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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fairfax county police where detectives pose as children online mostly on apps. >> it's frightening to hear the way the conversations go. it's frightening to hear the other end of phone and what's being said to who they think is a 12 or 14-year-old little girl or boy. >> the most popular app for child predators bacon says is kik. it allows users to sign up without having to give proof of your identity and even lets you make up a phone number. >> that's part of the allure of some of these websites to the predator because they can make up the persona of a little kid or anybody that they want to been and the companies in certain -- want to be and the companies in certain cases don't verify anything. >> bacon says parents need to know what is on their children's phones and have a password. >> the parents need to have it. otherwise that app needs to go away. >> look at the history of your child's computer and iphones. if you see an app deleted.
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he says have a talk with -- deleted, he says have a talk to find out why with your kid. >> rosen will be out on bond while awaiting trial. a judge granted him a $25,000 release. his security clearance is suspended and he's on administrative leave. nearly 1,000 pothole complaints were reported to the district and ddot crews just today. bruce johnson reports local and federal agencies are having a tough time keeping up standing by live at eighth and u streets in northwest. how many potholes did you dodge getting there? >> reporter: we couldn't count they. look over my shoulder. this is literally a field of potholes at eighth and u streets in northwest washington and this is not unusual at all. it's a major street. federal agencies, local agencies are out here trying. we saw them, but don't anybody
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fool you. they aren't keeping up with these potholes. beach drive in rock creek park filled with craters where smooth roadway once stood. park service had rolling road closures throughout the day to try and fill the potholes. >> potholes are terrible. you dodge one to get another. >> reporter: at benning and east capitol drivers were ready to wave the white flag. >> they're horrible and they need to do something about it. >> reporter: an entire city seemed to be surrendering to potholes despite efforts of ddot and private contractors. >> and they're getting larger. they're not getting smaller. they're larger. >> reporter: ddot started today with 850 pothole complaints. the plan is to fill every crater big and small by the end of the night shift. 90% completion would be a good day.
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>> right over here we have some wheels we prepare for people. >> reporter: not everybody is cursing the potholes. >> this is a victim of a pothole, a mercedes wheel. >> reporter: tiretown has seen at least a 30% increase in business. >> i haven't seen potholes like this swallowing up cars. >> reporter: what's business been like? >> been great. we're on the good end of it. when i'm bouncing around on it, i don't like it as much. >> reporter: flat tires, bent rims, lost hub cams, mitch has seen it all this -- caps. mitch has seen it all this winter. it hasn't been this good for him since the record snow of 2009. >> i have one man in here two time in the last week and a half, mercedes. >> reporter: with those new cute tires that are real thin? >> exactly. they're not very forgiving. he replaced two of them and called again this morning. >> reporter: mitch tells me he's seen a lot of those mercedes and other european
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model cars with the cute little tires, the potholes are just eating those tires, those rims alive. >> guard your tires. watch the roads, thank you. if you've got a pothole you want our pat hole patrol team to get fixed for you, go to give us the location. don't forget to include the city and cross street or block number. tonight the frantic search for a dog stranded in a gaithersburg pond turned up nothing. >> that dog fell through thin ice at this pond on meadow greenway this morning. neighbors saw the dog struggling to get off a small island in the middle of the pond. rescue crew searched close to two hours but could not find that dog. >> it's really something you want to tell everyone. keep your animals away from this. >> reporter: people as well. >> absolutely. we don't want any people, kids near the water right now.
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it's not strong enough to hold you or your pets or animals. >> that dog was apparently chasing a second dog it was with. the owner may very well face charges. no firefighters suffered any injuries. tonight officers from all over the country are in town paying their respects to prince george's county police officer brennan rabain killed in a collision involving his police cruiser early saturday morning. our mola lenghi is live in temple hills for ra bandage's viewing. -- rabain's viewing. >> reporter: certainly a dull time for everyone involved as police officers tell me they have lost a brother. during today's four hour viewing more than 1,000 people are expected to pay their respects to officer rabain obviously including friends, family, hundreds of prince george's county police officers.
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[ audio difficulties ] >> despite the emotional day and the viewing of fallen officer brennan rabain, prince george's county police and council members had to tackle a tough subject related to his death. officer rabain was well within the rule when he had his girl friend in the car and decided to conduct a traffic stop, but now the county is wondering if that's the best stance. >> i have a concern about the safety of the family member, girl friend, individual in that car that the police officer off duty is responding to a call for service, because it could be a minor call that ends up being a majorriness dent. so i have asked the chief -- major incident. so i have asked the chief to go back and look at this policy in detail and see if we can make some tweaks or changes to that.
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>> it will be under review the next couple months. > >>coming up next a blackhawk helicopter goes down with 11 people on board and the hunt for answers intensifies. >> later find out why this group of bikers are hanging out in front of a girl's home and why they're asked to leave. >> we have some clearing skies, temperatures still mild despite the clouds. our average high is in the mid- 50s. we were 66 today, record high 78. we'll come back, talk about a little bit colder air moving in and why we had to issue a ye
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tonight seven marines and four soldiers are missing and presumed dead after their helicopter crashed after a training exercise off the florida panhandle off eglin air force base. >> some debris has been found in the water, but the search continues for remains. that back hawk helicopter went down last night while a continuance fog advisory was in effect -- a dense fog advisory was in effect. >> they were on a mission. one of them started to take off and then realize i guess weather was a condition and turned around and came back. >> the marines were stationed in camp lejeune. the air crew was from an army national guard crew in hammond, louisiana. the pentagon is contacting relatives of the victims. footage of two choppers
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colliding, trying to figure out what could have gone wrong. 10 people were killed in the crash that happened monday, all part of a french reality show. wow, that's quite an accident. two of the victims were olympic medalists competing in that show. one of the pilots was a veteran of the argentine air force with extensive flying experience. it appears iraqi forces are on the verge of running militants out of the city of tikrit. soldiers have been spotted entering the town today. iranian military advisors have been helping guide iraqi forces. the u.s. says its allied coalition has not been involved in the tikrit offensive. topper's forecast up next.
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in tonight's health alert new hope for parishes with brain cancer. -- patients with brain cancer.
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after diagnosis most patients have little time to live, but there's new treatment that starts with a simple tetanus shot. treating brain cancer patients can be difficult because the blood brain barrier does not allow the blood to pass through and attack tumors. so researcher at the duke cancer institute came up with the idea to use tetanus shots to prime the patient's immune system for treatment. >> you might be able to use that tetanus shot to sort of precondition the vaccine site and when we did that, we were able to dramatically enhance the effect of the vaccine. >> researchers looked at 12 patients. the half that received the tetanus shots lived at least five years and there were very few adverse side effects. a group of california bikers protecting a child who has been abused are causing a bit of a rift in their community. >> that's because the man who owns the house where the child lives wants these guys to roll out. these guys have been posted outside that child's home ever since her accused attacker
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escaped custody. >> they're our family now. that's how b.a.c.a. works. so we're going to do whatever we have to do to protect them and that's it. >> the landlord says he sure does appreciate the bikers' position, but he's concerned about any possible legal issues. a flight from philadelphia to atlanta had to make an emergency landing after a pregnant woman's water broke in midflight. the woman said she started feeling contractions when she first got on the plane yesterday and she thought she could hold on until the plane landed, but, of course, the baby had other plans. >> i was embarrassed and he was asleep. so i'm just like hey, wake up. i'm having the baby. my water just broke, but i was kind of embarrassed, but i mean it happens. >> yes, it did. medics delivered the baby on the way to a hospital in greensboro. the baby nyla lulu weighs 7 pounds and is just fine. i tweeted jan today. i said don't get any ideas
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about traveling, missy. >> i thought once you were seven months they wouldn't let you on an airplane. >> the other thing is you had contractions when you first got on and kept on rolling? >> well, as someone who had them a couple weeks before my daughter was born, you think they're just braxton hicks and don't necessarily know. you all have never been in this situation, so you really don't have anything to say about it. >> no. but i do know my wife was restricted from flying after seven months, period. >> thank you, topper, for the rescue. >> dr. shutt. we are looking at clearing skies and made it into the 60s today despite the clouds. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still 66, wind turning northwesterly now. we'll get drier cooler air in here, but nothing crazy. if you think it's warmer now than this time yesterday, you are correct, 17 degrees warmer at national, 20 degrees warmer
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in cumberland. so just a little cooler tonight, still above freezing. in fact, the bus stop temperatures 34 to about 46, so a light jacket probably a good idea for the kids. grab your shades for thursday, tomorrow, and then grab your umbrella friday. you won't need it in the morning, but you will friday evening and friday night. 10:00 tonight on futurecast, clear skies, clouds stubborn across the northern neck, but you will clear out after midnight, temps in the 40s and low 50s. by morning it's not that cold, mid-30s gaithersburg, leesburg, maybe 38 in manassas, 37 in culpeper, still 40 downtown and everyone is above freezing. by midmorning upper 30s to low 40s, clear skies and by 1:00 low 50s, probably a good idea for a light jacket on the way to lunch. as we get towards the evening hours our high temperature occurs later and later. by 5:00 it will be warmer than
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1:00, 56 downtown, manassas, mid-50s in leesburg. by 11:00 tomorrow night you can walk the dog. it will be getting colder. a big area of high pressure will funnel down colder air on east side of the mountains. by 11:00 37 in gaithersburg and manassas, 36 in leesburg, 42 downtown. tonight clear to partly cloudy, a little breezy and just chilly. skies will clear to the south, 34 to 4th 4, winds becoming northwest 10 to 15. tomorrow mostly sunny, a little chilly to start but not bad, 34 to 52 and by afternoon gorgeous, mostly sunny and cooler, but seasonable. high temperatures around 55, winds turning northeasterly at about 10. the big area of high pressure will drive in colder air with northeast winds. day planner 40 at 7:00, low 40s at 9:00, almost by 11:00 and low 50s with sunshine by 1:00. that's a pretty good day, cooler, yes, but very nice
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thursday. seasonable thursday, 55. yellow alert friday, cool, 51. rain develops late or by evening. so we have yellow alert primarily to evening commute. good news saturday, milder, 63. bad news, more rain and showers, just light rain, but if you have weekend plans, i would say sunday is your day. temperatures in the mid-50s with sunshine, upper 50s monday and even tuesday and wednesday look quiet. we'll say partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-50s. let's send it up to new york. k.b., big east tournament about to get underway. >> reporter: yup. it's a beautiful day here, top, as teams are looking to take advantage of those opportunities to build their resume. i'll have more on the hoyas' preparation and why they aren't
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. >> wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome back here live in new york city high above the city on top of the roof of the cbs broadcast house here in manhattan, home of the big east tournament. that gets underway tonight at madison square garden. the georgetown hoyas are the two seed. they get a bye tonight. their first game is 7:00 tomorrow. this season for the hoyas has been quite the rebound from last year. they missed the ncaa tournament after four straight appearances which for this time was a bit of a wakeup call that an invite
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to the big dance isn't always a sure thing. it was the team's goal to return this year and they will be. a strong showing in the praise from the selection committee. >> you realize there are only 64, 68 teams that make it out of the 300 plus and so getting back there is something or not making last 'syear definitely was a driving force for this year. >> reporter: it's been an up and down year for the american eagles basketball squad, too but they are clawing their way back to the ncaa tournament. one more win and they are in. the eagles take on the lafayette leopards tonight in the patriot league final. the winner gets an invite to the big dance. >> we can't dwell on wins and losses. we got to move forward and stay positive. i think this team with all the things that happened this year stayed positive. we just moved forward. >> reporter: now with the garden overtaken by the big
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east tournament, the new york rangers have had to hit the road. tonight they're in d.c. at the verizon center taking on the capitals. a win for the rangers and they would skate away with the top spot in the metropolitan division. of course, the caps would love nothing more than to squash that. they have been playing pretty well lately. they won three of their last four games, but they'll have to find a way to win bout defenseman mike green. he is -- without defenseman mike green. he is out with an upper body injury in. this tight race every point counts at this stage. >> everybody is pretty close, but everyone convenience doing well, so it's tough to make -- everyone keeps doing well, so it's tough to make up ground. you control your own destiny. >> we want to build our game. if we're building our game, then the rangers will have their hands full if we're doing the right things. >> reporter: how about a sport in some warmer weather, nationals spring training baseball, good outing for jordan zimmerman, 2 2/3 inning
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pitched, zim striking out four tigers today. ryan zimmerman 2-3 with two doubles, two runs batted in. nats win big today 9-2. back out live here on top of the cbs broadcast house a beautiful view, a big game for the hoyas tomorrow night. they'll get to rest tonight and take on the win are of creighton and depaul. i'm kristen berset. back to you. >> they want a win. can we just have a word for the american university eagles, my alma mater? nobody thought they were going anywhere and they are one game away from the big dance. seven-day, temperatures above or average, just one little exception friday a bit below average, 51. we have rain friday, gorgeous tomorrow, saturday milder, the tradeoff for more showers,
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sunday very nice, mr. mcginty here lamenting the fact it was 64. now it's 56. i don't think those 8 degrees will change your plans much, 58 monday, mid-50s tuesday and wednesday. i still assume you're man enough to ride if it's 56 instead of 64. >> it looks like we're coming into a good stretch here. >> can we say old man winter has been vanquished at this point? >> yes. we'll probably see a flake in the next couple weeks, but yeah, he's done. >> out of here just like us. cbs evening news is next. >> i'll be back at 7:00 with jan jeffcoat. we will see you then. >> bye.
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>> pelley: the ferguson police chief and city manager are out after a federal report finds a pattern of racial bias. also tonight, black hawk down, a terrible toll in a crash off florida. and experimental therapy has added years to the lives of some cancer patients. and the great rhino round-up. >> there is a brief period of discomfort that could ultimately save his life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: they are cleaning house in ferguson, a house that the federal government found filthy with racial bias from the police department to the courts. late today the police chief resigned, just hours after the city manager was forced out.


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