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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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say single digits in northern suburbs? black ice is a problem. more than anything, the challenging part tonight will be walking and parking. a lot of sidewalks and parking lots are ice covered, snow covered. so take it easy. futurecast, 8:00 tonight we're in the teens in the suburbs. we're clear. by 10:00 if you're out late 15 in gaithersburg, 16 in manassas, 18 in fredericksburg, down to 11 in la plata. midnight low to midteens across the board with clear skies and by morning probably in the single digits and low teens and by 7:00 maybe 20 down town. the temperatures will respond a little tomorrow. record lows to beat, it's safe at national and downtown record low, but dulles' old record is 14. we're forecasting a low tonight of 8. dulles set a new record low this morning of 9. icy roads, they were the
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bain of our existence today, wrecks, backups, drivers skidding all over the place in arlington. >> many were blocked off because they had all that leftover ice and snow on them. peggy fox joins us from arlington where now they're getting low on salt supplies, peg? >> reporter: that's right. it's a good thing topper doesn't have more snow in the forecast because arlington is about to run out of salt. this is their only supply right here and because of those low supplies they've been cutting back on the amount of salt they put on the roads and that might have had something to do with all the problems today. >> this car was trying for over an hour to get out of that parking space right there. >> reporter: the owner had to call a tow truck just to get his car out of a parking place. that's how icy it was this morning in arlington. >> i'm watching the cars slide around. i think because it's sunny people must think it's okay to drive, but not quite.
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>> reporter: arlington county police blocked off several roads, mostly hilly and shadowed roads around the courthouse. one car slid on beach street into a tree. others could not make it up the icy hills. is that this one here is not good. i'm the -- >> this one here is the good. i'm the fourth car i've seen get stuck here. >> reporter: even with the bright sunshine five cars crashed on i-66 in rosslyn where sections shaded by the sound barrier were still icy. >> come around and it's dangerous outside right now. >> reporter: this morning the icy roads and highways were treacherous. this tractor trailer crashed on i-95 in the southbound lanes just south of the occoquan bridge. on i-66 a tractor trailer ended up on its side. arlington county is one of two counties in virginia that handle its own road maintenance. so the county worried about this low supply of salt has
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ordered 2,000 tons more. the first increment of those new supplies are supposed to be coming in any minute now. i'm peggy fox. back to you. >> i'm really hoping they won't need that until next december. that damaged delta airline plane that nearly slid into the flushing bay has been moved to a hangar. two big crannies grabbed the aircraft from the run -- cranes grabbed the aircraft from the runway at laguardia airport this morning. interestingly airport officials say even though we had all this snow, the runway was actually in pretty good shape just before the plane slid off. six people were injured but not seriously. area airports are trying to play catchup after yesterday's storm canceled thousands of flights, but for one family there may be no way to fix their heartache. vickie johnson is a single mom raising her 16-year-old son in southeast d.c. she said her son is beating the odd doing well in school with dreams of becoming a chef.
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he won a trip on u.s. airways to disney world as part of disney's dreamers academy where he'd get to meet influential people like steve harvey that could help him reach his dream. the family was elated. they've never been on a plane before and after yesterday she still haven't. >> this is something that really means a lot to me and my children. we've never been to disney world before. we've never flown before, nothing. it's only us three and this is all we do, but we love each other. that's the a -- main thing. to see that you didn't care anything about it at all? >> vicki and her son and daughter were canceled from three flights and they missed the trip to go to the academy. wusa9 has called u.s. airways. they say they're looking into this. a d.c. woman in a wheelchair is able to get in and out of her home now after wusa9 reported she'd been snowed in. her only access in and out of
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that home is an alley which the department of public works does not clear and electric wheelchairs are not so good in the snow. surae chinn joins us live from the bloomingdale area with a followup. >> reporter: this is the alleyway that melissa ortiz can only access to and from her house. the front of her house there are steep stairs, a narrow hallway and it's not an option. dpw doesn't clear the alleys and that's a real concern for melissa. yesterday's snow left melissa ortiz spinning her wheels. but when neighbors and a good samaritans found out wusa9 was doing a story about the alley, they dug her out. >> thank you to wusa9 and thank you to my neighbors who helped and this man earnest just appeared out of nowhere who helped. i can't find him. we've called people. nobody seems to know who earnest is. i'm thinking he may have actually been an angel. >> reporter: melissa went to
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check conditions this afternoon. >> backyard still looks great. >> reporter: and we have a sheet of ice. while the alley has improved -- >> right now i'm able to navigate it, but that doesn't work at all. >> reporter: she wasn't able to get very far. as a busy event planner and political consultant, it's crucial she has access to public transportation. it got her thinking to other wheelchair bound residents such as angela hammonds. >> i just wish people were a bit more considerate of those of us that have to use wheelchairs. >> reporter: melissa is grateful for the good samaritans but she doesn't want to be left wondering about the next snowstorm. >> i would like to see the district's dpw make a plan to bring people over with shovel or to at least call and say do you need help dicking out? bring people with shovel. bring ice -- shovels. bring ice melt. >> reporter: she does want to devise a
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for these type of situations. she was able to -- devise a plan for these type of situations. she was able to get so far and then couldn't get over the ice pack and then she got to the street which is a slushy, icy mess. dpw says they have nowhere to put the snow. they either box in folks in the garage or their driveway. so that's not an option and they also apologize to melissa saying they're sorry for not calling her back all those times she has been trying to contact them. right now police interrogating 48-year-old james william diggs of bladensburg in connection with the rain of a young woman just two days ago. they're -- rape of a young woman just two days ago. they're telling us he could be responsible for several other attacks in the neighborhood. the man faces several charges including first degree rape. guns and mental health are likely to get another
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examination in maryland after the arrest this week of an accused serial shooter. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in anne arundel mills where accused serial shooter hun young was able to assemble an arsenal of weapons legally despite telling police he was hearing voices telling him to shoot at 1 victim and yet he cleared maryland's strict background check to own this arsenal of 10 weapons completely legally investigators say, weapons including this regulated handgun which fires the same ammunition as the .223 bushmaster rifle used by the d.c. snipers in 2002. in an exclusive interview with young's mother she told wusa9 there were no signs of problems with her son. >> he's my good son. >> there was nothing remarkable in his file. >> reporter: and no indications of trouble in state records. young served as a correctional officer in the maryland prison system between 2012 and 2014. young is accused of firing at five locations including at a wal-mart, movie theater, a
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truck on the icc and a building at the nsa. three were slightly injured. at the height of his shooting spree young learned that his petition for divorce from his estranged wife had been dismissed by the courts. anne arundel mills, scott broom, wusa9. tonight one of the premier historically black universities in this countries welcomes a new president. we'll tell you a bit more about his president for the university coming up. >> topper says it's going to get colder before we get a taste of spring. his forecast is up in about 10 minutes. >> but first was it the last act of a doting dad. tonight one big city mourns the loss
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he immediately engaged the suspects and it was an exchange of gunfire on both sides. >> police say during the gunbattle wilson kept the
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clerks and other customers out of harm's way, but he was shot several times and died at the hospital. one of the gunmen was wounded. nobody else was hurt. the two suspects are identified as brothers and they're both in custody. police in the uk are looking for a band of thieves with a taste for american muscle cars. surveillance footage shows someone ramming their truck through the window of a car showroom and another guy hitches a chain to a classic ford escort worth about $80,000 took off. authorities believe somebody cased this dealership and paid the thieves to steal the car. that pair was gone in less than a minute. >> very slick i might add. if you are not ready for warmer weather, i hear the circus is looking for new polar bears. otherwise topper is up next with a forecast the rest of us have been desperately waiting for.
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and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care. amid the snow and ice on campus howard university marked a pivotal moment in its nearly 150 year history. dr. wayne a.i. frederick was inaugurated as the 17th president, a three time graduate of howard, earning his undergrad, med
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school and mba degree from the institution. president frederick laid out a vision for the future for students including giving them more access to affordable education and i was honored to speak at my alma mater today. benjamin netanyahu's speech to congress stirred up some controversy this week. president obama refused to meet with him and several democrats stayed away from the event and so did vice president joe biden. orrin hatch of utah called them out for skipping the address. >> they just acted like a bunch of spoiled brats who didn't know what they were doing. they looked ridiculous in worldwide matters. i mean in foreign policy, it just doesn't make sense. >> you want to hear more? watch susan page and me on capitol download sunday morning
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8:30 here on wusa9. what i'd really like to watch is the temperatures go up. >> we, can but now they are plummeting. they'll go up tomorrow, a little more on sunday, monday and i do have one 60-degree day on there, but i do have some changes. >> that doesn't sound good. here we go. >> see, gets the hope up and lets the air out of the balloon. >> with a big cold needle. >> we're going from 64 to 53. you can handle it. no storms this weekend, first time in two months i think. what will i do with myself? let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temperature 28, only 30 today downtown. i got to tell you that's pretty impressive with full sun to stay below freezing downtown and a record low maximum of dulles 26 a high. our average high is 52. we were half that today at dulles, dew points in the single digits. winds negligible out of the south at 5. so more record lows
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possible tonight, dulles record low 14 or 15. we'll bust that. we'll be about 9 or 8 at dulles. finally a quiet weekend but short because we have to move our clocks ahead one hour as we go back to daylight saving time. back in the 50s sunday and monday, so seasonable weather at least, nothing crazy but at least good. 10:00 tonight teens, already 11 in la plata at 10:00. that may be a little overdone. you get the point, cold again. by morning 8:00 back in the low 20s manassas, leesburg, culpeper, maybe 17, still in the teens in gaithersburg and frederick and hagerstown. by afternoon or late morning we're at least above freezing. that's good, 35 downtown, 33 gaithersburg as well as manassas. by 4:00 we're in the 40s. that's pretty nice. it's below average, yes, but going in the right direction. tomorrow night temps will not fall as fast or far. inside the beltway tomorrow night you may remain above
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freezing. 39 gaithersburg 8:00, but 40 in leesburg and also in manassas. by midnight if you're out really late temperatures in the 30s and still above freezing. how about that? tonight clear skies, very cold, record lows possible, 8 to 18, winds southwest 5 to 10. we're talking 13 in bethesda tonight, 11 in fairfax, 14 in woodbridge, 9 in sterling, 8 in leesburg, 12 in rockville and college park and bowie and probably 9 in olney. get ready. day planner, 20 at 7:00, but temps go up, 35 at 11:00, 41 with sunshine at 1:00. we only have a little bit of sun -- a lot of sun, excuse me, on saturday, 46, but low 50s sunday and monday. next seven days a little shower activity on tuesday, not a huge storm, 54, 60 on wednesday. that's good and then low 50s on thursday and friday.
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>> that's going down, but you know what? dave is talking about a team that keeps going up, up, up. >> going up and they stay down, like the song. you don't know the song. >> we do not. >> i would love to chime in, but i don't know the song. >> got to get with the r and b. maryland women getting board with its opponent, sort -- bored with its opponent, sort of them like with my sportscast. >> and she's taking up
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now is sponsored in part by -- wusa9 is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. >> now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> randy wittman's hair has gone from fifty shades of grey to fifty shades of greyer at 1- 6 since the break. the wizards could use a depleted opponent and here comes miami, enter the heat. miami arrives to the nation's capital lacking a little firepower, no chris bosh out for the year, blood clot. now reduced opponents, strong opponented, medium opponents? everybody has beaten washington these days. what gives? what's up with the wizards? >> without the addition of bosh and plus with the way we've been playing, we can't take nobody. >> we had detroit and had that big lead. we got a lot of steals early on
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and offense going. we need to get committed on the defense or it won't work. >> i tell you the wizards should call up brenda frese whose maryland women's basketball team has been dominant. the only thing big about the big 10 this year lab maryland's victory margin. terps have won all 18 conference regular season games this season by an average of 15 points. no competition. big 10 tourney 1st round or brenda's big bad beatdown extravaganza as i like to call it. lexie brown coast to coast, after the steal maryland doing what you do after you get too many tickets on i-95, cruise control. here comes another steal by lexie. what can brown do for you? four steals today and the scoop there. this has become a tradition. after the game brenda frese doing the robot right there. you can tell she's mid-30s, 40s. we used to do that back in the day. 70-60 maryland over michigan
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state. george washington women in the a-10 tournament. the lady colonials coach of the year. that happens when you have skyscraper washington tips it up and in. gw cruising over st. louis today. nfl, brian owe rack poach has 40 -- orakpo has 47 sacks in five seasons. he's also had four torn pectoral muscles, three healthy seasons. that's a problem. orakpo is a free agent one year after receiving the franchise tag 11 mill. critics don't people he's worth the big money. teammates say he's worth the risk. maybe his hometown texas could be a landing spot, dallas, houston? meanwhile more redskins notes. they resigned tight end niles
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paul today. mike shanahan loved this guy, but jordan reed took his spot. paul has been a good backup in special teams. finally they're playing some baseball, cal ripken throwing out the first pitch at a nats game. orioles and nats can live together apparently. tyler moore this, highlight brought to you by home depot, pay lot of lumber. -- a lot of lumber, it's gone, home run. nats win 9-8. >> that's from spring training. >> got my tan and everything. >> niles paul, by the way, healthy, plays a lot, unlike jordan reed. >> that's why you got him. >> that's all we got. the cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00. i'
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>> rose: after the snow falls the temperature plunges and the mud slides. also tonight more americans are finding jobs, but wall street gets rattled and the dow drops sharply. a star crashes to earth. the latest on harrison ford. and steve hartman "on the road"" with the story of undying love. ♪ i'll give you a daisy a day dear. ♪ i'll give you a daisy a district attorney captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. a day ♪>> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. spring begins in just two weeks but there is no sign of it in much of the country. cold temperature records were broken or tied in 34 cities from texas to new york where the temperature fell to 29 below


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