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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted. kill her. flo: it will save you money! the name your price tool isn't witchcraft! and i didn't turn your daughter into a rooster. she just looks like that. burn the witch! the name your price tool a dangerously progressive idea. no dashboard camera footage and few witnesses is making it difficult for prince george's county police to piece together a deadly wreck that killed one of their own.
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i'm mike haiduk. officer brendon ravine died this weekend when he wrecked his cruiser. delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: officers are in mourning today but they have lots of unanswered questions, mainly because the officer's 2006 cruiser that he was issued just two weeks ago did not have a working dashboard camera. i'm told replacing that camera would have been more expensive than the car is worth. so the whole vehicle was in line to be replaced. but police do have another piece of video they are hoping can help. take a close look. police are looking for the drivers of there white passenger bus. and then a dark minivan that followed the officer's cruiser through this intersection. they were all captured on a red light camera as passed through greenbelt road sunday. it is unclear why the camera did not capture their license
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plates. seconds after there video was taken, the officer, who was off- duty, turned on his lights and sirens, in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop. he lost control of his car in the next mile and a half. the 26-year-old officer died instantly. his girlfriend, who was in the front passenger seat and was heading home, survived the crash. the police chief says the officer did nothing wrong, but they will review the policy that allows passengers to ride with police officers on or off- duty. again police are looking for help and looking for the drivers of the white passenger bus and the dark-colored minivan, hoping they have information about this deadly crash. police do believe that dark- colored minivan was a speeding vehicle in this case. the chief also believed that the weather could have contributed to the deadly crash. in palmer park, delia goncalves wusa9. a dc police officer gets attacked by a group of all
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terrain vehicle riders at 11th and clifton streets in northwest sunday. the officer tried to stop a female who was aan atv on the street when he was surrounded by as many as 20 other atv riders. police say they cooked at the tried to run the officer over. the officer was not hurt. the accused serial killer stopped in an arun dale county made his first court appearance after being arrested last week. the judge was told young has mental health issues and was in possession of an arsenal of weapons, including a handgun used by the dc snipers in 2002. young has been linked to five shootings, including an attack on a building at the nsa, a truck and as well as other shootings. he is held without bond after
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today's hearings. former dc fire inspector kimberly pinky was accused of misusing work credit cards, and accepted a plea agreement today. she is charged with second degree felony fraud. investigators say she used gas cards intended to fueling up her work vehicle to buy gas for her personal car, as well as other things instead, totaling more than $11,000. >> this case is evidence people try to convert federal funds for personal use. they will be held accountable for it. >> reporter: pinky could face up to three years and face restitution. one person is dead this morning after an accident involving multiple vehicles in montgomery county. this happened this morning at about 7:40 on darns town road between martinsburg road and webb hunter road.
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one woman is dead, three vehicles were involved but we do not have details on how this all happened. a beautiful day to start off the work week. but changes, of course, are on the way. erica? >> reporter: that's right mike. we have another beautiful afternoon for you. look at these temperatures right now. already 54 from downtown washington, 53 in springfield and reston. we are on our way to around 60 degrees for much of the immediate metro area. we do have rain on the way but that is going to bring an end to the nice comfortable conditions. of course the rain is going to impede your progress as you are heading home from work on tuesday. a dry white home for this evening. as we head into tuesday morning showers on the approach but this is not a big deal. the reason tuesday is a yellow alert day is because more rain is approaching. here we are at noon and it is already raining through the panhandle of west virginia. for the evening drive, the rain intensifies and you can see
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darker green, an indication of heavier rainfall. we will have steadier rain during the rush even toward dinner time on tuesday. it has a lot of moisture with it. we'll track it for you and see when it finally moves out on futurecast coming up in the first alert 7-day. air strikes by a u.s.-led coalition hit a syrian oil refinery under control of the islamic state at the time. 30 people were killed. isis sells black market oil to fund its operations. right now the terror group controls about a third of syria and iraq. the u.s.-led coalition did not immediately report this strike no more arrests in the attack in a paris supermarket. four people are in custody. one has a connection to the gunman and another is a police woman who allegedly helped with the tack. four people were killed in that
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supermarket before security forces killed the gunman. no details yet on the other two suspects. the u.s. is now one of 15 countries sponsoring a new graphic photo exhibit on display to get a point across about the syrian government. the un exhibit shows the portrayals of detainees who have died in the prisons. sponsors of the exhibit are calling for an end to the crisis as it enters its fifth year this month. one person is dead after a mine collapse in cameron, west virginia. at least two injured minors were taken to -- miners were taken to area hospitals. no one else was trapped and the mine's roof and wall collapsed. president obama says he will hold off on announcing the location for his future library until after chicago's runoff election for mayor, according to two people familiar with his decision. the president wants to avoid politicizing his legacy or creating an appearance of
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giving mayor rahm emanuel an unfair advantage. the announcement was originally scheduled to be at the end of march. it will now likely take place after the april 7th runoff. straight ahead, we'll tell you how a special event is perfect for wine lovers and helps local charities at the same time. we are just one hour away from finding out when you can get your hands
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welcome back. there is a un report out today that says there has never been a better time to be born female. but the report says change has been far too slow when it comes to women's security, economic opportunity and leadership. the report assesses the gains and gaps for women and girls since the 1995 women's conference in beijing. in about 60 minutes apple will unveil its new smart watch. tech analysts think it could jump start that part of the tech market. it works with the iphone 5 and
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6. the base model goes for $349. there are of course more expensive versions as is always the case with apple as well. we should find out the exact release date in the upcoming news conference. here's a deal you might find hard to refuse. you can savor fine wine and art work all to benefit local charities. measure hur to meet you my friend. good to see you. >> thanks for inviting me on your show. >> let's talk about the event as a whole. >> sure. this event will be sponsored by the rotary foundation, on the 14th of march, benefiting a number of different charities, starts at 7:00 at the gannett usa today headquarters. >> we are familiar with where that is. >> you can't get lost finding that place. also it will be benefiting charities such as a water project in zambia and also
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benefiting the senior center and a number of other local charities. >> can you pay at the door? how do you buy tickets? when does it start? >> good question. march 14th, 7:00 p.m. you can buy tickets at rotary on the vine or call me at 703- 404-8429. there will also be an art show. we'll have a variety of artists, including donna shields, linda larry, steven hay. >> this is some art work linda larry. she does the combination of oils as well as water colors. and we have a few of her, art work. >> do you have other pictures? >> she does a lot of nature and food art work. and then also we'll have a variety of art work for the other artists as well? >> in addition to the tasting, will there be these lie probations for purchase as
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well? >> these will be able to be purchased but they won't have stocks of them at the event. what you can do is there will be various wine presenters, we are talking abou wines and then you can order however many bottles offrom the presenters. some of the presenters will include celeste sellers, the ruth's vineyard, also another organization called the vineyards of mcclain. >> we are going to have to leave it there for more information go to and our app. hillary clinton is keeping quiet about the private e-mail account she used for official business while she was sect of state. when we return some republicans say clinton has not been completely forthcoming with their request for information. mike we have two days in a row with gorgeous weather. feels like it's been forever since that happened.
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rain arrives tomorrow, we'll track it
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welcome back. hillary clinton along with her daughter chelsea and melinda gates are all together in new york today for a clinton event on general equality. it is an opportunity to address the unfolding e-mail controversy during her time as secretary of state. but so far she only offered a 26-word tweet on the subject. don champion has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton has yet to publicly answer questions about her use of private e-mail for official business while secretary of state. >> the silence is going to hurt her. >> reporter: republicans are using the likely presidential
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candidate's silence to attack her. the head of the committee investigating the wednesday attack says clinton has not been forthcoming with all of her e-mails relating to libya. >> there are gaps of months and months and months. if you think to that iconic picture of her on a c-17 flying to libya, she has sunglasses on and her handheld device in her hand, we have no e-mails from that day. that fact we have no e-mails from that trip. >> 300 e-mails have been turned over so far and democrats point out that clinton trip to libya happened a year before the benghazi attack. >> while political insiders are following the play by play it remains to be seen what kind of impact the e-mail controversy will have on voters if and when clinton enters the presidential race. usually you try to put out fires before a campaign so you can have a clean launch. you don't set fires on the launch pad. >> reporter: clinton is set to make an announcement in april about a presidential run. now the state department is
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reviewing 55,000 pages of e- mails clinton handed over from her time at secretary of state. however it could take weeks or months to go through documents before they are released to the public. the university of oklahoma says it is now investigating to see if the students seen on a video singing a racist chant are members of a local fraternity. sigma alpha eps son is shown chanting a racial slur and indicating black people would never be admitted to that fraternity. in a statement the group's leaders say they are quote embarrassed by this behavior. doping flourishedded and allowed lance armstrong to cheat his way into becoming a superstar. the investigation was commissioned by the new leaders of the international cycling union. it also concluded that former union heads undermined efforts to rid the sport of widespread
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doping. armstrong was stripped of his seventh tour de france titles in 2012. we finally have beautiful weather and it is not just one day and then back to the bad stuff. we had two days in a row. yesterday was fantastic, today is another good day. unfortunately, then things do kind of, we get a hiccup. it is not like oh this is all going to come crashing to an end tomorrow. tomorrow is a hiccup and then back to pretty decent weather. a gorgeous shot of the washington monument. we melted off so much of that snow this past weekend, hey, saturday was a pretty decent day too. we got into the 40s and then yesterday we got into the 50s. we are back to around 60 degrees this afternoon. our temperature will be 58 by 3:00, 57 still at 6:00. temperatures aren't going to fall off very quickly overnight tonight. some cloud cover will build in, during the overnight hours. that is going to help to keep temperatures from falling.
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as we head through the day, of course nice again both today and tonight and then the cloud cover increasing. but with those clouds will come some showers. we could see some showers by tuesday morning, but the more likely event is the tuesday afternoon and evening rain showers and some steadier rain is likely during the afternoon and early evening as well. right now we are up to 52 in leesburg and manassas. we are pretty much clear on satellite and radar. just some high clouds to the south of the immediate metro area. those showers to the north not impacketting us whatsoever. so a 9 futurecast the nice weather is going to stick around. then the cloud cover builds in during the overnight hours. a few light showers possible during the morning commute. but this is not the main event. the main event is later in the day. by lunch time it will be raining in win chester and along 66 but it is the evening drive that looks very wet, and it could be a little bit of a
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difficult ride home, because rain always low as us down in this area. so don't be surprised if your commute takes a little bit longer than normal tuesday afternoon and early evening the showers are still hanging around on tuesday night, and we could start to get rid of this rain by wednesday morning. but as of now, it looks like some sprinkles and showers will still be lingering during the wednesday morning drive. then temperatures get milder again. forecast for today, getting up to 54 in hagerstown, 5 at andrews. 61 in fredericksburg and 5 in winchester. overnight tonight not even dipping below freezing in the entire area. 40 in downtown washington and 38 at andrews. so tomorrow is a yellow alert day with the rain moving in, and staying with us for the evening rush. then wednesday, after morning rain, maybe hanging on for the morning rush, we'll clear out and get all the way up to 62
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degrees. not bad on thursday, in the first alert 7-day forecast, but friday looks like the toughest day of the week, we could have a wintry mix changing over to rain, hanging on for saturday in one year 5.6 million hospital workers helped perform 26.6 million surgeries deliver 3.7 million babies and treat 133 million e.r. patients. now congress is considering cuts which could increase wait times reduce staff, and threaten your community's health. keep the heart of america's hospitals strong. for you and your family tell congress: don't cut hospital care.
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if you spend a lot of time inside with your kids and you would like to get out of the house and enjoy a great time, our next guest is going to tell you that. his name is buckets blakes. you guys are in town, the harlem globetrotters. you are going to do a lot for
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charity. >> i'll save a few tricks. we do our community outreach, going to over 450 schools this season talking to kids about action, bravery and compassion, simple ingredients to eradicate bullying from their schools. we have a cool initiative, called hometown heroes. you can go to harlem and vote for your favorite hometown hero, any active, retired or wounded military person. they will sit on the bench with us, receive an autograph, harlem globetrotters camouflage ball and the rest of the troops. >> how many dates a year? >> 310 plus games on our north american tour another 150 outside of north america. >> you are from phoenix. you are dealing with snow a lost of the way. >> i went to the university of wyoming. i don't know how much time we have, but i'll get tricks in
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for you too. you can still ask me another question if you want to. you guys definitely can come check us out. the 13th and 14th of march. on the 13th we'll be at the patriot center in fairfax and on the 14th at the verizon center. at 1:00 p.m. and also that night at 7:30 p.m. we'll be at the patriot center again. so we have a lot going other or on, including all -- going on, including all these cool tricks. you can see us slam dunk the basketball, trick shots from all over the court, maybe even from the stands next to you of the okay. here i'll show you. and sometimes you want to stop it like that. >> oh, i can't do that. >> so you have been doing this a long time. i know i'm older than you. can you still jump? >> of course. >> i like to dunk when the ceo shows up. >> well played. well played. so patriot center verizon center you can see these guys
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buckets blakes, thanks. we are back on tv at 5:00 and
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>> victoria: what is it with all of this spam in my inbox lately? oh, "become a mystery shopper"? "earn money from home by giving your opinions." do people actually fall for this stuff? i guess they must or they wouldn't keep sending out these e-mails. ben? >> stitch: huh? >> victoria: hi. >> stitch: hi. >> victoria: did you hear one word that i said? >> stitch: um, something about mystery shopping or something. is that even a thing? never heard of that. >> victoria: oh, no. what's wrong? >> stitch: nothing. nothing. >> victoria: nothing? something at work. something happened at the lab. because, you know, whenever you get this quiet, i know -- >> stitch: you want a bagel or something? >> victoria: no, i want you to tell me what's wrong. >> stitch: okay, last night, when billy and chelsea told us they were engaged, they way you reacted -- frankly, it was a little disturbing. >> victoria: distu


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