight if you get those bursts with three to possibly as much as 6 in st. mary's. the big area of dark blue, that would be 6 to 10 inches of snow. we're looking at the snow today tapering off. we're falling into the 20s. tomorrow morning maybe record cold. we'll get up to 32 tomorrow but the yellow alert for the early slick spots. starting a moderation trend over the weekend. topper and i will have more in just a few minutes.
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now back to lesli. >> thank you. the size of this storm is impressive. it stretches all the way from texas up to new england. it is making a powerful impact right here, right now. >> it is a monster. that's why we dispatched our crews across the district, maryland and virginia to show smuf the hardest hit areas. -- some of the hardest hit areas. delia goncalves is live in frederick county, maryland with a view. hey, delia. >> reporter: hey, lesli. it's been snowing since 6:00 this morning. the snow has not let up. in fact, it's making it difficult for plows to actually keep on top of the snow. you can see here in this parking lot off 85 here, a plow did come through about an hour ago. you can see some of its remnants and signs but it left behind all this slush and take a look right across the way. that was down to the pavement just an hour ago. and now we have accumulation about another inch of snow so. this is coming down fast and
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furious. it's hard for crews to stay on top of it because look, the roads are still a mess. we've been seeing a lot of plows come through. earlier today, we ran into a gentleman who was driving in this muck and this mess and the rear wheel drive, he had a mustang. he pulled up into the gas station and the first question of course, what were you doing? let's listen. >> there's been several accidents. one car is on its side shortly after the scales south of urbana. it's really, really dangerous out here. i wouldn't be out here if i didn't have to go to work today. stay home. >> reporter: that was his advice to stay home. you saw his rear wheel drive as he was pulling out. fishtailed a couple of times. he threw in the towel. he was headed to hagerstown, knew he couldn't make it so he pulled off. take a look at the massive crews that are coming down, trying to clear the snow and the muck away. but it's going to be a mess for some time. so maryland state highway
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advises folks to stay inside if you can. everything is closed. county government is closed. schools closed and there is no transit system running in frederick. so stay home, enjoy the snow day. by the way, kevin, that we talked to earlier who was in that mustang, he's heading to a hotel and he's staying there for the night. >> he's a smart guy, delia. thank you. we've been telling you to go indoors but our scott broom takes us for a ride through prince george's county in our mobile newsroom. so, scott, how are the roads where you are today? >> reporter: they turned very bad and they turned very bad very quickly. i'm on the on oomph on the outer -- ramp on the outer loop of the meltway at ritchie marlboro road. it's snowing heavily. these are heavy, big, wet flakes coming down. they have covered the shoulder of the roadway very quickly. the plows are out there moving it around. there was a rollover accident
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on the outer loop of the beltway a short time ago. and i was able to get out and talk to both a motorist whose life was saved by a truck driver who swerved to miss her when she lost control in the slush. here's what they had to say. >> my car spun out of control. i was in the first lane. it just went to the rye and a tractor-trailer moved to try to not hit me and hit the altima. i was on my way to work. i'm a little shaken up. it was my first accident. >> i didn't see the car lose control. it was already sideways when i seen her across the two lanes. so then my only choice was to swerve around to the left. once i swerved, i lost control. accidents happen. but i'm just glad i didn't hit anybody and no one was seriously hurt because that would have been worse. >> reporter: we're back live
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now looking at the dashboard camera of my vehicle just coming on to the outer loop. they made one swipe with the plows. it is slushy within the first ten hins of the plows going by and there's present -- ten minutes of the plows going by and there's present they of -- plenty of plows. it's gotten bad quickly. reporting in prince george's county from the mobile newsroom, scott broom, wusa9. we have a big team. bruce leshan knows montgomery county roads very well. this is what conditions looked like in bethesda. >> reporter: the federal government may be closed, but there are some clearly essential services. one of them is n.i.h. it's open and they're -- there are actually folks out clearing the sidewalks. they got a pretty cool device they're using to blow off the snow. they're -- there are also people coming to work. just ran into this young woman. so you've got to get here, right? >> yeah. i have -- i work here and have
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things to do. you have to be here every day. >> reporter: you work in the er in the emergency room? >> no, i work in a lab. [indiscernible] they don't wait for the snow. you have to be here every day. >> reporter: if you lose those cell cultures, it sets you back for years. >> exactly. you only -- you spend months of work, spending time getting the cells and you can't afford to lose them. >> reporter: so brave the snow and get to work. thanks so much. good talking to you. there you have it, world class research going on here at n.i.h. and the folks are coming down here braving the snow and getting off to work. >> all right, bruce. everywhere you go, it's essentially the same story. we head to loudoun county now where they've got their hands full dealing with what we hope will be the last storm of the season. nikki burdine is taking the pulse of the conditions there.
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nik, what's your take? >> reporter: well, it's bad. and it's been bad all morning. my photographer kevin king and i have been out in loudoun county all morning driving up and down route 7. very to be honest with you action we found a really sweet spot off of route 7 sandwich twd two coffee shops -- between two coffee shops because that's the only place where we've seen people. schools are closed. stores are closed. we found donna here with her mom getting coffee. how are the roads out there? >> everything is covered in snow so you can barely see anything when you drive. and there's been like a lot of accidents and cars in ditches. >> reporter: what are you going to do the rest of your day? you're out of school, right? >> yes. me and my mom probably will head home and stay home for the rest of the day. >> reporter: that sounds pretty good. thank you so much, donna. her and her mom are here having coffee. they're going to get warm. this is a snowplow that's been going through this parking lot here. they have their work cut out
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for them as do all the snowplows here around leesburg and loudoun county. so if you have to go out today, be extra cautious of those snowplows because they need a lot of room to do work. but if you can help it, stay at home. back to you in the studio. >> that's the best advice for everybody today if you don't have to be out. remember, we'll have the the latest forecast, closings and road condition information. you can get it right on your smartphone. just download the wusa9 news app. a reminder right now through through:30 too -- 6:30 tonight, our snow help desk is standing by. you can call the number on your screen with any weather related questions or
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welcome back. this is a live shot near i-81 north near winchester, virginia. a tractor-trailer accident. the best idea is for stay off the roads. this is exactly why. >> you can see here's
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visibility is pretty pour out there. this is the second tractor- trailer accident we've reported on within an hour or so. you can see the road conditions deteriorating very quickly. >> the know is supposed to stick around till 6:00 tonight so it's not going -- the snow is supposed to stick around till 6:00 tonight soit' not going to get -- so it's not going to get any better. your pictures are blowing up all over social media. >> if you haven't sent your picture yet, you can show us what you've got. tweet us with the hashtag snowday9. our jonie has pulled up some of the favorites. >> reporter: we're getting them from instagram, facebook, twitter. here's some of my favorites, cute ones coming up. this adorable pup from kristin hashtag snowday9 sammy from lake ridge. >> he has a mustache. >> yes, a snow mustache. looks like he's having fun. one more from kathy. this kitty is not feeling the snow. definitely wants to stay
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inside. here's one casey's dog looks to really be enjoying this snow day 9. we'll take another look from jordan. this pup covered in snow licking his nose. that's a cute one. i just want to show one more that i love from kevin thompson. he shared this photo, that bird's nest for sale. they are not feeling the snow. >> they're out of sheer. >> yes, we want to see more of these. hashtag snowday9. your kids, your pets. we'll put them on our photo gallery. >> kevin is trying to sell the birds and the snow, trying to get it all out of here. ow snow desk is up ready to handle your snow-related questions. the number to call is 202-895- 5560. now let's get the latest on the storm track from howard. we have pretty snowfall. a lot of problems, too. doppler 9000, when you see the blue bands i'm about to show you, those are heavy snow bands.
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sleet in prince frederick and part of charles county. inch and a half for our snowfall rates. topper is going to join me on the other side of the break. we'll give you more doppler and show you the snow map and let you know when things are finally going to warm up.
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if you need a hand today during the snowstorm right now through 6:30 tonight, our snow help desk is standing by. call the number on your screen 202-895-5560. any weather question you have we'll try to get it answered. russ ptacek is handling the calls. >> reporter: these are the folks taking your call. no problem is too small. one woman just called us wanting to know when the snow
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is going to end and her emergency? >> the cat was out and wouldn't come back in. >> reporter: so whether you need specific information on your neighborhood because of your cat or you need information about closings or road conditions this your area, we're here to help or any other emergency that comes up that you need some advice on. the number is 202-895-5560. these volunteers are here to help. lesli? >> okay, russ. we told you we'd answer any question you've got and we mean it. we mean business. everybody wants to know from you when is this going to end? looks like the real accumulating snows another two or three hours in the metro. southern maryland, eastern shore, probably five or six hours to go. i know you haven't seen much snow yet but it's still coming. we're transitioning now. got a lot of sleet reports down there and still some areas topper and i have been watching on doppler. impressive snows trying to inch that way. >> i think what we're going to
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see, this is heavy snow around roanoke. it will probably duck just south of the district and move into southern maryland. this is probably going to be your big time accumulating snow later on today. look at the precipitation. snow all the way to boston, although it's not boston's storm. we have know in -- snow in new york, roanoke. i-81 is a mess. the snow essentially will keep moving to the north and to the east as we go through the day. now, that said, we're looking at heavy bands even in the metro area. in fact, you see the blue. the lighter blue is pretty heavy. the darker blue is the real heavy stuff over an inch per hour. one band is pushing through the metro area. another through hagerstown. gary gave us a call five, six inches on the ground snowing to beat the band. this is essentially moderate snow tysons corner, fairfax, out 66 and also out route 50 over toward bowie. this is heavy snow toward bowie. as we go through the day these heavy bands will start to shift a little bit to the south over toward clinton. we'll zoom in a little bit more.
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this is pretty good snow down 295 and old town getting pretty good snow at this hour. we'll zoom back out n. is actually -- got a report. this is-- >> frederick. >> it's trying to win the battle here between snow and sleet. it is snow across the bay in easton and still sleet down to the south. now, temperature wise, they're going to be tanking here. 30 in frederick. 32 downtown. 30 in manassas. 30 in baltimore, but 23 already in hagerstown. you think it's colder than it was this time yesterday? yup. we lost 13 degrees in 24 hours. mr. bernstein? >> cumberland down to 31. some of the snow totals are impressive. we started with the sleet. the rain to sleet and then a wet snow. with temperatures dropping to the low 20s, the snow is getting a little more powder. we'll still be able to pile up few more inches before it starts to pull away. more impressive snow totals that we've been watching for you. we had 6, 8-inch snow totals up there in areas to our north and west. topper, i think i'll need you
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to hit the computer for me. there we go. we've got 4 from germantown. that's about an hour half ago. cascade a fresh report at 7. del ray in the alexandria area 2 inches. williamsport, maryland, 6 inches. clearbrook, 90 minutes ago about four and a half. what we're thinking when the storm's ending, still going to be parts to our south and east that only get the 4 to 8. we have close to that 6 inches here in d.c. when you get north and west of town, we think there will be six-inch plus totals especially across those areas from smithsburg back down i-81 toward the shenandoah valley, loudoun county, upper montgomery, howard. 8, 9, maybe 10-inch totals if you get caught under one of those bands. 3 to 6 still possible southern maryland because we still expect you to be seeing snow for much of the afternoon even though you haven't seen much yet. topper showed you the temperatures mid-20s northward. we're looking at 32 in town. here's futurecast. we're going to watch the snow pull away. still 3:00 snow just about
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everywhere. it will start to move south and east. by 5:00 p.m., i-81, west of i- 81, you won't see much more snow. d.c., 4:00, 5:00, we'll still see snow but i don't think it will be as heavy as it will be between now and 4:00 p.m. there goes the snow pulling away from us, clearing tonight. we're expecting temperatures down in the teens potentially if the winds go calm with a fresh snow pack, we could be down in the single digits in spots tomorrow morning. then we're talking about the possibility of some records over at dulles and bwi. tomorrow looks final. sunny day. it's -- fine. sunny day. temperatures struggle to get much above freezing in town and some spots stay in the 20s. 34 today. we continue to see the temperatures drop. teens, a few single digits tonight will clear out. tomorrow we keep the yellow alert up. in the morning we're likely to have a lot of slick spots and if we get the 6, 8-inch snow totals in spots, schools will once again have an issue. 19 tomorrow night. by saturday milder. we'll warm up to 45.
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saturday night, daylight saving time. going to turn the clocks ahead an hour on sunday, 49 degrees for sunday's high. look how mild we get next week, well up in the 50s with a chance after shower by wednesday. we might get to 60 then. can't come soon enough. we'll be right back with more wusa9 news at noon after this. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean,
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last check of the forecast. is this bobo genesis? >> no. i know you like the word. if it deepens enough, it's
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called a bombo meteorologically. >> you didn't teach us this. [ multiple voices ] look at doppler 9000. the heavy bands of snow, that's an inch and a half an hour. potentially we could see them showing up on our doppler. maybe another three, four, maybe six hours if it really maximizes. >> see where it says 64 to the left of charlottesville, that's a pretty big band that possibly will go through parts of the metro area. yeah, we have pretty good snows at least through 4:00 beltway north and south and east, probably 6:00 or 7:00. i'm be honest we're most concerned about southern midunderperforming with this storm. everybody else right on target. >> jackpot is where? >> north and west of d.c. >> underperforming means that's a good thing, though. >> less snow than we forecast, yes. that's it for us. we'll be back on at 4:00. see you then. >> take care, everybody. we'll be back at 4:00 a.m.
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too with the morning crew. have a great day. >> see you at 2:00 p.m. >>
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