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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 5, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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little light snow that is falling right now, but go ahead and clean your driveway. this one is done and this could be the last snow. but looking at models on down the road is probably the last significant snow. can't rule out a snow shower or flurry, but this would be it. back in to the mountains, that will roll through this evening, but they will not add anything to your shoveled driveway or sidewalk so you'll be okay. heaviest snow is now exiting all of southern maryland. that's whheaviest snow is this this last little -- and this last little band producing some moderate snow. we have a little bit of snow in frederick and hagerstown, but it is light. hagerstown down to martinsburg over to meyersville with a little bit of light snow and flurries in that area. now, down towards leonards town getting light snow to the south with the heavier snow exiting off in to the bay.
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you had snowfall rates one to two inches per hour. total, frederick with nine inches. front royal 9.5 and winchester about 11 inches of snow. already 25 in fredericksburg and 23 downtown. so not everybody is actually frozen on the weather terrace just a little shopically, but we will come back and talk about when we would get above 32. with more pictures and totals. >> thank you, top. we have live team coverage on the snowstorm. let's check in with bruce leshan. they have been telling folks all day long to stay in if you can, but for some people it's not an option. >> reporter: nope, like tv reporters and photographers need to go out and check it out. we don't follow our own advice. it's drizzling just a little bit out here. along the rockville pike, which is montgomery county's main
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street. the plow just went through a little bit ago. get a look at that as we could be down to bare pavement as we've got maybe take a look at the old ruler. maybe inches out here and the willing will be this kind of stuff. look at this and that and that it is totally going to freeze overnight and that is going to be seriously nasty. >> reporter: some people just have to go out in the storms. snowplow operators and tv photographers. sometimes they get a little too close. john moger got smacked with a mouthful of slush and sole. across the region, crews were running plow trains to clear shoulder to shoulder. >> reporter: how slippery?
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the truck driver didn't really want to talk about it, but he lost control and slammed in to a tree, wrecking his car and bloodying his nose. >> i'm just flying on the street. >> a lot of damage. are you okay? >> yes, i'm fine. >> reporter: it is really slick out there, huh? >> reporter: for many school kids, this brutal winter is anything, but a bummer. >> aren't you all sick of the snow? >> no! >> reporter: do you want it to snow more? >> yes. >> reporter: don't you want spring to come? >> no! >> reporter: why not? >> because i like snow! >> reporter: the groundskeeper in middle school did not get the day off doing their best to clear the sidewalks. >> trying to get it open. but if it keeps snowing like this. >> we are closed again tomorrow. >> reporter: at nih they were blasting off sidewalks so
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doctors and nurses and even researchers could understand tend to their patients and their cells. >> exactly. so we are at federal plaza as they have plowed off. but take a look at this surface. if this was not salted down it could be real nasty. got a lot of people cleaning off their cars, trying to get it back to normal. >> stay safe there my friend. thank you so much. plenty of snow to go around today in fairfax county as peggy fox has a look at conditions there. good evening to you. >> reporter: hey. we have seen a lot of people out clearing snow, boiling the snow, shoveling, but we did see quite a number of people taking an opportunity for some fun in the snow. >> do i have any snow in my hair? >> no. >> reporter: they have coached their dad.
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which is not only known for great performances, but awesome sledding. >> yes, me and him. we would go backwards. >> reporter: was that scary? >> yeah, a little. >> reporter: a ramp the boys built near the bottom of the hill offered up the serious air. but then the question about what is faster a sled or a tube. >> which one is faster the tube with no air, the board, or the board that is wrapped along the tube. what do you think? >> the tube no >> -- the tube! >> ready, set, go! >> reporter: these are the days you don't want to miss with your kids says stay-at-home dad. >> yeah, it's awesome. i'm grumpy in the morning. but you're joking. there's only a few opportunities, you know. >> reporter: and some winters we don't get any snow. >> yes, and this is a good one.
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>> reporter: it's the ninth snow day. are we bored with snow yet? >> no! >> reporter: how fun is it? >> it -- it's awesome. >> reporter: but it is a very wet snow. if you're out in it, you can get cold and uncomfortable very quickly. as this little girl found out. all right, well these guys were not sledding today. they were out shoveling and they made $150. good for you. so in fairfax when they started this year we have 13 snow days. tomorrow we're off. that means 10 snow days, but we don't have three snow days left after this week because we count hours and you have to subtract those hours from delayed openings. so we may have few more days left with very few snow days. i'm peggy fox reporting live. >> we saw you with those
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sledding skills. areas north and west of town saw the most snow today. as a result they had a lot of accidents as well. our surae chinn is in loudoun county with more on that. >> reporter: there were all sorts of issues out here as we are near the leesburg outlet just off of route 7 on route 15. and where there were plenty of issues here. but throughout loudoun county, it was a mess. >> reporter: drivers drove in to ditches on route 15 north near the outlets. >> did you just lose control? >> yes. >> reporter: more of them got stuck on belmont ridge road and emergency crews responded to fender benders on route 7. they had multiple accidents where people drove right in to a wooden fence. >> and keep crashing and wrecking. front wheel drive and stuff. >> a bunch of ice and snow and sliding around. >> i'm happy now that i got off work early. >> very surprised.
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the roads are bad. >> slipping and slide -- sliding, but we have four-wheel drive so we were just taking it slow. >> reporter: but the people on foot seem to be okay. how is the walking in this? >> it is not that bad. >> reporter: okay, any slipping and sliding? >> no, no. >> reporter: having fun? [ laughter ] what are you up to? how do you like a snow day? >> loving it. today is number 11 and hopefully 12 tomorrow. >> reporter: the concern comes tomorrow when a lot of the snow will freeze. vdot will continue to have crews out to improve road conditions. in leesburg surae chinn wusa9. >> check out this scene. la guardia airport in new york city a plane landed, skidded off the runway today and
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crashed in to a chain linked fence. passengers on the delta flight were scrambling off the plane down the emergency slide. the accident happened as the flight was trying to land in a blindly winter mix. >> you know that turbulence feeling when you are going up? it felt like that. in the air we had seen the plane do like this. >> go sideways? and then we hit it like boom. like the movie flight almost when he lands it. >> and a minor fuel leak. la guardia had to be closed for several hours. two of them hospitalized. we are getting another early start tomorrow. and we'll have the latest on the conditions, closings, and the delays beginning at 4:00 a.m. wusa9 has got you covered, even when we are not on the air. just download the new app as it is free and you can get it in the apple and google store.
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the rule said no and the kid said yo. not keeping them from zipping down the west side of the capital. they gathered for a sled-in. two capitol police officers showed up to remind the residence of the no sledding move and then they left. >> and i think that there is no reason to take their day off from school to be able to sled. >> i love to sled. >> me too. >> but we didn't know that it wasn't allowed. and then a police officer came and said you're not allowed to sled. >> reporter: they thank capital police on twitter for known forcing the banned. well still ahead a new potential contender on the maryland's political scene will be familiar to local news viewers. we've got the details ahead. plus, the life of jodi
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in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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we have breaking news out of southern, california where tmz is reporting that harrison ford has been badly injured in a small plane crash. ford was reportedly piloting that vintage fighter plane when something went wrong. the plane crashed on to a golf course in venice, california. two golfers administered first aid until medics could arrive to take ford to the hospital jodi arias will not be getting the death penalty for the death of her boyfriend. jurors failed to reach unanimous verdict. the judge has been left with two remaining options. life in prison or a lifetime with the possibility of parole after 25 years. the 2013 trial of arias became a sensation with all their revelations about their relationship with the victim. travis alexander as they were 11-1 in favor of the death penalty for arias, but the lone
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hold out simply refuses to budge. and the family of the unarmed blackman shot to death in ferguson, missouri is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. his relatives are suing the death of per gus son along with dan wilson. bad news comes one day after the justice department cleared wilson of all charges in the shooting. but alleged that the ferguson police department is racist. the secretary of state says that the u.s. will never be intimidated or deterred by those who harm the diplomats. it comes on attack by the man from south korea yesterday that a political protester would shout demand for the unified career before slashing his face and wrist with a kitchen knife as he need 80 stitches. that protester was quickly arrested. north korea called the attack religious punishment. from the anchor chair to the board room and now maybe cal fall hill, they were reporting that they have their eyes set on the congressional seat. and that he announced yesterday that he'll be planning to seek
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that senate seat being vacated by the retirement. and matthews is a long-time anchor before becoming the executive at the marriott corporation and she is also the wife of mmsnb -- msnbc. and a couple of things, if the slush has not frozen yet, you'll need to shovel it up now. put a little w-40 on your shovels. in the low 20s in the burbs. 23 up towards gaithersburg. 28 here near the northwest. the full forecast
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and there is a lot to watch and track over the last couple of days. >> you're correct, sir. the good news is that the snow is pretty much gone. we'll be in the deep freeze for a while. it will hang around for a little while. we'll start with a live look at the michael and son weather cam of the white house. now you can see it more clearly. a little batch of snow that moved in. it's moved out now with a fine snowfall. temperature wise, well 27. dew points keep falling as the dew points keep falling, we'll be looking at the record lows out of the north at 15. if it is slushy around your house, move the slush. bend your knees, don't hurt your back. but okay dig your way from your
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down south. and here is the radar over the past hour or so, one little tiny batch of snow that won't add any accumulation, but a little bit of snow. and a little band that has moved through dc and now in to southern texas of prince george's county with a little bit of snow in brunswick moving towards leesburg and cross over to 267. the next hour or so. not a huge deal with a little bit of the snow back towards clinton. by in large the heavier snow is down towards the southern sections of the northern neck and it will be gone in about 30 minutes or so. so temperature wise, wow, we are tanking. 21 in gaithersburg, which is always a little bit low. but 25 in frederick and leesburg and 25 also in manassas. for more pictures and totals, which they have put on our website. here is meteorologist erica grow. >> you can take a look at those snowfall totals as we have it in that map form and an extensive list of many of the towns in the dmv and their snowfall totals. to add to what topper was
7:21 pm
saying about clear -- clearing off the slush is a good idea too as you can put down the salt now that we're done with the precipitation to make sure that you're not stepping out and slipping right out the door. right as you are starting the day tomorrow. here is a beautiful picture sent to us by eli from hyattsville, maryland that you can see there is so much snow there starting to make the trees slope down -- slope down a little bit. and a picture from virginia. king george, virginia as a matter of fact as we've got about six inches of snow in that portion of virginia. thank you very much rose harris for sending in that picture. here are some of the totals just a mind blowing eye-popping look here. 11 inches. gaithersburg picking up nine and a half here in dc. seven inches of snow as we would get six inches. five and a half in alexandria with a healthy snowfall around that entire metro area. >> a healthy snowfall and what
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we were thinking about. it is nice when it works out that way with record lows in the single digits in the suburbs no doubt. and probably six to seven degrees. they will take that for me. and it is working. temperatures are below freezing. that's 2:00 p.m. tomorrow looking at roads still a mess. be careful walking. a good time to clear your off before they become encrusted in ice overnight. a general four to 10-inch snowfall across the metro area. we're looking at teens to start with full sunshine. 21 at 11:00 and only 25 at 1:00 with sunshine. now the next three days. we do have a yellow alert, but then they look pretty good. chil with the highs near 50s on sunday. next seven days. the mid-50s on tuesday and near 60 on wednesday as we would leave that rain out now to check this out. 64 and warmer on thursday. we'll be back right after this.
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finally tonight the ordeal
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of the mobile television news reporter scott broom. >> our man scott was up before dawn doing numerous live shots for us all day long. he managed to lock himself out of his own car and it was still running. >> yeah, i got out of the car to get that ice off the windshield wipers. the keys sitting right there and somehow that door locked. i'm locked out. the car is still running and i can't get in. >> oh! [ cheering ] >> that's a part of my job. >> reporter: a part of his job. >> yeah, a big thank you from the high school city police department for them right on tv. and to roll them out there to make sure he could get back in the car as we have all done
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that and it does not happen on television for most people. >> it is just unusual and funny now because he's okay. >> yeah. >> he is never going
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the multimillion-dollar court battle over the oh so popular song blurred lines is about to be decided. >> we'll teoull y how much money is at stake and what pharrell did that may win the case. >> it's a tale of two testimonies. we compare robin thicke's drunk and high defense to pharrell's respectful on the stand. >> i think it's marvin gaye, like, were you inspired? >> oh, for sure. >> then, bruce jenner's plan to reveal his transition. >> as kim goes full-on platinum blonde. the only one. look at jared leto. who wore it better? >> you look gorgeous. >> also tonight, we do lunch with the long island medium. >> is that your husband? >> yes. >> okay, so know that your hussand, he's not in pain anymore. >> he passed on 9/11. >> oh, my god, that's crazy. >> hugh jackman's hair-volution.
7:30 pm
>> from wolverine and his new movie mullet. >> business in front, party at the back. >> now, "entertainment tonight." we love entertaining people. >> closing arguments today in the blurred lines trial. as robin thicke and pharrell maintain they did not rip off marvin gaye. >> there are millions of dollars at stake. frankly, the credibility of pharrell who is at the top of his game. nischelle turner is at the courthouse for tonight's "top story," blurred lines, the final note. >> i think pharrell williams' testimony is most critical. he's the one who created the song. he wrote the song in an hour by himself. so if anybody knows the intention behind the song, it's pharrell. >> i was in court today as attorneys went through points of contention on the jury form and prepared for closing arguments. there is still one central question, is blurred lines a copy of this marvin gaye song.


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